Clean Code: Stop wasting my time


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Let us spend less time writing trivial stuff and more time focusing on great code that doesn't need documentation to be understood.
Save other peoples time by writing less !

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Clean Code: Stop wasting my time

  2. Aboutme<br />Volker Dusch / @__edorian<br />Doing PHP for ~7 Years now<br />I‘m sorry for the bullet points, i don‘t know any better.<br /> (There will be code, and cake, maybe)<br />Feel free to interrupt me at any time !<br />
  3. Aboutyou<br />You seem to be smarty people<br />I guess you are motivated<br />And I'm just going to assume you work with smart people you respect<br />
  4. This is about time<br />About your time<br />About my time<br />About the next guys time<br />
  5. So stop wasting time<br />Take more time writing code, you are only doing it once<br />Make everyone waste less time reading code, that happens quite a lot<br />Disclaimer: When saying ‘documentation‘ inever talk about @phpdoc for apis (@param, @return)<br />
  6. Oh yeah by that way<br />I won’t be talking about ’design’ very much<br />Bad design hurts… but you’ll get over it … or at least used to it<br />Bad code hurts every day because it sucks differently every time<br />
  7. Samples are next<br />Stuff I’d say you all know about:<br />SCM<br />Unit testing<br />Dependency Injection<br />That Singletons / Statics / Globals are evil<br />Other design mumbo jumbo<br />
  8. Yay ! Samples <br />class myClass {<br /> /**<br /> * Constructor<br /> */<br /> public function __construct() {<br /> }<br /> // methods... <br />}<br />
  9. Yay ! Samples <br />class myClass {<br /> /**<br /> * Create an instance of ‘myClass’<br /> */<br /> public function __construct() {<br /> }<br /> // methods... <br />}<br />
  10. Yay ! Samples <br />class myClass {<br /> /**<br /> * @return myClass<br /> */<br /> public function __construct() {<br /> }<br /> // methods... <br />}<br />
  11. Yay ! Samples <br />class myClass {<br /> public function __construct() {<br /> }<br /> // methods... <br />}<br />
  12. Yay ! Samples <br />class myClass {<br /> // methods... <br />}<br />
  13. So… <br />But everything has to have a docblock ! It‘s in the guidelines !<br />But i might need it later !<br />That's just because it‘s in the template and i didn‘t delete it<br />
  14. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING !!1 <br />That's at least what they told me<br />Provocation incoming:<br />Good code is hard document <br />Bad code is easy to document<br />
  15. ‘Bad‘ Code<br />class user {<br /> public function getId() {…}<br /> public function getName() {…}<br /> /** Calculate Body-Mass-Index @link … */<br /> public function getBMI() {…}<br /> /** @param float $kg Weight in Kilogramm */<br /> public function setWeight($weightInKg) {…}<br />
  16. ‘Good‘ Code<br />class user {<br /> public function getUserId() {…}<br /> public function getFirst/Last/DisplayName() {…}<br /> /** @link … */<br /> public function getBodyMassIndex() {…}<br /> /** @param float $kilogramm */<br /> public function setWeight($kilogramm) {…}<br />
  17. Again<br />A short, undescriptive, function name like ‘calc‘ always make it easy to write documentation<br />Sadly people will need to read it (again and again ..)<br />
  18. Another little example<br />class foo {<br /> /**<br /> * Setter forproperty x<br /> * @paramstring $x<br /> */<br /> public function setX($x) {<br /> $this->x = $x;<br /> }<br />}<br />Why ?<br /><ul><li>Generating API Docs ?
  19. Consistency ?
  20. Improved readability through uniformity ?</li></li></ul><li>But I NEEEED that<br />We are programmers, trivial stuff is for the computer<br />If you need trivial stuff for E_UGLY_REQUIRENMENT_X than automate it<br />Spent time once putting that in your build system<br />
  21. This is PHP_CodeSniffer valid <br />Well… after our Doc Prepare<br /><?php<br />class myClass {<br />}<br />Yes that breaks your IDEs sniffs<br />
  22. Output<br /><?php<br />/**<br /> * @package module_x<br /> * @subpackage y_z<br />*/<br />/**<br /> * @package module_x <br /> * @subpackage y_z<br /> * @since creation_date<br /> * @version<br />*/<br />class myClass { }<br />
  23. Inline Comments<br />$i++ // Increment $i by one<br />Yeah.. we don‘t need to talk about that<br />Can be great, especially when they tell you ‘WHY‘ something was done<br />Most time aren‘t that great<br />
  24. Inline Sample<br />public function generateReport() {<br /> // get the db connection<br /> $reg = GlobalStorage::get(“db“);<br /> // auth<br /> if(!$reg->getOne(“SELECT VIEW_REPORT FROM USER ….“)) {…}<br /> $id = $reg->getOne(“select … „); // template<br /> // render<br /> new ReportTemplate($id); // ….<br />
  25. Inline Sample<br />public function generateReport() {<br /> $this->checkAuthentication();<br /> $template = this->createReportTemplate();<br /> $this->renderReport($template);<br />}<br />That's not perfect but the ‘// next block‘ comments are gone<br />
  26. No docs are not the answer<br />I‘m not saying BE GONE all documentation<br />Let‘s remove useless comments !<br />Let‘s (maybe ?) agree upon that sometimes there is no USEFULL comment.<br />Know who you write docs for<br />
  27. It‘s not ONLY about the code<br />Commit messages matter !<br />Commit message are like book covers, they raise expectations. The diff should tell a matching story <br />Don’t repeat the obvious, tell why you did it and then show me how in the diff<br />
  28. Commits<br />Yes, this highly depends on your team<br />Fixes #5232<br />Fixes #4523 with the last release the database structure changed<br />Reworked the Authentication to account for the new SingleSignOn<br />Fixed some problems<br />Tidy | phpdoc | cleanup | etc.<br />
  29. One Commit – One Purpose<br />Stuff you can do:<br />Fix a bug<br />Implement a feature<br />Refractor something<br />Tidy up some code<br /><ul><li>Stuff I’d like you not to do:
  30. More than one of the above at once</li></li></ul><li>To sum up<br />Don’t write documentation you think has no use<br />See if you can substitute documentation with more descriptive naming<br />Always: Do what your team has agreed upon and if you don’t like it try to change it if there is a benefit others see too.<br />