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Hw17 replace type code with class Refactoring


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example of Replace Type Code With Class Refactoring

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Hw17 replace type code with class Refactoring

  1. 1. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY COMPUTER SCIENCE CS-7350 “Protection: Replace Type Code With Class” Chapter 9 by Kerievsky, J. Jorge Edison Lascano Spring 2012 03-28-2012Replace Type Code with Class?I am posting code for the "Replace Type Code with Class" refactoring. Kerievsky mentions thatthe primary motivation is to make code type safe. I think that other way to do that is to constrainthe possible values and their accuracy during run-time. In my MSs project I have strings forglassFishHome and db tables. My refactoring would be creating a class called GlassfishHome tomanage validations and correct assignation of values, for example: I would program a directorycontent verification method to confirm whether the correspondent folders/files structure is of aGlassfish server. I would do similar validation for Table; but, as I already had a Table class, I willonly need to adapt the places where a Table string is used and implement the needed methods.Here a piece of the original code where the String variables are found. You can find these classescode in the next svn trunk URLs: and class RESTfulGenerator implements Generator {private static String glassFishHome;...public class WebServiceGenerator {static StringBuilder buffer = new StringBuilder();static String Table = new String();