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Katherine and King's College in Harrow London (UK) offer a British Council accredited program of English Language & Accounting.
The also run a popular top quality Summer School program in a harry potter style context for 13-17yr olds. A real top quality English learning program for teens

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Kkcl london study_holidays_brochure

  2. 2. KKCL TUDY HOLID AYS NSLONDO PROGRAMME OVERVIEW KKCL For boys and girls aged 13 to 17 LONDON STUDY HOLIDAYS €€General English €€Sports & Activities Dear students, parents, CORE and group leaders, €€Electives OPTION Welcome to our summer school! €€Cultural Trips & Tours CORE CORE CORE OPTION OPTION OPTION Our summer programme offers our students These labels indicate interactive, communicative, and, most which items are importantly, enjoyable English lessons, part of the Core combined with a variety of cultural, social CORE CORE OPTION CORE OPTION OPTION CORE CORE OPTION OPTION programme and and sporting activities. In a multicultural which are optional environment at the heart of the UK, our extras.You can refer students have the chance to experience an to them throughout unforgettable summer through learning, CORE CORE OPTION OPTIONCORE OPTION CORE CORE OPTION OPTION this brochure. making friends and expanding their horizons.CORE CORE OPTION OPTION We look forward to seeing you at KKCL this CORE OPTION summer. Kind regards,CORE OPTION Jelena Faranov Director of Studies
  3. 3. ABOUT THE SCHOOLKatherine & King’s College of LondonSituated in a beautiful listed building in the quiet London boroughof Harrow, Katherine & King’s College of London (KKCL) has been aproud educator in the EFL sector since 2002. Throughout the last 10years we have been dedicated to providing quality General Englishcourses and exam preparation courses to local and overseas students.As a British Council accredited English language school, we drawstrength from our experience in the sector to deliver the best practicalknowledge, a wide range of approaches and the latest teachingtechniques.Our teachers are all fully qualified with a CELTA as the minimum,while some teachers have a DELTA, an MA or equivalent qualification.Our location within London provides overseas learners with theconvenience of a leading global city and of a rich cultural experience. School facilities: €€ Bright, cosy classrooms €€ Larger classrooms for events C 100 M 75 Y 0 K 50 €€ Lounge and study area C 100 C 37 M 75 M 25 Y 0 Y 18 K 50 K 0 OPACITY 70% €€ Canteen C 100 M 86.67 Y 32.94 K 49 OPACITY 85% €€ Networked IT lab and Wi-Fi Internet C 0 M 20 Y 100 K 15 €€ Courtyard with fountain WestEast Design & Print 295 King Street London W6 9NH Designer: Jennifer Yen Company: Katherine & King’s College
  4. 4. KKCL TUDY HOLID AYS NSLONDO GENERAL ENGLISH KKCL is a British Council accredited English language school. On arrival each student takes a placement test and is interviewed to ensure that they are put in the correct class and level. Lessons range from complete beginners to advanced levels. The courses focus on: €€ Speaking, listening, reading and writing skills CORE OPTIO €€ Grammatical structures, vocabulary and pronunciation €€ Discussions on English culture, tradition and current affairs €€ Project work, crafts and creative activities CORE OPTION A creative and engaging approach to CORE English language teaching OPTION Our school was given points of excellence for course design and implementation during our British Council inspection in winter 2011. Lessons are carefully planned so that students progress at an appropriate pace, but they are flexible enough to accommodate the needs of individuals. Emphasis is placed on increasing fluency and general understanding of the English language. Materials are compiled from a variety of communicative activities books and resources using the latest approaches and teaching methods to achieve optimal results, while providing a “I like this school fun and relaxed working atmosphere. Some of the lessons are structured around project work and feature an element of task- because it helps me based learning, which is always interesting as it revolves around improve my speaking. real-life situations. This approach allows students to enjoy the learning process and have a clear sense of accomplishment. The building is very Lessons run every weekday in three-hour blocks with breaks. nice and the teachers Each day offers integrated skills and communication focus, give attention to while one day a week is reserved for fluency practice only. everyone.” Lidiya (General English)
  5. 5. For those students with a higher level of English and a special “Lessons were veryinterest in speaking and discussions, the afternoon IntensiveEnglish elective offers participation in discussions and debates well organised. We didto improve conversation and presentation skills. lots of exercises andLessons feature group project work with newspapers andmagazines, drama sketches, creative activities and games. we spoke a lot.”All our courses follow and match the CEFR levels which form the Ola (General English)base of the course aims and objectives. The lessons themselvesare communicative, interactive, learner-centred and adaptableto different learning styles.Lessons take place either in the classroom or in the PC lab,but they may also be held at different locations as required byproject work. Lessons and activities can be held either in themorning or the afternoon depending on the group’s preference.At the end of the course, each student will receive a certificateof attendance stating the course name and CEFR equivalent oftheir level. Why you’ll enjoy English at KKCL: €€ We work to increase your fluency and build your confidence to communicate effectively. €€ Real life situations, task-based learning and gripping topics make your lessons interesting and relevant. €€ You can benefit from additional afternoon classes to improve conversation and presentation skills. €€ Group project work is creative and fun.
  6. 6. KKCL TUDY HOLID AYS NSLONDO ELECTIVE PROGRAMME CORE Learn new skills and discover your hidden talents with our OPTION exciting electives, suitable for all levels of ability We recognise exploration and enrichment are important parts of a summer school curriculum, so we offer a range of exciting optional elective courses to integrate into our CORE Core programme. All sessions are led by experienced, qualified teachers or coaches. Electives are eight hours per week and students can choose a different elective option for each week OPTION of their stay. Electives alternate between ACTIVE WEEK and CREATIVE WEEK. CORE €€ ACTIVE WEEK ELECTIVES OPTION €€DANCE Build confidence by exploring different styles of dance and movement. This elective also builds team spirit and personal self-esteem as students work together to create an original end-of-week performance. €€TENNIS With the world’s oldest tennis championship still held at Wimbledon each year, tennis continues to be a high profile sport in the country which invented it. We hire excellent facilities in London so you can learn skills from experienced tennis coaches and fulfill your potential on court. €€GOLF Take lessons at the renowned Playgolf Academy in Northwick Park, making use of a wide range of world-class practice facilities, including a heated and floodlit 56-bay two-tier range and an advanced GASP video swing analysis system. Tuition by PGA pros.
  7. 7. €€ CREATIVE WEEK ELECTIVES €€MUSIC PRODUCTION The chance to express your musical side. Our instructor will help you write and record a song to take back home. Practice playing a range of instruments, then work together to complete your composition. The result will be recorded and mixed using digital audio equipment and software. €€INTENSIVE ENGLISH These lessons will additionally boost your English by doing real-life tasks, interviews, projects, and presentations.You will take part in role-plays, debates, and various other speaking activities to further practise and expand you communication skills in different contexts while having loads of fun. €€ART & PHOTOGRAPHY Explore your creative potential with art and craft workshops and take advantage of the many museums and galleries in London to gain insight and inspiration. This elective includes a photograhy option, where you will learn how to take great photographs around London’s many sights and then edit them digitally.Please Note: The Elective programme is an optional addition to the Core Programme. Electives are made available subjectto demand. Enrolment is limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first served basis. If students sign up to the ElectivesProgramme, they must do so for the entire duration of their stay. Only ACTIVE WEEK options will be available in ACTIVE WEEKand the same applies to CREATIVE WEEK.
  8. 8. KKCL TUDY HOLID AYS NSLONDO CULTURAL TRIPS & TOURS Discover London In addition to our afternoon activities, we offer a broad Example London Trips: range of tours and cultural trips, providing an invaluable €€ Buckingham Palace opportunity to explore London and the surrounding €€ 2012 Olympic Tour area. €€ London Football Clubs Tour Student tour groups are led and supervised by our €€ The Houses of Parliament (Big Ben) CORE activity leaders along with the group leaders to ensure €€ Westminster Abbey OP the safety and security of students at all times. €€ Covent Garden & Piccadilly Circus €€ Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Students get the chance to see London’s famous sights €€ Tate Modern and absorb the history and atmosphere of one of the most exciting cities in the world. €€ Tower Bridge & The Tower of London €€ The Natural History Museum COR E OPTI While visiting Buckingham Palace and the Royal €€ St James’s Park & Hyde Park Borough of Windsor, students will learn about British €€ Windsor Castle history, treading in the footsteps of British royalty past €€ The London Eye and present. €€ The British Museum Students can witness the hi-tech urban buzz of Picadilly €€ Trafalgar Square Circus, stroll through the green expanse of Hyde Park CORE OPTIO and visit world-famous museums and art galleries. CORE OPTION Weekend Explorer Weekend Explorer Tours: Student groups will have the option of ‘Weekend Explorer’ trips. The tour takes in the following These are overnight trips outside of the capital. locations over Saturday and Sunday: CORE OPTION Students will get a much €€ Stonehenge broader picture of English €€ Eden Project life, see the English countryside and visit €€ Land’s End famous places of cultural €€ Penzance and historic interest such €€ CMount St Michel’s ORE as Stonehenge. OPTION
  9. 9. ACTIVITY PROGRAMMEEnjoy sports, recreational activities andactivity workshopsActivities give students the opportunity to get to know each otherand have fun in a safe, comfortable and multi-national environment.Students have access to pre-arranged sports facilities at local sportscentres and there are many fun evening events at the college itself,including talent competitions and quiz nights.In addition to regular activities, we offer special activity workshops,which introduce creative skills such as percussion, web design andradio production. These workshops are part of the core programmeand are offered at no extra cost. CORE OPT Example Sports: Activity Workshops: €€ Football €€ Basketball €€ Badminton €€ Percussion Workshop CORE OPTIO €€ Team games €€ Softball Learn how to work together to build intricate rythms, using a €€ Cricket range of percussion instruments from around the world. €€ Web Design Workshop CORE OPTION Example Activities: Learn the basic principles of web design, including how to create your own web page using HTML and CSS. €€ Fancy dress contest €€ Karaoke €€ Talent night €€ Barbecue €€ Radio Production Workshop €€ Games night Learn how to record interviews for radio and edit audio €€ Film night tracks together to create a professional sounding podcast. €€ Quiz night €€ Music night
  10. 10. KKCL TUDY HOLID AYS NSLONDO ACCOMMODATION IN LONDON CORE OPTION €€ Homestays CORE OP TaN Our host families are inspected and selected by us and our partner agencies to guarantee studentsIOhappy and rewarding experience. Students enjoy a family atmosphere along with the chance to practise English and learn about the British way of life. London is a city bursting with diversity and different cultures and this is reflected in the homestays that we use. CORE Although host families can come from any number of ethnic backgrounds, English is always thePTIO language in O main N the home. We always do our best to match the needs and requests of students during the allocation process. The locations of our host families are within very short travelling distance from the school, with convenient access to public transport. A daily door-to-door school minibus service can be arranged at an additional cost, picking up students from their homes in the morning and returning them at the end of the school day. If parents decide not to use our bus service, we must receive written authorisation from parents for children aged 14-16 to travel alone on public transport. Breakfast and evening meals are provided by homestay families, with lunch provided by the school. We do not allow children under 14 to travel alone on public transport under any circumstances. €€ Student Residences Student residences are either managed by the school directly or through an agent. Our residential staff ensure that students are well looked after and all meals are provided. Depending on the residence, students may choose either a shared room or a single room. We also offer a limited number of en-suite rooms at an additional cost. Bedding is provided but students should bring their own towels. We will send an items-to-bring list to all students once the booking is confirmed. Please Note: Due to the exceptionally high demand for accommodation during the London Olympic Games in 2012, we ask students to place their booking as early as possible. Types of accommodation are made available subject to demand.
  11. 11. STUDENT WELFAREStudent safety and well-being is always our priorityAt London Study Holidays we conduct careful risk assessments and make sure we maintain health and safetystandards to ensure that everyone enjoys a safe and happy stay.There are always staff on campus who are trained to give first aid and provide child protection. Our staff are alwaysfriendly and approachable and will support students in reporting any worries or concerns to other members of staffor the management.€€ ArrivalAll groups and individual students under the age of 18 are met by a member of staff to ensure a smooth transitionfrom the airport to the school. On arrival at our school, students are greeted by a senior member of staff who will beable to answer any immediate questions.Within a few hours after arrival, students receive a full induction covering the school facilities, emergency proceduresand welfare provision. Students will be informed on who to contact if they encounter any problems or need any helpand how they can make suggestions or complaints.As part of the induction, students are given an ID card with 24 hour emergency contact information. Students arealso given an orientation tour of the school and its surroundings and are informed about the activity programmes.The full programme of lessons, electives and activities will be tailored to the students’ age group.€€ During the stayOur accommodation arrangements ensure supervision by trained staff who are available 24 hours a day in case ofemergency and our offices are open every day until 8pm if students or group leaders have any concerns or queries.At all times during the stay, from lessons to tours and outside activities there will be at least a 15:1 student to staffratio (this will usually be higher for outside activities). Staff wear bright T-shirts with the school logo so they arevisible at all times.We offer the possibility to safely store students’ documents, pocket money and any valuables on the school premises.€€ Medical and general insuranceIn Britain, free medical treatment is available through the National Health Service to all European Union students andthose students from countries with reciprocal health agreements. This covers all medical issues, with the exceptionof dental treatment, glasses and prescriptions.It is compulsory for students who are not covered by the National Health Service to take out medical insurancebefore leaving their home countries. We strongly advise students to take out individual personal insurance to coverpersonal belongings before they come to the UK. KKCL can help with arranging appropriate insurance.
  12. 12. KKCL TUDY HOLID AYS NSLONDO SAMPLE TIMETABLE Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 8:30 - Wake up 7:30 Wake up 9:00 - Breakfast 8:15 Breakfast 9:30 –13:00 9:30 –13:00 9:30 –13:00 9:30 –13:00 9:30 –13:00 10:00 – 12:00 General English General English General English General English General English Activities (with breaks) (with breaks) (with breaks) (with breaks) (with breaks) 12:30 Lunch 13:30 Lunch 9:00 –19:00 Full day 14:30 14:30 excursion to Electives: Half day Electives: Activities: Windsor 13:30 Activities: (Creative Week) excursion in (Creative Week) Web Design Half day Basketball Music London Music Workshop excursion in Production Production London 18:00 Supervised free time 19:00 Dinner 19:45 19:45 19:45 19:45 19:45 19:45 19:45 Games night Film night Music night Bowling Talent night Karaoke Barbecue 21:30 Return to accommodation 22:00 / 22:30 Lights Out Please Note: Group requirements can be accommodated in advance.
  13. 13. CORE OPTIONPRICE GUIDE CORE CORE OPTION OPTION CORE CORE CORE OPTION OPTION OPTION GENERAL ENGLISH ACTIVITIES CULTURAL TRIPS CORE OPTION CORE C R STEP 1 OOPETION OPTION Everybody signs up for the core programme.You pay a fixed price for 15 hours of General English with daily sports & activities as well as cultural trips in and around London. CORE CORE OPPTION OPT ION CORE CORE OPTION OPTION ELECTIVES WEEKEND EXPLORER CORE OPTION STEP 2 As an optional extra you can expand your holiday with our Elective programme and Weekend Explorer tours. Choose one or both of these options at a fixed additional price. CORE OPTION ACCOMMODATION CORE OPTION STEP 3 Choose your accommodation option. CORE OPTION Please see our Booking Form for current prices.
  14. 14. KKCL TUDY HOLID AYS NSLONDO FAQs Q: When can I apply for the summer school? from the school will be asked to sign an absentee form, to leave their passport with the school office and to A: We begin accepting applications for the summer provide a contact number in case of emergency. school programme from January of the same year. You can enrol online via our website, by post, fax or email, or with an authorised local agent. Q: My child has special dietary requirements. Is it possible for the school to cater for this? Q: How much pocket money should my child bring? A: Yes, we can cater for different dietary requirements, How is pocket money kept safe? as long as we are told in advance at the time of booking (see the booking form for details). A: We will keep any individual student’s pocket money and important documents in safe storage on the school premises. Students will be allowed access to their Q: What if my child has a medical condition that money at set times. requires special arrangement? We suggest a maximum of £50 per week, should A: You are asked to provide information about your students wish to buy into any of the optional trips or child’s medical conditions on the booking form. This activities as well as for personal shopping. information will be acknowledged by our team during your child’s stay. Please note we are not allowed to provide any specialised or prescription medication. All Q: What should my child bring for the holiday? students are asked to bring such medication with them. A: We will send an items-to-bring list to all students If your child has lost his/her medication, our duty staff once the booking is confirmed. If you have further will help with the process of acquiring a replacement. questions, you can always contact one of our advisors at the summer school office. Q: What if my child gets homesick? A: Our staff are always friendly and approachable and Q: How do I contact my child at the school? we will do everything we can to help your child settle A: Before your child arrives you will be sent a pre-course in at the school. Your child will have our support to information pack, which gives you the contact details overcome any homesickness and will hopefully become of the school, the emergency phone number and stronger and more confident in the process. Your child information about the best time to contact your child will be well-supervised during their entire stay. while they are with us. Students will be given a UK SIM card and our staff will help your child to contact you Q: Is it possible to choose a host family? once they have arrived. A: We always do our best to match your needs and requests but it is not possible for parents or students to Q: Can I visit my children while in the summer school? choose a host family themselves. A: We are very happy to have parents or relatives visit the school, as long as you contact us in advance to Q: Is it possible to attend General English lessons in the arrange this. afternoon instead of the morning? A: Yes, but this option is only available for group Q: Can a student leave the school for a short time if bookings. they have permission from their parents? For example, to visit a relative or a family friend who lives nearby? Q: I want my child to be in the same class as their A: It is also permissible to have a parent or relative take friends. Is this possible? a student out of the school for a short time, as long as they have contacted the school in advance to arrange A: As we assess each student individually upon arrival, this. their placement will depend on their level of English. Putting friends together would affect their learning Parents or relatives who accompany the student away efficiency if their levels are different. Our summer school
  15. 15. provides a valuable opportunity for making new friends be used to support their visa application. The letterfrom different countries so students are encouraged to includes the necessary information for visa applicationmix. as required by UKBA and cannot be amended to suit individual requests.Q: My child is good at speaking but has difficulties withreading and writing. How is the class level decided? Q: How long will it take for the visa letter to arrive?A: Students are placed in a level that reflects their level A: We can post visa letters out via regular mail orof understanding and ability to communicate in English students can request them to be sent by courier, whichacross all four skills (reading, writing, listening and will be subject to an additional charge.speaking). Q: I have another question...Q: What happens if a student breaks one of the school A: If you have any further questions, please contact usrules? at: info@londonstudyholidays.co.ukA: The rules of behaviour will be sent to each parentin the pre-course information and the students areinformed about the rules as part of their induction. Bymaking the booking, the student has agreed to behaveaccording to the rules as listed in Terms & Conditions.The consequences for bad behaviour or breakingthe rules depend on the age of the student and theiractions. If necessary, we will remove a student fromthe programme, or even arrange to send them homewithout a refund of fees.Q: What is the refund policy?There is a detailed refund policy for our summer schoolin the Terms & Conditions provided with the bookingform.Q: Does my child need a visa to study at the summerschool?This depends on your nationality. For the latest visainformation please contact the British Embassy in yourhome country and check the UK Border Agency (UKBA)website at: http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/visas-immigration/do-you-need-a-visa/.If your child does require a visa then you should KKCLensure that you apply to the summer school as earlyas possible, not only to secure their place, but also toensure they can apply for and receive their visa in timefor the start of the programme.Q: How will the school help my child with the visaapplication? LONDON STUDY HOLIDAYSA: We will provide students with a visa letter that can
  16. 16. KKCL LONDON STUDY HOLIDAYS LONDON CENTRAL LONDON KKCL HARROW RIVER THAMES HEATHROW AIRPORTKKCL London Study Holidays M25 MOTORWAY103-105 Greenford RoadHarrowMiddlesexHA1 3QFTel: +44 (0)208 869 0910Fax: +44 (0)844 318 8158Email: info@londonstudyholidays.co.ukWeb: www.londonstudyholidays.co.ukKKCL London Study Holidays is a trading name of London Study Holidays Limited. Registered in England. Company number 07868263.KKCL London Study Holidays is operated by London Study Holidays Limited in partnership with Katherine & King’s College of London(KKCL).Katherine & King’s College of London (KKCL) is a trading name of Roxinford Education UK Ltd. Registered in England. Company number6260864. All marks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.