Fact sheet on Edison 2012


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The document includes all useful information on Edison's activities and financial highlights.

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Fact sheet on Edison 2012

  1. 1. OverviewFounded in 1884, Edison is Europe’s oldest energy company. Today, it’s the second energy companyin Italy and a European leading operator with operations in the supply, production and sales ofelectric power and hydrocarbons (natural gas and crude oil).Edison has operations and activities in 10 countries in Europe, Africa and Middle East employing about4,000 people.In 2011 Edison was confirmed by Fortune magazine as one of “Most Admired Companies” in Italy andworldwide in the energy industry.Electric powerEdison has 11.5% share of the Italian electricity production with 33.2 TWh produced in 2011. Between2001 and 2008 the company completed one of Europe’s largest investment plans in power generationby building new highly efficient and eco-friendly plants powered by gas for 7.000 MW. Today, it has aninstalled capacity of 11.5 GW thanks to a generation fleet of 72 hydro plants, 28 thermoelectric plants,32 wind plants, 9 solar plants and 1 biomass plant.In the electric power generation, Edison aims at growing on the foreign markets and in the area ofrenewable energy sources. This strategy will enable the Group to diversify the geographic presence ofits electric power operations and its mix of generating facilities. In Greece, through ElpEdison (JointVenture with Hellenic Petroleum), Edison is the second largest electricity company in the country.Greek activities include an operative 390 MW CCGT power plant in Thessaloniki, a 420 MW CCGTfacility in Thisvi and other generation projects in the study phase.HydrocarbonsThe company has an integrated presence in the hydrocarbons sector from production to importation,distribution and sale of natural gas and crude oil. With 15.2 billion cubic metres of gas sales in 2011,the company covered 19.6% of the Italian gas demand. The Group has hydrocarbons reserves of 49.8billion cubic metres, thanks to 60 concessions and permits in Italy and 23 outside Italy. Edison has also3 gas storage centres.Hydrocarbons exploration and production activities in North Africa and other high potential areas willplay a key role in the next years, with the objective of increasing reserves and annual production. Mostof the E&P investments will focus on the proved reserves of Abu Qir in Egypt, a concession Edison wonin 2009. Abu Qir fields produce about 1.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 1.5 million barrels ofliquids a year.Outside Italy, Edison holds 23 licenses for Exploration & Production activities. Production activities aretaking place in Egypt and the British sector of the North Sea. Development activities are located inCroatia and Algeria. Edison holds exploration licenses also in Norway, Iran and Ivory Coast.Gas infrastructuresEdison is playing a leading role in the development of new infrastructures to import natural gas forEurope and Italy. The Rovigo regasification terminal in Italy, the first offshore facility of this kind inthe world, became operational in 2009 being able to import 8 billion cubic meters of natural gas a year,
  2. 2. equal to 10% of Italy’s natural gas needs. Two other important projects under development are theGalsi gas pipeline (8 billion cubic meters of natural gas a year), which will link Algeria with Sardiniaand Tuscany, and the ITGI gas pipeline (10 billion cubic meters of natural gas a year), which will linkItaly and Europe with the Caspian Sea region through Greece and Turkey.Italian marketIn 2008, Edison entered the Italian residential market with a sales package to supply electric power tofamilies. A year later, Edison broadened its sales package for families with the addition of natural gas.In 2010 Edison achieved the milestone of one million customers served in Italy.International presenceEdison and its subsidiaries operate across Europe (Italy, Greece, UK, Norway, Croatia, Bulgaria,Romania, Hungary, Belgium, Turkey), Africa (Ivory Coast, Algeria), Middle East (Egypt).Our businesses at a glance (as at end of 2011)Electric power Hydrocarbons33.2 TWh of net electric power production 15.2 billion cubic meters of gas salesEdison covers 11.5% of Italian power production Edison covers 19.6% of Italian gas demand11.5 GW of total installed capacity 83 concessions & exploration permits in Italy and72 hydroelectric plants abroad28 thermoelectric plants 3 gas storages and 1 LNG terminal32 wind farms and 9 solar plants 49.8 billion cubic meters of hydrocarbons reservesFinancial highlights of the Edison Group (as of December 31st 2011) In millions of euros 2011 2010 ∆% Sales revenues 11,381 9,685 17.5 EBITDA 887 1,264 (29.8) EBIT 2 307 (99.3) Group interest in net profit (871) 21 n.m.