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  1. 1. Beatrice N.
  2. 2. Beatrice NStudents Background: Beatrice has five brothers and sisters, and her parents support the family by growing crops and working on neighbors farms. They are able to provide basic needs for their family but cannot afford to send their children to high school. Beatrices teacher says that she is very disciplined and responsible, and she ranked sixth out of 46 students in her eighth grade class. Beatrice dreams about becoming a doctor.Beatrice is currently in her first year at Naivasha Girls High School with support from EFAC. In this presentation, Beatrice shares her home and school with her EFAC sponsor.
  3. 3. Our pastor’s family and my parents.
  4. 4. Some of our youths in church.
  5. 5. Me and my sisters and brothers.
  6. 6. Me and my mum and dad.
  7. 7. My family.
  8. 8. Our toilet.
  9. 9. Our house.
  10. 10. My mum and dad.
  11. 11. My Dad.
  12. 12. My classmates.
  13. 13. My friend.
  14. 14. My classmates.
  15. 15. My friend
  16. 16. My friend
  17. 17. Myself
  18. 18. My friend.