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Experience Design Works Intro


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A brief introduction to my consulting firm, Experience Design Works, April 2012.

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Experience Design Works Intro

  1. 1. Our Mission:We are an innovation consulting firmdedicated to transforming highereducation by using ExperienceAnalysis & Design to guide highereducation institutions and edupreneursthrough program and productdevelopment using a deep, data-driven understanding of student andfaculty behaviors.
  2. 2. A Few of Our Clients...
  3. 3. The Traditional Institution
  4. 4. The Responsive InstitutionWhere is your institution?
  5. 5. What is Experience Design? Experience Design is a deliberate data-driven & design- centered process that enables strategic decision-making and effective program design through a holistic understanding of authentic faculty, student and staff behaviors and needs.
  6. 6. One Definition...Designing _____________ experiences that work to improve / achieve _________ outcomes / goals.
  7. 7. You can also say it’s like playing...No slop pool. Nothing’s left to mere chance.
  8. 8. How Experience Design Helps Our Clients Redesigned the LMS experience resulting in a 2-fold increase in faculty adoption At an R1 institution, redesigned the grant writing experience resulting in improved faculty and staff collaboration & increased grant activity Analyzed, redesigned and built a new prospective student experience with 2.7 million leads per year yielding a 30% increase in lead conversion rates Identified unmet student needs and built-in fail points in the university-wide advising process to drive student success strategy Transformed a traditional studio course pedagogy into a digital interactive experience with no loss in student uptake Designed an at-risk student monitoring system which drove interventions and increased student retention
  9. 9. To explore how to put the power of Experience Design to work for your college, university or educational technology Let’s Talk! company, contact us at: Christopher S. Rice, @ricetopher