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User-centred content (UX Scotland 2018)


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We know content that meets audience needs is key to user-centred design. But under pressure to get the work done it can get neglected, copied over wholesale during a migration, or written with business needs - not user needs - in mind. Wouldn’t it be better if you could help an organisation discuss the value of the content and, if need be, say no?

Mike Dunn and Helen Triggs, both Experience Consultants at Bristol based UX Consultancy, Edo spoke at UX Scotland 2018. They have developed a simple tool to help you identify that sweet spot where content meets user needs and business objectives. It lets you take representative (or controversial!) content and score it against audience needs and organisational objectives. It then highlights if there is a mismatch between the two. This can be used to inform conversations about whether the content is doing its job - and if not, why not.

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User-centred content (UX Scotland 2018)

  1. 1. Image goes here User-centred Content UX Scotland 2018 –
  2. 2. Helen Triggs & Mike Dunn @TriggsHelen @mikedunn
  3. 3. Who’s in the room?
  4. 4. What’s the challenge?
  5. 5. You... 1. Set the goals 2. Align with the business 3. Research 4. Test and iterate 5. Plan content creation and migration All this and more...
  6. 6. Yet we still see… Old Irrelevant Incompatible content Stuffed into the wrong place
  7. 7. This happens for many reasons
  8. 8. The cost of content bloat ● Increased maintenance costs ● Slower page load ● Diluted brand ● Customers who can’t find what they need
  9. 9. What if we could… Get things out in the open Encourage conversations early Understand the size of the problem
  10. 10. So we created a spreadsheet with Lego
  11. 11. Let’s have a go...
  12. 12. ● Trading for 20 years, providing custom travel experiences ● High street stores at eight locations nationwide ● Customers can book holidays via the website, call centre or in store
  13. 13. ● Add weightings ● Functionality ● All content ● Only controversial content ● Migrating content ● Validating ideas Variations
  14. 14. Image goes here Challenges ● Sheer volume of content ● Managing people ● Poor objectives ● Bias
  15. 15. ● Impartial or blind scoring ● Use the research ● Include key stakeholders ● Discuss it ● Make it part of the workflow Tips
  16. 16. Get the spreadsheet
  17. 17. Thanks! @TriggsHelen @mikedunn @Edo_insights