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The Here-Now Generation


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As a brand or communications manager in a big company, how do you deal with the wishes and demands of the fully connected 'Here-Now' generation? It's all about Users, Content and Context.

A big thank you to Yiibu and Fjord for their insights, as used in this presentation.

The Here-Now Generation

  1. 1. edenspiekermann_the here now generation:master mobileEdo van Dijknovember 2011amsterdam berlin stuttgart
  2. 2. edenspiekermann_ Users
  3. 3. edenspiekermann_ who Users why
  4. 4. edenspiekermann_ who Users why Content
  5. 5. edenspiekermann_ who Users why Content what how
  6. 6. edenspiekermann_ who Users why Content Context what where when how
  7. 7. edenspiekermann_ who Users why Content Context what where when how here now
  8. 8. edenspiekermann_ “One of the interesting estimates is that there are about 35 billion devices connected to the internet. Soon, there will be so many that we’ll stop counting.” Eric Schmidt - Google 2010 estimates put the world population over 6.8 billion inhabitants...
  9. 9. In 2 years time, more people will use internet via mobile than via desktop devices
  10. 10. Over 46 million Europeans use full internet on their smartphones. This will more than double over the next 12 months.
  11. 11. edenspiekermann_ Average mobile data usage in Gb per month 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Mobile data usage will explode in the coming 3-4 years Source: Annual Report Deutsche Telekom 2009
  12. 12. edenspiekermann_ …what’s going on ?
  13. 13. edenspiekermann_ who Users why Content Context
  14. 14. edenspiekermann_ who Users 3 types of users* *according to Google (2007)
  15. 15. edenspiekermann_ Repetitive now Bored now Urgent now 3 types of users*
  16. 16. edenspiekermann_ Repetitive now Bored now Urgent now 3 types of users*
  17. 17. edenspiekermann_ Repetitive now Bored now Urgent now 3 types of users*
  18. 18. Repetitive now
  19. 19. edenspiekermann_
  20. 20. Bored now
  21. 21. edenspiekermann_
  22. 22. Urgent now
  23. 23. edenspiekermann_
  24. 24. environment reliable network focused user focused user 1hr train ride privacy reliable network? comfy unlimited data unlimited wifi? chair two hands full-sized it’s now also this... keyboard reliable power source? privacy comfy work surface chair or this... reliable power source mobile has become an extension of ourselves iPad 2 magnets are comfy apparently strong chair privacy enough to ‘natively’ do this! one hand reliable power prone to source interruptions or possibly this... gravity and maybe some of this?
  25. 25. “We’re in a world of one line of connectivity. That’s us. You see… we don’t have to ‘go’ to the internet anymore.” Mitch Joel - TEDxMontreal
  26. 26. “...the mobile internet is more convenient than my home connection…” say 30% of respondents – Yahoo/Nielsen Mobile Shopping research
  27. 27. edenspiekermann_“For kids like my 13 year-old, theboundaries between the internet andlife are so porous as to be meaningless.” Comment on the Guardian web site
  28. 28. edenspiekermann_ What does this mean for your mobile strategy?
  29. 29. Step into your customer’s life
  30. 30. Different screens dominate at different timesedenspiekermann_ 7:00 AM 8:02 AM 8:30 AM Wake up, get Drink coffee, read Drive to work 9:00 AM ready news, check email Work day begins 12:00 PM Lunchtime, call a friend Live the customer journey 2:48 PM 6:40 PM Take a break, Dinnertime, watch browse phone 9:20 PM TV, browse tablet 5:00 PM Bedtime, set alarm Work day ends. clock for tomorrow Drive home Slide 8 © Fjord 2011 | Confidential
  31. 31. edenspiekermann_ Involve users. Let them share, react and participate.
  32. 32. Involve customers. Create a new kind of loyalty.
  33. 33. edenspiekermann_ Don’t try and control the conversation. It will continue elsewhere.
  34. 34. edenspiekermann_ Users Content Context what how
  35. 35. Content, not ‘chrome’ Make content interactive and navigable, reduce the user interface
  36. 36. On smaller screens, content naturally ends up front and centre
  37. 37. Make designs ‘responsive’ Design content in such a way that it can adapt to different context
  38. 38. - lukewroblewski-mobilefirst-mobilsm11.pdfedenspiekermann_ Present corporate site Native Southwest Airlines Mobile App app Site could have looked like this 21 22 23 ‘Mobile First’ Design for mobile apps first before making the desktop version
  39. 39. Most sites are built as giant giant most sites are built as (often containers… data all-purpose) data containers... perhaps a couple of these Perhaps a couple of these would do would do just fine... just fine… Create ‘Distributed Experiences’ Not everything needs to be on the corporate site.
  40. 40. edenspiekermann_ads we see examples of this already media search apps These distributed experiences together form an ecology, geared towards the user’s needs
  41. 41. edenspiekermann_ Users why Content Context where when
  42. 42. Fjord - Designing for the connected world, Mobile 2.0 Conference, Barcelona, June 2011edenspiekermann_Lean-back, together, passive Relaxed, alone & together, watching, browsing Context is unpredictable and changes constantlyHandy, alert, agile and active Lean-forward, concentrated, editing
  43. 43. edenspiekermann_ Create ‘Liquid Experiences’ to accomodate users on-the-go and keep them connected.
  44. 44. edenspiekermann_ Create ‘Liquid Experiences’ to accomodate users on-the-go and keep them connected.
  45. 45. http://www.layar.comedenspiekermann_ Herengracht 348/hs EUR 829.000 k.k.Be relevant Woonoppervlak 156 m2on location Afstand: 85m Makelaarskantoor Babs Persoons B.V.
  46. 46. relevanton location
  47. 47. http://www.winestein.infoedenspiekermann_Add value to yourcustomer’s life
  48. 48. http://www.sentres.comedenspiekermann_Be indispensable
  49. 49. edenspiekermann_ Context •  Context is variable, unpredictable Users and changes constantly •  You can’t control everything anymore •  Be relevant, add value, be indispensable •  Let users react, share and participate Content •  Develop an ecology based on customer needs •  Step into your customer’s life •  Live the customer journey •  Focus on content, not on ‘chrome’ •  Make content adaptable to context •  Design responsively •  ‘Mobile first’
  50. 50. “ The most profound technologies are those The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into that disappear. They weave themselves the fabric of everyday life until they are are into the fabric of everyday life until they indistinguishable from it... –-Mark Weiser indistinguishable from it…. Mark Weiser
  51. 51. edenspiekermann_thank you berlin stuttgart