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Redefining the Amsterdam City Brand


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Every bustling city with global attraction has many functions and deals with many stakeholders. It’s a lot more complex to define and manage a city brand than a product brand. But if you take the right steps at the right moment and have a bit of luck at your side, you might end up with something similarly comprehensive and cohesive as the Amsterdam city brand. This presentation tells the story of how Amsterdam became an international showcase example for city branding.

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Redefining the Amsterdam City Brand

  1. 1. edenspiekermann_ amsterdam berlin san francisco singapore Redefining the Amsterdam City brand @edenspiekermann @edoch October 2014
  2. 2. edenspiekermann_ amsterdam
  3. 3. edenspiekermann_ brand = network of mental associations logo = trigger to evoke the mind set
  4. 4. edenspiekermann_ city = network of mental associations marketing slogan = trigger to evoke the mind set
  5. 5. edenspiekermann_ but: managing a city brand is far more complex than managing a product brand
  6. 6. edenspiekermann_ more media, more messages, more actors, more politics
  7. 7. edenspiekermann_ a city brand policy does not tolerate democracy. it needs a clear direction and strong management
  8. 8. edenspiekermann_ amsterdammers are: ›‘merciful, heroic, resolute’ (city coat of arms) ›open, personal ›active, go-getters ›up-front, cheeky ›humorous, with a wink ›averse to authority, slightly anarchist
  9. 9. edenspiekermann_ amsterdam = city identity + marketing identity
  10. 10. edenspiekermann_ The starting point in january 2002. 55 different logo’s, no unity
  11. 11. edenspiekermann_ Building 1 amsterdam The concept The City of Amsterdam is a network organisation, with independently operating services, departments and city districts. ! The ‘Amsterdam Style’ offers space for both the signature of the City as well as the individual identities of the services and districts.
  12. 12. edenspiekermann_ Building 1 amsterdam The concept The districts, departments and services shape their own identity by adding their distinctive characteristics to the core identity of the City.
  13. 13. edenspiekermann_ Building 1 amsterdam The concept A restrained use of visual elements to shape the individual identities will benefit both the family ties and promote the transparency of the organization as a whole.
  14. 14. edenspiekermann_ History of xxx
  15. 15. edenspiekermann_ The Amsterdam coat of arms
  16. 16. edenspiekermann_ xxx belongs to the city and its citizens
  17. 17. edenspiekermann_ Which are the ‘real’ xxx?
  18. 18. edenspiekermann_
  19. 19. edenspiekermann_ What we were looking for: family ties
  20. 20. edenspiekermann_
  21. 21. edenspiekermann_
  22. 22. edenspiekermann_
  23. 23. The ‘second layer’ concept gave city districts and services their own playing field on selected carriers
  24. 24. edenspiekermann_
  25. 25. edenspiekermann_
  26. 26. edenspiekermann_
  27. 27. edenspiekermann_
  28. 28. edenspiekermann_
  29. 29. edenspiekermann_
  30. 30. edenspiekermann_
  31. 31. edenspiekermann_
  32. 32. edenspiekermann_
  33. 33. edenspiekermann_
  34. 34. edenspiekermann_
  35. 35. edenspiTekherem aCnint_y Council implements a large restructuring in 2014
  36. 36. edenspiekermann_
  37. 37. edenspiekermann_
  38. 38. edenspiekermann_
  39. 39. edenspiekermann_ amsterdam = city identity + marketing identity
  40. 40. edenspiekermann_ amsterdam = creativity innovation entrepreneurial spirit
  41. 41. edenspiekermann_ Amsterdam based this selection on: › Image research among various target groups (visitors, companies, inhabitants) › Interviews on the unique and distinguishing elements of Amsterdam › Numerous statements on Amsterdam, from policy documents to television programmes, from travel guides to promotional material to newspaper reports › An Omnibus questionnaire among 424 Amsterdam residents City marketing plan by Berenschot Consultancy and the Municipality of Amsterdam
  42. 42. edenspiekermann_ City marketing Priorities city marketing policy (2004) Source: Choosing Amsterdam; Berenschot Consultancy and the Municipality of Amsterdam
  43. 43. edenspiekermann_ City marketing City Marketing Organization Metropolitan area City of Amsterdam Covenant partners Businesses
  44. 44. edenspiekermann_ City marketing Roles of the city organization › License provider as owner of the Amsterdam brand the City provides the license to Amsterdam Marketing. › Co-decision-maker the City is President of the Board and Vice-president of the Daily Board of Amsterdam Marketing › Policy developer and contractor the City is responsible for a number of policy areas that have a great influence on the profile of Amsterdam. › Communicator on behalf of the Amsterdam brand the Mayor is the spokes person for Amsterdam, nationally and internationally.
  45. 45. edenspiekermann_ City marketing Roles of Amsterdam Marketing › License holder Amsterdam Marketing handles brand management. It provides licenses to organizations who want to use the Amsterdam brand and monitors its use. › Decision maker Amsterdam Marketing determines the marketing strategy of the Amsterdam metropolitan Area and formulates and evaluates objectives for development and strengthening of the Amsterdam brand. › Policy implementer Amsterdam Marketing is responsible for promoting the image and values of (greater) Amsterdam to visitors, businesses and inhabitants.
  46. 46. edenspiekermann_ City marketing slogan/logo by KesselsKramer
  47. 47. edenspiekermann_
  48. 48. edenspiekermann_
  49. 49. edenspiekermann_
  50. 50. edenspiekermann_
  51. 51. edenspiekermann_
  52. 52. edenspiekermann_ › Find the spiritual core of your city and inhabitants ›Translate it into a clear promise › Keep it simple ›Add it to all your ‘pearls’ ›Define clear roles and responsibilities › Organize and manage it centrally ›Make sure it stays that way
  53. 53. edenspiekermann_ amsterdam berlin san francisco singapore Thank you.