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English class powerpoint


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English class powerpoint

  1. 1. RealismAttempts to capture real life, in the nowFocuses more on Characters then plotResponse to RomanticismHonest, simple and directSubject matter usually lower or middle class
  2. 2. History of realism Realism is said to have begun in France during the 19th century Term is first used by Friedrich Schiller “realism cannot make a poet”
  3. 3. Gustave Courbet
  4. 4. Honoré De Balzac
  5. 5. American Realism American Realism begins around the 20 th century Shares same core values as European Realism
  6. 6. Mark Twain
  7. 7. George Bellows
  8. 8. Conclusion Emphasizes what is happening now Allows the artist means of critiquing society Usually focuses on the lower to middle class Focuses on the characters rather than plot Response to Romanticism