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Mobile future in_focus

  1. 1. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary.© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.March 2013Key Insights from 2012 and What They Mean for the Coming YearMark Donovan, comScore SVP for Mobile | March 2013#FutureinFocus
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  10. 10. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 10Source: comScore MobiLens & TabLens, U.S., 2003-2012Tablet Ownership Growing at an Unprecedented Pace1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12Years Post Introduction40 MILLION100 MILLIONDeviceOwners
  11. 11. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 1187%from PC8%from Mobile5%from Tablet6% Y/Y 67% Y/Y 173% Y/YSource: comScore Device Essentials, U.S.Mobile Devices Now Account for >13% of Web Traffic
  12. 12. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 12SmartphoneTabletOtherSource: comScore Device Essentials, U.S.Mobile Traffic Doubled in 12 MonthsShare of Total Web-Based Page Views by Platform
  13. 13. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 13Source: comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform (Beta) US, Dec-2012But Traffic Data Alone Undersells the Centrality of Mobile>1 in 3 Minutes Spent On Mobile Devices37% 63%% Minuteson Mobile% Minuteson PC
  14. 14. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 14Source: comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform (Beta) US, Dec-2012Most Top Properties Have Double Digit Mobile-Only AudienceTop 20 Digital Properties Top 20 Digital Properties% Mobile Exclusive Users % Mobile Exclusive UsersGoogle Sites 13% CBS Interactive 17%Yahoo! Sites 10% Wikimedia Foundation Sites 19% eBay 19%Microsoft Sites 4% Demand Media 16%Amazon Sites 20% Comcast NBC Universal 20%AOL, Inc. 16% Viacom Digital 11%Glam Media 14% Federated Media Publishing 18%Ask Network 15% The Weather Channel 30%Apple Inc. 23% Wal-mart 21%Turner Digital 18% 61%
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  17. 17. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 1746.353.628.134.317.27.8Oct-2011 Jan-2012 Apr-2012 Jul-2012 Oct-2012Source: comScore MobiLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-2012But Now Android and iOS Have Nearly 90% ShareAndroidAppleBlackBerry
  18. 18. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 18Source: comScore MobiLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-2012United States Smartphone Ownership Continues to Rise125.9 millionsmartphoneusers+29% YOY72% of allnewly acquireddevices weresmartphones+12.7percentagepoints41.8% 45.6% 47.4% 51.0% 53.8%Dec-11 Mar-12 Jun-12 Sep-12 Dec-12%TotalMarketU.S. Smartphone Penetration59.5% 62.9% 62.1% 66.9% 72.2%40.5% 37.1% 37.9% 33.1% 27.8%Dec-11 Mar-12 Jun-12 Sep-12 Dec-12%NewlyAcquiredDevicesNewly Acquired Devices by TypeSmartphone Non-Smartphone
  19. 19. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 19Source: comScore MobiLens, 3 Month Avg. Dec-2012Smartphones Reach Mobile Majority Across EU5 and Canada66%64%62%53%53%51%30%SpainUKCanadaFranceItalyGermanyJapanSmartphone Adoption Across Markets
  20. 20. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 20Microsoft3.3%RIM3.4%Apple40.4%Other OS0.6% Samsung24.6%Other OEM11.5%Motorola5.7%HTC5.5%LG5.2%Android52.4%Source: comScore MobiLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-2012Almost Half of Newly Acquired Android Devices are Samsung PhonesNewly Acquired Smartphones by OS/OEM
  21. 21. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 21Network quality is the highest consideration for total mobile and smartphone users. Forsmartphone owners, phone OS comes a close second, above cost.Source: comScore MobiLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Jun-2012Network Quality and OS Driving Purchase DecisionsTop Purchase Consideration Factors for Smartphone Purchasers8. quality of mobile service providerPhone operating systemOverall cost of the monthly serviceCost of the data plan specificallySelection of apps available for my phone modelPrice of the phone (after any rebates and otherincentives)Smartphone Total Mobile
  22. 22. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 22Source: comScore MobiLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-2012iPhone Indexes to Higher Value/More Active User Than AndroidHigh-Indexing Demographic Groups for iOS Compared to AndroidAge GroupAge 13-17 102Age 18-24 116Pre-Tax Household Income$75K TO <$100K 110$100K+ 175Monthly Payment Plan TierBeween $81 and $100 125More than $100 121Mobile Media UsageUsed application 104Used IM 115Used e-mail (work or personal) 110Listened to music 126Accessed social networking/blog 109Watched TV and/or video 114IndexiPhoneOwners toAndroidOwners
  23. 23. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 23Source: comScore MobiLens and TabLens, U.S., 2012Apple Tops List of Most Acquired Mobile Phones and TabletsTop Acquired PhonesApple iPhone 4SApple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 3GSApple iPhone 5Samsung Galaxy S IIITop Acquired Tablet FamiliesApple iPadsAmazon Kindle 2/Fire/HDAcer Iconia/Iconia TabSamsung Galaxy Note/TabBarnes & Noble NOOKColor/Tablet/HDTop AcquiredSmartphones in U.S.Top Acquired TabletFamilies in U.S.
  24. 24. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 2428% of smartphone owners also own a tabletSource: comScore TabLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-2012More than 57M U.S. Tablet OwnersUnique Tablets (000) by Platform010,00020,00030,00040,00050,00060,00070,000UniqueTablets(000)BlackBerryWindowsHPAndroidiOS
  25. 25. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 25Source: comScore MobiLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-2012Apple Leads as Tablet OEM; Android Has Share AdvantageTablet Ownership by OEM4%27%6%43%QE Jul ’1245,43419%4%28%4%46%QE Apr ’1242,51018%5%32%4%42%OtherAcerAmazonSamsungAppleQE Jan ’1357,83417%4%28%7%45%QE Oct ’1248,22921%
  26. 26. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 2650.4%50.2%42.7%49.6%49.8%57.3%Apple OSGoogle OS*Kindle FireMale FemaleSource: comScore TabLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-2012Tablets Don’t Show Early Adopter Male Skew; Fire Skews FemaleTablet Ownership by Gender*In this slide, Google OS does not include the Kindle Fire
  27. 27. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary.© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Mobile Media TrendsCategory TrendsApp vs. BrowserSmartphones + Tablets#FutureinFocus
  28. 28. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 2840.0%40.1%40.5%40.7%40.9%41.2%42.9%43.5%44.4%45.2%% Year-over-Year GrowthINSTANT MESSAGINGINSURANCE SERVICESOCIAL NETWORKING WITH CHECK-IN FUNCTIONELECTRONIC PAYMENTSDIGITAL BOOKS / MAGAZINESONLINE RETAILPHOTO / VIDEO SHARINGHOME / LIFESTYLEADULT ENTERTAINMENTDATING SERVICESSource: comScore MobiLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-2012Social Usage and Transactions Showing Biggest GrowthTop 10 Smartphone Usage Categories by Year-on-Year Growth
  29. 29. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 298.5%8.8%9.2%11.9%16.2%17.1%19.9%21.1%21.8%24.3%26.9%38.0%insurance servicesautomotive servicesstock tradingtravel servicedeal-a-dayshopping guidesauction siteselectronic paymentscredit cardsclassifiedsonline retailbank accounts% Smartphone OwnersSource: comScore MobiLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-2012Mobile Banking Leads Among Financial ServicesFinancial Services and Retail/E-Commerce Category Usage
  30. 30. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 30Source: comScore MobiLens and TabLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-2012Smartphones and Tablets Show Different Media Usage PatternsTop 10 Activities for Smartphones and Tablet OwnersTop Activities for Smartphone Audience Top Activities for Tablet Audience% of Smartphone Users % of Smartphone UsersSent text message to another phone 90.5% Accessed search 73.9%Took photos 83.4% Used email 73.6%Used email 77.8% Accessed social networking 67.5%Accessed weather 67.1% Played games 66.3%Accessed social networking 65.3% Accessed weather 64.6%Accessed search 58.7% Accessed news 58.8%Played games 52.9% Accessed photo/video sharing site 51.5%Accessed maps 51.2% Read books 51.2%Accessed news 49.2% Watched video 50.9%Listened to music on mobile phone 48.0% Accessed retail 49.8%
  31. 31. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 3149 MM51 MM61 MM73 MM80 MM96 MM106 MMSource: comScore Mobile Metrix, U.S., Jan-2013Google & Facebook Lead as Top Mobile Properties by AudienceTop Mobile Properties by Total Unique VisitorsPlatforms: iPhone, Android Phone, iPad
  32. 32. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 3219%49%64%72%75%76%94%95%96%97%81%51%36%28%25%24%6%5%4%3%Directories/ResourcesLifestylesNews/InformationPortalsRetailBusiness/FinanceGamesEntertainmentServicesSocial MediaApp BrowserSource: comScore Mobile Metrix, U.S., Jan-2013Apps Dominate in Most CategoriesU.S. Top Smartphone Properties, % Share of Time Spent by Access MethodPlatforms: iPhone, Android
  33. 33. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 3311%40%41%67%73%78%82%96%100%100%89%60%59%33%27%22%18%4%Wikimedia Foundation SitesGlam MediaAOL, Inc.Yahoo! SitesMicrosoft SitesAmazon SitesGoogle SitesFACEBOOK.COMApple Inc.PANDORA.COMApp BrowserSource: comScore Mobile Metrix, U.S., Jan-2013Nearly All Top Properties See Apps Drive Majority of EngagementU.S. Top Smartphone Properties, % Share of Time Spent by Access MethodPlatforms: iPhone, Android Phone, iPad
  34. 34. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 34Source: comScore Mobile Metrix, U.S., Jan-2013Mobile Browsing isn’t Dead, But it’s Happening on TabletsApp Engagement 7X Browsing for iPhone Owners But Only 2X for iPad Owners1,194.9503.22,848.53,393.6iPad iPhoneAverage Minutes by Access MethodiPad vs. iPhoneBrowser App
  35. 35. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary.© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Two Big DisruptionsShopping and BuyingThe Home#FutureinFocus
  36. 36. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 36ShareofDevicePageTrafficonaTypicalWorkdayMobile phonesare constantcompanionSource: comScore Device Essentials, U.S., Monday, 21st January 2013Devices Play Different Roles Throughout the DayTablets popularat nightPCs dominateworking hours
  37. 37. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 374.3%11.1%Q1-04 Q1-05 Q1-06 Q1-07 Q1-08 Q1-09 Q1-10 Q1-11 Q1-12 Nov-12Source: comScore E-Commerce Measurement, U.S.1 inEvery 10 Discretionary Dollars Now Spent Onlinee-Commerce Share of Corresponding Consumer Spending*$186 BillionSpent in 2012
  38. 38. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 38Source: comScore E-Commerce Measurement, U.S.> 10% Retail e-Commerce Dollars Are Now Spent Via Mobile DevicePercentage of Retail e-Commerce Dollars Spent via Mobile Device2%3% 3%6% 6%8%9%8%9%10%11%Q22010Q32010Q42010Q12011Q22011Q32011Q42011Q12012Q22012Q32012Q420124X increase in just 2 years37% “showroom”
  39. 39. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 39Source: comScore MobiLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-201219.4% Made On-Device Purchases with Smartphone in December 201214.1%31.0%54.9%Almost every day At least once eachweekOnce to three timesthroughout themonth%MadePurchasewithSmartphoneFrequency of On-Device Purchase19.4%
  40. 40. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 402.6%5.9%10.3%18.7%2.9%4.4%7.2%14.6%3.0%7.6%12.7%23.4%2.5%5.2%9.7%17.4%Almost every day At least once eachweekOnce to three timesthroughout the monthEver in month%SmartphoneOSMicrosoftRIMAppleAndroidSmartphone AverageSource: comScore MobiLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-2012iPhone Leads in Online Retail; Microsoft #2On-Device Purchase by Smartphone OS
  41. 41. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 415.6%10.2%15.4%18.1%18.5%22.4%30.4%32.7%34.9%42.5%Purchased goods or services (online)Checked product availabilityResearched product featuresFound store locationFound coupons or dealsCompared product pricesScanned a product barcodeSent picture of product to family/friendsTexted or called friends/family about a productTook picture of a product% Performed Shopping Activity in Store with SmartphoneActivities Performed in Retail Store with SmartphoneSource: comScore MobiLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-2012Smartphones Disrupt the Brick & Mortar Shopping52.4%of U.S. smartphoneowners use theirphone for shoppingactivities while in aretail store
  42. 42. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 42Source: comScore MobiLens and TabLens, U.S., 3 Month Avg. Ending Dec-2012Smartphones Driving Showrooming, Tablets Driving PurchaseShare of Smartphone and Tablet Owners Performing Mobile Retail Activities39.1%38.7%38.2%38.1%33.2%30.4%21.1%22.6%23.6%19.4%33.7%22.2%19.2%20.9%Researched product featuresCompared product pricesPurchased goods or services onlineFound store locationFound coupons or dealsChecked product availabilityMade shopping listsTablet Smartphone
  43. 43. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 43Source: comScore TabLens, U.S.Tablets Are Disrupting the Home(Today) Most Tablets Are WiFi-Only and Are Used Exclusively at HomeUse Tabletat Home,91%36%26%14%PublicLocationWork OtherLocation of Tablet UseConnecting to Internet
  44. 44. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 44More than half of tablet owners use their tablet while watching TVSource: comScore TabLens, U.S.Tablets Are a Companion on the Couch and in BedLocation of Tablet Use at Home74%70%41%36%34%BedroomFamily/living roomHome officeKitchenOutside/patio/porch
  45. 45. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 45Yes53%No47% RelatedActivites56%NotRelated44%Tablets Are Changing How We Watch TV3%3%12%13%24%30%52%53%Did not do any activities while also watching TVOther (Please specify)Read a magazineRead a newspaperRead a bookShopped onlinePlayed a video gameAccessed social networking services (e.g.…TV Watcher Tablet ActivityUsed Tablet While Watching TVUNRELEASED DATASource: comScore TabLens, U.S., Jan-2013
  46. 46. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary.© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Key Takeaways#FutureinFocus
  47. 47. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 47Today’s consumer is a multi-platform digital omnivoreTaken together, mobile devices are becoming thedigital center of gravity for consumersMobile devices uniquely connect the digital andphysical worldExperiences need to be persistent across devices andappropriate to device and usage context
  48. 48. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 482012 was another milestoneyear in the life of mobile ascontinued innovation inhardware, software and devicefunctionality laid thegroundwork for the future of theindustry. For a look at what’sahead for mobile, download the2013 Mobile Future in Focus.What’s Next for Mobile in 2013?2013 Mobile Future in Focus
  49. 49. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary.© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.March 2013Key Insights from 2012 and What They Mean for the Coming YearMark Donovan, comScore SVP for Mobile | March 2013#FutureinFocus