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Education Advisors Ltd are the official Italian representatives of this high quality institution located in the new Monaco of the med... Marbella.
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Marbella university-brochure

  1. 1. MARBELLA
  3. 3. WElCOMEACADEMIC EDUCATION• Knowledge and professional skills of global relevance.• Focus on global problems of humanity and the world.• Future oriented multiple network analysis.• Holistic understanding of humans and societies.• Multi-cultural and balanced ethical orientation.PhIlOsOPhy1. Knowledge: Acting based on significant knowledge.2. Professionalism: Working with relevant skills for efficiency.3. Global: Analyzing and decision making in global perspectives.4. Vanguard: Holistic analysis, thinking, decision making, and acting.5. Ethical: Responsibility in human, environmental, and global matters.6. Multi-cultural: Integrative understanding of cultural characteristics.7. Future-oriented: Thinking and acting in perspectives of 50 years.8. Human: Caring for the genuine human values and human life.9. Personality qualities: Strong focus on rock-solid integrity and strength.MIssION sTATEMENT• To provide students with professional knowledge and skills to excel in a global world.• To establish an academic institution with vanguard educational values.• To promote a new perception with a multi-cultural and ethical orientation.• To foster a holistic understanding of humans, societies, and environment. MARBELLA UNIVERSITY • 3
  4. 4. EXTrA-CUrrICUlAr ACTIvITIEssEMINArsMarbella University regularly invites international experts to discuss current issues of today’s world with MU students.Topics can include issues of an economic, political, environmental, technological or social nature. Seminars allow astudent to receive up to date information about a specific issue of global relevance.COMPANy vIsITsMU students have the chance to visit important and key companies of both national and international companiesallowing them to gain an invaluable insight into the world of business.INTErNshIPsMarbella University has an extensive local connection in Marbella as well as on the whole Costa del Sol, allowingstudents the opportunity to gain initial work experience at selected companies in a variety of industries providinginvaluable real life work experience.sOCIAl ACTIvITIEsMarbella University student councilorganizes regular social events and activitieswhich enable students to strengthen socialties and balance work and life. Socialactivities include:Welcome nightCultural eveningsExcursionWinter sports weekendssport competitions4 • MARBELLA UNIVERSITY
  5. 5. sTUDyING IN MArBEllA MArBEllA sPOrTs There was good reason for the coveted Sports City of Europe award being granted to Marbella. Golf and tennis, when set against the many other sports available, are minority pursuits: There really is an abundant choice. Whatever your sporting interests, including water sports, presume to be more than adequately provided for. Imagine; water sports with a choice of sun- drenched beaches stretching 100km along a languorous coastline in the morning; lunch, and then skiing in the Sierra Nevada ski resorts in the afternoon. MArBEllA NATUrE The Marbella region’s nature reserves and natural parks are unique to southern Europe. Doñana on the west coast is also a protected habitat; home to flamingoes andWhErE Is MArBEllA? other fabulous wildlife creatures and plants.Marbella is both a town and a municipality. This lovely Mediterranean city It has been claimed that the area has thebelongs to Málaga; the most southern of the Spanish peninsula’s provinces. highest concentration of protected parks andThere is easy access to the international airport of Málaga. nature reserves in the world.MArBEllA – ThE ChOsEN DEsTINATION! MArBEllA NIGhTlIFEMarbella provides an entrepreneurial hub for the international business The satellite resort of Puerto Banus andcommunity for whom it is first choice when mixing business with pleasure. This similar attracts both the fabulously wealthyprovides a wonderful cosmopolitan atmosphere in which you feel welcome. and celebrity spotters; not to mention those who love to gaze at yachts that surpass theirMarbella is renowned for the social standing of its residents and visitors. These wildest dreams. Here you will discover bothinclude international royalty and celebrities of worldwide reputation (King Fahd night and day lifestyle experiences essentialof Saudi Arabia, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, Britney Spears, David Beckham, to broadening the imagination of studentseven Osama bin Laden was here once). It is an exciting kaleidoscope of colour fortunate enough to be a part of this vibrantand language. community.WhErE TO lIvE IN MArBEllA? Here the term chill-out means you do it inMarbella life is best described as smart-casual. It enjoys a relaxed, almost Europe’s perfect climate where even in mid-hedonistic lifestyle drawing on the wealth and experience of residents who winter shorts and light tops are de rigueur.predominate in the nearby affluent urbanizations. These embrace Golf Valleyin Nueva Andalucia; exclusive residential estates in La Zagaleta and Sierra sTUDyING IN MArBEllABlanca, each with their panoramic views of distant Africa and Gibraltar with its To study in Marbella is to absorb a trulyincomparable sunsets. international environment, free from pollution where it is safe and secure. EquallyCompared to elsewhere in Europe Marbella is relatively free of crime, unsociable important there is easy and cheap access tobehavior, and as you might expect is environmentally friendly. the culturally rich cities of Granada, Seville and Cadiz.WhAT DOEs MArBEllA OFFEr?The list of ongoing events; business, social, sport and leisure opportunities could To Marbella’s quality of life can be addednever be adequately set out on a website. To these can be added shopping a unique lifestyle experience considered byexperiences that attract the most self-indulgent. Car enthusiasts too will be many to be Elysian. It is doubtful if anywherespoiled for choice and limited only by their imagination and of course their bank else on earth is so complementary to thebalance. perfect education and graduation.MArBEllA GAsTrONOMy Studying in Marbella means living in anHere the world’s foodies discover the gourmet delights served up in this most international environment with residentsgourmet eclectic of cities. Be prepared for many more than the traditional dishes from all over the world, free fromof Andalusia’s countryside and its sea fare. Here you will find international pollution and only a stone’s throw awaycuisine at its best as you explore a myriad of watering holes; bistros, bars, from amazing world renowned culturalrestaurants and clubs. MARBELLA UNIVERSITY • 5
  6. 6. sTUDENT sErvICEs lIFE AND CArEEr COUNsElING Marbella University offers students the service of a life and career counselor giving the student a focused guidance in their personal life and career choices. IT INFrAsTrUCTUrE Marbella University campus has Wi-Fi high-speed broadband internet access as well as multimedia equipment and laser printers available, encouraging students to actively make use of the internet and technology. Every student receives a personal access account to the MU Intranet as well as the student email system. lIBrAry Students are encouraged to make use of the educational resources offered including a variety of databases, journals, magazines, trade publications and books. ACCOMMODATION The Marbella University administration is at every student’s disposal to assist them in finding suitable accommodation through the various local ties to property developers and real estate owners. vIsAs Marbella University administration assists students in their applications for student visas as well as student permits. MU AlUMNI AssOCIATION The MU Alumni Association offers students a myriad of networking opportunities with former classmates and faculty members as well as a series of regular reunions with old classmates and friends.6 • MARBELLA UNIVERSITY
  7. 7. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM Marbella University offers three program options: Diploma, Bachelorand Master. 1. Diploma Program: Management of Knowledge (1yr) 2. Overview Bachelor Programs (3yrs): • B1: Bachelor of Business Administration & Management • B2: Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations • B3: Bachelor of Arts in Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure • B4: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Media • B5: Bachelor of Psychology 3. Master Program: Master of Arts (1yr) • MA1 – Sustainable Education • MA2 – Renewal of Religions 4. Master Program: Master of Business Administration (1yr): • MBA1 – International Business • MBA2 – Communication & Public Relations • MBA3 – International Marketing • MBA4 – Management of Humanity • MBA5 – Leisure & Tourism Management • MBA6 – Entrepreneurship • MBA7 – Leadership • MBA8 – Online Business • MBA9 – Human Resources Management • MBA10 – Sustainability (Green MBA) MARBELLA UNIVERSITY • 7
  8. 8. DIPlOMA PrOGrAM:MANAGEMENT OF KNOWlEDGEThe Diploma Program “Management of Knowledge” is for people of all ages ThE CUrrICUlUM OF ThEwith outstanding aims in life and business who aspire for success and happiness DIPlOMA PrOGrAMin an ever more challenging world! 1sT TrIMEsTErNo high school diploma required for admission. • Life Philosophy And Human Values• You have a zest to understand yourself, humans, and the world! • Renewal And Transformations• You want to become an authentic personality with a rock-solid integrity! • Social Orientations• You want to develop, improve, and strengthen your personality! • Personality Development• You want success in life & business and personal fulfillment! • Legal Aspects Of Life & Business• You are engaged (or want to be engaged) in a social service, in human • Mental Training & Meditation education, in any kind of psychological or spiritual counseling and life • Languages (Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, coaching, in politics, in religion, or in an NGO-institution for resolving local, German, English)* regional, national, or global problems.Success, efficiency, happiness, fulfillment, self-confidence, hope, strength, 2ND TrIMEsTErsafety and qualitative developments in your life and personal state are only • Become A Strong Personalitypossible with the right knowledge, tools, skills, methods and techniques! • Practical Self-Management • Rules For Efficiency In Life ThE 1 yEAr COUrsE PrOvIDEs yOU WITh: • Ways Of Living• Key-knowledge and essential skills for life, study, business and work. • IT Skills• The perfect personal preparation for all kind of academic (higher) studies. • Problems Of Humanity• A top foundation for building up or renewing your relationship. • Languages (Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, • An all-sided balanced orientation for an authentic way of living. German, English)*• Vanguard and indispensable knowledge for understanding humans.• A strong concept of a positive life philosophy rooted in human’s inner life. 3rD TrIMEsTEr• The most secure path to personal psychical-spiritual fulfillment. • Resolving Problems & Conflicts • Everything necessary to understand the state of humanity and the earth. • Love, Relationship & Sex• The indispensable IT and business knowledge and skills for success. • Marriage, Family & Education• A new strategic understanding and approach to efficient solutions. • Dreams & Dream Interpretation • EntrepreneurshipThe learning processes provide a general understanding of humans, human life, • Managing Destructive business, and society through a challenging and mind-opening curriculum. The Human Factorscurriculum focuses on a wide spectrum of fields of study including economical, • Languages (Spanish, psychological, social, and work related. The multitude of topics covered provides French, Russian,the student with a foundation for a holistic quality of life and business efficiency. Italian, German,The didactics allow participants to contribute with their experiences, concerns English)*and questions. All subjects are elaborated with 50% lectures and 50% practicalwork (role plays, checklists, flow charts, developing strategic plans, etc.). www.ManagementOfKnowledge.com8 • MARBELLA UNIVERSITY
  9. 9. B1 BAChElOr OF BUsINEss ADMINIsTrATION (BBA)B1FIrsT yEAr sECOND yEAr ThIrD yEAr 1st Trimester 1st Trimester 1st Trimester• Business communication skills • Building & Leading effective Teams • Corporate Finance II• Interrelation of Business & Society • Business Policy & Strategic Management • Sales and Purchasing Management• Basics and methods of Sociology • Business Information Systems • Strategies of Negotiation• Mathematics for Business • Basic Management Skills • Human Resource Management 2nd Trimester 2nd Trimester 2nd Trimester• Microeconomics • Investment Analysis & Strategy • Investment Analysis & Strategy• Marketing, Advertising and Media • Consumer Behavior • Financial Strategy • Business Law • Corporate Finance I • Budgeting & Control• Basics of Accounting • Online Marketing Management • Production Management 3rd Trimester 3rd Trimester 3rd Trimester• Macroeconomics • Law, ethics and International Business • Globalization• Foundation of Business Management • Cross Cultural Business Management • Small Business Management• Statistics in theory and practice • Strategic & Research Marketing • Project Management• IT skills for Business • Management Information Systems • Entrepreneurship & New Venture MARBELLA UNIVERSITY • 9
  10. 10. B2 BAChElOr OF ArTs IN COMMUNICATION & PUBlIC rElATIONsB2FIrsT yEAr sECOND yEAr ThIrD yEAr 1st Trimester 1st Trimester 1st Trimester• Business communication skills • International Relations • Practical Politics, Cultures, Ideologies & • Interrelation of Business & Society • Government and Politics Religions• Basics and methods of Sociology • International Organizations, NGO and • International Law, Human Rights & • Mathematics for Business their functions political systems • Modern Diplomacy & Foreign Policy • Causes of threats, conflicts, riots, civil wars, wars • Strategies of international Peace & Security 2nd Trimester 2nd Trimester 2nd Trimester• Microeconomics • Theories of International Relations • Bi- & multilateral Diplomacy & Foreign • Marketing, Advertising and Media • Global Economics Policy• Business Law • Skills of Mediation and Negotiation • Globalization, Geopolitics & non-state • Basics of Accounting • Conflict Analysis & Resolution Strategies actors • Prospects for global Politics • Environmental Diplomacy 3rd Trimester 3rd Trimester 3rd Trimester• Macroeconomics • Organizational Communication & • Cultural, ethical, and religious values• Foundation of Business Management Message analysis • Corporate, political & religious interests• Statistics in theory and practice • Modern Diplomacy, structure and tasks • Developed and developing countries• IT skills for Business • Global development and strategies of • Governance, Democratization and State politics • Societies & international development10 • MARBELLA UNIVERSITY
  11. 11. B3 BAChElOr OF ArTs IN TOUrIsM, hOsPITAlITy & lEIsUrEB3FIrsT yEAr sECOND yEAr ThIrD yEAr 1st Trimester 1st Trimester 1st Trimester• Business communication skills • The Business types of Tourism • Strategic Marketing in Tourist Business• Interrelation of Business & Society • Trends in Tourism today and future • Business Policy & Strategic Management• Basics and methods of Sociology perspectives • Conference & Event Management• Mathematics for Business • Sustainable Tourism & Public Policies • Hospitality Management • Tourist Consumer Behavior 2nd Trimester 2nd Trimester 2nd Trimester• Microeconomics • Human needs in Tourism & Leisure • Human Resources Management• Marketing, Advertising and Media • Passive, active & creative Leisure • Hostelry Product Management• Business Law • Leisure & Recreational Management • Sales & Purchasing Management & • Basics of Accounting • Cultural Heritage for Tourism Negotiations • Finance, Budgeting & Control 3rd Trimester 3rd Trimester 3rd Trimester• Macroeconomics • Travel today and tomorrow • Organizational Communication• Foundation of Business Management • Marketing Management & Global • Management Information Systems• Statistics in theory and practice Business • Global Economics & Corporate Finance• IT skills for Business • Management in Service Industries • Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation • International Tourism MARBELLA UNIVERSITY • 11
  12. 12. B4 BAChElOr OF ArTs IN JOUrNAlIsM & MEDIAB4FIrsT yEAr sECOND yEAr ThIrD yEAr 1st Trimester 1st Trimester 1st Trimester• Business communication skills • Theoretical and critical Introduction to • Newspaper, Magazines, Radio, Television, • Interrelation of Business & Society Journalism Internet, Digital• Basics and methods of Sociology • Media Industries and Audiences in global • Political, economic and social • Mathematics for Business Comparison circumstances of reporting • Historical roles, social and political • Foundation of Film, Sound and Image purposes of different Media Production • Investigating, Collecting, analyzing, • Techniques of interviewing, selecting and documenting, reporting answering 2nd Trimester 2nd Trimester 2nd Trimester• Microeconomics • Documentary, Reports, News, Online • Dealing with technical, statistical, & • Marketing, Advertising and Media journalism, Feature Writing controversial information• Business Law • Public Affairs, Health, Sport, Business, • Global Media Systems, Mass media & • Basics of Accounting Finance, Crime, IT news agencies • Fundamentals of Making Connections • Publishing and public information services (Information sources) • Issues of local, international, and global • Ethics, Media Law and Telecommunication Journalism Regulations 3rd Trimester 3rd Trimester 3rd Trimester• Macroeconomics • Diversity, Objectivity, Influences, Belief and • Strategic Speech & Presentation • Foundation of Business Management Arguments Communication• Statistics in theory and practice • Journalism in Broadcast, Television, • Conscious & unconscious Influences on • IT skills for Business printed Media, Online Media consumers • Techniques of writing, revising and copy- • The power and influences of Media in editing Politics and Society • Techniques of design, layout and • Responsibility and imperatives of revenue pagination, photography generation12 • MARBELLA UNIVERSITY
  13. 13. B5 BAChElOr OF ArTs IN PsyChOlOGy, PsyChOANAlysIs & INDIvIDUATIONB5FIrsT yEAr sECOND yEAr ThIrD yEAr 1st Trimester 1st Trimester 1st Trimester• Professional social communication skills • Interdependency of environment, society, • Self-love and love for life as human value and self-management human behavior, & life risks and strength for living• Theory and methods of Psychology • Psycho-energetic dynamic of life energy & • Emotional causes of tensions, stress, & (concepts of psyche & mind) methods of controlling psycho-somatic reactions• Principles of learning processes, • The “I” (ego), its psychical control • Consciousness, self-experience, will, and development and socialization functions and defense mechanisms adaptation of realities• Hermeneutics and Symbolism: Analysis of • Intelligence, mental learning, its • Phases of the psychical and spiritual texts and symbols components and auxiliary functions development (Individuation) 2nd Trimester 2nd Trimester 2nd Trimester• Psychological and social analysis of • Spectrum, characteristics, and usefulness • The mental process from perception to human behavior of feelings and emotions words, thinking, judging, & talking• Aims and methods of human (personality) • Basic and artificial psychical needs, its • The complex functioning of feelings, its education individual and collective forming interrelations and multiple effects• Mind, love and sexuality and its gender • Psychoanalytical concepts of the • Genuine psychical needs, its authentic characteristics unconscious mind and its influences satisfaction and compensations• Concepts of philosophical, dogmatic, and • Concepts of love and lust as psychical • Determining characteristics of the ethical thinking functions in relation to its polarities unconscious and its transformation 3rd Trimester 3rd Trimester 3rd Trimester• Human images of Philosophical • Theory, methods, and educational benefit • Images, symbols, actions, and sceneries in Anthropology and Psychology of dream interpretation dreams and real life• Reflecting sociological theories in the • Theory and methods of imagination & • The intelligent, spiritual, and educational context of health and stress meditation as a tool for living composition of dreams• Theory of life course (biography) and • Concepts of philosophical, psychical, • Efficient analysis and methods to deal with environmental conditions social, and spiritual evolution challenging life themes• Basics of social statistics and its relevant • The archetypes about human being, • Techniques of analyzing, counseling, mathematical models holistic development, and life coaching, & MARBELLA UNIVERSITY • 13
  14. 14. MASTER OF ARTSThe Master of Arts Programs of Marbella University aim to form a new generation of professionals with vanguard visions, the rightknowledge and the efficient skills to educate, guide, provide advice, support and teach people for hope, for a better life, for love, for thetruth, for satisfaction of their genuine inner needs, for efficient spirituality, for happiness, for abilities to achieve fulfillment with the “SpiritualIntelligence” and the Archetypes of the Soul.• 1. MA – Sustainable Education • 2. MA – Renewal of ReligionsMASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONMarbella University Business School graduate programs are uniquetailor-made with a diverse set of specializations that cover the mostrelevant sectors of international business in today’s world. The MBAprograms at Marbella University entail a vanguard approach tointernational business with a strong focus on “human factors” and thecomplexity of today’s global business world.The “human factor” is both cause and solution of all problems businesspeople will have to face today, tomorrow and throughout their entireprofessional career. Most politicians and business people have nocomprehensive knowledge of the situation of the people; they still have FULL-TIME MBA PROGRAMSan idea of mankind from the middle Ages. Most politicians and businesspeople are unable to think in complex networks, oriented in the past and • 1. MBA – International Businessthe future. The majority of the business world has been poisoned by • 2. MBA – Communication & Public Relationsexaggeration, understating, sweet talking, lies, deceit, cheat, fraud, • 3. MBA – International Marketingseduction, manipulation, and distortion. There are hundreds of thousandsof leaders that act with megalomania, paternalism, extreme greed, • 4. MBA – Management of Humanitystubbornness, sick narcissism, arrogance, falseness and scrupulousness, • 5. MBA – Leisure & Tourism Managementperversion, amorality or political lunacy. The MBA programs at MarbellaUniversity provide a deeper understanding of the “human factor”, its • 6. MBA – Entrepreneurshipcritical components and constructive potentials. • 7. MBA – Leadership • 8. MBA – Online BusinessThe first two trimesters provide students with the core elements and skillsrequired to understand master’s level business concepts. The final • 9. MBA – Human Resources Managementtrimester allows for every student to select their area of specialization. • 10. MBA – Sustainability (Green MBA)14 • MARBELLA UNIVERSITY
  15. 15. ACADEMIC INFORMATION DIPLOMA PROGRAM: MANAGEMENT OF KNOWLEDGE Credits: In total 12 subjects. Each subject receives 4 credits. Total credits for the diploma course: 48 credits. Special educational event per trimester: 2 credits (total: 6 credits). Additional credits from the final project: 6 credits. Total: 60 credits. Admission requirements:Minimum age 18, no high school diploma required. Teaching language: English BACHELOR OF BUSINESS/BACHELOR OF ARTS Credits: In total 12 subjects. Each subject gets 5 credits. Total credits per year course: 60 credits. Special educational event: 1 credit; in total: 3 credits per year and 9 credits per 3 years. Additional credits from the written final essay: 6 credits. Sum of the Bachelor program: 195 credits. Admission requirements: Minimum 18 years old, IB, A-level, or equivalent diploma (MU-Diploma program “Management of Knowledge”). Teaching language: English MASTER PROGRAMS: (MA) / (MBA) Credits: 51 credits (all subjects) + 6 for research paper = 57 total credits. Admission requirements: Minimum BA or similar academic diploma. Teaching language: MARBELLA UNIVERSITY • 15
  16. 16. MARBELLA UNIVERsiTYMARBELLA UNIVERsiTYCentro Comercial Vasari-AlzambraUrbanizacion Vasari-Alzambra29660 Nueva Andalucia, MarbellaMalaga, SpainTelephone: (0034) 952 907 892, Fax: (0034) 952 907 918Website: Email: