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Bernard Julhiet Group (english)


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Bernard Julhiet Group (english)

  1. 1. Presentation March 2010
  2. 2. A multi-specialist in the area of Human Resources andManagement Top 3 on the HR market 5 businesses 1 culture Consulting Talent Management of innovation eLearning in HR & management Recruitment eAssessment 180 10% of business employees made in 10 countries 23M€ +500 Turnover Active customers in 2008 in different sectors © Bernard Julhiet Group - Tous droits réservés 1
  3. 3. Our approach Marketing Levers of Financial strategy Organisational implementation Human Engaging the teams and the Drawing up the strategy with an individuals in a dynamics of change Mobilising Organising optimal managerial and acceleration organisational system Developing performance through talents and competences Developing Evaluating Encouraging and developing Recruiting Picking out and evaluating abilities and behaviours the talents Finding and integrating of the future the most relevant resources © Bernard Julhiet Group - Tous droits réservés 2
  4. 4. Our expertises PerformanSe – eAssessment solutions 100% web iProgress – eLearning / blended learning solutions Our solutions and technologies reinforce our areas of consulting expertises © Bernard Julhiet Group - Tous droits réservés 3
  5. 5. Innovative tools & methods To improve the interactivity and the efficiency of your programms Quick Mentoring of classrooms professionnal communities (eRoom / Classroom) WebTV e-Assessment (customers & experts eLearning multi-languages testimonials) multi-languages (on the shell or customized) © Bernard Julhiet Group - Tous droits réservés 4
  6. 6. Innovative tools & methods To improve the interactivity and the efficiency of your programms eDeployment of large projects Business Blended Mats Learning (digital / print) Bernard Julhiet Group is also • A member of Cap Digital, the business cluster for digital content and services 360° online • Certified « Innovative Company» by OSEO ANVARmulti-languages Management • A member of the United books Nations Global Compact © Bernard Julhiet Group - Tous droits réservés 5
  7. 7. An international network • • • ••• • • •• ••• • •• • • • • • • • • • Our international network is based on local partners specialized in consulting, management, training, change…, and uses innovative solutions and technologies © Bernard Julhiet Group - Tous droits réservés 6
  8. 8. Our customers A large customers portfolio Transports High Tech / Telecom / Media Industry / Energy / Utilities Public sector Bank / Insurance / Finance Services Retail / CPG’s © Bernard Julhiet Group - Tous droits réservés 7
  9. 9. A recognition in the market Bernard Julhiet Group has supported the SNCF (French National Railway Company) through the creation of its Service University, dedicated to the 3,0000 SNCF agents of the Travellers Branch (Long Distance Services for travellers). BFM TV, new all-news channel of the DTTV, chose Bernard Julhiet Talent Management for its evaluation expertise and so as to help it taking the good decisions during external recruitment. iProgress provided the training concerning the SAP (Business Software Solutions, new job and applications processes) implementation for 12,000 users from 14 different countries, that is to say 30,000 hour-course in less than 5 weeks. PerformanSe has drawn up a behavioural job profile for each occupation in close contact with customers, as well as the online self-evaluation tool, so that way the car dealers can evaluate their employees in an efficient and quick way, with a 80% discount on the global cost. KPMG has applied the 360°approach of Bernard Julhiet T alent Management to develop managerial skills of more than 200 managers and collaborators, by helping them with realizing their way of behaving, and then applying the adapted development actions. In order to support its commercial development in France, HSBC signed a framework agreement with Bernard Julhiet Recrutement concerning the mass recruitment of experienced commercial counsellors for the 2005-2007 period. Through the Pass project built by iProgress, Renault improved the level of desktops and collaborative skills (pack Microsoft office, sharepoint, live meeting…) for the 55000 group employees © Bernard Julhiet Group - Tous droits réservés 8
  10. 10. Bernard Julhiet GroupTour Pacific – 11 cours Valmy92977 Paris La Défense Cedex Tél : +33 1 40 99 23 00 Fax : +33 1 40 99 23 © Bernard Julhiet Group - Tous droits réservés 9