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Edufun Media Kit


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Parents, Teachers, Homeschoolers, Unschoolers, you want education to be FUN! Are you tired of being bored with biology? Learning was meant to be FUN and we are on a mission to change the way children are taught in the US.

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Edufun Media Kit

  1. 1. The Leader in Real Estate By Investors - - A Resource Guide for Investors Education is now expanding Introducing... EduFun Magazine Dedicated to fostering joy in learning Reaching Parents of K-12 Students, Teachers and Educational Resource Centers, Homeschool Groups, Private & Charter Schools, Libraries, and Educational Administrators What makes us different? Our all-inclusive educational magazine reaches ALL parents, those who choose traditional schools as well as those who prefer to homeschool. Our colorful kid section also reaches their children as well. EduFun also reaches K-12 teachers and selected private and charter schools. We also send free copies to homeschool groups nationwide. EduFun is the only free educational publica- tion reaching ALL parents and teachers. Our goal is to foster a love of learning, which will positively impact a child for life. FREE Distribution in Print & Online Our two years of research in the educational market indicates that the largest number of educated people are concentrated in 20 states. EduFun is freely distriuted to Teacher Resource Centers in these targeted markets, as well as being distributed to private and charter schools in upscale areas of Southern California. EduFun is also distributed freely to selected libraries and homeschool groups around the country. EduFun is the only freely distributed VIRAL educational magazine, which is fully accessbile on nu- merous websites, not just on one home page. Online Marketing & Events The key to our success in the real estate educational market is due to the aggressive daily online marketing that our company engages in. Our marketing staff is posting daily upates on all social media sites designed to increase our magazine's visibility and prominanace. Plus, we design and deploy daily eblasts to specific targeted domogrpahics around the country. Our sister company,, is a CANN-Spam compliant list brokerage with access to nearly 300 million global email addresses. We have lists of teachers, parents, art schools, music schools, librarians and other key professionals and consumers who are excellent prospects for your product and/or service. ph: 310.994.1962 |
  2. 2. EduFun is the ONLY freely accessible VIRAL publication dedicated to supporting all parents and educators in their mission to make learning fun! Meet the Press Our staff is comprised of seasoned media and Reasons to Advertise with educational professionals. The publishers have EduFun Magazine been successfully producing both specialty media and national publications for the past 20 years As an advertiser your company will... and have had numerous titles under their owneship •Reach a national print audience of 40,000 readers via and management, including the current global real our print and digital online bimonthly resource guide. estate magazine, Realty411, which reaches read- •Lend credibility to your organization. ers in 26 states and 19 countries. Our publication •Establish your product or service as a must-have. is the only investing magazine available at selected •Raise visibility for your company among parents and Whole Foods Markets, a high-end grocer. educators. •Increase mind-share for your company and brand. EduFun staff members also include: a retired pub- •Pre-sell your firm so that parents/educators have a good lic school teacher, an active homeschooling mom, feeling about your company. and seasoned educational journalists. The publish- •Improve your chances for success for all the other ers are parents who know the value and impor- marketing channels you employ through print and online tance of educational products and information. branding. •Generate direct leads that will drive your company’s Our company, Manifest Media Parnters, is actively present business and stimulate future growth. involved in sponsoring weekly realty educational •Leverage our content to provide a great environment for, events around the nation. In addition, our expo and to add value to, your marketing message. marketing partner, is a •Differentiate your company from the pack. 34-year leader in the industry and provides an •Generate results with our suite of multimedia marketing vehicles (print, online and in person). effective way of reaching consumers with children at their bi-monthly expos in Southern California. Our readership is pre-qualified Our three year publication has seen exponential for your marketing message!! growth due in part to the DAILY eblasts that are deployed on behalf of our clients. Our sister com- •We reach individuals who purchase residential and pany, is a Cann-Spam com- commercial real estate, hold investment property, or pliant list brokerage with access to nearly 300 operate businesses that serve this demographic. million email addresses around the globe. We have •EduFun reaches parents (those who choose traditional lists of teachers, parents, art schools, music schools, schools as well as homeschoolers) who have the means librarians and other key professoinals and con- to expand educational library and are committed to making learning a life-long enjoyable endeavor. sumers who are excellent prospects for your prod- •You can custom create a marketing strategy with our uct and/or service. database. •Reach that audience in a multimedia format – your We believe in the free and mass disemenation message will be delivered in print, online and at our live, of educational information regardless of face-to-face events! income, background and/or religous affilation. •Our audience turns to us for the resources they need. •Position your message within news that our audience Our successful media strategy relies on to make their family’s educational decisions. continues with EduFun Magazine! 20 Years of Media Experience Makes Us a Proven Leader in Publishing!
  3. 3. Our MULTIMEDIA We Deliver RESULTS! INTERACTIVE Marketing Here are the FACTS: Produces Proven RESULTS Our sister publication, 5 Ways to Reach YOUR Market Realty411, is responsible for # 1 ADVERTISING IN PRINT: Reach 40,000 readers with our eye- catching and informative print and digital publication. Our distribution the sale of 22 properties just is both nationwide and local with our Southern California edition. in the last few months. Total EduFun, like our sister publication, is available on numerous websites, not just our homepage, ensuring maximum visibility. sales: Nearly $6 MILLION # 2 EMAIL NEWSLETTER: Our newsletter is deployed every month to parents, teachers, librarians and homeschool groups. We provide a YES, IN THIS ECONOMY! link back to our publication for those who may not be familiar with us. Imagine what we can do for # 3 IN PERSON MARKETING: EduFun produces and/or sponsors educational events in Southern California and is a marketing affiliate of your business or product? Our sister company The Home Show ( These family-fun events are the perfect place for us to distribute your company’s marketing material. # 4 ADVERTORIAL: Your company or service can be published inside the magazine and/or in our newsletter. We have expert writers on staff and work with many columnists who provide us with their ready articles. is a CANN-SPAM compliant # 5 eBLAST: We also produce specialized eBlasts for clients and reach investors, high-net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and RE list broker and has millions service providers around the country. We can target almost any of email prospects eager to #2 demographic, in any city and state in the nation. receive your online message! EduFun #4 REStrategy Why Do a 1031 Exchange? It seems like we are becoming a country that depends property, much like trading cars when the new models look so much better. The problem with selling is the creation of a tax obligation based upon the profits generated over the term of the investor’s By Chuck Salisbury tool was introduced by the IRS on April 25, 1991 under regulation-Reg 1.1031(k)- 1. It permits you to sell your property now and use the proceeds to purchase replacement property, as long as you #5 more and ownership. The gain may be greater based follow IRS rules, complete the purchase more upon upon the length of time and the within a specified time period and use the t h e depreciation schedule used during services of a Qualified Intermediary who Government ownership. will insure that you exchange like kind to solve our For example, you own this property for investment property. Although the process problems even if the government is the 10 years and purchased it originally for is relatively safe if handled by a source of those problems. Take, for $105,000 and used a 27.5 year depreciation professional, the potential for error is example, the IRS collection of taxes on schedule. After ten years you have written always present and you may end up buying income, capital gains and estates. Although off (depreciated) about $25,000 off the a replacement property that is less than #1 the tax rates and exemptions change for value of the improvement on the land (the suitable in order to maintain your tax political exposition, they do not seem to house) and your cost basis is now $80,000. deferred status within the stated time go away. Although the tax rates change Since it is now worth $250,000, you will period. The objective is clear and that is depending on whether the gain is short have taxes due on the $170,000 as long to avoid paying taxes now. term or long term, most real estate investors term capital gain. Your tax advisor I have a better and more productive deal with the latter. So, when an investor suggests that you trade your property solution that is actually easier and not owns property for a period of time and the through a 1031 exchange and defer the subject to the errors of a 1031 mistake. I value of the property increases, the investor taxes until some future date when you are advise my clients to refinance their would like to trade it in for different in a lower tax bracket. This tax deferral (CONTINUED ON PAGE 14) #3 6 | Vol 1 Issue 2 2008 EduFun is the ONLY FREE Publication for ALL Parents & Educators!
  4. 4. print & digital national ad rates print sizes & dimensions One price includes coverage in two editions! PAGE DIMENSIONS 8.125 X 10.50 Bleed Size: +.25 inch around PER PAGE 1X 2X 3X FULL PAGE $1,950 $1,800 $1,695 1/2 PAGE 1,250 1,195 1,100 1/3 PAGE 1,150 1,050 925 FULL PAGE HALF PAGE 1/4 PAGE 925 875 725 1/6 PAGE 725 675 525 1/12 PAGE 495 420 350 VIP COVER PAGE & EDITORIAL PACKAGE: $3,900 Package includes an eblast to 50,000 and a two-page 7.63 X 9.875 3.475 X 9.688 editorial spread written by our talented staff writers, plus your product, company or service will be featured on the COVER! TOTAL MAGAZINE READERSHIP PRINT AND ONLINE: 40,000 PER ISSUE MINIMUM 1/2 PAGE 1/3 PA GE TOTAL PRINT RUN 20,000 copies TOTALONLINE VIEWERSHIP: Our last sister publication, Vol. 1, No. 2 had over 23,000 unique viewers, according to statistics. 7.30 X 4.375 2.397 X 9.688 MULTIMEDIA MARKETING All full page advertisers re- ceive complimentary marketing in EduFun’s monthly e- Newsletter and at the frequent events we attend. The above prices do not include an individual eBlast, which 1/3 SQUARE 1/4 PA GE features one advertiser and is distributed to a targeted audi- ence. FORMAT Digital files must be CMYK, 300 dpi and be in either a PDF, TIFF, EPS, or JPEG format. Email to: 4.858 X 4.815 3.50 X 4.719 1/6 PAGE 1/12 SQUARE 2.292 X 4.797 2.31 X 2.297 To reserve space or for more information, please call, fax or email us. Phone: 310.994.1962 or email: EduFun is a full-service media and marketing company, we can also design and deploy your company’s brochures, newsletters, website or other printed and online material.
  5. 5. SAVE MONEY WITH SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PACKAGES! MultiMedia Marketing is the Best Way to Reach New Customers EduFun Our MULTIMEDIA Packages Gets RESULTS at a GREAT Price! Increasing in page count from 16 pages to 48 in LESS THAN ONE YEAR, Our sister publication, Realty411, is the fastest-growing realty educational publication. We have a winning formula to GET YOUR COMPANY NOTICED! PREMIERE ISSUE IS BEING PRODUCED NOW! Special Discounted Rates Have Two-Time Run Minimum GOLD PACKAGE: RESERVE YOUR COVER FOR 2010 Cover of our Print & Digital Issue with Your Product or Company Place- ment. We will be in charge of a coordinating a specialized photoshoot, which will create a keepsake for your company for years to come! Also included is a 3 Page Feature Story, and an eBlast to 50,000 parents! Our most popular package inlcudes multimedia marketing for 3 Months. National Cover: $3,500 (Regular price is $3,900) Our Realty411 Covers Have Already been Sold for All of 2010! SILVER PACKAGE: Full Color AD in Print & Digital Issue, 1 Page Feature Story, eBlast to 20,000 investors, Complete Multimedia marketing for 2 months Specially Priced: $1,795 (Regular price is $1,950) BRONZE PACKAGE: 1/2 Page, Full Color AD in Print & Digital Issue, 1/2 Page Feature Story, eBlast to 15,000 investors or demographic of your choice Specially Priced: $1,075 (Normally $1,250) COPPER PACKAGE: 1/4 Page, Full Color AD in Print & Digital Issue, 500-word article or men- tion; eBlast to 10,000 investors or demographic of choice Specially Priced: $695 (Normally $925) NEW ADVERTISER PROMO SPECIAL - 1/6 Page, Full Color AD Specially Priced: $525 (Normally $725) 1/12 Page, Full Color AD or Business Card Size Specially Priced: $395 (Normally $495) Additional 10,000 eBlast to any package above for only $225! Our Media Company has over 20 Years Experience We Are Educational Journalists, Publishers & Parents -- We Know Our Market!
  6. 6. Why Can We IMPROVE Your Business? Read On to Learn More About Our Company just what exactly are they saying about us? We Provide Proven Results! Manifest Media Partners: Passion for Media Excellence Linda Pliagas is the founder of Manifest Media Partners, a Los “Entrust has been involved with Realty 411 with articles, interviews, Angeles-based publishing and marketing company. She has nearly and advertising. We have found Linda to be a true professional and 20 years experience in media. Ms. Pliagas has developed and happily recommend her and her services.” operated three successful publications, including the fastest-growing real estate magazine on the market, Realty411. Ms. Pliagas be- Lisa Moren Bromma , Advisor/Former President, gan her career in media as a reporter for her high school news- The Entrust Group, paper, but her passion for writing and fascination with magazines began as a child. She studied journalism at California State Uni- “Realty411, provides real estate investors excellent in-depth knowl- versity, Long Beach, and won numerous writing awards. In 1993, edge and opportunities that enable them to become more aware of her professors secretly nominated Ms. Pliagas for the coveted information about the industry. The Herrera-Sindell Group highly Bobit Magazine Scholarship for her efforts in starting a national recommends companies to consider Realty411 as a source of mar- keting because of the proven results it has delivered our company.” lifestyle magazine for English-speaking Hispanic women. Not only did she win the scholarship, but her publication (Que Linda!), which Joe Guardado, RE Director, was funded with her credit cards, went on to become a ground- breaking phenomena and launched the magazine cover appear- “Linda is a hard-working woman with tremendous integrity. I love ances of such notable superstars as Jennifer Lopez and Constance her real estate magazine as a reader, and I've found many benefits Marie (“George Lopez Show”). Her advertisers included: Wash- advertising in it. I've also worked closely with Linda as she is con- ington Mutual, the State of California, FineLine Pictures, the Los sulting me and my partner on publishing an SEO and Internet Mar- Angeles Community College District, and many other highly re- keting magazine. On top of all of that, she is an absolute sweetheart.” garded companies and organizations. Ms. Pliagas received na- tional media acclaim for her publishing efforts and was frequently Michael Gier, sought out as a public speaker. She has shared her inspiring story with hundreds of youngsters at public schools, civic organizations, “Linda is committed to my success as one of her advertisers and colleges and universities. One of the reasons Ms. Pliagas is such a always brings unsolicited extra value to every project. She is fun and popular speaker is because of her background: She was raised in easy to work with and I would recommend her services to anyone poverty by a single mother who worked as a domestic employee looking for incredible returns on their investment.” and only had a third grade level education, and she is the first member of her family to attend a university. She financed her Mallory Nicholson, REALTOR Real estate coordinator for college education by working as a waitress and nanny. Ms. Pliagas credits her grandmother (who was illiterate) with fueling her am- “Very few publishers go above and beyond the call of duty to make bition and committment to never stop learning. Ms. Pliagas be- sure their clients are successful. Linda Pliagas of Realty411 Maga- came intrigued with the idea of creating an educational maga- zine does more for her clients than they ever bargained for, includ- zine after working as a media consultant with the popular ing personally promoting their product or service at trade shows homeschool magazine, The Link. Although Ms. Pliagas does not and seminars without the client even asking!” homeschool, she realized that ALL parents need information and resources that will foster a love of learning in their children. She Ron Black, owner of understands this well since it was during her own childhood that she became engaged by journalism. After working in the “Love your comments. You know what real estate is about.” homeschool market, Ms. Pliagas went on to devote her attention to Realty411, which reaches both novice and seasoned real es- -Glen Wilson, Tax Specialist, 30-Year Veteran Real Estate Investor, tate investors and Realtors/Brokers and gives them information and Author of "Faster Real Estate Profits with Parnters: A Shortcut to assist them in the acquisition, management and disposition of to the Top of the Real Estate Mountain." their portfolios. Ms. Pliagas, who is also an accomplished real es- tate investor, currently owns numerous rental properties around “Thank you for taking your time to ‘teach’ and to ‘inspire’ me. Your the nation. Her company regularly sponsors real estate educa- knowledge is greatly appreciated.” tional events, and some of the nation’s top real estate educators Ashlie DuCross, Realtor, Century 21 Superstars contribute to and advertise in Realty411. When not working, Ms. Pliagas enjoys spending time with her husband, their 10-year-old daughter, and their numerous pets. Nearly $6 Million in Real Estate SOLD Nationwide - Imagine What We Can Do for You!
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  8. 8. EduFun