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Flickr tutorial

  1. 1. A Flickr Tutorial for Teachers This Tutorial will show you how to: Sign Up for a Flickr account Upload, tag, share, and work with your images Search for Creative Commons-licensed images for your teaching Search for historical and cultural images in The Commons for your teaching View a slideshow of your work, your student’s work, or your favorite images from your searches
  2. 2. To start, go to the Flickr site at Click here to sign up for an account
  3. 3. Sign up using yourYahoo, Facebook or Joining Flickr is free.Google ID. Simple! However, the site does encourage you to purchase a Pro account for $24.95 per year. Go to /limits/ to compare Pro and Free account features.
  4. 4. Begin by uploading a photograph. This is a Flickr homepage!Yours will look a bit emptier to start with.
  5. 5. Clickhere! Choose photos from your computer.
  6. 6. This is your photo waiting to be uploaded. Select your privacy settings– visible only to you? Friends? Family? Everyone? You choose.Click toupload.
  7. 7. Finished!Let’s add adescription.
  8. 8. Add tags here, words that you or Create a new set others might use to here (a set is a describe or find label such as your picture. ‘Kitties’ or ‘Class Project’ that you want to add this Rename your photo photo and and write a others into todescription if you like. create a group).
  9. 9. Tags are separatedby commas. Whenyou are done click Add. You created a new set called Kitties! When you are done click Create Set. New title and description.
  10. 10. Scroll down and click Save.
  11. 11. Notice we are now in Your Photostream. You uploaded your photo. Nice work! Next step—let’s share and play with our photo.
  12. 12. Sharing your photo is easy. If you click on Share, you get a link to the photo. You can also instantly share it on Facebook and Twitter. People you let view your photos can makecomments. Timmerschester thinks Charlie is “So cute!” You can encourage students to comment on each other’s photos.
  13. 13. Click on the Actions pull down menu to do lots more! You can view photos in all sizes, download them to another computer (For example, I uploaded photos of a wedding in Cleveland and a friend downloaded them in England—no problem), order prints and do basic image editing with them. Next we’ll begin searchingfor images that other people have added to Flickr.
  14. 14. Type your search terms here and click Search, or click the Search button first to bring up the full Search page.
  15. 15. Click here to open this full Type in your Search page. search terms and click Search. Do you want to searchonly your photographs?Your friends photos? Oreveryone’s? Use the pull down menu to choose.
  16. 16. You just did a searchfor the word ‘orange’ for Everyone’s Uploads. These are the results. Yourorange cat is in here,and so are thousands of other photos tagged ‘orange’.However, remember that not all photoshere are available for your use. Let’s find images that we can use without worry.
  17. 17. Many Flickr Just what members I’m looking allow for when I’m others to teaching! use their work forfree under someversion of the CreativeCommons license. This is great for teachers!
  18. 18. To search for Creative Commons licensedphotos, go back to the full Search page and click on the Advanced Search button.
  19. 19. Type your searchterms, scroll to thebottom of the page and click ‘Only Search within CreativeCommons-licensed content.’
  20. 20. Look! Lots of results for‘orange’ and allof these imagesare available for use under a Creative Commons license. Cool!
  21. 21. If you find an photo you like, click on the thumbnail to view a larger image and then clickon the Favorite star. Now you can find this image easily later on. Next we’ll go back to your homepage and search another area of Flickr called The Commons.
  22. 22. Go to your homepage and pull down the Explore menu and Select The Commons Definitional notes: Creative Commons is a type of licensing assigned by the Notice any recent activity on your creator of a work that allows for broader use possibilities photos and the photos you have than exist with the standard "all rights reserved" fullcommented on can be seen on your copyright. homepage. The Commons is a site within Flickr to which many museums and archives have contributed public domain images for use and comment.
  23. 23. Museums and archives from all over the worldcontribute photos to TheCommons. You can use these Search Theimages for Commons your here. teaching.
  24. 24. Searching The Commons for the term ‘baseball’ brought up manyhistoric images you could use asprompts for a class. Save as Favorites any images you would like to go back to later.
  25. 25. Lastly, your students can now view your selected Favorites and any photos you’ve uploaded as a slideshow. Go to the You drop down menu and select Your Favorites OR click on one of your own named sets of photos to the right. This set is called Kitties!
  26. 26. If you selected Your Favorites, youwill go to a page showing all of yourfavorites. Click on Light Box to view these as a slideshow.
  27. 27. Nice.
  28. 28. If you selected one of yournamed sets, you will go to a page showing all of the pictures in your set. Click on Slideshow.
  29. 29. Adorable.
  30. 30. Once youve finished the tutorial, please create your own Flickr account. Upload a few photographs andplay! Post a link to it (make sure your photos are public) on my Flickr Tools page on Blackboard Learn and provide one example of how you might use Flickr in your own teaching. Thanks!
  31. 31. Whew! There are many, many more things you can do with your Flickraccount as a teacher, but hopefully this tutorial will help you feel comfortable getting started. Tutorial by Edith Serkownek. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at