How To Use Facebook & Linkedin To Market Your Business


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How To Use Facebook & Linkedin to Market Your Business - Presentation by Edith Yeung at San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

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  • Thank you! How is everyone doing today? Welcome! I have a lot to share with everyone today so we need to move very quickly, so let’s dive right into the reason you’re all here today. Show of hands, how many of you would like to a more clients? How many of you want to generate more buzz for your business – therefore get more clients? I want you to realize there is a difference between understanding something and knowing something. We all understand what sky diving is, and to HAVE done sky diving is to KNOW what it’s like. So, as I move through the presentation, you might think that you understand a lot of what I’m talking about today, and I’m sure you will understand it. And remember, it’s a whole different thing to KNOW what I’m talking about today. When you KNOW this information, that’s when your life and finances will improve. During the presentation, I know you’ll have questions. What I’d like to ask you to do, if a question comes to mind, instead of raising your hand in the middle of the presentation and interrupting everyone’s train of thought, please just jot it down. It’s a very logical presentation so I will probably cover your questions in the normal order of things. The answer’s going to pop up anyway, but just in case it doesn’t, write down your questions and I’ll get to them at the end. Fair enough? We’ll go for about _______hour today and I promise you that time will fly by. We’ll be going over some very exciting things today. I’ll also be asking for your participation. If I do ask you a question individually or as a group, to raise your hand or nod your head, please help me out. That way I’ll know we’re on the same page and we’re headed in the right direction.
  • How To Use Facebook & Linkedin To Market Your Business

    1. 1. How to Use Facebook and Linkedin to Market Your Business [email_address] Twitter: edithyeung biztechday
    2. 3. Why do you need to care?
    3. 4. Facebook
    4. 5. More than 400 million active users
    5. 6. 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
    6. 7. More than 1.5 million local businesses have active Facebook Pages
    7. 8. More than 20 million people become fans of Pages each day
    8. 9. What is Marketing?
    9. 14. Before you get started
    10. 15. Quantcast it
    11. 18. Strategies & Ideas
    12. 19. Set Expectations for Your Fans
    13. 22. Special Promo
    14. 25. Engage Your Fans
    15. 28. How to Build a Facebook Fan Page
    16. 29. Do: 7 Highly Effective Habits for Facebook Users
    17. 30. Custom Facebook Business URL
    18. 31. Clear, Simple and Sweet Business Summary
    19. 32. Clear pictures or logo of your company
    20. 33. Consistent User Engagement
    21. 34. Always Add Values to Your Fans
    22. 35. Separate Personal Friends & Business Fans
    23. 36. Consistent Photo and Video Tagging
    24. 37. Don’t
    25. 38. Try too hard
    26. 39. Wrong Images
    27. 40. Wrong Messages
    28. 41. Too Many Messages
    29. 42. How to Linkedin to Market Your Business [email_address] Twitter: edithyeung biztechday
    30. 43. Why do you need to care?
    31. 44. Linkedin
    32. 45. Over 55 million members in over 200 countries
    33. 46. Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.
    34. 47. Before you get started
    35. 48. Quantcast it
    36. 51. Strategies & Ideas
    37. 52. Do: 7 Highly Effective Habits for Linkedin Users
    38. 53. Pick a Custom URL for your Public Profile –
    39. 54. Craft a Robust ‘30-Second Elevator Pitch’ Summary Statement
    40. 55. Customize Websites Text
    41. 56. Make Frequent Status Update
    42. 57. Custom Linkedin Request
    43. 58. Custom Linkedin Introduction Email
    44. 59. Create Linkedin Event
    45. 60. Don’t
    46. 61. Wait too long
    47. 62. Random Connections
    48. 63. Random Intro
    49. 64. How to Use Facebook and Linkedin to Market Your Business [email_address] Twitter: edithyeung biztechday