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Rex mendoza

  1. 1. Inspiring You to Live a Fantastic Life A Wayward Son Finds His Way to God’s Embracel Help! I’m Drowning in Credit Card Debt No. 228 Vol. 19 MAY 2009Change Your Money Habitsand Work Your Wayto Financial Abundance PAID! How to Achieve Financial Freedom By Bo Sanchez Don’t Settle for Just One — Create Multiple Income KERYGMA BARCODE.pdf 11/16/06 5:43:58 PM Streams Philippines P60 US $7.00 AUS $ 6.00 Euro 4.00 UK 3.00 Are You Holding on to False Money CDN $7.00 SING $8.00 HK $38.00 Myths? RUPIAH 103488
  2. 2. From Shepherd’s Voice Publications —Value-Packed Magazines for All Ages!Subscribe now and be blessed by every issue. Anchor your life to GodStart right with MUSTARD — through KERYGMA — theour magazine for the very only Catholic inspirationalyoung. Journey into adolescence magazine that has lasted for with FiSH — our magazine almost 20 years and is still for the youth. growing strong!Fun and learning go to-gether in this colorful, hipand informative magazinefor grade-schoolers. Teach-ers love it, too. No wonder, FiSH Magazine presents the Inspiration, comfort, in-it won the 30th CMMA Best zany side of loving God. formation, fun — theseChildren’s Magazine Award. Clicks with the youth. Rec- and more, people find in ommended by teaches, too! Kerygma, where highly spiri- Awarded by the CMMA as tual topics are discussed in the Best Youth Magazine in down-to-earth fashion and 2008! ordinary life issues are given deeper meaning and value. A magazine you will treasure for life!FoR SUBSCRIPTIoN INqUIRIES:Call Customer Service at 725-9999/725-1115/725-1190.or visit our website:
  3. 3. Ladies, Be ImpatientNo More!Find grace in waiting, just asRissa Singson-Kawpeng did.In her first-ever book, Confessions of an ImpatientBride, Rissa shares her funny, tear-jerking orsometimes downright embarrassing experiencesas a woman finding her place in this world.These originally appeared in her “Just Breathe”column in KERYGMA, the country’s no. 1 sell-ing inspirational magazine.Rissa’s struggles and victories as a young womanserving the Lord and at the same time “im-patiently” waiting for the realization of God’spromises to her regarding marriage and familylife can be a source of grace and hope for womenstill in the “waiting” stage. New moms can relateto her stories, too. For more information log on to or call 725-9999/725-1115/725-1190
  4. 4. For all that she’s done for you, Your mother deserves all the best in life.This Mother’s Day, give her your best — YOUR LOVE. From Shepherd’s Voice, “Happy Mother’s Day” to all mothers! Let Shepherd’s Voice inspire you! The Boss, Bo Sanchez’s column in KERYGMA, has turned into bestselling books. Get all four and be very inspired. Give them as gifts and you’ll be doubly blessed. For more information, log on to or call 725-9999/725-1115/725-1190
  5. 5. boss thethe boss bo sanchezO ne day, my wife Marowe was interviewed on TV. bothers me. You can wear black all you want. It’s the Bishop Tagle’s show on TV5 wanted to ask negative, surly, snobbish attitude that steals a lot of life her some questions. So they sent a TV crew to from them.) the house, complete with lights, cameras and a Some Christians have their own version of holy truckload of stuff. angst. These good-hearted people like to focus on their Obviously, that doesn’t appeal to her at all. Being sufferings as a way of pleasing God. They like to moaninterviewed on TV is as appealing to her as being trapped and groan about how difficult life is, thinking they earnin a steel cage with a thousand giant scorpions crawling brownie points in heaven.all over her body. Sheesh. She doesn’t like the spotlight. She has never given Well, excuse me, but I don’t have any angst.a talk in her entire life. (OK, that’s not true. Once, she I’m happy with my life.was asked to give an eight-minute talk to kindergarten Each day, I wake up expecting miracles to Two weeks before that talk, she was so stressed, I I also expect the sun to rise, the day to be lovely,couldn’t talk to her.) and my friends to be terrific. And most of the time, that’s In the TV interview, she was asked a question that she exactly how it happens.has heard a hundred times before. “How is it like being Sure, once in a while, it doesn’t happen that way.married to the Bo Sanchez?” Hey, I can’t win all the time. That’s OK. All I have to do is The following day, she was so relieved that the wait for the next beautiful morning.interview was over, she hugged me and giggled, “Bo, Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got problems.doesn’t anyone ever ask you, ‘How is it like being married But here’s the key: I don’t focus on the Marowe Sanchez?’” I acknowledge that they’re there. But I move on and “No one,” I smiled, “but if someone were to ask focus on my blessings instead. Because I believe my mindme, I’d say, absolutely wonderful and phenomenal and is a magnet. Thoughts attract.fantastic.” If I always think of my blessings, I attract more It’s really true. blessings. Not just my family life though. If I always think of my problems, I attract more My whole life is really wonderful. problems. Today, it’s popular to be a little angsty. “Teenage Dear friends, I pray that you attract more blessings inangst” is very “in” today, even among 40-year-olds who your life today.still think they’re teenagers. And you see it in how they May your dreams come true.look — black nail polish, black circles around their eyes,and a cigarette between their black lips. You’d rarely seethem smile. (Don’t get me wrong. It’s not the style thatHow to Live aWonderful Life Yes, You Can Make Blessings Happen Every DayWatch Bo Sanchez in a new Internet Show MONDAY to frIDAY at KerygmaMay2009 { 1 }
  6. 6. mailroom Thank you for your great magazine. People coming to our house, including our mission rector, can hardly leave because they read and read the accumulated issues we love to display. Do continue to inspire us. C. Valera KERYGMA serves as an inspiration Kalinga Province every day of my life. I feel the presence of God and I look forward I consider KERYGMA a blessing to me and my family because to reading the monthly issue.Thanks, you help us to realize that God is everywhere, even in the simple KERYGMA, for shining through my things, and to learn how to appreciate Him more! God bless dark nights. you! Ace Galileo Gervacio Polomolok, South Cotabato Binangonan, Rizal Thanks to KERYGMA magazine because when I read it, it gives enlightenment to both my mind and my heart. More power and God From Members: bless! Donna I love reading KERYGMA magazine. It’s so inspiring and Davao it adds to my knowledge, especially that I give Pre-Cana seminars in our parish. More power! Hallelujah! I really want to thank KERYGMA for changing my life, for Naomie R. Labalan helping me have a close relationship with God, and helping hopeless people I am really inspired by reading KERYGMA magazine. I am to realize how much they are needed blessed to be one of the KERYGMA Shepherds spreading in this world for God. God bless you! the goodness of God. Keziah Agura Corazon S. Reyes Dipolog City You’re such a great speaker, Bro. Bo, and I most especially I always make it a point to buy this like your illustrations and stories. They touch the inner core super magazine. I just hope Bo and of my being. Thank you so much. company can visit Cotabato City. Ruben Ding Estaniel CotabatoWe want to hear from you!email us at, text at 0917-800-5535, or writeto The editor at 60 Chicago St., Cubao, Quezon City. you can also reach us bybecoming members of KeryGMa Family ( { 2 } KerygmaMay2009
  7. 7. just L breathe ong before Patrick Dempsey landed his role in the movie, Made living by grace of Honor, I had my very own. It was there printed on my wedding invitation for rissa singson-ka wpeng all to see. I had a matron of honor and a man of honor. The latter was Randy Borromeo, the big guy — literally and figuratively — behind the TV shows of (L-R) Rissa, Thessa Barj Randy Borromeo and a-Borromeo, Chris Kawpeng MY BEST FRIEND’S Shepherd’s Voice. He’s also the director of all those cameras at The Feast, our Sunday gathering WEDDING at the Valle Verde Country Club Ballroom. I’ve known Randy since we were teenagers. I was already serving in our Catholic community when he attended one of our prayer meetings. Many years later, God provides. Always. he would confess that the reason he was enticed to keep going back to the prayer meetings was because he saw many pretty tisays there. his dreams. It was so cool that evening — it felt like theRissa’s clothes courtesy of Limited Couture. Available at Greenhills Shopping Center; HP at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell; Festival Mall, Alabang and SM City, Bicutan. But no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t remember whole garden was air-conditioned. any tisays attending the prayer meetings. Pretty girls, yes. KERYGMA preachers George Gabriel, Alvin Barcelona, (Ahem.) Obet Cabrillas, Jon Escoto, Arun Gogna and Adrian We could only conclude that it was the Lord at work. Panganiban were there to lend good music and humor to Knowing Randy’s weakness for tisays, God tweaked his the occasion. eyesight to bait him to attend the community gatherings. It was a memorable, fun wedding. While our friendship goes way back, Randy and I Weeks later, Randy told me how much they had spent became close when I experienced a major life crisis. At a for their wedding and marveled at how he was able to time when I desperately needed friends and all my closest earn all that money. ones severed ties with me, Randy was the only one who’d What can I say? call and listen. God provides. Always. We’d talk through the wee hours, sometimes hanging Whether it’s a friend in time of need, a woman of your up only because the sun was about to shine. dreams, a rainless day, or money to pay for your perfect One Christmas, he was hired to direct a presentation at wedding. an office party. There, he saw a pretty tisay dancing with a friend. This time, God played no tricks. She was a gift from The works of God are all of them good; every need when it comes heaven named Thessa Barja. he fills. (Sirach 39:33) Last January 10, the day Randy married Thessa, time Email me your reactions/comments at stopped — literally. (To match my gown and shoes, I had to wear a gold watch and the only one I had wasn’t working. I wore it anyway.) All of creation cooperated to give the WHAT TO EXPECT TH couple the most beautiful wedding possible. IS MONTH: The day before the wedding, it was raining. A worried If you can’t wait to find out what life has in sto Randy called me to ask for prayers. The reception was you, grab my hot-off-the re for -press book, Confession Impatient Bride. Yes, thi s of an going to be in a garden and he had no more budget for a s is my first book ever published and it’s alrea to be giant tent. “Lord, take over,” we prayed. dy a bestseller — as so on as all KErYGMA readers buy The next day, the sun was out. The newspaper also their own copy! It’s the read for women waitin perfect announced that the biggest and brightest moon of the year g to find their one true young wives starting on love and would be out that evening. the family way. Laugh, inspired by life lessons cry and be from one woman’s heart So under the canopy of stars and a large, radiant moon, Available in bookstores to yours. nationwide or call (02 we celebrated the union of my best friend and the girl of 9999. )725- Listen to Bo Sanchez’s PODCAST! Audio and Video available! KerygmaMay2009 { 3 }
  8. 8. { 4 } KerygmaMay2009
  9. 9. publisher columns the bo files special section BO SANCHEZ editor-in-chief 03 Just Breathe 01 The Boss 17 {Paid! How to Achieve RISSA SINGSON-KAWPENG Financial Freedom} {My Best Friend’s Wedding} {How to Live a managing editor TESS ATIENZA 35 Kitchen Scribbles Wonderful Life} 18 {Change Your Money staff writers {Disdain Not Thy Thumb} 30 Heroes of Faith Habits} NOVA ARIAS 37 K Preacher {Rex Mendoza: 24 {Create Multiple JOY SOSOBAN creative director {One Plus One Equals Two} The Good Influencer} Income Streams} STIMPY CORTES 40 Point of Contact testimonies graphics director REY DE GUZMAN contributing writers 22 {Victory Over My ALVIN FABELLA Debts} JUDITH CONCEPCION 28 {Money Myths} JANE GONZALES CECILLE LIM DINA PECAñA departments photographers ED SANTIAGO 02 Mailroom DANIEL SORIANO 06 New You columnists 07 Anawim ROSANNE ROMERO 08 Dear Kerygma ARUN GOGNA chairman of the board 10 Real Stuff BO SANCHEZ 11 Feast Snapshots marketing director 13 It Happened: JOSEPH MARTINEZ {From a Fool’s Life to a Full Life}KERYGMA. A Greek word meaning 33 Gawad KalingaProclamation of the Gospel. It is a 39 {I Was Prepared forCatholic inspirational magazine. It aims My Death, But Godto be an evangelistic tool to all nations, Had Other Plans forproviding Scriptural, practical and orthodox Me}teachings to Catholics, particularly thosein the Catholic Renewal, as an alternativeto present-day magazines. It is alsocommitted to fostering the renewal andunity of the whole Christian people.Philippine copyright Shepherd’s VoicePublications, Inc. 2009 No part of thismagazine may be reproduced withoutpermission. KERYGMA is published monthly {18} Jby Shepherd’s Voice Publications, Inc., osephine Anne M.whose editorial and business offices are Agustin isn’t immunelocated at 60 Chicago St., Cubao, 1109 to money problems.Quezon City. Tels: 725-9999, 725-1115,725-1190, 411-7874 Fax: 725-1230, 727- Recently blessed5615 Email: with a baby, Jopay isph Website: getting accustomed to the financial demands of raising a family. may But faith and trust in God run strong in the Agustin household. Jopay and husband, Marvin, are active leaders of Bukas-Loob sa Diyos vol. 19 no. 228 Community’s young couples’ group. KerygmaMay2009 { 5 }
  10. 10. new younew youtips for personal development TIPS FOR COMMON HOW TO CUT DOWN f inances ON REGULAR BILLS b eauty SKIN PROBLEMSW ant to cut down on regular bills? Before you reply with, “How could you ever do that?” N ever worried about your skiN? Then this is not for you. But for those regular gals out there, here are some tips for common skin problems:check out the suggestions below. · Conceal breakouts. Use a concealer that’s specifically 1. Install compact fluorescent light (CFL) formulated to cover and to treat blemishes. A bulbs. They have a longer lifespan and use up treatment concealer or an oil-free foundation will stay on the trouble spot without migrating. You less electricity. should concentrate the pigment right on the pimple 2. Do you have any electrical devices that you by tapping the product on the blemish. Then follow rarely use but have kept plugged in? Unplug this with a light dusting of powder over the entire them. Most electrical devices constantly use a face to set your makeup. small amount of electricity called a phantom · Even out skin tone. Apply foundation over the whole charge. Eliminate this by unplugging the face, then treat the dark patches with a full-coverage appliances. concealer. These are usually labeled as providing 3. Look for inexpensive entertainment options. medium, full or heavy coverage. Warm the concealer Instead of malling, why not lend your time to in the palm of your hand to make it creamier then a local volunteer group? blend it over the trouble zones using a dry sponge. · Soften fine lines and wrinkles. Makeup that’s too 4. Cook and pack your own meals. This will heavy can build up and cake in fine lines, so apply a reduce the cost of your lunch. Going out has light layer of a sheer foundation to prevent this. Add a tendency to increase your expenses. concealer, but only on the dark areas under the eyes. 5. Strongly reduce or eliminate travel. This will To increase the sheerness of the concealer, mix it significantly cut down your expenses. Be open with a pea-size amount of eye cream before gently to inviting family and friends over to your tapping it on with either a brush or your fingers. place instead. Source: www.realsimple.comSource: QUICK HEALTH TIP: The following foods are excellent sources of di- etary fiber, which help fight constipation: raspberries, mustard greens, cauli- flower, collard greens and broccoli. f aith & Doctrine BEING RICH AND LOVING THE POOR L oving the poor is incompatible with excessive love of riches. When we attend to the needs of the poor, we actually give them what is theirs, not what is ours. More than performing works of mercy, we are paying a debt of justice. Source: Catechism of the Catholic Church, nos. 2445-2446{ 6 } KerygmaMay2009
  11. 11. SURVIVAL TIPS IN h ealth DO-OR-DIE EMERGENCIES (Part 2) H ere’s a continuation of last month’s article on what to do when you’re in a do-or-die emergency. Note down these survival tips: MOISES SU-AMAR: · Cramps. If you’re in deep water, take a deep breath, lie on your back and float. If you have muscle cramp, float face down, grab Still Adventurous at 77 By Tess V. Atienza your toes and pull them toward you, stretching your calf until “I the pain goes away. If it’s a stomach cramp, lie on your back, — just to walk around the town proper gO Out almOst every day spread your arms and legs, and float until you can swim back and then go home, on foot.” Lolo Moises does that not to shore. only for his regular exercise. At 77, he still loves to walk and · Poisoning. If you inhaled something (like bleach or ammonia), explore places. He wants to reach whatever his eyes could see get away from the toxic area. If it’s something that got on your on the horizon. skin, like a cleaning product, wash it off, then call a hospital and follow the doctor’s advice. Where He Came From · Severe bleeding. Use your hand or a clean cloth, paper towels, His mother died when he was two; his father when he was in a scarf or any fabric you can grab, and push down on the wound grade two. He and his siblings grew up far from each other. Lolo until the bleeding stops. Don’t use a tourniquet. Moises lived with his grandmother in Miag-ao, Iloilo City. His · Trapped in a burning building. Enclose yourself in a smoke- siblings lived with their adoptive families. free room and place a wet towel underneath the door to Very early in life, Lolo Moises learned to fend for himself. In prevent any smoke from entering. Then lie low on the floor, the morning, he went to school; in the afternoon, he tended to where you can breathe and see better, until help arrives. If the store of his aunt. you’re in a house, get as low as you can and crawl outside as Eventually, he moved to Manila, got a college degree and fast as possible. Don’t stop until you’re well away from the fire. then worked in Saudi Arabia for five years. Upon coming back Source: to the Philippines, he was hired as a caretaker in the home of Mr. Gartland, general manager of US Life Insurance Company. The Gartlands treated him like family, but they had to leave the SAY “HELLO” Philippines when the company closed. r elation ships TO STRANGERS The Path that Led to Anawim After his employment with the Gartlands, he only had short- term jobs and depended on friends for help. He remained single by choice.T ake ThekeRYGMa challenge to improve your relationships: Say “hello” to strangers daily for at least one month. Set your own quota and thentry to build on that. Here are some reasons why you should practice this. In his early 70s, a friend of his brought him to a home for the aged in Manila. In 2006, he was brought to Anawim. Life at Anawim· It is an acknowledgment of existence. Saying hello is a pause, “It’s funny,” Lolo Moises relates, “the social workers here remind however brief, to affirm another person’s worth. In return, you become me to come back whenever I go out for my morning walk. Why a person to them, too. won’t I come back? Anawim is my home now and probably until· It can raise productivity. A study on this subject had middle school death.” teachers greet their students Still, he wants to visit his hometown one last time and see individually every month. his brother Samuel and sister Francisca Su-Amar-Derla. The brief interaction He wishes, too, that well-meaning visitors at Anawim would raised the students’ invite him to spend a day or two in their houses. “For a change productivity by 27 — and to see other places before I die,” shares Lolo Moises. percent. Indeed, age has not changed Lolo Moises. Adventure is still· It can save your in his blood. m a r r i a g e . C o m m o n courtesy isn’t that common. Lolo Moises is one of the 55 When did you abandoned elderlies that Anawim cares for. To continue caring for last say hello to them, we need your support. your spouse? Contact Anawim at (632) 710-And don’t forget to say 5273 or visit each morning to the person ph for your donations. You may also join the monthly pilgrimagewho needs it most — yourself. to Anawim and make the lolos andSource: lolas happy with your presence. KerygmaMay2009 { 7 }
  12. 12. dear Kdear K My Vocation or My FamilyI ’m 26, single, have a job and staying with my family. Just recently, I had asudden feeling of wanting to pursue myvocation. The truth is, when I was 16years old, after I graduated high school, Dear Vhanie,I entered a convent to become a nunbecause that had been my dream since What you are experiencing right now was the same thing I went through whengrade school. Unfortunately, I failed I was discerning whether to enter the religious life or to pursue a career and beto continue my vocation because my with my family. Discernment brought me to a “win-win” solution. I finished college, worked for five years and helped my family before I joined the congregation. I alsohomesickness ruled over me and I realized realized that becoming a nun is more than a childhood dream — not a career tothat I wasn’t totally prepared that time pursue — but a call to live a different kind of life, one that is devoted to God throughfor the religious life. prayer and service. I went out, pursued a college degree, Your case is quite unusual because you entered at a very young age and thengraduated and found a job. But all the left the congregation. It is like getting married early — the chances of brokentime that I was out of the convent, the lure commitment are prevalent. I can understand your situation.of the religious life kept coming back. But You don’t have to choose between your family and the religious life; you canthen again, after I graduated, I felt that I have both. When I entered the religious life, I never stopped becoming my parents’had to find a job and help my parents. To daughter, although I cannot anymore give what I used to give them — materialleave my parents after all their hardship things. But they appreciate much my presence during special family gatherings and simple occasional visits. With my community’s permission, I took care of my sickin sending me to college stopped me from mother when she was hospitalized. I am also called to facilitate dialogues amongre-entering the convent. I want to provide family members. And my nieces and nephews express how they look up to me asfor them now that I have a job. But in my their role model. There is so much that you can do as a daughter and a sister to yourheart, I know and I feel that I still want to a nun and offer my life to God. Vhanie, you are still young. You still have time to spend and serve your family in I am confused. Shall I choose a life case they really need your assistance. There are congregations who accept candidateswith my family or a life of service and in their early 30s. I suggest that you get a spiritual guide to journey with you as youbeing with God as a religious? I’m really search for where God is calling you at this time of your life. I can be one.weighing things out because I want tomake sure that if I chose to re-enter the Sr. Gemma Dinglasan, RGSconvent, it would be for good this time.But I have to consider my parents, too,because I want to make sure that they’re It took Sr. Gemma Dinglasan, RGS, several years to finally face her trueOK before I leave them. calling. An accountant by profession, she worked hard to help her parents send her younger siblings to school. Later, when the one next to her gradu- Can you please help me to weigh ated and took on the responsibility of sending the younger ones to school,things? Thank you. she was left with a void: what to do with her life. She searched and she found what she was looking for: the Pearl of Great Price. Sr. Gemma is now the vocation directress of the Good Shepherd Community in the Philippines. Vhanie{ 8 } KerygmaMay2009
  13. 13. How Do I Deal with My Atheist Friends it is important that we remember that God is a God of mercy. I am sure that He will not expect people to live as though they are disciples of Jesus if no one has ever proclaimed the Gospel to them. God will judge us fairly and with mercy and love. Secondly, I think we should first focus upon our own salvation and ask ourselves whether we are doing everything that we can to proclaim the Gospel through our lives and through what we say and witness to others. The Vatican II documents remind us of this when they talk about our duty to live and proclaim the I am havIng a hard time dealing with atheists Gospel. in my life. I love them but they don’t believe Thirdly, we must be sure that we both live and proclaim the Gospel to the best of our ability while at the same time in Christ. I also have friends who are Buddhists, recognizing that each person is free to choose whether or not Hindus and Muslims. Will they also be saved? he or she will respond to the Gospel once it is heard. The critical How do I introduce Christ to them without point here is that each Christian ensure that the witness of their offending them? I love them and so I want them life is true to the Gospel and that we do not deny any truth of to be saved, too. the Gospel for fear of offending someone. The Scriptures are very clear that it is the truth that sets us free (John 8:32-36) and thus Rosan we never do anyone a service by denying them the opportunity to know the truth about salvation. Dear Rosan, Having said that, it is equally important that we are guided by the Holy Spirit in the work of evangelization and wait for the Your situation is a common one but not appropriate time to proclaim the Gospel to those who need to necessarily easy to deal with. I think it is important hear and respond to it. for us to realize that no matter how well we might In summary, I think you should live your Catholic faith to think we know and follow God as His disciple, there the full without any apology for doing so to your friends, while is still a great mystery surrounding the nature and at the same time being watchful for an opportunity to share the mechanics of the work of salvation. Ultimately, it is Gospel when it arises. God who will decide who is saved or not and I think I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit would use you to bring your friends into a relationship with Jesus and thus win them for the Kingdom of God. Fr. Steve Tynan, MGLFr. Steve Tynan, MGL, is the spir-itual director of the Light of Jesusand Elim Communities. Fun-lov- Email your questions to Or if you need to talk toing and ever ready for anything,this Australian cleric is presently someone, call 7264709 or 7266728 to contact a Light of Jesus counselor. Telephonethe parish priest of St. Benedict’s counseling is 24-hours from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and 6 a. m.Parish in Don Enrique Heights in to 10 a. m. on Sundays. Face-to-face counseling by appointment. For correspondenceQuezon City. counseling, email or go to http://supportskerygmafamily. com. Or Call725-9999 Pregnant? Confused? Abortion is not the answer. Contact Sr. Pilar at Pro-life. KerygmaMay2009 { 9 } Call 422-8877 or email
  14. 14. real staffreal stuff VATICAN NOW ON will make information YOUTUBE and news from the Holy See more readily accessible on the w aNt to be updated on what’s happening in the Vatican? You can be updated through video now. The Vatican has launched a new channel on world wide Web.” He added, “It is my hope that this YouTube. initiative will enrich a wide range of people — including The site, which is found at those who have yet to find a response to their spiritual vatican, was launched in January in time for World yearning — through the knowledge and love of Jesus Communications Day. Christ whose message of Good News the Church bears to The Pope said, “Undoubtedly, wise use of the ends of the earth.” communications technology enables communities to be formed in ways that promote the search for Source: the true, the good and the beautiful, transcending geographical boundaries and ethnic divisions. To this end, the Vatican has launched a new initiative which SAINTS AT A GLANCE WHO: St. Bernardine of Siena BOrN & DIED: September 8, 1380, Italy – May 20, 1444,MEDIA AND YOUR CHILDREN Italy NOTABLE fACTS: Descended from a noble family, heI f You’Re a paRenT with young children or adolescents, better joined the franciscans after prayer and fasting about check this out. it. He played a great part in the religious revival of the According to the conclusion of a series of 10 short early 15th century. A tireless worker, he once preachedpapers by the journal Children and Electronic Media, media every day for seven weeks in Siena. He became vicar-can be a positive influence in the lives general of the franciscan Order in Italy in 1438.of these children. The papers, whichare summaries of research carriedout by The Future of Children, acollaboration of the Woodrow WilsonSchool at Princeton Universityand the Brookings Institution thatpromotes policies and programs sex scenes are muchregarding children, said that the more likely thanaverage modern child spends a total their peers to getof nearly 45 hours a week using pregnant or get avarious forms of media, including the partner pregnant.television, movies, magazines, music, They also foundInternet and video games. strong connections According to the study,advertisers between a negativeare moving to the Internet because health outcomemarketing to children online is far and media hours orless regulated than television. Methods include embedding in games and using online chat forums to promote “Be aware and be involved” was the paper’sproducts. recommendation to parents. Awareness includes The paper also concluded that when children view understanding the various forms of media and types ofmedia violence, they often act aggressively, experience content that their children are using. And involvementfear, develop unrealistic perceptions concerning the means monitoring the type of media being used byviolence that exists in the real world, or develop less children, and also the amount of time being devoted toadvanced moral strategies. media use. Another aspect of media usage is that between televisionand sexual activity. The study found that teens who watch Source: http://www.zenit.orga lot of television featuring flirting, discussion of sex and{ 10 } KerygmaMay2009
  15. 15. SAFEBROWSER FEASTFOR YOUR FEAST SNAPSHOTS SNAPSHOTSLITTLE ONESW wreaking havoc on your orried about your child computer or going to an unsafe site? ThenKidrocket is for you. Bacoor, Cavite Kidrocket Kids Browser is a free stand-alone Holds Local FeastWindows application that’s both an activity center aswell as a browser. It can be locked to the desktop toprevent your kids from unwittingly wreaking havoc on C avite may not be that far from Pasig City, where The Feast happens every Sunday at the Valle Verde Country Club, but manyyour computer. It includes a web browser that operatesoff a pre-selected white list of kid-friendly sites like Caviteños (especially those from Bacoor) Crayola, Cartoon Network, Sesame Street and choose to have their own local Feast and others. There are also other activities that your enjoy a more intimate community gathering. kids can do like an interactive math flash cards Every first and second Friday of the month, and a simple paint program. from8to10p.m.,theLightofJesusCommunity’s For older kids, you can enable a basic Bacoor Chapter gather at the Addas Chapel in email client and create a safe list for your Addas IV Village in Mambog. Of course, they child to email to. welcome whoever might want to join the Source: worship, Gospel sharing and reflection and to NEW UNIVERSITY FOR listen to Bo Sanchez’s video talk. On the average, 40 people regularly attend TOP MINDS the Bacoor Feast. Anyone who wants to participate may simply go to the venue on the W hat would happenifthe world’s top minds mentioned schedule or may contact Bro. Peter Fariscal at 0929-722-7080. came together toestablish a university? Now we have a chance to findout. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) and Google have teamed up with leading scienceand technology entrepreneurs to open SingularityUniversity (SU). Housed on the NASA Ames campusin Silicon Valley, the university will open this June andwill offer a nine-week graduate level program alongwith several executive level programs aimed at helpingcurrent leaders adapt their businesses to up-and-comingtechnologies. The university seeks to complimentexisting programs in a variety of subjects includingbiotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, law,ethics and finance. The university hopes to foster collaboration andinnovation “in order to address humanity’s grandchallenges” and to gather “the next generation of CEOs,University Deans or Presidents and government leaders”to begin networking and collaborating. SU’s foundersinclude Pete Worden, the director of NASA Ames, Dr. RayKurzweil, author and futurist and Dr. Peter Diamandis,chairman of the X Prize Foundation.Source: KerygmaMay2009 { 11 }
  16. 16. { 12 } KerygmaMay2009
  17. 17. From a Fool’s Life to a Full Life I was living a double life. During the day, I studied while working part-time as an appraiser in our pawnshop in A Wayward Son’s Ormoc. I earned extra money apart from the allowance my parents Journey gave me. Having so much money By Romeo “Junjun” Ocampo, Jr. as told to Dina Pecaña in my hands made it easier for me to indulge in my vices again, which I wanted to get rid of in the first Another most memorable day in Junjun’s journey was the day he married Vannie place.Listen to Bo Sanchez’s PODCAST! Audio and Video available! KerygmaMay2009 { 13 }
  18. 18. My health suffered because I totally gave up group of friends) that led me astray. Instead of focusing exercise and sports. My frequent drinking spree on my studies and getting good grades, I got entangled also affected my sleeping pattern. It came to a point in a web of endless partying, alcohol and drugs. I picked when I could no longer sleep without getting drunk. up the vices merely out of curiosity and a compelling I would drink beer and take shabu simultaneously need to be accepted by my friends. and that kept me awake for two days. My freshman year was one of the turbulent times Unknown to me, my parents, who were renewed of my life. But even then I was sensible enough to free Christians actively serving in the intercessory team myself from the vices that enslaved me. I decided to go of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and back to Ormoc after the second semester, thinking that Professionals (BCBP) in Ormoc, were fervently I could start over if I stayed away from my friends. praying, in union with their community, for my I was wrong. conversion. I only sunk deeper into my vices. Soon, the Lord answered Life-Changing Retreat their prayers for I wasn’t expecting anything from the retreat — I only my conversion — attended it as a requirement for my Theology class. But but it was also to during one of the talks, I sensed the Lord telling me, prepare us for the “My son, I love you.” Then it dawned on me how my trials that were parents cared and prayed for me all these years, how about to come they continued to love me even though I was a “bad” into our lives. son to them. I realized how deeply the Lord loves me through my family. This realization opened my life to The Good Life the powerful love of the Lord that would change my life I have to admit forever. I was spoiled. I God transformed me gradually. First, He separated got everything I me from my “vice buddies.” Next, He gave me the wanted while I desire to know, love and serve Him. That inner desire was growing up — moved me to become part of our parish youth ministry. be it a TV for my I sang in the choir and helped organize retreats and room at the dorm, other youth activities. the latest sound As I immersed myself in service, I still struggled system, a new with my vices. Through much prayer and with the help Junjun now works as tennis racket and of my Theology professor, Cris Fernandez, who was our a financial consultant for Pru-Life UK rubber shoes, and speaker and facilitator during my most unforgettable an allowance that retreat and the one who invited me to serve in the was more than parish youth ministry, my craving for alcohol and drugs what kids my age received. I guess that came with diminished slowly but surely. Indeed, God’s grace is being the youngest child, although my parents were sufficient! caring and generous to my siblings as well. I finally joined my parents in BCBP during my From their humble beginnings, they worked last year in college. Soon after, our family underwent hard to establish our retail store and family’s another trial. pawnshop business in Ormoc. The business grew and prospered and enabled my parents to send us to Financial Crisis good schools and give us a comfortable life. I should In 1995, our country experienced a serious economic have been grateful or, at the very least, content with crisis that affected our family business. We were forced having a happy family life. But I was not. I chose to to close our pawnshops and the proceeds from the sale live a wayward life in spite of the love and support of were used to pay off outstanding debts that ballooned to my family. almost P10 million. We had to sell our car and home. It was a difficult time — so hard in fact that there were Entangled in Vice times when my mom did not know where to get our During my freshman year at the University of San next meal. We went through a test so grueling that the Carlos in Cebu, I became part of a barkada (gang or strength of our family’s faith was challenged.{ 14 } KerygmaMay2009 Want more friends? Add us!
  19. 19. My dad, being the head of the family, was hit hardest City, living among lay brothers who were single- by this family crisis. He sunk into depression that lasted hearted for the Lord. for three years. He could not accept what happened For three years, I learned to live out the virtues to our family and he felt that he failed us miserably. of chastity, simplicity and obedience. I was happy He withdrew from everyone and confined himself at with this life and I truly believed that to live single home. and dedicate my life to the Lord’s service was my This was also the lowest point in my life. It was hard highest calling. to see my idol — my dad — so down, helpless and on the brink of giving up. Seeing him this way, a broken Meant for Marriage man, I felt lost. I questioned my own identity. If my dad Little did I know that God had a different plan. felt he was a “nobody,” then who was I? During Lent 2005, on my third year at the Servants of the Word, my Simple Living heart was stirred Though difficult to bear, our family crisis taught us by a desire Finding God’s best for him was one of valuable life lessons, starting with having a faithful for marriage Junjun’s blessings relationship with God and living simply. In the midst of as I prayed. I in life our problems, God called each one of us to a personal was confused. relationship with Him and led us to actively serve in our I sought the community. advice of my I developed a more loving relationship with my mentor and parents and siblings. My mom committed to faithfully fellow brother, pray for our family and her example encouraged the Ken Knoecker, rest of us to pray just as she did. Our family prayer time who advised became our source of hope, strength and unity. me to be open Though our once carefree and comfortable life to it, to pray changed drastically to one of hardship, pain and more and to uncertainty, we gained a new life in Christ. As we investigate it. surrendered our lives to the Lord, He eventually After days of prayer, it became clear to me that restored to us what we had lost. He allowed my parents God wanted me to get married. I left my brothers to reopen our pawnshops; my mom was blessed to in Servants of the Word and joyfully anticipated the work in an insurance company that enabled us to buy unfolding of His plan. a new car. In due time, God revealed His plans for me. I Mom and Dad humbled themselves as they went landed a job as a supervisor in a gas station in Ormoc to each person to whom they owed money. They asked and later as a financial consultant in an insurance forgiveness for not being able to pay their debts and the company. Then in one of Lingkod’s activities, Vannie same time gave their commitment to pay no matter how Siloterio, my good friend and former co-worker at long it takes. The Lord must have touched the hearts the Lingkod office, came to Ormoc to be with the of the creditors because they only collected from my women members of our community. Seeing her parents the principal and no longer applied the interest and being able to spend time with her once again that would have compounded significantly over the reminded me of the essentials I wanted in a woman years. who was to be my wife: a deep relationship with the Lord, unconditional love for her family and a heart Loving God More Deeply and Following Him More for mission. It was then that I decided to pursue Closely her. From my service in our parish youth ministry, to On December 16, 2006, Vannie and I got becoming part of BCBP, the Lord opened opportunities married. For over two years now, we have been for me to serve Him and His people through Ang living a serene and simple life in Ormoc while still Lingkod ng Panginoon Community where I served happily and actively serving our brothers and sisters as the very first and the youngest branch leader of the in BCBP and Lingkod. Ormoc branch. It did not end there, though. It continues to amaze me how God has My desire to serve the Lord deepened to the point transformed a wayward son to become His faithful that I joined the Servants of the Word based in Quezon servant.Want more friends? Add us! KerygmaMay2009 { 15 }
  20. 20. By Bo Sanchez{ 16 } KerygmaMay2009
  21. 21. PAID! HowtoAchieveFinancialFreedom by bo sanchez R when you were taught by your emembeR the days parents to drop a coin or two every day in your piggy bank? Gone are those days, right? Today, most people complain that their monthly take-home pay is spent before they receive it. Why? Because they are trapped in the vicious cycle of borrowing for every need and then working to pay for their debts. Why are many people stuck in poverty and in never-ending debt? Because they spiritualize their financial difficulties — they want God to do what they can do themselves. And that’s what ails many people. Now, listen: God won’t do what you can do yourself. Because the essence of human life is growth — and we won’t grow if we won’t take responsibility for our lives. And that includes managing our finances, raising our financial IQ, learning new habits and being totally free from the enslaving power of money — or the lack of it — in our lives. Friends, God wants you to be prosperous but you have to do your part as well. Start now.Want daily Bible readings and Didache reflections in your email? Join KerygmaMay2009 { 17 }
  22. 22. Change Your Money Habits and Work Your Way to Financial Abundance by bo sanchez{ 18 } KerygmaMay2009
  23. 23. A long time ago, when I was still single, I led The answer is, “It depends.” a retreat for a group of college students Why? from an exclusive girls school. Before the If you do not do something practical about your start of the retreat, I was alone in my room finances, such as living simply, nothing will happen. No preparing for my talk. matter how much you give to God, if you do not live Suddenly a cockroach entered my room and within your means, if you do not save, you will not be hovered above me. Ziinggg! Zinnggg! I looked at it and prosperous. said, “In Jesus’ name, come down!” And then it hit an God wants you to prosper but He won’t do for you invisible wall and crashed to the floor, dead. what you can do for yourself. Because the essence of I was amazed! human life is growth. You need to keep on growing and Then during my talk, the granddaddy of the the only way to do that is to take responsibility over your cockroach I killed entered the room with vengeance life, including your finances. and it started zooming and shimmying and zapping Many prosperity preachers have spoken and written around the room. You can just imagine the reaction of about steps to prosperity. They’re good — they tell us to the students in front of me. They were shrieking and obey God, be faithful to Him, give tithes and so on — but I covering their heads as the cockroach continued to feel there are some things lacking. They don’t speak about zoom up and down the ceiling, the walls and all around the practical steps one can take on the road to financial the room. I didn’t know what to do until I remembered freedom. what I did an hour ago. So I said, “In Jesus’ name, come down!” And again the cockroach hit an invisible wall Six Steps to Financial Freedom and crashed to the floor. Bang! All the ladies in front of me exclaimed in awe. “Let Pharaoh proceed to appoint overseers over the land, And there I was, cool as a bee, as if it was something and take the fifth part of the produce of the land of Egypt that happens to me every day. during the seven plenteous years. And let them gather After the talk, I entered my room. As I was resting, all the food of these good years that are coming, and lay up grain under the authority of Pharaoh for food in the I saw the cousin of the first cockroach crawling up the cities, and let them keep it. That food shall be a reserve wall. (By the way, I will not tell you what retreat house for the land against the seven years of famine which are to it was). I sat on my bed, looked at it and said, “In Jesus’ befall the land of Egypt, so that the land may not perish name, come down!” It continued to crawl. “In Jesus’ through the famine.” name, come down!” It still kept crawling. For the third — Genesis 41:34-46 time, I said, “In Jesus’ name, come down!” It didn’t. There’s something wrong, I thought. And then I felt Step 1: Change Your Internal Money Programs God speak to my heart, “Hey, get your slippers and kill This never fails: If you want to make any improvement in the cockroach!” your life, change your behavior. But if you want to make I learned an important lesson there: that there giant leaps in your life, change your beliefs. are times when God will not lift a finger because He If you’ve always been poor or short of money, your wants us to do it ourselves. belief system might be the culprit. If you want to be prosperous, He’s not going to I hear poor people say, “My parents have been poor. give you wealth just because you obeyed Him, or just We’ve always been poor. I think I’ll grow old as poor, too.” because you gave tithes. That’s your mental conditioning — and that’s what Many do that. They blame God for being poor. will happen because that’s how you perceive your life to They say, “I go to Mass, I serve God, I give tithes, I be. attend prayer meetings — but why am I still poor?” Change what you believe in and change will happen It’s like asking, “Why can’t I play the violin? I serve in your life. the Lord, give tithes and attend Mass and prayer Because what you believe in, you act upon. meetings.” The answer is simple: Because you didn’t All the other steps to financial freedom will be useless study how to play the violin! unless you change your beliefs about money. It won’t Don’t over-spiritualize your problems — your matter how much you save or whether you get into 10 dilemma may not have a spiritual cause. It might be businesses. You will not prosper if you do not change due to your lack of knowledge. your internal money program or if you don’t expand your Will God prosper you if you obey Him and if you psychological wallet. You have to believe that you can are faithful to Him? earn more than you are earning right now — and that’s The answer? It’s not yes or no. the key: believe that it will happen and it will!Looking for NEW FRIENDS? Go to KerygmaMay2009 { 19 }