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ETB - Agenda (English)

  1. 1. Editorial Toolbox Agenda ENGLISH EdItIoN Freeware for newspapers printed and online editions. Non-commercial use – editorial use only. ©Nordström & Frank AB,, A part of Editorial Toolbox 2009. Free of charge. Ready-to-use infographics.
  2. 2. Editorial team: Rikard Frank Concept developer, art director, news graphics and research. Jacob Nordström Concept developer and design. Torkel Bohjort Checking of facts and research. Anders Enström Proof-reading. Consultant editorial development. Tobias Regnell Proof-reading. Editor in Chief, Football magazine Offside. Helene Murdoch Translation.
  3. 3. Agenda · News 2009 Contents Agenda News 2009 is the second part of the editorial toolbox. Contents Page Contents Page July ..........................................................19 January ......................................................7 while the first part focused on many different frames, this part Graphic: the world’s conflicts ...............8 Graphic: solar eclipse ..........................20 shows how they can be used. everything is assembled in February ...................................................9 August ....................................................21 indesign. together with a team of experienced journalists, Graphic: the oscars..............................10 Graphic: ramadan ............................... 22 experts and graphic designers, this agenda has been compiled March .......................................................11 September ........................................... 23 for the full year ahead. Graphic: Formula 1 premier..................12 Graphic: the world’s tallest building . 24 April .........................................................13 October ................................................. 25 Graphic: astronomy year...................... 14 Graphic: inside the un ......................... 26 the agenda contains tips on many different news events during May ..........................................................15 November ..............................................27 the year, complete with links and a graphic every month for free Graphic: champions league Final......16 Graphic: climate conference ............. 28 publication. we begin with an interesting and updated wander June ......................................................... 17 December .............................................29 through the world’s armed conflicts. Graphic: Hurricane season..................18 Graphic: the world’s biggest cruise ship ..........30 Freeware For newspapers printed and online editions. non-commercial use – editorial use only. ©nordström Frank aB,,
  4. 4. Editorial Toolbox 2009 Download now! Download now! Freeware Freeware for newspapers. for newspapers. Templates Agenda The purpose of the templates is to be efficient and easy to work with, Together with a team of experienced journalists, experts and news and thereby help to raise the level of your presentation. graphics, Nordström Frank has put together an agenda for the full news year 2009. The agenda contains tips for a number of news events during The templates are divided into five chapters: the year as well as useful links and a free graphic piece every month. 1. Basic graphics and charts At your service, please find graphics on formula 1, hurricanes, football, 2. Finance politics the green house effect, the world’s biggest cruise ship and much more. 3. Sports 4. Typography graphic elements 5. Planning structure
  5. 5. Focus Focus Download now! Coming soon! Freeware €2.500 for newspapers. Bandy World Conflicts As a first focus, please find a compilation of everything that you This part has been developed together with journalists, news graphics might need for the 2009 Bandy World Championship in Västerås. and experts and is a compilation of all the ongoing conflicts of the world. With the help of experienced sports journalists and bandy experts as This is a manual that will be of great use for a long period ahead, well as Timo Oksanen, a Finnish goalie and 2004 World Championship containing flags, maps and elaborate facts. The material is constructed hero, Nordström Frank has developed a material that will hopefully in such a way as to simplify using the whole package or picking certain take your bandy coverage to new heights. elements meeting your demands. Editorial Toolbox
  6. 6. Agenda January 1 2 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 14 15 1 17 18 19 20 21 22 2 24 25 2 27 28 29 0 1 1st January 3rd January 15th January 18th January 26th January 28th January 20th January Slovakia intro- Dakar Rally starts and is International Bandy World Chinese New World Economic USA’s newly elected duces the euro under way until the 18th Astronomy Year Championships Year. The rat is Forum begins in president (the 44th) is and becomes a January. Held for the first initiated by in Västerås. overtaken in the Davos (ends 1st sworn in and starts work. member of the time in South America. UNESCO in Paris. year of the ox. February). European Cancelled in 2008 because bandyvm2009 Community of terror threats. The twelve animals in the calendar: Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Toolbox Editorial Focus Snake Horse e tromfrank.s info@nords, nordstromf AB, www. Frank Sheep dström Editorial Focus: The World’s conflicts . ©Nor 2009” Toolbox ”Editorial Franks tröm to Nords ement l suppl An officia Monkey Now you can purchase a superb handbook Cock with the facts behind all of the world’s Dog conflicts. This graphically illustrated manual Pig is an invaluable asset for the future. Rat All the pages are designed in InDesign and ial An offic lbox l Too Editoria Please visit make it easy to use the complete publication or ent. .se supplem dstromfrank w! Buy it no www.nor s maps, flag s facts, in to select small details such as flags and maps. Contain plates for use and tem esign. InD For more information please send a mail to: Freeware For newspapers printed and online editions. non-commercial use – editorial use only. ©nordström Frank aB,,
  7. 7. 15th January The World’s conflicts A world of conflict awaits Barack Obama what’s in store for Brack obama when he becomes the new president of the usa? can the world’s most powerful man – with his foreign minister Hillary clinton – clean up the problems in some of the world’s nordkorea most infected conflicts, such as the middle east, iraq and afghanistan? today, there are around 30 armed conflicts going on around the world. He will be reminded of them throughout the year. iran Pakistan North Korea Northern Ireland Guantánamo and Iran Currently in During the war on conflict with India The struggle Basque Region Chechnya terror, the USA Uzbekistan over Kashmir. against atomic Kosovo Georgia Kyrgyzstan shipped arrested Has worked with weapons can be Macedonia Korea Kurdistan Afghanistan suspects to Lebanon the USA in seizing won through tough Cyprus Guantánamo Iraq terrorists during diplomacy. All Kashmir Israel-Palestine prison in Cuba. Pakistan the past year. atomic weapon- Obama wants grade material Burma (Myanmar) Sudan Obama has prom- to increase aid should be removed Eritrea Chad Thailand ised to close the Senegal to Pakistan, and within four years. prison within the Ethiopia Somalia Sri Lanka also wants the The USA wants Iran Central Sierra Leone next two years. Colombia African country to take and North Korea to Indonesia Liberia Uganda Republic more responsibil- be hit by sanc- Papua The prison was Congo-Kinshasa ity for security at tions immediately opened shortly East Timor Angola the border with if they break the after the terror Afghanistan. non-proliferation Zimbabwe attack on New York treaty. Iran is being in 2001. offered member- ship of the World It contains around Trade Organiza- 250 prisoners tion (WTO) and today. At its height, economic help if there were around they renounce their Israel-Palestine Iraq Afghanistan 700. atomic weapons Israel refuses to deal with the Palestinian The US-led alliance will hand over Violence has escalated during 2008. The program and stop organizations as long as terror attacks more regions to Iraqi control. Taliban have returned and strengthened Where the their support for continue. The conflict escalates around Iraqi Prime minister Nuri al-Maliki wants their position with the help of al-Qaida. prisoners will go terrorism. the turn of the new year when a cease- troops withdrawn before the election to Today, NATO has 50,700 troops in Af- is unclear. More fire is broken and Palestinians attack demonstrate the country’s independence. ghanistan, including 20,000 from the USA. than 100 prisoners inFoGrapHics: nordström Frank Israel with rockets; Israel hits back with a The USA has 140,000 soldiers in Iraq. Obama wants to commit more resources are held without source: powerful attack against Gaza. Obama will The goal is for all American soldiers to and increase the number of troops to evidence – but is tHe economist, work for a two-state solution, with both an leave the country by summer 2010. combat al-Qaida and the Taliban. The goal it too risky to free cHanGe.Gov, BBc news, Israeli and a Palestinian state. is to destroy their stake in Afghanistan. them? sä 7 Freeware For newspapers printed and online editions. non-commercial use – editorial use only. ©nordström Frank aB,,
  8. 8. Agenda February 1 2 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 14 15 1 17 18 19 20 21 22 2 24 25 2 27 28 22nd February 2nd February 10th February 14th February 22nd February The Oscars celebrate World Skiing Voting in Israel. Valentine’s Day. The carnival in 80 years. The 81st Oscar Championships Celebrated in Rio de Janeiro ceremony is held in in Val d´Isère. remembrance of starts. Los Angeles, USA. Continues to 15th St Valentine who February. was martyred in 270AD. The day has been celebrated in Anglo-Saxon countries since the middle ages. en.wikipedia. org/wiki/St_ Valentine%27s_Day 8 Freeware For newspapers printed and online editions. non-commercial use – editorial use only. ©nordström Frank aB,,
  9. 9. 22nd February the oscars Oscar’s 80 glorious years ”It looks like Oscar Facts my uncle the academy award is the film world’s most prestigious Oscar!” 82-year old distinction. throughout 80 glorious years, 2,696 oscar statues statue have been handed out; walt disney has been honoured 26 times. Name: Academy According to legend, Award of Merit a female academy Films with the most distinctions (or Oscar). member made this 11 comment when she first Ben Hur (1959), Titanic (1997), and Lord of the Rings (200). Weight: .85kg. 10 saw the statue West Side Story (191). – hence the name. Höjd: 4 cm 9 Value: Around Gigi (1958), The Last Emperor (1987), The English Patient (199). 00 USD (about 2,400kr). Forged Actors with most distinctions from metal and Knight with sword 4 gold-plated with Katherine Hepburn (all Best Actress awards). 24 carat gold. Film roll with 3 Jack Nicholson (2 Best Actor, 1 Best Supporting Actor), Ingrid Bergman (2 Best Actress, 1 Best Supporting Actor), Walter five spokes Brennan ( Best Supporting Actor). Design: Symbolizes: Cedric Gibbons, 1. Actors Most nominations a cinemato- 2. Screenplay writers 14 grapher with Meryl Streep (including 2 awards). . Directors Metro Goldwyn 4. Producers Highest total Mayer (1927). 5. Technicians 26 Sculptured by Walt Disney: 22 awards and 4 special honours. George Stanley. Born: May 1927 25 Categories: since 1999 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (81st awards – the Oscars jury – has represented around 000 members connected to the film industry. this year), when members created the prize. Swedes have shared the prize on 15 occasions. Best film Best actress Best actor Female sup- porting role Male sup- porting role Best director Original screenplay Adapted screenplay Photography Cinema- tography Costume design Make up Editing Sound editing Sound mixing Visual effects Best song Music Musical* Foreign language film Animated film* Short film Animated short film Documentary Short documentary inFoGrapHics: *not automatically awarded every year nordström Frank 9 Freeware For newspapers printed and online editions. non-commercial use – editorial use only. ©nordström Frank aB,,
  10. 10. Agenda March 1 2 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 14 15 1 17 18 19 20 21 22 2 24 25 2 27 28 29 0 1 29th March 1st March 5th March 8th March 9th March 14th March 29th March 30th March Formula 1 premier in Vasaloppet. CeBit fair in Han- International Barbie doll Swedish Eurovision Summer time TV fair in Cannes Melbourne, Australia. nover, Germany. Women’s Day. Celebrating Song Contest Final. begins in Europe. begins and runs 0th season. Held over 8 days. 50 years. through to rd April. 10 Freeware For newspapers printed and online editions. non-commercial use – editorial use only. ©nordström Frank aB,,
  11. 11. 29th March Formula 1 premier F1 season is rolling Schumacher has the most victories and titles Most champion- Most winning Most champion- Most winning laps For the 14th year in succession, the fight for the world ship titles laps ship titles per per team 7 91 team championship sets off in melbourne, australia. seventeen rounds 15 208 Michael Schum- Michael Schum- in total, but none in north america. Briton lewis Hamilton, acher, Germany acher, Germany Ferrari Ferrari 162 (1994–04) (1994–04) (191–07) who previously won the title in a mclaren, Ascari 5 51 9 McLaren 113 Juan Manuel Alain Prost, Williams is an obvious favourite. Fangio, Argentina France (1980–97) Williams 8 79 (1951–57) (1980–9) Hill Premier track 4 41 McLaren Lotus Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, (1974–98) Waite Steward Albert Park, Melbourne Links: France (1985–9) Brazil (1984–9) Laid: 1995 Prost Length: 5.2km (58 laps) Racing flags Clark Jones Brabham Marina Danger. Danger clear. Slippery. Race aban- Warning. World Champion 2008 Lauda doned. Slow down. Also, warm-up Oil or water on Driver planning Lewis Carl Hamilton starting. the track. Cars return to to overtake. pits. De tio stallen Points Ferrari Toro Rosso World Champion- 10 ship is awarded Winner 10 p Fifth 4p McLaren Red Bull Racing to the person who Second 8p Sixth p BMW Sauber Williams gathers most Third p Seventh 2p Renault Honda points throughout Fourth 5p Eighth 1p Toyota Force India the entire Danger. Last warning. Disqualifica- Problem with Winner tion. Instant car. Return to Slow vehicle on For unsporting crossing the competition. The 17 race stages track. behaviour. disqualification pits. line. for a driver. Mars April Maj Juni Juli Augusti September Oktober November 29th March 19th April 26th April 24th 7th June 12th July 23rd August 13th Sept. 4th Oct. 1st November May Melbourne, Shanghai, Sakhir, Istanbul, Nürburgring, Valencia, Monza, Suzuka, Abu Dhabi, UAE Australia China Bahrain Monte Turkey Germany Spain Italy Japan Carlo, 5th April 10th May 21st June 26th July 30th August 27th Sept. 18th Oct. Monaco Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona, Silverstone, Budapest, Spa-Francorchamps, Singapore Sao Paulo, Malaysia Spain England Hungary Belgium Brazil inFoGrapHics: nordström Frank 11 Freeware For newspapers printed and online editions. non-commercial use – editorial use only. ©nordström Frank aB,,
  12. 12. Agenda April 1 2 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 14 15 1 17 18 19 20 21 22 2 24 25 2 27 28 29 0 2nd–5th April 9–13th April 17th–26th April 24th April ”100 hours of Easter throughout the Stockholm Car Show Ice Hockey World Champi- observation” world. onships in Bern and Zurich, One of the projects held Switzerland. Duration 10 in International Astrology ED days. CELL Year throughout 2009. ions ndit CAN ic co iihf-world-championship- nom eco oc09/home.html e of aus Bec 12 Freeware For newspapers printed and online editions. non-commercial use – editorial use only. ©nordström Frank aB,,
  13. 13. 5th April Astronomy Year 100 hours with a telescope in Galileo’s footsteps Galileo Galilei (154-142) An on-going project during International Astronomy year is the ”100 hours of observation” being conducted between Italian scientist who constructed 2–5 April. The idea is for people around the Earth to have the possibility of learning more about the universe through the first telescope the use of a telescope – just like Galileo did four hundred years ago, when he pointed his telescope at the sky. in 109-10, after a Dutchman built the binocular. Perhaps the first to observe and repro- duce astronomic objects. Galileo The Sun was the first to see Our nearest star. A fireball made up mostly of and map countless gasses – hydrogen and helium. 000° at its other stars. He saw surface, there is no other star compares Venus’ different with this in our galaxy. phases; sun spots; mountains and craters on the 5 6 7 8 moon; Saturn’s rings; four moons 1 2 3 4 9 which circled Jupiter, and much more. Telescope – from the Greek telesko´pos: far-sighted. 1. Mercury 2. Venus 3. Earth 4. Mars 5. Jupiter 6. Saturn 7. Uranus 8. Neptune 9. Pluto (Tellus) Diameter: 4,878km. Diameter: 12,104km Diameter: ,787km. Diameter: Diameter: Diameter: Diameter: Diameter: Average daytime Second smallest. Intensively studied. 14,800km. 120,0km. 51,120km. 49,400km. 2,290km. Diameter: 12,75km. Average daytime temperature: Thin atmosphere The biggest planet. A gas giant sur- A gas giant A gas giant com- Counted as a The only planet in the temperature: smaller than Earth, of carbon dioxide One of the skies rounded hydrogen surrounded by faint posed of about 84% dwarf planet. universe on which life 70°, sinking to but warmer – up to (95%), nitrogen, brightest objects. and helium, with rings rings. Cold and hydrogen. Lost its planet has been discovered. -180° at night. 500° on the surface. argon and small Large red streaks. of ice and comet hazy atmosphere Atmosphere status in 200. The fifth largest Temperature: Thin atmosphere of Heavy atmosphere quantities of acid -4 times the size of fragments. Probably without clouds, but comprises methane, planet in the Milky oxygen, hydrogen of gas, mostly carbon and water vapour. Earth. made of a stone and with much methane ammonia and -240° Way. Orbit time: and natrium atoms dioxide. Thought to Big temperature Under the clouds iron core similar in gas – this gives the hydrogen. Moons: 1 blended with helium have streams of hot differences. of carbon, nitrogen, size to the Earth, planet a greenish A thick cloud cover. 248 years. Orbit time: 5 days, Moons: . and calcium atoms. lava on its surface. Around the equator it sulphur, hydrogen covered by ice across appearance. Outside Dust clouds appear 5 hours, 48 minutes Moons: 0 Visited in 1974 by the can be +10°, but can and phosphor, there several thousand temperature around to be controlled by and 4 seconds. Orbit time: approxi- Mariner 10 space- sink to -90° at night. is possible traces of kilometers. Rotates -210°C. the sun’s magnetic Orbit time: 84 years. probe. mately 225 days. The poles are colder: water storage. quickly, which may activity. Moons: 0 Moons: Moons: 27. Orbit time: -125° or lower. account for the flat- Orbit time: approxi- Moons: 2 (newly discovered). tening at the poles. 15 years. Orbit time: 87 days. Orbit time: 12 years. Orbit time: 29 years. Moons: 1. mately 88 days. inFoGrapHics: Moons: 0 (newly nordström Frank discovered). 1 Freeware For newspapers printed and online editions. non-commercial use – editorial use only. ©nordström Frank aB,,
  14. 14. Agenda May 1 2 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 14 15 1 17 18 19 20 21 22 2 24 25 2 27 28 29 0 1 27th May 9th May 13th May 16th May 27th May Champions League Final Europe Day. Cannes Film (10–1) Literature Prize in the Olympic Stadium, Festival begins. Eurovision to the Astrid Rome. wiki/Portal:EU Runs through to Song Contest in Lindgren 24th May. Moscow. Runs Memorial Award competitions/ucl festival-cannes. throughout the is awarded at com entire week. Skansen, Stockholm. 14 Freeware For newspapers printed and online editions. non-commercial use – editorial use only. ©nordström Frank aB,,