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Intern report


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Intern report

  1. 1. I. Cover Page Information Year: Semester: 0 Fall 0 Spring x Summer RTM494C: x section 1 x section 2 Name of Student kemar marsden Weekly Report # 1 Specify the dates (mm/dd/yy) the weekly report covers: From 06104113 to 06/12/13 oName of Agency_fiesta Inn Name of Agency Supervisor _Edmund Yeboah II. Narrative Account of Activities for the Week: Training on front desk, which involves learning the software for checking-in, checking-out, reservations and booking available rooms for guess. Learning to operator machine to issue guess keys and replace keys. I also answered the phones greeting callers to attend to their need for calling weather to speak to mangers or book a room problem for matainance. I have done a lot of reservation because it's not a huge chain we get reservation of the net from by fax that I enter into the system manually for guess. Other duties also include sorting mail for the appropriate people at the hotel going through each mail delivering mail to each manager and handing it to different guess. Tasks Done toward Completion of Student's Objectives: Mytechnological competency is enhanced as I didn't know how to operate or knew how front desk would book or check if rooms are available. Plus I have also been introduce to how to use other technological items as the how to send of a fax and make guess keys specific to each room. Tasks Done toward Completion of Agency's Objectives for the Student Communicating effectively towards guess and clients helping in assisting in sales of available rooms. Officemeetings every week for a little less than an hour. Problems Encountered during the Week:
  2. 2. Various agencies would call asking for different managers which i could not remember the direct transfer on how to transfer their call. Not know the full detail of how to give a guess refund. One guess came in on Monday who booked there room through went to there room and wanted a refund because she thought the room had look nothing like how it did online and this was my first encounter with this problem. VI. Solutions to the Previous Week's Problems: Write down the different transfer lines until I fully remember them. Observing the front desk manager Pankita in detail on various problems is that I encounter to be able to be on top of it if it bappens again. VII. Plans for the Following Week: HopefuUy next week I will be working in marketing and learning the different programs and software like photo shop but managers suggested that front desk be the first step for fully understanding the business before working upstairs to get a feel of the full hospitality experience. VIII. Distribution of Hours for the Week: Administration Direct Programming/Leadership Planning Research Staff Meetings/Conferences Supervisor Conference (intern & supervisor) Supervision of Staff and/or Volunteers Training/Orientation - 64
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