Newsletter March 2011


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Read the March edition of the EducationUSA Monthly Bulletin to learn about the undergraduate financial aid process and choosing a university according to your personality. Also, don\'t miss our events with GEORGETOWN LAW and COMEXUS. North Central Missouri College is offering a full scholarship. Check it out!

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Newsletter March 2011

  1. 1. EducationUSA M e x i c o C i t y. I s s u e # 6 0 . M a r c h 2 0 1 1 . Jueves, 10 de marzo Beginning the Quest for Cerrado: Financial Aid (“finaid”) Ayuda financiera y becas Lunes, 21 de marzo: a nivel licenciatura You’re applying to a U.S. college or Aniversario de Benito Juárez university? Wonderful! You probably Thursday, March 17th see how expensive higher education How to Choose a is. Don’t worry, EducationUSA is here TIPS FOR FINDING FINANCIAL AID Graduate Program of Study to help! Be timely! Use our “Financial Aid Thursday, March 24th Few students receive full financial Calendar” as a timeline and begin aid. Undergraduate students expect RIGHT NOW! How to Choose and Finance a to pay 80% of college costs. If you Graduate Program, with need funds for college, investigate Be persistent! Never stop searching outside resources according to our for financial aid. This includes both “Financial Aid Calendar.” gift aid (grants and scholarships) and Jueves 31 de marzo self-help (loans and on-campus work). La licenciatura en los EUA y cómo financiarla Be proactive! Contact the school’s admissions and financial aid offices.The above events will take place Ask about aid from both the university from 16:00-18:00 in the or college and from other sources. EducationUSA Advising Center Located in the *Start in February the year prior to Benjamin Franklin Library Be connected! Visit our Facebook Fan starting your program. Looking for Liverpool 31, Col. Juarez Page (EducationUSA Mexico City). financial aid is time consuming but Click on the “PDF” tab to see Educa- To attend any of these FREE worth the effort! events, please RSVP to: tionUSA’s Weekly Update with scholar- *Use an EFC calculator online to de- ship announcements from accredited termine your Expected Family Con- institutions throughout the U.S. at all tribution (EFC) or how much you/ levels of study. your family will be expected to con- tribute to your costs. *Find the “real cost” of colleges: compare prices to finaid available at the college by searching col- Be thorough! These awards are com- Our advising center petitive. Submit a perfect application also has some tools to help you. to as many scholarships as possible. *Deadlines are strictly enforced. There is no limit to the number of Some schools have earlier deadlines awards you can accept. Contact us for Tuesday, March 22nd for applicants requesting scholar- resources to aid in your search! Master of Laws (LL.M.) ships. Studies in the U.S. with Register to attend “Ayuda financiera y Georgetown Law Center becas a nivel licenciatura” on March at Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Books to help your search: 10th. Send your name, area of study, Enríquez -Funding for U.S. Study and the name of the information ses- Paseo de los Tamarindos 60 -Funding U.S. Studies sion to EducationUSA Advising Center ● Open to the public: Monday to Friday 11:00am-5:00pm Liverpool 31. Col. Juárez, México D.F. 06600 ● Tel. 5080-2801, 2802 ● PAGE 1
  2. 2. MARCH 2011, ISSUE #60Advising Tip of the Month: The College Search Just like people, every university has its own unique personality. When choosing  a program, you should take the school’s culture into considera on along with  other criteria such as academic offerings, faculty interests, and scholarship op‐ portuni es. Remember, most of your  me will be spent outside the classroom,  so be  sure to choose a school that matches who you are as an individual as well  as a student.  Here are just a few examples:  Is school spirit important to you? Consider a school with a vibrant sports scene  and a variety of campus clubs and organiza ons. An ac ve fraternity and so- rority life can also add to the campus community.    • U. of Southern California, Notre Dame, U. of Texas at Aus n, U. of Virginia    Are you passionate about causes, poli cal debate, and doing your part to make the world a be er place? Find  a school where students are known for poli cal ac vism.  • Brown, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, U. of Wisconsin at Madison, Stanford, Howard U.  Are you free-spirited? Do you want to be surrounded by crea ve people who aren’t afraid to be different?  Look for a school that fosters independent thought and takes a less-tradi onal approach to educa on. Are you a Mexican profession- EducationUSA Online Individual Advisingal or student who has studied Can’t come to the EducationUSA Sessions! Advising Center? Find us online! in the U.S.? Join our Ex- If you have attended one ofAlumnos EducationUSA Alum- Click these icons: our general undergraduate or ni Network! graduate orientations and still have questions, request an in-Mexican Alumni of U.S. educational dividual advising session with institutions are invited to: an EducationUSA Adviser. OR Meet professionals in their field Appointments are free and Find employment opportunities available from 14:30 to 16:30, Explore scholarships for U.S. study Monday-Thursday. To sched- educationusa.mexico ule your appointment, email Take part in a mentoring program to Share experiences from the U.S. propose two days and times. Discover professional development Include your name, projected programs degree and area of study, and the questions you would like toFor more information or to register, address.communicate with the Mexico City EducationUSA Advising Center: OR EducationUSA Spanish Tel: 5080-2801,-2802 Language TV Podcasts For more helpful hints on the college search, our alumni network, online tools, or individual advising sessions, send questions to the EducationUSA Advising Center at PAGE 2
  3. 3. Scholarships & Opportunities Listings MARCH 2011, ISSUE #60For a more complete listing of scholarship opportunities, log on to Facebook or Twitter andbecome a fan or friend of EducationUSA Mexico City!1. Undergraduate Scholarships: BOOK OF THE MONTHSt. Catherine UniversityScholarship for Women Looking Beyond the Ivy League: Finding theSt. Catherine University provides partial scholarships College That’s Right for Youto female, bachelor’s level international students inany major offered at the university. Scholarships By: Loren Poperange between $4,000-$18,000 and are based on Loren Pope was the education editor for thean applicant’s academic record and financial need. New York Times for several years and was laterThe total cost of attendance at St. Catherine ranges a top administrator of Oakland University. Thisbetween $35,000-$43,034. With the largest scholar- book dispels myths about higher education insti-ship, the total cost can be reduced to approximately tutions, guides students through the selection$20,000. No full scholarships are available. and application process, gives advice on how to make good use of high school years, and how toApplication Deadline: March 15, 2011 get the best deal possible. He explains what theFor more information visit: college experience should be, and makes a caseOr email: for fitting students with colleges that are right for their particular background and level of de- velopment. He explains why the Ivy League schools can be bad choices for some students, and why other schools can be a better fit. Call number: IIE 378.161 With a free membership card, check out this book and others from the Benjamin Franklin Library. Click here if you need a library card. 3. Graduate Scholarship:2. Community College Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), one of the na-North Central Missouri College tion’s premier technological universities, delivers in-North Central Missouri College (NCMC) is seeking novative management programs integrating businessinternational students who would like to study in and technology.the United States in a safe and rural environment. Acommunity college with an enrollment of 1554 Graduate Management Programs at WPI merge con-students, NCMC offers associate’s in arts university ceptual theory with real-world practice. Hands-on,transfer degrees, as well as associate’s in science active learning creates graduates who stand apart be-degrees. cause of their ability to apply the fundamentals of technology and management to solving challenging,Students accepted to NCMC may be eligible for an real-world problems. Every aspect of WPI’s GraduateInternational Student Scholarship to help pay for Management Programs recognizes the importance oftuition or housing. The award will cover both years this intersection of business and technology.of study and is, on average, $750. The deadline forapplication is July 1, 2011. WPI offers fellowships to full-time graduate students who must also work 15 hours per week with manage-For more information visit: ment faculty and remain in good academic standing (minimum 3.0 GPA). The average award amount is $4,800 and will be available for the length of the pro- gram. A total of 30 fellowships will be offered per semester. Application deadline: Rolling Deadline For more information visit: PAGE 3