Newsletter April 2009


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Newsletter April 2009

  1. 1. EducationUSA M e x i c o C i t y. I s s u e # 3 9 . A p r i l 2 0 0 9 . Announcements April Calendar Monday, 20th: Did you know that it can take up Test results: make sure they will arrive Workshop: Researching and before the application deadline. to a year and a half to financing U.S. Receiving exam results by mail or successfully plan for U.S. study? Undergraduate study. electronically can take several weeks. To Guest: U.S. Embassy, learn more visit: Now is the time to start planning to Consular Officer enter U.S. universities in the Fall of 16:00-18:00 SAT: 2010. Take your entrance exams this Benjamin Franklin Library GRE: summer or early fall. While exams Liverpool 31, Colonia Juarez GMAT: are not the only factor in the TOEFL iBT: admissions process, they do play an TOELF ITP: Wednesday, 22nd & 29th: important role. EducationUSA Film: “When the Levees advisors can help you find resources Broke: A Requiem in Four for exam preparation. Acts” A 4 part film portraying the Helpful Hints: unfolding of events during Make a list: application deadlines and Hurricane Katrina. test dates. Some tests may not be offered regularly. 19:00-21:00 Benjamin Franklin Library Plan ahead: allow at least 3 months Liverpool 31, Colonia Juarez to practice for entrance exams. Tuesday, 28th: Register Early: test dates fill up Workshop: Researching and quickly. Register several weeks prior financing U.S. Graduate study. to the test dates. Guest: U.S. Embassy, Consular Officer Retaking the Exam: Students may 16:00-18:00 choose to retake entrance exams to Benjamin Franklin Library improve their scores, so allow enough Liverpool 31, Colonia Juarez time for yourself to do so. The Benjamin Franklin Library has books Yale University and CDs available for self study. Use the is now offering free, resources available in the advising introductory courses via center! Internet on a wide variety of MSN Live Advising subjects such as Humanities, For those that do not live in the D.F. Social Sciences, Math, Physics, area: send your exam preparation Biology, History, and Economics. questions to or chat directly with us Wednesdays and Visit Open Yale University and Thursdays from 9am to 11am on MSN. take advantage of this opportunity! EducationUSA Centro de Asesoría Educativa ● Horario de servicio al público: Lunes a viernes 11:00am-5:00pm Liverpool 31. Col. Juárez, México D.F. 06600 ● Tel. 5080-2801, 2802 ●
  2. 2. APRIL 2009, ISSUE #39 EducationUSA Social TOEFL® iBT: Test Prep Online (TPO): Networking Groups Individual Advising Sessions! Prepare for the TOEFL® iBT to increase Join our online groups! Become a If you have already attended one your score! part of EducationUSA Mexico of our orientations, and still have City, a network of international questions about how to find TOEFL® Practice Online offers: educational programs and students and educators. Practice questions on all 4 skills: scholarships in the U.S., we Facebook invite you to schedule an Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. individual advising session with Real test-taking experience with official one of our Educational Advisers. Hi5 TOEFL® tests. Individual appointments are free and available from 2:30 p.m. to Instant scores and performance feedback. 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. Myspace Access to discussion boards. Please send an email to to Take the TOEFL® Practice Online Tour. schedule your appointment EducationUSA today! For DISCOUNTED TOEFL® practice con- video podcast tact Advising Tip of the Month: Choose the right university for you! With May 1st quickly approaching and colleges waiting to have your final confirmation, April is the time to carefully decide which institution is best for you. Use this month to refine your personal, academic, and professional goals, reviewing the programs that best meet your needs. Also remember the following factors when deciding which university you will attend: University of California, Los Angles Visit UCLA’s interactive online tour! • Size of the university and student body. Do you want more personalized attention? selfguidedtour/default.htm • Surrounding area. Is it in a rural or urban area? What is the climate like? • Cost and financial aid. Which university is most affordable for you? Have they offered you financial aid? • Housing: What are the housing options for first-year students? • Campus life:What extra-curricular activities are offered? Get in touch with the international student office. Can they provide you with contact information for current international students? International student services can be a valuable resource and provide useful information about student life, the culture of the campus, academics, and extra-curricular activities. Be proactive! If you have the opportunity, visit the college campus. As an alternative, many universities offer “virtual tours” online that may give you a better idea about life on their campus. For more helpful hints on choosing the right U.S. university or college, contact the PAGE 2 EducationUSA Advising Center at
  3. 3. APRIL 2009, ISSUE #39 EDUCATIONUSA Scholarships & Opportunities Listings For a more complete listing of scholarship opportunities, log on to Facebook, Hi5, or Myspace and become a fan or friend of EducationUSA Mexico! 1. Undergraduate: BOOK OF THE MONTH The University of Evansville, Illinois The University of Evansville, located in the Midwest of the U.S., is offering scholarships The Public Ivies for international students beginning in the 2009-2010 academic year. The scholarship is America’s Flagship Public Universities valued at $13,500 per academic year By Howard Greene and Matthew Greene (renewable for 4 years), meaning a total of $54,000 over the course of the scholarship. There are many public education institutions in the U.S. Eligible students must be admissible to the that provide high quality education equal to or better University and nominated by an EducationUSA than private institutions. In this book, learn how to advisor. Please contact an EducationUSA achieve admission to the school of your choice, advisor if you would like to be considered for distinguish between a public and private institution, nomination. and discover the 30 top public institutions in the U.S. There are more than 80 undergraduate academic programs offered at the University Call number: IIE 378.73 GRE of Evansville. They have recognized programs With a free membership card, you can check-out this in Engineering and Computer Science, as well book and others from the Benjamin Franklin Library. If as Business Administration. you do not have a library card and would like one, visit the library's website. It is not too late to apply for the 2009-2010 academic year. Visit their website today for more information on this scholarship oppor- tunity! international.cfm 3. Undergraduate: St. John's College-Santa Fe, New Mexico. Located in city of Santa Fe, St. John’s college is still 2. Graduate: Chicago-Kent College of Law accepting applications to begin studies in the fall of 2009. For and Stuart School of Business all international applicants they will meet at least 65% of Chicago-Kent College of Law, located in the need. Currently, they can also meet 100% of need if a student bustling city of Chicago in Illinois, is now is especially well qualified. offering a combined degree in law and business (LL.M./MBA) with the Stuart School St. John’s College currently has two of these 100% funding of Business. Some areas of study include slots left open and they are looking to fill these spaces with International and Comparative Law, Financial qualified international students! Services, and International Intellectual Property Law. Chicago-Kent College of Law is St. John’s college is the third oldest college in the United one of the few law schools that offer financial States. Eighty percent of their graduates will go to graduate aid. school, twenty-two percent will go to professional school. Please visit their website for more information and to find To learn more about opportunities with the application form: Chicago-Kent College of Law please visit: forms.shtml For more general information, visit To apply for financial aid, visit To learn more about the graduate law programs contact the LL.M. Program Manager: