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2015 Annual Report Draft 4.1


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2015 Annual Report Draft 4.1

  1. 1. » » Horizons 2014ANNUALREPORT Bright
  2. 2. Carla S. Willis, President Diane Schwartz, Acting President (through February 2014) Steve Fastook H’06, Chair Kenneth N. Goldmann, Vice Chair/Treasurer Robert H. Busch H’03, Secretary Kevin B. Alton ’73 H’07 Christian J. Baker Patricia M. Barksdale ’95 W. John Bauer Maria E. Bordas ’74 ’80 William J. Cariste Edward A. Esposito ’69 ’72, ex officio James K. Estabrook Dawood Y. Farahi, ex officio Anthony Giordano III ’87 Dorothy G. Hennings H’10 George Hennings H’10 James G. Hynes ’63 H’09 Susan L. Kogan Ada Morell ’97, ex officio Marjorie A. Perry ’74 Barbara Sobel ’71, ex officio FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Directors Emeriti Gail E. Fraser ’85 Li-Woan Yang ’83 H’01 Lifetime Emeriti Members Daniel J. Charleston ’83 Nancy Muzyka Schleicher ’72 Distinguished Lifetime Emeritus Member Don Conklin H’94
  3. 3. Kean University President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Foundation Board Chair’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Foundation President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Foundation Update/Welcoming Carla S. Willis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Foundation Update/Welcoming New Board Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Meet Don Brady—Donor and New Board Member . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Robert Busch School of Design Ribbon Cutting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Financials—Gifts and Pledges / Contributions by Source . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Financials—Scholarship Dollars Raised / Fund Balances . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Financials—Statements of Financial Position . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Financials—Statements of Activities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 2014 Alumni Event Photo Album . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Nu Sigma Phi Gala . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 The 17th Annual Kean Gala . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 The 15th Annual Cougar Cup Golf Classic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 2014 Scholarship Recognition Ceremony . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Student Profile: Nigel Donald . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Nu Delta Pi 50th Anniversary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Donor Lists . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1
  4. 4. W hatarethetwomostimportant things Kean University seeks to offer its students? I believe those two things are access and opportu- nity. Access is a key component of Kean’s commitment to making the dream of higher education a reality for its students by breaking down the economic barriers that make it difficult for many to pursue their degrees. Opportunity means that Kean provides its students with the world-class, state-of-the-art tools needed to prepare for a successful career in today’s global marketplace. Opportunity and access both represent open doors and the chance for those with ambition and initiative to succeed at the things that are most valuable to them. I am pleased to report that both access and opportunity continue to expand at Kean. Our campuses are thriving, and our financial outlook is strong and stable. We have adopted a strategic plan with specific goals that run up to and through the year 2020. These goals express the collective vision of the Kean community, and I have no doubt that we will achieve them. We are A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF KEAN UNIVERSITY 2 2014ANNUALREPORT
  5. 5. already well on our way with three important components of the strategic plan: our new programs in the fields of architecture, physical therapy, and physician’s assistant. These programs were carefully chosen based on an analysis of the careers that will be highly in demand and likely to offer our students a strong foothold in the global economy of the coming decades. The support of our Foundation donors is essential to Kean’s ability to make and implement strategic initiatives such as these. I’m extremely gratified by the progress that has already been made by the Institutional Advancement team under its new Vice President, Carla Willis, in her short time here at Kean. If your name is listed in this Annual Report, then you too have been an extremely valuable member of our team. On behalf of the Kean University Board of Trustees and senior administration, and on my own behalf as well, I give you my deepest thanks. DAWOOD Y. FARAHI, PH.D. President, Kean University Opportunity means that Kean provides its students with the world-class, state-of-the-art tools needed to prepare for a successful career in today’s global marketplace. 3
  6. 6. M y day job at CNBC is fast-paced and very demanding. You might ask, how can I possibly dedicate so much time to working with Kean University and its Foundation? The answer is simple: Because I love it. There is nothing more rewarding than giving back to those who need a helping hand to accomplish their goals. And the students at Kean are so worth helping. I meet many of them on campus, and at events like our annual Scholarship Reception. They never fail to amaze me with their enthusiasm and willingness to work for the things they want to achieve. They have faith in themselves and in the ability of Kean University to show them the path to success. If these young people represent the future for all of us, then that future is looking very bright indeed. At the Foundation, we’re always trying to find more ways and resources to help these students achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. I’m thrilled that we now have Carla Willis on board to lead these efforts as president of the Foundation and vice president for institutional advancement at Kean. Her previous leadership as a fundraising and advancement executive at institutions including The Ohio State University and Florida A&M University made her the obvious candidate to assume the full-time management of our Foundation. She has already had an extremely positive impact on its activities and operations. My fellow Foundation Board members and I are looking forward to some very bright horizons as we continue to work with Carla and her staff on behalf of the students of Kean University. STEVE FASTOOK H’06 Chair, Kean University Foundation Board A MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR OF THE KEAN UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION BOARD 4 2014ANNUALREPORT
  7. 7. I was very pleased to be given the opportunity to lead the Kean University Foundation because I knew I would be joining a dynamic university community with an energized and motivated fundraising operation. In my view, as someone with an extensive track record in higher education and advancement, the transformation of Kean University in recent years has been remarkable—made even more so by the contributions of its donor base to that process. Because of our donors’ generosity, we have been able to create opportunities for our hardworking, deserving students that were undreamed of only a few years ago. Our academic programs and facilities are the envy of our peer institutions in the region. Our students enjoy access to the most outstanding faculty and the best scholarship program we have been able to provide to date. Our supporters have helped to make all this possible and enable us to feel confident that we can deliver to students exactly what we promised them—a World-Class Education. But our mission is an ongoing one. Our students stand poised on the threshold of a world where the requirements for professional success and personal fulfillment are constantly evolving. So we must constantly raise our targets and strive to provide the resources that will ensure that a Kean education remains both excellent and accessible. Thank you for recognizing the importance of investing in the futures of our students. I look forward to continuing to work with our fantastic Foundation Board, with our alumni, and with all of you who have helped make Kean University what it is today. CARLA S. WILLIS President, Kean University Foundation A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE KEAN UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION 5
  8. 8. FOUNDATION UPDATE: WELCOMING CARLA S. WILLIS Willis (second from left) with (left to right) Foundation Board Secretary Robert Busch H’03, past Board Chair Maria Bordas ’74 ’80, current Board Chair Steve Fastook H’06, and Board member Patricia Barksdale ’95. 6 2014ANNUALREPORT
  9. 9. I n February 2014, Kean University welcomed Carla S. Willis as Vice President for Institutional Advancement and President of the Kean University Foundation. She oversees a team of 12 development officers and support personnel, as well as the activities of the Office of Alumni Relations. “Kean University is at a transformative point in its history, with much growth and innovation occurring,” said Willis. “I feel very fortunate to be leading our advancement efforts at this time and believe that philanthropy will continue to play an important part in shaping our future.” Willis has over 20 years of experience as an advance- ment executive in academic, health care, and nonprofit settings. She came to Kean from the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University in Columbus, where she served as assistant vice president for advancement, managing the medical center’s development efforts and shaping the strategy for a billion-dollar fundraising campaign. Previously, Willis worked at Florida A&M University as vice president of university relations and execu- tive director of the FAMU Foundation, Inc. Her résumé also includes development leadership positions at the University of Toledo, the University of Michigan Law School, and the University of Missouri. Willis has also held consulting positions in develop- ment and communications. Earlier in her career, she ran her own consulting firm, Willis Development & Communications Associates, based in Toledo, Ohio; the company provided fundraising and development expertise to higher education, K-12, and other nonprofit organizations including Adopt America Network, Inc. Willis entered the development field in the early 1990s at the University of Missouri as a supervisor of the Mizzou Annual Fund, following a successful career with the IBM Corporation. She graduated with honors from the University of Toledo with a B.A. in interdisciplinary studies. She is an active member of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), a nonprofit asso- ciation for professionals in the field of educational advancement encompassing alumni relations, com- munications, marketing, and development. She is a former board member of CASE District V and chair of the district’s Committee on Equity (COE). Recently, Willis was appointed to CASE’s Commission on Philanthropy. She is a noted and frequent presenter for CASE and for the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) on topics related to philanthropy and development. She was an active officer and past president of AFP’s Northwest Ohio Chapter. Carla S. Willis Named President of the Kean University Foundation and Vice President of Institutional Advancement I feel very fortunate to be leading our advancement efforts at this time and believe that philanthropy will continue to play an important part in shaping our future. 7
  10. 10. T he Kean University Foundation is administered by a Board of Directors, consisting of Kean alumni and friends who provide invaluable counsel in the allocation and application of donors’ gifts. The Foundation Board’s numbers recently grew by five, with the appointment of the following new members: Donald Brady Donald Brady is a consultant, entrepreneur, investor, and tech- nologist. He was introduced to Kean University by his late wife, Kathy Hering-Brady, a 2000 graduate of Kean’s Occupational Therapy program. After she passed away, Brady estab- lished the Kathy Hering-Brady Memorial Scholarship and has worked closely with the Foundation to raise funds in support of the award. He holds a B.A. degree in Computer Science from Bellarmine University (Louisville, Ky.). (See full profile of Brady on the following pages.) Bill Loehning ’70 Bill Loehning ’70 is an executive vicepresidentforFidelityFinancial Advisor Solutions (FFAS), a divi- sion of Fidelity Investments. Loehning is responsible for rela- tionship management for the Insurance and DCIO (defined contribution investment FOUNDATION UPDATE: WELCOMING FIVE NEW BOARD MEMBERS only) clients serviced by FFAS. He joined Fidelity in 1987 as an insurance account executive. He advanced through the ranks and received several promotions before being appointed to his current position in April 2009. Loehning is a member of several boards of direc- tors including those of Roger Williams Hospital in Providence, R.I., and the Insured Retirement Institute in Washington, D.C. Loehning was inducted into the Insured Retirement Institute’s Hall of Fame in 2009 as its first honoree from an asset management company. He is chairman of the advisory board of the Make- A-Wish Foundation® of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He was named as one of Kean University’s Distinguished Alumni in 2011 and was honored at Kean’s annual gala in 2014. Scott N. Schober ’92 Scott Schober ’92 is an American wireless cybersecurity expert. He has been the CEO and president of Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS) since 2000. The company has developed several notable devices, including one product used to help teachers and professors detect cheating activity via cell phones on exams. Others are microwave-based devices used by the U.S. military. BVS devices can also be used to root out or stop corporate espionage. Meet Our New Board Members 8 2014ANNUALREPORT
  11. 11. Schober is frequently interviewed in the news media as an expert in online security, international corporate espionage, and government surveillance and domes- tic spying. In 2013, Schober was featured in the CBC television documentary Faking the Grade, discussing high-tech devices for catching cheaters and spying on illegal cell phone use. He graduated with a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Kean University in 1992, after which he attended graduate studies in telecommunica- tions at New York University. Linda Tuma ’83 ’89 Linda Tuma ’83 ’89 worked for Merck for 16 years, beginning as a research chemical engineer in 1989 and retiring in 2005 as director of safety compliance. She led both the Operational Hazards Evaluation Laboratory and the Materials Evaluation Laboratory and played a leading role in career development programs throughout Merck. She developed additional hazards laboratories in England and Japan and authored over 15 papers in the field of thermal analysis and its use in the evaluation of thermal hazards in chemical processes. Tuma served as chair of the Merck Woman’s Network during 2003 and 2004, and became its treasurer in 2005. Since retiring from Merck, she has consulted in the operational hazards field and served on the Board of Directors of Swapsol Corporation and on various committees of the Merck Employee Federal Credit Union. She holds two degrees from Kean—a B.A. in Chemistry/ Management Science (1983) and an M.S. in Management Systems Analysis (1989). She also holds an M.B.A. from Wagner College. Kathleen Wilkinson ’78 Kathleen Wilkinson ’78 is a part- ner in the Philadelphia office of Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP. She is admitted to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She handles complex litigation and insurance matters, and serves as a judge pro tem and settlement master. Wilkinson received a B.A. degree in Political Science summa cum laude from Kean in 1978. Wilkinson is a well-known figure throughout Pennsylvania’s legal community. She was elected as only the sixth woman chancellor of the 13,000-member Philadelphia Bar Association and served in this posi- tion during 2013. She recently began a three-year term on the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s (PBA) Board of Governors, having served in the PBA House of Delegates for more than 10 years. In September 2014, Wilkinson received the Leadership Excellence in the Law Award from the National Diversity Council. She was named a Distinguished Alumna of Kean University in 2010. 9
  12. 12. DONOR AND NEW BOARD MEMBER PROFILE: DON BRADY K ean University owes a great debt to the late Kathy Hering-Brady ’00 ’07, an alumna and adjunct faculty member of both the Occupational Therapy and Public Administration programs. When she died unexpectedly at age 56 in 2010, her husband Don Brady, prompted by Kathy’s occupational therapy students, decided to establish the Kathy Hering-Brady Memorial Scholarship to provide assistance to occupa- tional therapy graduate students. From that initial gesture, Don Brady—who says that he had no knowledge of the field of occupational therapy, or of Kean University either, prior to meeting Kathy— has found himself becoming more and more involved with Kean. He became a member of the Occupational Therapy Department’s advisory board in 2012. Most recently, Brady accepted an invitation to join the Board of Directors of the Kean University Foundation—which he sees as a way for him to expand his ability to positively contribute to and support the University’s needs. “Kathy thought the world of the people she worked with in the Occupational Therapy program at Kean,” says Brady. “And I myself have now worked with many of the same people, which has led to collaborations with other good people in the Foundation and elsewhere at Kean. The experience has been both fun and rewarding. I enjoy interacting with people who are intellectually stimulating, who have good ideas, and allow me to soak up lots of knowledge and information while we work on finding ways to make things happen here.” Brady is a true polymath whose professional experiences and intellectual interests are extremely wide ranging. He describes himself as a “consultant, entrepreneur, investor, and technologist.” First becoming acquainted with computers while serving in the U.S. Army, he started his career as a programmer with GE’s Process Computer Division in 1969. Over the succeeding decades, he expanded the development and application of com- puter science and information technology across heavy industry, utilities, manufacturing, and the automotive and medical sectors. His most recent focus, immediately preceding his “semi-retirement” in 2012, was in the area of public safety; notable projects involved supporting the 911 infrastructure for the police and fire departments of New York City and Nassau County, New York. Meet Don Brady—Scholarship Donor, Foundation Board Member, Friend of Kean University 10 2014ANNUALREPORT
  13. 13. Brady sees himself as someone who took a nontradi- tional educational path, as did many individuals who were products of the earlier days of computers and technology. “I’m a big fan of the nontraditional ele- ments of higher education,” he says; he believes that both traditional and nontraditional methods, such as distance learning, have their place. He has watched the evolution of higher education with interest, and is concerned with how institutions of higher learning can help students to be truly productive in their lives and careers once they graduate. This is one reason why he’s glad to be serving on the Foundation Board. “I’m not an academic, and neither are most of the other Board members,” he says. “We’re from the world where the students are going to end up once their academic careers have finished. “We want to make sure that students not only get the tools they need to be successful—we want them to gain an understanding of how to use those tools in ways that enhance their prospects for success.” Don Brady (standing, far L) with Occupational Therapy faculty, students, and students’ parents at Kean’s annual Scholarship Reception. Kathy Hering-Brady. 11
  14. 14. ROBERT BUSCH SCHOOL OF DESIGN: FALL 2014 RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY L ast fall, Kean University’s Robert Busch School of Design officially opened its new facilities in the Green Lane Academic Building with a ribbon- cutting ceremony during Homecoming Weekend. Robert H. Busch H’03, the school’s namesake, was at the ceremony and wielded the scissors for the actual cutting of the ribbon. The same event featured the grand opening of the Edward R. Jajosky Industrial Design Lab, named for Edward R. Jajosky ’64, longtime adjunct professor of industrial design at Kean. Jajosky, together with Professor Rose Gonnella, executive director of the Robert Busch School of Design, unveiled the signage over the doorway to the brand-new laboratory space. The Robert Busch School of Design offers programs of intensive study designed to help students acquire both knowledge and technical skills, providing a solid basis for professional achievement. The school’s degree pro- grams in Advertising Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, and Interior Design include extensive lecture, studio, and technology experiences. Students are able to pursue practical experience in their chosen field through internships, part-time employment, seminars, and spe- cial events, including the school’s own annual Thinking Creatively Conference. The ribbon-cutting event recognized Busch’s significant contributions to the Kean University community. Busch is the owner and chief executive officer of Cranford, N.J.-based ALL-STATE Legal, a leading provider of print- ing services and supplies to law firms and the legal industry. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Kean University Foundation, he has been instrumental in ensuring that Kean continues as an affordable, public institution of higher learning where education is both world class and accessible. “Never would I have imagined 17 years ago, when I first became involved in what was then Kean College, that I would be standing in front of you today to have the Design School named in my honor,” Busch told the assembled audience of faculty, students, administrators, and friends of the School of Design. “I’ve worked with Rose Gonnella for many years on a number of projects and look forward to many more years supporting Kean and the design school. Edward Jajosky ’64, just after the unveiling of the Edward R. Jajosky Industrial Design Lab at the Robert Busch School of Design. Kean Honors Two Benefactors of Its School of Design 12 2014ANNUALREPORT
  15. 15. “I’ve been very blessed to be able to achieve what I have in life and be able to give back,” Busch continued. “I urge you all to also look for ways to give back, be it to Kean or some other cause you believe in.” Jajosky graduated from Kean in 1964 and began teach- ing at his alma mater, then Newark State College, in 1968. He has helped generations of Kean students obtain their professional degrees in industrial design, a specialized field combining elements of art, design, and inven- tion to produce a vast range of everyday objects from toothbrushes to the largest wide-body aircraft. He is a regular participant in the Thinking Creatively Conference. At the Robert Busch School of Design ribbon cutting on October 25, left to right: Professor Rose Gonnella, executive director, Robert Busch School of Design; David Mohney, acting dean, Michael Graves School of Architecture; Robert Busch H’03; Edward Jajosky ’64; Dawood Farahi, Ph.D., president, Kean University. Left to right: Kean University Foundation President Carla S. Willis; Edward Jajosky ’64; and Jajosky’s sister, Lucy Jajosky Orfan ’60, like her brother a Kean graduate and faculty member (now retired). PhotosthispagebyPattiBanks 13
  16. 16. Contributions According to Source Gifts and Pledges 2013 2014 $ committed $ committed Alumni 690,710 700,409 Friends/Parents 242,570 365,130 Corporations 390,759 441,342 Foundations 340,671 1,404,264 Organizations 686,362 739,379 Total $2,351,072 $3,650,524 # of donors # of donors Alumni 711 1961 Friends/Parents 426 379 Corporations 107 103 Foundations 61 74 Organizations 126 129 Total 1431 2646 Friends/Parents 10% Corporations 12% Organizations 20% Alumni 19% Foundations 39% 14 2014ANNUALREPORT FINANCIALS | FY 2014
  17. 17. $0 $5 $10 $15 $20 $25 $30 $35 0 3000000 6000000 9000000 12000000 15000000 MILLIONSOFDOLLARS $16,815,358 $9,141,331 $17,545,358 $10,815,408 $16,631,973 $11,152,448 $21,707,306 $10,864,955 $24,630,788 $25,869,017 $29,485,069 $33,254,263 $12,968,594 $13,122,985 $13,399,231 $13,539,498 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 Total Fund Balance Endowment Fund Balance Scholarship Dollars Raised: $2,001,323.09 15 FINANCIALS | Scholarship Dollars Raised and Fund Balances
  18. 18. 2014 2013 ASSETS Cash and Cash Equivalents $2,620,513 $1,580,131 Debt Service and Security Trusts, Restricted Cash 3,426,058 5,605,908 Investments, at Fair Market Value 25,262,688 22,544,597 Contributions Receivable, Net 1,707,932 1,182,450 Investment in Direct Financing Lease, Net of Unearned Interest Income 18,383,855 – Cash Surrender Value Life Insurance Policy 229,426 224,469 Property and Equipment, Operating, Net 91,067 99,395 Property and Equipment, Income Producing, Net 2,365,640 19,661,980 Other Receivables 621,599 872,026 Prepaid Expenses 43,890 40,113 Deferred Charges, Net 469,599 488,075 Securities Held for Perth Amboy Scholarship Fund, Contra 1,533,329 1,373,586 TOTAL ASSETS $56,755,596 $53,672,730 LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS LIABILITIES Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses $2,596,374 $3,526,811 Annuity Payable Liability 1,074,763 1,006,277 Bonds Payable, Net of Discount 17,908,645 18,280,987 Unearned Interest Income Payable 388,222 – Perth Amboy Scholarship Fund—Agency Account, Contra 1,533,329 1,373,586 TOTAL LIABILITIES $23,501,333 $24,187,661 NET ASSETS Unrestricted $5,790,129 $5,612,737 Temporarily Restricted 13,924,636 10,473,101 Permanently Restricted 13,539,498 13,399,231 TOTAL NET ASSETS $33,254,263 $29,485,069 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS $56,755,596 $53,672,730 16 2014ANNUALREPORT FINANCIALS | Statements of Financial Position Kean University Foundation, Inc. Statements of Financial Position Year Ending June 30, 2014
  19. 19. 2014 2013 REVENUE AND SUPPORT Contributions, Grants, and Bequests $3,207,425 $2,502,756 In-kind Services 7,380 49,625 TOTAL FUNDRAISING REVENUE $3,214,805 $2,552,381 Contributed Services $467,707 $1,364,593 Interest and Dividend Income 434,061 416,720 Interest Income—Lease 786,675 – Other Income 150,752 144,764 Reimbursement of Gateway O/P Expenses 338,334 – Restaurant Income 351,928 390,412 Change in Value, Split-Interest Agreements, Net (86,088) (64,722) Realized and Unrealized Gains, Net 2,619,308 1,777,541 Net Assets Released from Restriction – – TOTAL REVENUE AND SUPPORT $8,277,482 $6,581,689 EXPENSES PROGRAM SERVICES Scholarships $1,176,896 $894,327 Projects and Programs 443,201 587,222 Grants to Kean University 19,314 18,441 TOTAL PROGRAM SERVICES $1,639,411 $1,499,990 SUPPORTING SERVICES Fundraising $452,539 $338,388 Management and General 1,048,484 859,272 Gateway Operating Expenses 342,334 – Interest Expense—Bond 764,363 – Depreciation and Amortization 261,157 267,987 TOTAL SUPPORTING SERVICES $2,868,877 $1,465,647 CHANGES IN NET ASSETS $3,769,194 $3,616,052 NET ASSETS—Beginning of Year $29,485,069 $25,869,017 NET ASSETS—End of Year $33,254,263 $29,485,069 17 FINANCIALS | Statements of Activities Kean University Foundation, Inc. Statements of Financial Position Year Ending June 30, 2014
  20. 20. HOMECOMING 2014— Colonel Robert Golden III ’85, a career Marine Corps officer, took part in the pre-game ceremonies of the football game against SUNY Cortland. 2014 ALUMNI EVENT PHOTO ALBUM A lumni are by far the largest category of donors to Kean University. The Foundation and Office of Alumni Relations work continually to engage Kean alumni and strengthen their ties with the University and with each other. Here’s a sampling of photos from some of the major alumni events hosted by Kean University over the course of the year. DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI AWARDS— Left to right: Neal M. Korn ’98 MA, Patricia M. Barksdale ’95, Adele M. Kenny ’70, Edward A. Esposito ’69 ’72 MA, and Kean University President Dawood Farahi, Ph.D. CLASS OF 1964 50TH REUNION 50 PLUS REUNION—Pictured: alumni who graduated during the decade of the 1950s. Other attending alumni represented the 1940s and 1960s (up to 1963). ALUMNI BASEBALL GAME—Alumni who played baseball at Kean during their student days returned to play against the current Kean Cougars team, in the first night game under the new lights at Jim Hynes ’63 Stadium. 18
  21. 21. NU SIGMA PHI 75TH ANNIVERSARY GALA BAND OF BROTHERS On Saturday, October 25, 2014, Kean University’s Nu Sigma Phi fraternity celebrated its 75th anniversary with a gala event that drew approximately 100 alumni and current student members to the atrium of the university’s STEM building. “The purpose of this event was to celebrate our 75-year legacy on campus, and to reconnect our brothers with their alma mater,” said Michael Delicio ’82, the event’s primary organizer. “I would hope that attendees walked away knowing that brotherhood is timeless, and that there is much that they can contribute to both the cur- rent fraternity and Kean University.” In 1939, a group of 15 students, frustrated by their inability to pledge existing college fraternities due to reasons that included religion, ethnicity, and/or choice of academic focus, decided that they would create a new fraternity founded on principles of democracy, integrity, mutual respect, and inclusion. Nu Sigma Phi was born as one of the first nonsectarian fraternities to be granted a charter in the state of New Jersey. “We were founded by a small group of students who experienced discrimination firsthand,” said Delicio. “They overcame adversity to create an organization dedicated to diversity, inclusion, service to others, and most importantly the true spirit of brotherhood. Our story and philosophy are as relevant today as they were in 1939, which is why brothers like Henry Niemira keep coming back.” Delicio was referring to Henry Niemira ’41, one of two of the original 15 founders who are still alive. Niemira was proudly present at the gala, holding court at his table near the front of the room, the multicolored braid around his shoulders signifying his position of high honor within the fraternity. The evening’s program concluded with special thanks to the staff of the Kean University Foundation and Office of Alumni Relations, particularly Vice President of Institutional Advancement Carla S. Willis, Director of Alumni Relations Stella Maher, and Senior Advancement Officer Alissa Di Scala. Left to right: Dan DeWeever ’84, chairman of the Nu Sigma Phi Alumni Association; Kean University Foundation Senior Advancement Officer Alissa Di Scala; Michael Delicio ’82, organizer of the gala; and Director of Alumni Relations Stella Maher. Former presidents of Nu Sigma Phi fraternity cut the cake at the fraternity’s 75th Anniversary Gala on October 25, 2014. Front row (left to right) Tom Weiss ’80, Mike Delicio ’82, Carl Fuhri ’68, Ken Van Valen ’68, Jeff Margolies ’87, Henry Niemira ’41, Zach Denelsbeck ’15, Eric Tichenor ’87 (front), John Thompson ’13 (behind Tichenor), Paul Medeiros ’08, Christian Restrepo, Dan DeWeever ’84, and Christopher Post ’84. 19
  22. 22. THE 17TH ANNUAL KEAN GALA JUNE 5, 2014 O n Thursday, June 5, Kean University’s brand- new Green Lane Building glowed with light and resonated with music and conversation as the site of the 17th Annual Kean University Gala. Utilizing the huge space that would soon become the university’s bookstore,aswellasthesixth-floorconferencecenterand rooftop terrace, the Gala gave attendees the chance to celebrate in this award-winning academic building, which has quickly assumed iconic status on the Union campus. This year’s honoree was William Loehning ’70, executive vice president for Fidelity Financial Advisor Solutions, a division of Fidelity Investments. Loehning, a philan- thropic leader and recipient of Kean’s Distinguished Alumni Award, has maintained strong ties to his alma mater, in particular through his involvement with the Sigma Beta Tau fraternity. In his speech, Loehning marveled at the changes that Kean has undergone over the decades since his gradu- ation. “We are the jewel of the state university system, and that’s just amazing. It’s up to us to keep that going,” he stated. A fan of the singer Jimmy Buffett, Loehning quoted from one of Buffett’s songs: Some never find it, some only pretend, but I want to live happily ever after, now and again. “Because of Kean University, and the brothers of Sigma Beta Tau... I got to live happily ever after, now and again,” he said. Special recognition was given to Kathleen Assini ’01, recipient of the New Jersey Department of Education’s Teacher of the Year award for 2013–14. Assini—the second consecutive Kean alumna to be named state Teacher of the Year—observed that teach- ing had been a second career for her, necessitating a return to higher education. “However, from the moment I stepped onto the Kean campus, I found the support and encouragement I needed to complete my degree with honors,” she said. Honoring William Loehning ’70 and New Jersey Teacher of the Year Kathleen Assini ’01 Left to right: Kean University President Dawood Y. Farahi; William Loehning ’70; Kathleen Assini ’01; Kean University Foundation Board Chair Steve Fastook H’06; and Kean University Foundation President Carla S. Willis. 20 2014ANNUALREPORT
  23. 23. Top row, far left: William and Doris Loehning with children Kyle (far L), Meghan, and William III (far R). Above, left to right: Dr. Morgan Laury; Vice President of Student Affairs Janice Murray-Laury; Susan Lee; Dr. Andrew Lee. Middle row far left, left to right: Henry Kean, John Kean Jr., John Kean Sr., John Kean III, Abigail Kean. Left: Kean University Foundation Board member and Professor Emeritus W. John Bauer, with his sister Nancy Boucher. All four Kean University Distinguished Alumni for 2014 attended the Gala. Left to right: Neal Korn ’98 MA, Adele Kenny ’70, Patricia Barksdale ’95, and Edward Esposito ’69 ’72 MA, who is also president of the Kean University Alumni Association. Larry Blumenfeld and Alumni Association Executive Board member Carol Blumenfeld ’03. 21
  24. 24. T he Kean University Foundation held its annual “Cougar Cup” golf outing fundraiser on Monday, September 23 at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club in Bedminster Township, N.J. The event raised over $124,000 in gifts and commitments that will directly benefit the students of Kean University through schol- arships and other academic initiatives and programs. After the golf tournament, all the guests enjoyed par- ticipating in a variety of fund-raising activities including bidding on live and silent auction packages. Guest speak- ers included Kean student Candyce Pettinari, a senior business management major and recipient of three different Foundation scholarships. Pettinari, who lost her father at a young age, expressed gratitude for the support that opens doors for talented but financially challenged students like herself. Also speaking was George D. Martin, the former New York Giant defensive lineman who in 2007 undertook a cross-country walk from the East to the West Coast to raise money to help cover the medical expenses of 9/11 first responders. For the second straight year, the Cougar Cup was won by Atlas-Acon Electric Service, which was represented by a threesome consisting of Rick Froio, Rich Kromar, and Ralph Scelfo. The three players shot a winning score of 57. THE 15TH ANNUAL COUGAR CUP GOLF CLASSIC SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 Left to right: Kean University Foundation Board Chair Steve Fastook H’06; Kean University Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost Dr. Jeffrey Toney; Kean University Foundation President and Kean University Vice President for Institutional Advancement Carla S. Willis; former New York Giants defensive lineman George D. Martin; and Kean University Foundation Board member Patricia M. Barksdale ’95. 22 2014ANNUALREPORT
  25. 25. Kean University Foundation Board Chair Steve Fastook H’06, far right, with the winning team of the Cougar Cup golf tournament, representing Atlas-Acon Electric Service: Ralph Scelfo, Rich Kromar, and Rick Froio. Far left, left to right: Peter Capodice, superintendent, Union County Vocational-Technical School District; Bill Ziegler, senior vice president, Business Furniture, Inc.; Larry Uher, vice president, Netta Architects, LLC; and Dr. Margaret McMenamin, president, Union County College. Near left, left to right: Uda Shah and Philip Johnston, CEO of Johnston Communications. Bottom left: Golfers take a break from the intense competition for the Cougar Cup ... Below, left to right: Scholarship student and guest speaker Candyce Pettinari; Kean University President Dr. Dawood Farahi; and Candyce’s proud mom, Sherry Pettinari. 23
  26. 26. 2014 SCHOLARSHIP RECOGNITION CEREMONY H ugs, gratitude, and warm greetings were in abun- dance at the annual Kean University Scholarship Recognition Ceremony, which was held on November 23, 2014 in the University’s Harwood Arena. More than 800 donors, scholars, and their loved ones spent the afternoon connecting with one another over lunch and a recognition program. 2014 Scholarship Recognition Ceremony Honors Philanthropy and Excellence The event honored more than 350 Foundation Scholarship benefactors and recipients. The recep- tion featured a poignant keynote speech from senior business management major Garry Jackson II, recipient of the inaugural Adriana Brennan ’92 Alumni Association Memorial Scholarship. Jackson discussed how the scholarship, named in honor of the late Kean alumni director, has helped him overcome several challenges in pursuit of his dream to graduate and attain an MBA degree. Before presenting the donor and scholarship honor roll with fellow Kean University Foundation Board member Maria Bordas ’74 ’80, Foundation Chair Steve Fastook H’06 took a moment to summarize the tone of the day. “I would like to thank every one of you for your ongoing support of the University, of its students, and of the Foundation,” said Fastook. “Because of your commitment, you are helping to reinforce the core principle that a Kean University education should not only be excellent—it should be accessible by any student meeting our standards for admission.” 24 2014ANNUALREPORT
  27. 27. Following is an excerpt of the speech by featured scholarship student speaker Garry Jackson II: I grew up in southern New Jersey, in the small town of Penns Grove. In my home- town, in recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in drug use and violence. A wise man once told me, “No matter who you are, no matter what you did, and no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, and become a better version of yourself.” This motivated me to set high goals and to work my hardest to achieve them... My family, who has been in my corner through it all, is here to support me today. My mother and father, who are my biggest fans, are my motivation. They managed to raise me and my siblings, seeing us through college despite being financially disadvantaged. After I complete my education, I plan to use my resources and knowledge to help revitalize my hometown... This year I was awarded the Adriana Brennan Alumni Memorial Scholarship. I did not know Adriana personally, but I learned that she had a caring, fun-loving, enthusiastic personality that would brighten anyone’s day. She was a Kean University graduate as well as the alumni director. If she were here today she would be beaming with pride to know that a scholarship, in her honor, is supporting students in financial need at her beloved alma mater... I want to challenge Kean alumni to continue their support by giving back so that young people will continue to follow their educational paths to success. 25
  28. 28. STUDENT PROFILE: NIGEL DONALD N igel Donald, the current recipient of the Patricia M. Barksdale Scholarship, is known to many Kean students as the vice president of Student Organization. They also know him as a caring person, but more than that, as someone who wants to make a positive difference in others’ lives. Donald is majoring in economics, minoring in politi- cal science, and is anticipating graduation in the spring of 2016. He joined Student Organization three years ago “to make a change, when I see something wrong, not only around campus, but in life.” Whether attending meetings or posting on social media, Donald tries his best to voice the concerns of the student body and hear conflicting opinions about diverse on-campus topics. “I would love for every student to know that I’m always here. Whether I’m a part of student government or not, my interest has always been representing the voice of the people. I’ve always worked with the understanding that the issues that concern those I represent have the potential to spread to me and countless others.” Despite having a busy life on campus, Donald still makes time for other activities. His hobbies, in his words, are “mainly collecting model aircraft and learning about the history of commercial air travel.” Not only that: “Currently I am teaching myself two different languages, Russian and Chinese.” Donald also spends his downtime by “bonding and hanging out with my closest friends.” Many of those friends, and coworkers, know him as a “walking encyclopedia” of knowledge on many different topics. This may serve him well in light of his future ambitions: “At the end of my college life, I plan to take with me the ability to represent others properly and efficiently. My political ambitions don’t stop at Student Organization. After college I have every intention of continuing my political ambitions on the local, state and federal levels, aspiring to one day become President of the United States.” President Donald does have a lovely ring. In the mean- time, there’s Student Organization. “My favorite part of Student Organization is the people themselves. From day one, they will always have your back and be there to assist you in anything you need help with, no matter if you are at your lowest point or at your highest and aspiring to be even greater.” Thanks to Kean student newspaper The Cougar’s Byte and its editors for their permission to condense and adapt their original profile of Nigel Donald. Nigel Donald with scholarship donor Patricia M. Barksdale ’95 at the 2014 Scholarship Recognition Ceremony and Luncheon. Leadership Personified Nigel Donald, Recipient, Patricia M. Barksdale Scholarship 26 2014ANNUALREPORT
  29. 29. NU DELTA PI 50TH ANNIVERSARY On Friday, November 14 and Saturday, November 15, 2014, the brothers of Kean University’s Nu Delta Pi fraternity marked the 50th anniversary of its founding with celebratory gatherings both on and off campus. On Friday, members convened in Union and took trolley tours to view the many physical changes on campus; this was followed by an informal get-together at Ursino restaurant, where they were joined by alumni members of Kean sororities. The following evening, approximately 180 guests—including undergraduate fraternity mem- bers—attended a formal soirée at the Doubletree Hilton in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. At the Saturday evening event, the fraternity hon- ored four brothers with its Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing them for their continued service to Nu Delta Pi both during their college student days as well as in the years and decades since. The four recipients were brothers Joe Filippone ’93, Pat Hogan, Michael Kratt, and Tom O’Donnell ’72 ’76. The total number of recipients of this award is now six; prior recipients are Frank Russo and Bill Jordan ’88 Nu Delta Pi was founded at then-Newark State College in 1964. According to the fraternity’s “Founding Father,” Charlie Richter: “As freshmen, about 10 of us became close friends. As sophomores, we realized that we’d be receiving bids to join vari- ous established fraternities, and we’d be split up. We soon decided that since the whole point of Greek life is brotherhood and friendship, it would make the most sense for us to simply find a way to stay together. So eight of us created Nu Delta Pi, and the rest is 50-year-old history. Those same guys are still dear friends and brothers forever. Nu Delta Pi is one of the best things I ever accomplished in my life.” The brothers feel that the diversity of the mem- bership of Nu Delta Pi is its great strength and distinguishing factor, says Dennis Mignone ’92, one of the organizers of the 50th reunion. The other organizers of the reunion included Filippone, Kratt, Richter, Michael Buono ’88, Scott Buono ’04, Doug Dale ’91 ’94, Eric Daly ’92, Keith Dean ’73, John Flemming ’93, Saji George ’95, and current students Rob Roberto and Terrance Somesla-McCornell. Left to right: Lifetime Achievement Award presenter and past recipient Frank Russo, with new award recipients Michael Kratt, Pat Hogan, Tom O’Donnell ’72 ’76, and Joe Filippone ’93Golden Gathering Left to right: Past presidents of Nu Delta Pi: Mike Buono ’88, John Flemming ’93, Frank Scannicchio ’90, Doug Dale ’91. 27
  30. 30. President’s Council The President’s Council acknowledges those individuals whose lifetime cumulative giving to Kean University has reached $25,000 or more. Their outstanding generosity merits them special recognition among those who are helping to advance academic excellence and opportunity for the University’s students. TOWER SOCIETY ($100,000 OR MORE) Kevin B. ’73 H’07 and Elizabeth Gross ’70 Alton Anonymous Christian J. and Josephine Baker W. John Bauer Norma Benisch Mary B. Burch Estate W. Carl Burger Robert H. Busch H’03 and Pauline Young Daniel J. ’83 and Margie Charleston Robert and Cynthia Cockren Donald R. Conklin H’94 Donald Dryfoos Gene and Shelley Enlow Kenneth* and Anne Evans Estabrook Dawood Y. Farahi Ron and Karena Garriques Lowell R. H’07* and Toby Harwood George H’10 and Dorothy H’10 Hennings Ruth Socol Horowitz ’30 Estate James G. ’63 H’09 and Carole Hynes John H’05 and Pam Kean Jack* and Maxine Cox ’78 H’14 Lane Mark Lender and Penny Page Donald and Kathryn ’71* Miller Rae Sorkin Movshow ’47 ’73 Estate Nancy Muzyka Schleicher ’72 Robert Koros and Carole Shaffer-Koros William N. ’65 H’97 and Joanne F. Shiebler Clifford H’99 and Barbara Grober ’71 Sobel Robert and Debra Azarian Taylor Nathan Weiss H’89 and Bernice Rydell VanSteyn-Weiss The Wilf Family Arthur and Sandra Castaldo ’69 ’78 Williams Christine Malanga Wilson H’11 Li-Woan Yang ’83 H’01 LEADER’S SOCIETY ($50,000–$99,999) Jay and Susan Anderson Nancy Boucher Philip and MaryAnn Connelly Georgia Sedelmeyer Cudina Steve H’06 and Patricia Walker Fastook Jacqueline R. Fidurski ’70 James and Gail Wasilewski ’85 Fraser Barbara D’Onofrio Getze Anthony ’87 and Elizabeth Giordano Dauna Gudaitis Peter Gudaitis Hazel H. Hardgrove ’79 ’81* Rosalie Katz* John and Abigail Kean Richard and Susan Kogan William F. ’70 and Doris Loehning Albert and Helen Mazurkiewicz Mario Mesi Rosella Cilli Morrissey ’55 ’58 Kenneth and Ellen Muller Murray H’95* and Louise Pantirer Joseph and Dvorah Preil Albert L. ’66 and Martha Record Aleida Barrios Rosete ’87 ’92 Abraham H’95* and Millie Zuckerman PRESIDENT’S SOCIETY ($25,000–$49,999) Paul ’82 and Suzanne Koke Avery Patricia M. Barksdale ’95 Marilee Kearney Bleetstein ’00 ’05 Tomas and Maria Perez ’74 ’80 Bordas Henry Brendzel Michael J. Crane Michael Cunningham Michael and Maryann DeCesare ’78 D’Agostino Frank Edgar Davis Jr. Leonard Condo and Libby De Grado-Condo Eileen R. Della Volle ’89 Jane D’Onofrio* Edward A. ’69 ’72 and Mary Esposito James Estabrook Douglas Foster James Y. Gaines ’69 and Catherine Dorsey-Gaines ’63 Hans Gissinger Kenneth Goldmann and Patricia Jacobs Rose Gonnella William F. ’66 ’72 and Gay Carole Hauck ’66 Grier * Deceased 28 2014ANNUALREPORT DONORS INDIVIDUALS/ORGANIZATIONS/FOUNDATIONS
  31. 31. * Deceased Donald S. and Barbara Baker ’89* Johnson Douglas and Susan Keller Martha B. Krauss Estate Ernest James Lawton III Edward and Elizabeth McColgan Philomena Miltner ’29* Ada Morell ’97 Thomas W. ’74 and Diane Schaffan ’69 ’74 Haedrich David and Sharon Halpern Mortimer J. Harrison Estate The Haselton Family Patrick J. ’62 ’65 and Dorothy Ippolito Edward R. Jajosky ’64 John and Lucy Jajosky ’60 Orfan Dennis Carrigan and Patricia Powell Vivian Valle Rodriguez ’78 ’82 ’98 Anthony L. ’71 and Christine ’73 Sa Robert F. Sommers ’76 Clyde A. H’98 and Rosalie Szuch Joseph Truncale Medallion Society The Medallion Society celebrates planned philanthropy at Kean University. Some of the ways that Medallion Society donors manifest their support is through bequests, charitable gift annuities, insurance policies, and estate planning. The Medallion Society represents a collective legacy that will help sustain the entire campus community for many years to come. Anonymous (3) Deborah Allen Christian J. and Josephine Baker W. John Bauer Frances M. Ehman Bellak ’52 Ellen A. Brautigan ’78 Peter Brown ’05 Mary B. Burch Estate W. Carl Burger Stephen Dautel ’74 Howard F. Didsbury Jr. Estate Nancy Dryfoos Estate Madelyn Elling Gene and Shelley Enlow James and Gail Wasilewski ’85 Fraser Arthur Geilfuss Estate Frances J. Greany M’73 Estate Mortimer J. Harrison Estate Lowell R. H’07* and Toby Harwood S. Randall Haselton George H’10 and Dorothy H’10 Hennings Robert Herring ’78 Walter T. Holmes ’06 Ruth Socol Horowitz ’30 H’82 Estate James G. ’63 H’09 and Carole Hynes Eddie and Barbara Varona ’58 Jacobsen Donald S. and Barbara Baker ’89* Johnson Michael Kaplan ’97 Estate Martha B. Krauss Estate Richard* and Susan Gallagher ’56 Krecker Jack* and Maxine Cox ’78 H’14 Lane Mark Lender and Penny Page Violet A. Lodzinski Charles Longacre Jr. Estate Jeanne Major* Albert and Helen Mazurkiewicz Alice Bellanger McGuigan ’44 Donald and Kathryn ’71* Miller Rae Sorkin Movshow ’47 ’73 Estate Lila O’Meara-Judkins Estelle Ritchie Estate Martin Rogers ’60 Estate Albert Schnitzer Estate John and Janet Mastrangelo ’94 Scordinsky Adrienne Siegel June Seufert Stand ’53 Karen Stern* Marvin M. and Bernice Stern Joan Sztogryn Estate Mark Terenzi Jean-Rae Turner Estate Nathan Weiss H’89* and Bernice Rydell VanSteyn-Weiss Christine Malanga Wilson H’11 Victor J. Zigmant Estate 29
  32. 32. William Livingston Recognition Society James Estabrook Steve Fastook H’06 and Patricia Walker Fastook Barbara D’Onofrio Getze David and Susan Gibbons Rose Gonnella Gregory and Mardi Hayt Rosella Cilli Morrissey ’55 ’58 Anthony L. ’71 and Christine ’73 Sa Clifford H’99 and Barbara Grober ’71 Sobel Arthur and Sandra Castaldo ’69 ’78 Williams Clement J. ’64 and Birgit Zotta SILVER SOCIETY ($2,500–$4,999) Denise M. Anderson ’88 Richard Bakker Tomas and Maria Perez ’74 ’80 Bordas Paula Bosco Philip and MaryAnn Connelly Craig and Elizabeth Donovan Francis and Joan Downey Gene and Shelley Enlow Edward A. ’69 ’72 and Mary Esposito Kenneth Goldmann and Patricia Jacobs William F. ’66 ’72 and Gay Carole Hauck ’66 Grier Harry Gruenstan and Robin Landa James G. ’63 H’09 and Carole Hynes Patrick J. ’62 ’65 and Dorothy Ippolito Barbara Ann Kloss ’76 Edward and Elizabeth McColgan Mario Mesi Joan Montgomery Mary Veres Taylor ’50 BRONZE SOCIETY ($1,000–$2,499) Patricia M. Barksdale ’95 Jean Perry Barnes ’77 William and Lou Ann Kelly ’80 Behan Thomas and Elaine Bistocchi Lazar and Carol Vlacich ’03 Blumenfeld Jane M. Bodzioch ’69 ’83 Norma Bowe Francis V. ’77 and Eleanor Growney ’88 Budney James and Annette Capone Efthimia Christie Martin and Ann Cordon Michael and Maryann DeCesare ’78 D’Agostino Jennifer E. Daro ’99 Jose and Gilda ’91 ’95 Del Risco Daniel C. DeWeever ’84 James J. ’80 and Shannon Drylie Michael and Phyllis Duke Virginia Fitzsimons Dennis and Catherine Flynn Walter and Marian Sills ’69 Gerald Michael F. Haber ‘92 and Karen A. Grant-Haber ‘00 ‘02 Craig Hilliard Virgil Nelson Sr. and Gail Hilliard-Nelson Caroline Vetterer Jolly ’70 ’93 Henry and Wendy Kaplowitz John and Abigail Kean Don Matthews and Laurie Knis-Matthews ’92 Joseph A. ’80 and Maryanne Mascaro ’82 ’84 LaDuca Morgan Laury and Janice Murray-Laury Florence Fuchs Levy ’07 William and Holly Logue * Deceased Kean University gratefully acknowledges individual donors who have provided unre- stricted and/or restricted (i.e., for specific programs and initiatives) support within the following recognition levels: Annual Giving—July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014 TOWER SOCIETY ($100,000 or More) Jack* and Maxine Cox ’78 H’14 Lane LEADER’S SOCIETY ($50,000–$99,999) William F. ’70 and Doris Loehning Lowell R. H’07* and Toby Harwood Robert H. Busch H’03 and Pauline Young PRESIDENT’S SOCIETY ($25,000–$49,999) Robert and Cynthia Cockren Jacqueline R. Fidurski ’70 George H’10 and Dorothy H’10 Hennings Douglas and Susan Keller Robert and Debra Azarian Taylor FOUNDER’S SOCIETY ($10,000–$24,999) Dawood Y. Farahi John H’05 and Pam Kean Nancy Muzyka Schleicher ’72 Jonathan and Marjorie Slass GOLD SOCIETY ($5,000–$9,999) Kevin B. ’73 H’07 and Elizabeth Gross ’70 Alton W. John Bauer Jeffrey and Marjorie Beck Nancy Boucher Anne Evans Estabrook 30 2014ANNUALREPORT DONORS
  33. 33. Gary J. ’72 and Maria Mandrillo ’72 Luciano J. Barry Mascari and Jane Webber Paul McDonnell Robert and Diane Goldblatt ’61 Miron Ada Morell ’97 James and Patricia Morreale Elsa Motzer John and Penna Reardon ’72 ’80 North Victor Ortiz Marjorie Ann Perry ’74 Mohammad Rab Mary Rinaldi Russo ’76 ’79 Berne and Grace Koepchen ’52 Schepman Mitchell L. ’05 and Barbara Schlossman Diane Schwartz Robert Koros and Carole Shaffer-Koros Martin and Susan Shulman Gertrude Bundschuh Simons ’78 Scott K. Snowden ’07 ’08 Michael ’92 and Kathryn Kassak ’92 Spada Jeffrey Toney Richard and Germaine Trabert Thomas and Elaine Walsh Tyrone Webb ’08 KEAN CIRCLE ($250–$999) Thomas and Gytha Addy Stanley Sumski and Sucheta Ahlawat Joel H. ’73 and Beverly Albert Clifton and Donna Lowe ’09 Alexander Frank ’63 and Clare Alves Catherine Luethold Apgar ’60 Timothy and Barbara Arnstein Chad and Melinda Austein John G. Azzoli ’79 Bailey and Beverly Baker Jose and Maureen Baldassini Brian and Elizabeth Baldwin Jessica Leonor Bances ’03 ’05 Laura Barkley-Haelig Raul Barriera Neil D. Bass ’91 Jerome Baur Jerome E. Beazer ’12 Henry and Deborah Springer ’10 Belusa Janine Black Elizabeth Blazer Leonard ’59 ’64 and Barbara Goldberg ’64 Bornstein Katrina Boseman Keith Bostian and Liz O’Donnell-Bostain Richard and Suzanne Bousquet Anthony J. Brennan ’81 Eugene and Barbara Brotsky W. Carl Burger Denis Castanon George Chang Thomas P. ’88 and Sharon McDede ’89 ’92 Chempiel Jennifer Chen Faruque A. ’91 and Manna Chowdhury Michael J. ’73 and Patricia O’Brien ’73 Cleary Sylvio Codella Lori R. Cohen ’89 Michael Cooper Paul and Kathleen Croft Joseph and Michele Cronin William Daly and Frances Stavola-Daly Geding Dan ’01 ’05 Ellen S. Daniel ’69 Janet DeAugustine Vincent A. DeChiara ’87 William DeGarcia ’81 ’83 Paul C. DiNero ’08 James J. Dowling ’71 William and Anna Eddy Melvin Endick ’83 Emilie Esposito Frank and Sherry Esposito Mary Falzarano ’97 Donald and Stephanie Faser Edward T. ’79 and Mary Faver Nathaniel and Tracie Feldman Timothy and Carolyn Ferris Gerald E. ’90 and Kathleen Finken Harry B. Fisher ’82 Richard W. ’96 and Joann Florio Robert J. ’63 and Patrice McEnroe ’64 Foley Lindy Foreman ’75 ’94 Desiree Francois Thomas P. ’83 and Lynn Wahl ’89 Franklin Alyce Franklin-Owens Kimberly Fraone Phyllis Friedman Marcel and Lea Fulop Harvey and Susan Gannon Jennifer Gardner Daniel Garrett Slair V. Gelain ’03 ’05 Julia M. Gentile ’81 Anthony ’87 and Elizabeth Giordano Kevin and Karen Olsen ’74 ’81 Goodwin James P. ’84 and Suzanne Griffin James Gurland Gregory and Marion Gwizdz Tonya Hall Karen Hart Tara Anne Higgins ’81 ’83 William J. Hoefling ’72 and Katharyn Banks Veronica Jackson Frank and Roxie Colson ’71 James Patricia Johnson Phyllis F. Kavett William S. ’68 and Marie Keller * Deceased 31
  34. 34. Kenneth Kimble Arthur F. ’68 ’73 and Beverly Centrella ’68 Kirk David A. Kirpan ’01 Dennis and Libby Klein Ian M. Klein ’11 William R. Kolbenschlag and Alison Palmieri Richard* and Susan Gallagher ’56 Krecker Stephen Kubow Tom and Susan Esposito ’04 Langan Paul and Maureen M. ’87 Langenus Joseph Lauro and Patricia Winters Lauro Thomas and Anne Sulen ’77 LeBlanc Andrew and Susan Lee Jennifer Lerner Frank J. Lineberry ’70 ’74 Paul and Karen Locke William and Victoria Lorenz Christina Luna Arthur W. ’63 ’67 and Mary Stephanik ’64 Lundgren Rajeev Malhotra ’90 Carrie Manfrino Joseph ’97 ’06 and Lisajoy Germinario ’97 Marinello Donald Marks Patricia Martino Dolores Kubacz Maslo ’79 Kenneth P. ’71 and Sarah May Albert and Helen Mazurkiewicz Brendan S. McCluskey ’97 ’01 and Christine Resciniti William and Janis L. ’84 McCracken Fain McDaniel Judith McKay ’79 Stephen ’84 and Patricia McManus Terry and Mary Meek J. Robert Merritt Frank and Mariann Reilly ’76 Moran Maureen Morlando Byrne ’11 Joan E. Moser ’82 Mahchid Namazi Christopher H. ’90 and Diane Nilson Ronald D. ’75 and Janice Marshall ’77 Noll Josephine Norward Walter Oberwanowicz Beth O’Connor Daniel O’Day Jaclyn Oehler Robert and Linda O’Shea Francis and Barbara Kraft ’83 Packer Yehoshua Palgi Philip J. ’80 and Mary Pandolfi Helyn Payne Baltimore Pamela S. Petill ’78 Louis A. ’72 ’74 and Virginia Piccolo JoAnn Pobuta Susan Polirstok Roger and Claire Alderman ’91 Pratt Douglas J. ’86 and Ondina Purcell Frederick A. ’76 and Leslie A. Reichert Magalie Remy Shanggeun Rhee Timothy D. ’79 ’82 and Anne Carroll ’84 ’88 Riegle Henry A. ’82 and Barbara Rinder Alan Robbins Daniel and Sofied Rosenberg Emory* and Helena L. ’09 Ross Christopher O. Rustick ’02 William T. ’76 and Linda Ryan Leila Sadeghi Clarissa Sainvilien Carlos A. ’90 and Kathryn Wayne ’90 Sanchez Mariela Mirtha Sarco ’09 Gordon Shannonhouse Patricia A. Sherwen ’65 ’71 Adrienne Siegel Muriel Singer Edwin R. ’62 ’69 and Kathleen Kisch ’64 ’82 Sjonell Andrew and Deborah Skibitsky Dawn Smith-Jeffries Richard and Judith Emmert ’98 Snyder Alan Stern Thomas Tellefsen Mark Terenzi George and Susan Thorn Michael J. ’88 and Lori Timney Gerard R. ’73 and Janet Pinkham ’81 Tischio Moses Scott and Melodie Toby John and Jessica Wojcik ’95 Topolosky Valerie Vaccaro John and Eileen Valentine Nicholas L. Vasilopoulos ’88 Christina D. Vazquez ’03 Felice K. Vazquez ’96 ’00
Sharnette Vidal Deborah L. Weber ’95 William and Nina Weil Joel and Barbara Gibson ’63 ’66 Werbel Kevin M. ’73 and Marie Cioffi ’70 White Edward and Carla Willis Paul and Barbara Dietz ’60 Wyciskala Peter R. Yarem ’73 Shing Yoh Xiaobo Yu COUGAR CIRCLE (Less than $100–$249) Emily M. Abram ’05 John R. Abram ’09 Jules and Helen Rosenfeld ’70 Abramovitz Joseph and Susan Usher ’80 Abys Allen and Patricia Bogan ’61 Acken Mary Gallitelli Ackerman ’42 ’64 ’79 * Deceased32 2014ANNUALREPORT DONORS
  35. 35. Alfred and Phyllis Ankudowicz ’73 ’81 Adams Andrew and Constance J. ’84 Adamus Daniel and Michelle Citro ’77 Adcock Charlotte Greenholtz Adler ’79 Roberto Adornati ’97 Nardina M. Agliata ’97 Margaret-Rose Gibbs Agostino ’02 Joseph R. Aguiar ’93 and Ann-Marie Kay ’93 ’96 Diane Dugan Ahern ’86 Harold and Therese N. ’73 Ahern Lisia Aikens Thomas W. Aikens ’92 Connie Alexis-Laona Uzma Razzaq Ali ’02 ’04 Jessica Allen Ethelyn Allison ’51 Steven C. ’95 and Alisa Alt Wendy Alvarado Martin V. Ammenwerth ’77 Louis and Kelly Hall ’85 ’87 Ammiano Mark A. ’05 and Dorothy Ampofo Elsie R. Andersen ’78 Walter and Eleanor K. ’79 Anderson Nathaniel Anderson ’80 Theresa M. Andrejko ’68 John R. ’68 ’70 and Margot Greene ’70 Anello Annemarie Aneses Michael R. Aneson ’12 Luis Angoitia Marita Annichiarico Augustina Annius ’02 Anonymous Alker-Kelly Antoine Peter and Barbara J. ’06 Antoniewicz Joseph Antonowicz Pierre A. Appolon ’95 Judy A. April ’96 ’04 Samuel and Jacqueline ’91 Arabia George Arasimowicz Brian and Joan Connelly ’70 Archer Ralph and Debra Gerold ’78 Armento Irma Arndt Nolan Asch Joseph and Geraldine Curti ’68 Ascolese Leslie H. Ashman ’05 Alison N. Avelino ’04 Ripsime Avetissian-Nash ’10 Guillermo Alvarez and Monica Avila ’03 Kimberly Ann Maupin Bace ’10 Keith A. ’79 and Victoria Bachmann Michael and Wendy Good ’87 Bailey Marc B. ’88 and Pamela T. F. ’75 Bain Sidney and Myrna Zimetbaum ’54 Balaban Vicky L. Banach ’82 James A. ’73 ’77 and Dorothy Bober ’72 ’80 ’84 Banyas Frank and Noreen Rossilli ’77 Baris Anna L. Barlow ’84 Carlos E. ’03 and Hortencia Barrezueta Albert Barsanti ’85 John D. ’93 and Jane McCord ’67 Bartram Pamela M. Basista ’76 Donald and Eunice Bersey ’75 ’87 Batiato Theodore J. Batlas ’79 ’82 Harvey and Eileen Woltman ’61 ’78 Batleman Marvin M. Battle ’90 Melissa Bayer Bruce and Ruth Marcella ’68 Bayus Juan Bazan Wendy Brand Beatrice ’89 ’11 William C. ’91 and Kristen Beattie Louis Beaugris George and Catherine Parker ’70 Bebbington John A. Becker ’69 Michael and Katherine A. ’84 Becker Joseph and Joan Conlon ’62 Befumo Tina Weingarten Begleiter ’79 Mark and Deloris Ferguson ’89 Behrens Carlos M. ’00 and Maria Beirao Joanne Hoehler ’83 Beiter Roy N. ’65 and Carol Belliveau Shaneeka G. Beloti ’05 Geri-Ann Benedetto Beverly R. Benjamin ’82 H. Bernice Benner ’41 Robert and Dorothy Mroczkowski ’82 ’89 Benson Doris E. Bergquist ’56 Michael R. ’76 and Stephanie Bertram Barbara J. Bertschy ’70 David ’87 and Jodi Bialoglow Thomas and Sharon Nolan ’70 Bie Marie McKenna Bigley ’43 John and Barbara Mertz ’69 ’90 Birger Leonard and Iris Eglow ’60 Birkhahn Brad and Mary Duffy ’88 Bissinger Phyllis Schembra Biunno ’45 William and Barbara Petti ’75 ’85 Bizub John and Diana Schmidt ’08 Bjorge Charles D. ’72 and Chloebelle Harder ’71 Blachford Michael Blackman ’71 Stephanie H. Blackmore ’11 Thomas and Elizabeth Tedesco ’65 Blanchard Wayne D. Blanchard ’03 Herbert and Felice Lefkowitz ’56 Blank Andrew J. ’69 ’73 and Genevieve Blaskewicz Gary and Sandra Schenfeld ’78 Blatt Edgar and Jane E. ’83 Blaus Bonita Blazer Moira Shannon Blazier ’84 Ronald R. Blazovic ’62 * Deceased 33
  36. 36. Richard and Susan Gelber ’72 Blecker Joel and Diane Bloom Bernhard and Anita Goldstein ’58 Blutinger John M. Bly ’89 Mary Gardiner Boccuzzi ’77 Carolyn R. Bodmer ’70 Christine A. Bodzioch ’07 John and Wendi Sutter ’78 Bohdan Scott R. ’96 and Lois Bohm Darnella K. Boles ’76 Ferial Mimi Bolous ’01 George and Enid Rothenberg ’57 Bondy Consuelo Bonillas Richard and Joan Chieff ’75 Bonner Michael E. Boos ’09 Tawan Foy Booth ’95 John and Rose Vescio ’60 Borick John Yuhas and Mary Ann Bornmann Yuhas ’74 Joyce Lillemon Boschert ’83 James C. ’87 and Marlene Pedana ’87 Bott Sondra A. Botvinick ’93 Gerald and Lucille Clyne ’74 ’88 Bouchard Ronald and Barbara James ’75 Bourque Jamie L. Bovino ’09 Eleanor Grant Bowser ’86 Barbara J. Boyer ’95 Wayne P. ’77 and Mattie Boylan John and Linda Lovell ’75 Bradley Ralph and Audrey Hillegass ’69 Brainard Frank and Nancy Shea ’79 Bramante Ellen A. Brautigan ’78 Maureen Brehm-Cousins ’96 Gertrude C. Breitenbach ’42 ’61 Joanne Brennick ’84 Cheryl L. Brewer ’84 Charles J. ’67 and Elizabeth Kopf ’66 ’80 Brinamen Edward and Mary McNamara ’74 Broderick John and Virginia Roche ’41 Broderick Lawrence and Carol Grossman ’68 Brodey Robert and Betty Koelble ’50 Brodo Charles and Sandra Worsky ’64 Bromberg Gerald and Bernice Altman ’69 Brooks Casimir and Susan Stern ’69 Brostoski Frederick and Carol Poindexter ’55 Brown Jack and Dorothy ’78 ’80 Brown Gloria D. Brown ’78 Charles and Lillie Mosby ’60 Brown Robert and Nora McDermott ’92 Brown Paul M. ’92 and June Brown Elliot and Marguerite Brownstein Nicole Bruder Theresa E. Bruhlmann ’91 Helen Harchar Clymer Bryant ’65 Robert S. Buel ’12 Felipe S. Buenano ’08 Elibelka R. Bueno-Pena ’08 Denise Leahey Buerck ’69 Thomas and Mary Ann Fillion ’67 Bulgia Joseph and Cynthia Snyder ’81 Burbridge Gregory and Janis Fredericks ’83 Burchell Gail Tice Burda ’56 Charles C. ’67 and Mary Dolinich ’66 Burke Michele J. Burke ’13 Eric J. ’92 and Katherine Gilbert ’92 Bursack Thomas and Nancy Terreson ’04 Burtnett Bradford M. ’75 and Maria Bury Prescott S. Butler ’09 Corinthia Butts Lenora Brogna Byrne ’69 ’76 John M. ’84 and Sally Byrnes James and Maureen Flanagan ’70 Byrnes Judith C. Cabanas ’69 ’97 Jose F. Caceres ’92 ’94 William and Suzanne ’99 Cadwalader Kathy Caleca Daniel Callahan ’86 Neil and Kathleen Callahan Jenny Campbell Gerard and Susan Vukek ’03 Campbell Ignatius F. Camporeale ’90 Bradley and Anita Cannaday Mary Anne Cannon Nicholas Capodice Jennifer Capriglione ’03 ’06 Gabriel and Jerilyn M. ’76 Caprio Robert and Theresa Ferrara ’70 ’93 Caputo Lawrence and Danuta Carey Emily K. Carman ’13 Richard J. ’70 ’75 and Eileen Schramm ’70 Carmella Edward and Audrey Johnson ’55 Carney Thomas B. ’76 and Sandra Carney Renee L. Carter-Thomas ’76 Obiora A. Cartwright ’95 Natalia Carvajal Boyd* and Emily Pritchard ’75 Cary James E. ’86 and Deborah Helge ’87 Casarella Arlene Casey ’77 Eve Casey ’69* Kimberly Sommo Casper ’03 Charles and Betty Young ’70 Cassidy Lisa Castellano Henry R. Cattle ’72 Sebastian and Susan Piraneo ’70 Caudo Rose Cavaliere ’50 John and Cynthia Cavanaugh Susan Madiovsky Cebollero ’68 Kathleen Cedeno Nicholas Celso Anita R. Centeno ’72 Richard and Michele Casazza ’91 Centeno * Deceased34 2014ANNUALREPORT DONORS
  37. 37. Ashley Elizabeth Cere ’12 Heather Marie Cere ’09 Carolina M. Cespedes ’87 Eva Hill Chambers ’73 Steven and Mary Chiarella ’75 Chandler Richard and Rose Marie Campesi ’58 Chandler Patricia Chappine Alejandro and Carolina ’12 Chappotin Michael J. Chattalas John and Diane Mulvihill ’87 Cheer James J. Chenard ’83 Michael N. Cherevko ’87 James D. Chester ’98 and Anna T. Niecikowski ’97 Timothy Chin E. Teresa Choate Blaire Cholewa Richard T. Chu ’93 Peter A. Cicatelli ’80 Alexander B. Ciccone ’92 Tom Ciok Robert and Nancy High ’74 Cirasa Gilbert and Denise Anderson ’75 Ciresa Janice Wehrle Clare ’84 Alfred* and Marie Harris ’53 Clarke Robert D. ’81 and April Clarke Richard J. ’77 and Kris Clarson Andrew B. Cleary ’92 Michael ’93 and Jennifer Cleary Mark and Virginia Hartmann ’77 Clemmensen Shannon Clifford Robert and Cathleen McCullen ’61 Coutier Monifa Clunie Christopher J. Coddington ’05 Lewis and Carol Coe Alan and Susan Coen John F. ’77 and Leona Coffey Zara Ruth Cohan ’50 ’70 * John and Bessie Scarborough ’02 Cohen Dee Schrank Cohen ’67 Joan Oppenheiner Cohen ’84 ’85 Lucy Kornblau Cohen ’88 Fredric and Rosalyn Spingarn ’68 Cohen Howard and Sylvia F. ’91 Cohen Vincent S. ’56 and Blair Colagiuri Craig R. Coleman ’76 and Betty Walford Roswell and Mary Gibson ’76 Coles Rosa Collado-Delgadillo ’90 Charles and Zelma Mitchell ’51 Collins Daniela Colognori James and Nicoletta Somkopoulos ’68 Comas Robert J. Compton ’75 Amy Concepcion ’11 Belinda E. Coniff ’86 Thomas J. ’86 and Brenda Frino ’76 Conneely Charles J. ’61 and Ann Arre ’62 Connolly Richard and Donna De Sesa ’72 Conte Kim Conti Carolyn M. Cook ’68 Bernard and Lillian Meyerowitz ’44 Coopersmith Kim Marie Cornell ’87 ’89 ’05 Walter E. ’75 and RoseAnne Corris Richard P. ’72 and Patricia Cortese Timothy A. ’74 and Marilyn Cortright Thomas ’77 and Pei-Pei ’87 Cosmas Robert and Gwendolyn Slocum ’55 Cottingham Darrell and Mary Piga ’71 Courtley Maria Coutinho ’13 Filipa A. Couto ’01 John W. Cowan ’73 Lewis and Yetta Fielstein ’77 ’81 Cowen Peter F. Cowles ’83 Thomas P. ’66 and Patricia Coyle Evelyn Burnette Crews ’86 Jessica Crimmins ’13 David and Helen Williamson ’60 Crowell Timothy Crowley ’95 John Cruitt Jirigarthe P. Cruz ’96 Miguel Cruz ’96 ’98 Christopher Cubias ’11 Christina M. Cucco ’11 Salvatore S. Cullari ’74 William F. Culp ’04 Jim and Jana Cuneo Alvin ’82 and Dolores Alston ’82 Curtis Richard J. ’49 and Verna Cuthbert Deanna Susanno Dale ’91 Douglas F. ’91 ’94 and Dina Dale Janet Romanoski D’Alessandro ’73 Albina D’Alessio ’58 ’63 Eric M. Daly ’92 Brian and Rachel Metro ’70 Daly Jayne Dane Thomas J. Daniels ’73 Alan and Lois ’77 Danis Edith Darnold ’95 Lisa M. Daroff ’99 Joseph and Dorothy Heck ’53 DaSilva Joseph V. Dauber ’77 Donald and Ellen Maher ’64 Davenport Carolyn Autenrieth Davidson ’65 Ruth Lochner Davie ’77 Venson and Brenda Bottoms ’02 Davis Dereck Davis Kelly A. Davis ’86 ’95 ’08 Sam ’60 and Bernice Davis Alisha M. Davison ’13 Keiron De Freitas ’08 Leonard Condo and Libby De Grado-Condo Earl A. De Nichols ’71 * Deceased 35
  38. 38. Peter De Venezia ’87 Joseph DeAngelo, III ’99 Kathleen E. Deeney ’75 Louis and Michele Morales ’01 Del Cueto Michael A. Del Sordi ’08 Michael E. ’82 and Donna Delicio Robert Della Sala ’87 Nicholas and Arlene DeLorenzo ’62 ’66 ’83 Delmonaco Edward and Pamela Davis ’67 Delnero James and Angela DeMartino ’63 ’72 McNasby Henry and Patricia Byrne ’70 ’75 Dembowski Carol Crist Demicco ’79 Katrina Demma ’84 Roni Paitchel Denholtz ’73 ’78 Herbert and Lorraine Pannone ’87 DeNoyelles Oscar A. ’87 and Maria DePena Kimberly DeRitter William and Cheryl Frederiksen ’82 deRouville Marie Casciano DeVito ’50 Paul J. ’65 and Barbara Di Corcia Martin and Jean Eisen ’82 ’86 Diamond Lynnette Diaz Cynthia Judson Dickerson ’63 ’65 Joseph P. Diegnan ’64 ’68 Elizabeth Digney Linda McBride Diller ’69 Juan and Sandra Toney ’87 Dinkins John ’86 and Suzanne DiOrio Jack and Catherine Schur ’71 Dolak Elissa Galate DiPano ’78 Emanuel J. ’74 and Marianne Disporto Hennie Rose J. Divinagracia ’13 Deborah E. Dixon ’72 ’80 James and Theresa Filandro ’73 ’80 Dixon Hazel Dlugos John F.* ’88 and Diana Dobosiewicz Annemarie McDaniel Dodenhoff ’92 Stanley and Barbara Southworth ’84 Doggett Brian R. ’93 and Lynette Doherty Henry and Mary Ann Bond ’82 Doherty Donald and Valerie Langan ’77 ’84 Dohm Ulf and Maryann Kerelejza ’90 Dolling William and Loretta Blachnik ’70 Donegan Manuel K. Donelson ’08 James Donnelly Francis V. Doran ’71 ’76 Mary E. Doran ’67 ’80 Eric and Lara Luczkow ’05 d’Orvilliers Dawn Marie Dowd Renee D. Dreher ’02 Michael Driscoll Martin and MaryGrace Freda ’96 Drucker Joshua Dubnick John DuMouchel Jonathan Sorrin and Brenda Dunlop Giles and Margaret Dunn Robert and Kally ’10 Durso Randy and Toni Caporale ’83 DuVilla John and Joan Dwyer James and Roberta Dwyer William J. ’78 and Mary Dwyer Richard A. ’89 and Gina D’Allessio ’88 Dymond Mariette Stolwijk Dyner ’88 William and Irene Powers ’51 Eddy Robert and Sherian J. ’98 Edgreen Herman and Rosalyn E. ’66 Efron Frances M. Ehman Bellak ’52 William and Joan Zaleckas ’61 Eisenlohr Irene G. El ’88 Irvin and Sylvia Frumkin ’70 ’74 Elan Edward G. ’74 and Mary Elgart Tracey A. Elling ’97 Sheila Elman ’80 Kristoffer R. Engel ’05 ’13 Barbara Eberle Eppinger ’76 Theresa M. Ermi ’76 ’84 Ronald and Barbara Harchar ’79 Esposito Robert Esposito Beverly James Espuga ’80 ’00 Louis and Rosemarie DeNorscio ’74 Estok Cathleen T. McGee Etlinger ’88 ’94 James and Gail Pascal ’72 Ewin Laurene Experience ’02 ’04 Freddie M. Falcon ’10 Lloyd and Eleanor McCoy ’43 Falk Barbara Gepner Farber ’68 John W. ’69 and Beverly Fasciano Melissa Fedosh Geraldine Krisak Fee ’58 Mark R. Fehrenbach ’10 Gerald and Mildred Asman ’55 Feig Ann Shannon Feighny ’58 Judith Appel Fellows ’81 Stanley and Arlene Lieberman ’60 Ferman Emmanuel and Linda Oliveri ’75 Fernandes Dario Scholis and Clara Fernandez Louis and Jeanne Smith ’61 Ferrucci June D. Fialkowski ’71 Carol Lynne Williams Fields ’54 Joseph J. ’93 and Angelica Filippone Robert and Sherry Koss ’70 Fillman Arlene Babbitt Fine ’57 ’84 Jeffrey and Patricia Cardone ’87 Fine Maria Finelli John L. ’82 and Jamie Fischer I.J. and Carol Heimlich ’62 Fisher Lois Israel Fisher ’58 ’71 Margaret A. Fisk ’84 Fred Fitch Craig G. ’81 and Susan Fitchett * Deceased36 2014ANNUALREPORT DONORS
  39. 39. Joyce Dziekowski Fitzgerald ’59 Richard and Florence Callaghan ’52 ’59 Fitzpatrick John and Janet Kelly ’84 Flaherty Frank and Christine Krentar ’72 Flannery Russell and Barbara Koch ’58 Fletcher Amanda B. Flisler ’10 Christopher Flores ’13 Melanie Flores Bernard ’63 and Agnes Fogel Alva J. Fogle ’08 Christopher M. ’77 and Holly Weller ’77 Ford Donald Lake and Ray Barclay Ford ’74 ’77 Christian M. ’86 and Joanne Forster Ray Fortuna Karen A. Foster ’91 Donna Fountain Jessica C. Frabasile ’13 Cynthia McGarth Fragale ’10 Stephen and Elizabeth Klok ’84 Fraser Barry and Jane Freeman Karen Freeman ’90 Robert and Marlene Freeman Brian Kroboth and Kathleen Frees-Kroboth ’98 Nancy Sawtell Freiler ’90 Anthony and Juanita Verdugo ’74 Fresulone Edith Dyson Friday ’73 Elizabeth J. Friedland ’68 Max Friedman Joseph and Susan Flannelly ’84 Friedrich Betty Calamusa Frino ’54 Elaine Rand Fromkin ’63 Carrie Anne Fuentes ’02 Richard P. ’75 and Alberta Fuller Carol J. Fulmer ’91 Ethelyn L. Fulton ’69 Anthony and Frances Garabo ’78 Furino Gail Sumner Gaines ’73 Jairo and Noemy Martinez ’08 ’11 Gaitan Thomas E. Galuppo ’13 Leslie and Susan Katz ’76 Gamza Judith A. Gantly ’65 ’73 Manfred W. ’67 ’73 and Isabelle McDade ’67 Ganzer Gloria Pajak Garcia ’80 Samantha Garcia Lewis and Bonnie Handshuh ’60 Garely William ’66 and Joanne Gargiles Kathryn Hoffman Garrett ’82 Adrienne Garro Lawrence and Dora D. ’77 Garvey Melvin and Juneau Gary P. Fredric and Lorraine ’77 Gastrock Sandra Sherenian Gates ’83 Lynn Haege Gehrmann ’73 Janice LoSapio Gelson ’84 Eric K. ’92 and Tela R. ’91 George Saji George ’95 Paul ’81 and Doreen Uhl ’71 Georgiou Christopher and Michelle Kaniuka ’83 Gerdes Z. M. and Laynie Golden ’73 Gershwin Matthew R. Gesumaria ’87 Mark J. Geusic ’78 Ronit Ghoshal Richard and Ina Wasserman ’63 ’67 Giardina James E. ’85 and Annette Gibbs Doncella Peeples Gibson ’78 ’86 Franklyn and Lillian Pitts ’48 Gibson James T. ’76 and Patricia Giese Peter and Frances McCloskey ’74 Gilleece Linda S. Gilroy ’69 ’76 Jeanne Jarema Gionfriddo ’79 ’85 Genevieve M. Giordano ’70 ’79 Louis R. ’54 and Juanita Giordano David Goldstein and Anne Glasser ’80 Suzan Globus Thomas E. ’76 and Michele ’72 Glover John L. ’66 and Elaine Fisher ’66 Gluck Robert A. ’62 and Constance Brewer ’63 Godleski Roberta Cantor Gold ’07 Marjorie Goldberg ’79 Elisa M. Golden ’83 Alice Goldfarb Blanche Goldstein Terrence Golway and Eileen Duggan Reva Goldfarb Gomer ’74 Ofelia C. Gomes ’02 ’08 Stephanie Rodrigues Goncalves ’13 Angela Gonzalez ’13 Stephanie Gonzalez Carol Goodman Irwin and Carol Jacobson ’67 Goodman Alisha M. Gorden ’98 Kathryn A. Gordeuk ’82 Nathan and Beatrice ’78 Gordon Kathleen Yeager Gorton ’74 ’81 Richard and Nancy Applegate ’55 Gowen Lennard P. ’02 and Carrie Grabowski Catherine M. Gradl ’90 Kenneth D. ’72 ’88 and Linda Calico ’75 ’92 Graf Thomas and Carol Bruno ’70 Graham Cynthia Gramlich-Covello ’93 Joseph W. ’90 and Maria Grande Jody Estrin Grant ’82 Kathryn Grant Anne DiVincenzo Grasso ’73 Erika Gravato Ann Graves Vertina E. Graves ’70 Jeffrey and Janice Pitman ’84 Gray * Deceased 37
  40. 40. David M. 63 and Barbara Green Harold E. ’68 and Pamela Krochmal ’68 Green Shabazz M. Green ’11 Tramanisha Green Norman and Dianne Weinberg ’49 Greenwald Deborah Quirk Grefe ’77 Melissa Gregorio Jason A. ’01 and Maureen Gregurovic Adelheid E. Greiss ’62 Pamela Gresham Thomas Jefferson Griffin ’12 David and Jennifer Smith ’03 Griffith Isaac and Ruth Griffith Joseph A. ’67 and Jeanne Grillo Vincent A. ’80 and Candace Johnkins ’80 ’87 Grimaldi Peter Winn and Sue Gronewold Arnold and Ruth Chaiken ’62 Gross Laurence and Renee L. ’82 Gruenwald Marjorie A. Grunewalder ’49 Kenneth Gruskin Franco and Debra Vanecek ’80 Guerriero Louena Marsha Guidera ’65 Sanford and Hannah Borkan ’60 Gurtov John G. ’59 ’63 and Ann Marie Gutjahr Janyce E. Gwyn ’80 Juyoung Ha Hans and Susan George ’70 Haenchen Marguerite Haggerty ’98 Herbert and Fay Jones ’64 Hagler Ann Poppy Hahn ’68 Richard T. Hajeski ’77 Timothy and Margaret E. ’99 Hak Ellen Wraith Hale ’90 Kristen M. Halikias ’10 Ruth A. Haller Gombas ’00 George and Nancy Littlewood ’56 Hallock Sandra Tavaska Hameroff ’89 Leon Hammond and Ellen Brady Lillian Lefkowitz Handel ’45 Richard H. ’61 and Carol Handschuch Mary Azer Hanna ’09 Jane Reed Hannen ’48 Denise P. Hansen ’08 Henry and Anne Davis ’82 ’85 Hao Mary Lynn C. Harko ’70 Oliver and Josephine Corbo ’54 Harris Tameka R. Harris ’99 Robert and Janet Smith ’87 Harrison Jack and Carol Torello ’70 ’76 Hart Reenat S. Hasan ’07 William and Valera Reed ’03 Hascup Muhammad Y. Hassan ’09 Richard and Heidi Sadowitz ’85 Hauptschein John J. ’90 and Donna Hawrylko M. Arif Hayat Morris Haywood W. Kevin Kelley and Deborah Heath Robert and Janice Heath Robert T. ’79 and Gertrude Heeren Ellen Zatt Heffes ’80 William and Phyllis Heipertz ’77 ’89 Heine Richard and Pamela Maurer ’87 Heipertz Matthew E. Heiser ’85 Rita Frances Hekker ’53 ’56 David A. Heller ’99 Helen Johansen Heller ’52 Robert and Donna Rotonda ’66 Hendon Joseph and Patricia Fletcher ’76 Hennessy Elaine M. Henry ’69 ’70 Marie Belfort Henry ’88 Charles and Norma Snell ’82 Henry Robert Herbstsomer ’76 James and Deborah Herr ’92 Moore Megan Hester Lianne C. Heteji ’04 Robert Hickey Donald L. Hikes ’59 Ruth Guerin Hildebrant ’53 ’74 Maureen Himchak John and Judith Capasso ’82 Himelrick Sydelle Hirsch Tom Hansen and Ira Hirschfield Sidney R. ’57 and Roberta Linker ’59 ’66 Hochman Jennifer Hockenberry Jane Calhoun Hocker ’97 John J. Hodavance ’96 John F. ’50 and Janet Hodgson Robert R. Hoesly ’62 David and Karen Scheu ’91 Hoff Frank Holahan Peggy Sydnor Holland ’54 Natalie Holmes-Mitchell ’09 Ronald F. ’89 and Nancy Holtz William Hood Valerie B. Hooton ’74 Robert and Pamela B. ’75 Hoppes William and Shirley Walsh ’98 Horbatt Bernice A. Hornchak ’75 ’79 Vanessa Horsford ’00 Steven Houser Bruce and Carol Ann ’79 Howard Sidney Howard ’98 Robert and Yolanda Feliciano ’80 Howell Robert and Bernadette Wroblewski ’71 Hoyer Wilson Hoyle Kizzie Hoyte Maofa Huang ’08 John and Maribeth E. ’96 Hugelmeyer Eric J. ’91 and Patricia Hulsen Vincent and Ellen Arnold ’86 Hunt Yvonne Huff Hunter ’73 ’77 * Deceased38 2014ANNUALREPORT DONORS
  41. 41. Jeffrey D. ’63 and Karen Huppert Lewis V. Hurd ’88 ’95 and Torrie Rumph- Hurd ’88 O. Gene and Joan Gambino ’75 Hurst John J. ’88 and Francesca Huss Elizabeth Hyde Joseph and Phillis Sibilia ’74 Ilaria Christine Imperato Maria Caridad Ingelmo ’09 Joseph Innella ’84 and Patricia Jensen-Innella Beth Insabella Louis Iozzi ’67 and Frances De Palma-Iozzi ’87 Eileen L. Irish ’72 Sara Kaselman Irwin ’42 Ana Bitanga Ison ’98 Rebecca Allena Izquierdo ’01 ’03 Michael Jablonski ’08 Arlene Jachim ’71 Bart and Auban Jackson Carolyn Jackson ’81 Keesha Jackson Linda Smith Jackson ’94 ’13 Maria G. Jackson ’94 Glenn and Susan Krueger ’75 Jacobs Robert and Virginia Butler ’63 Jadro Michael and Annette Pisciotta ’71 Jala Patricia Fachet Jameison ’68 Mark P. Janiw ’81 Priscilla Silveira Janusz ’63 ’69 Abhishek Rajendra Jariwala Melinda Beirne Jeglinski ’73 James ’88 and Cheryl Jencarelli Lori Dickey-Kemp Jenkins ’97 Debra Jerrold-Jones Vincent ’88 Peter and Barbara Charen ’03 Jewkes Erin Bradford Jimenez ’08 Javier E. Jimenez ’06 Claribelle C. John ’07 Joan Blanchard Johnson ’54 Viola G. Johnson ’71 Edward Johnston Mattie Ruth Stubbs Jones ’70 Paulet G. Jones-Dyche ’01 ’09 William F. ’88 and Patricia Motto ’81 Jordan Judith Leblein Josephs ’76 Marilyn Carnegie Joyce ’57 Kisha E. Joyner ’82 Gail Larney Judge ’60 ’77 Michael and Gale Jugan Kristina Junkroft Jeffrey Kagan Fred and June Gauer ’74 ’80 Kaiser Deborah A. Kalanta ’73 Walter and Mary C. ’85 Kamienski Marcia Bergoffen Kanter ’05 Helen Goldberg Kapner ’58 Pat Karpinsky Mary A. Karwowski ’73 Thomas and Jacklyn Filenbaum ’63 ’70 Kasher Sheldon and Joan Kastner Allen A. ’76 and Gale Ontell ’90 Katcher Robert E. ’96 and Lisa Katz Aaron and Elaine Levine ’65 Kaufman John J. ’60 ’66 and Francine Kaufman Robin Kaufman ’90 Sarabjit Kaur ’11 Lisa Ann Kawalec ’98 Bernard and Estelle Weissman ’78 Kayman Henry P. ’75 and Jane Kedron James and Joanne Fox ’73 Kee Audrey Kelly Robert and Judith Kessler ’68 ’72 Kelly Frank and Lucille Skerko ’56 Kelly William R. ’64 and Susan Kendrick Joseph and Maralyn Mitchell ’77 Kenney John J. ’81 and Linda Morecroft ’74 ’79 Kerins Herbert and Jane Berenson ’72 Kessler Sydell Kessler-Levy Joseph and Elisa Togna ’89 Kethley Fahad Khan ’08 Warner Kielwasser ’80 Paul and Maxine Cayo ’55 Kimball Daniel and Diane Hoffer ’68 Kimberley Thomas and Madeline Batten ’64 Kincaid Robert and Mimi Wallace ’85 Kinderlehrer George and Anne Schmiede ’72 King Gregory J. ’78 and Nancy King Ruth Groves King ’72 William L. ’73 and Candace King Jessica Kirsch Ronald and June Wanner ’63 Kiss Kenneth and Patricia Austin ’00 ’01 Kitlasz Robert Kitzinger Paul and Harriet Klein David and Miriam Bernstein ’57 Klein Hyman and Katherine Harris ’96 Kleinman Annette M. Klimerman ’78 Joseph and Grace Pistoria ’60 ’77 ’94 Klimko Beverly Kling Pamela J. Klingler ’83 Joyce E. Kliszus ’87 Chester and Dorothy Hirschler ’80 Kloepfer Barbara Corcoran Knehr ’61 Claudia Knezek Thomas E. ’80 and Lisa Knoth Courtney E. Koellner ’10 Martin L. ’65 and Marion Koempel Patricia Brady Koenig ’79 Alice J. Kolator ’73 Eric G. ’00 and Mary Beth Kolber Robert and Elaine Unger ’65 Kolker Robert ’80 and Theresa ’99 Kondracki * Deceased 39
  42. 42. Thomas A. Kondrak ’83 Xurong Kong Phyllis Kopit ’90 Neal M. Korn ’98 and Patsy Trine Christopher R. Koster ’75 and Mary Smith Liza J. Kovach-Flynn ’93 Richard and Nancy Gray ’69 ’73 Kovatch James Thomas and Koor Kpogba-Thomas Mike Kratt Joseph and Hiroko ’95 Kreitzer Donald and Vearian Sobin ’59 Kroeck Thomas R. ’53 and Bettie Kroener Frank J. ’71 and Joan Cook ’81 Krov Thaddeus W. Krulikowski ’63 Robert J. Krupnik ’71 Janice A. Krusch ’68 ’72 Gina Kuenseler Maureen N. Kuhn ’83 Matthew and Mary Bitow ’82 Kulhanek Jonathan H. Kuligowski ’11 William and Donna Antonelli ’76 ’98 Kull John H. ’64 ’75 and Loretta Polsinelli ’64 Kumpf Suzanne Kupiec Ronald and Helene Sherman ’70 Kurlan Victor and Teresa Faver ’87 ’93 Kurywczak Harvey Kushner Janet Ellmer Kwiatkowski ’74 ’76 Stephen J. Kwiecinski ’95 Joseph and Geraldine Lenzi ’58 La Motta Carol Ann Oswald Lace ’65 Burt LaCivita ’05 Richard and Pamela Schofield ’78 LaFevre Joseph P. Lafferty ’85 Marilyn M. Lago ’68 Armida Laidman ’80 Richard and Kathleen Doran ’62 ’82 Lally Audrey Lambert Jessalyn R. Lambert ’11 Frank A. Lamotta ’06 Laura Lamson ’94 ’00 Gina Lanceter Mark and Vincenza Birritteri ’86 Landry Keith and Lorraine Williams ’90 Lang Ernest C. ’96 and Noreen Langley Mirella Arana Victorero ’01 ’03 Judith Fasone Langlois ’70 John Lanier Philip and Phyllis Berger ’63 Lapidus Robert and Eileen Clark ’85 Largey Raymond G. Larson ’72 Marilyn A. Williams-Laube ’80 John and Donna Strassburg ’74 Laucius Leonard and Annette ’85 Lauer Terrence and Pamela Strychowski ’71 ’83 Launhardt Paul V. Laur ’08 Robert J. Leblein ’74 Peter and Susan Lederman Thomas Lee Barbara Lipert Legutko ’64 Robert C. ’72 ’87 and Kathleen Zastrow ’86 ’99 Leifeste Raye Leith Rita Lemley Eileen Lenahan ’83 Kevin and Joan Willner ’72 Lennon Richard and Elaine Capraro ’61 Lenskold Karina Leon Dawnmarie T. Leonard ’00 Joyce S. Lerner ’83 Charles and Roberta Polin ’87 Lerner Tina A. LeRoy ’13 John and Barbara Sawetz ’91 Lesko Thomas and Barbara Aklonis ’76 Lesniak Sidney and Darlene Bresslow ’60 Lestz Margaret L. Leusenring ’48 ’62 Ann Elizabeth Hagstrom Levanseller ’60 Joseph and Delilah ’87 Levendusky Donald and Barbara Larro ’70 Levesque Michael and Ruth Berkowitz ’06 Levine David L. Levitt ’79 Richard and Joan Bourbonnais ’92 Lewinski Carol B. Lewis Glenn R. ’70 and Maureen Gilshian ’70 Lewis Thomas J. Lewis ’82 and Lorraine DeBenedetto Juan Li ’99 Jeffrey B. Lichter ’92 Janet Dunn Liddy ’59 Jerome M. Liddy ’07 Burton and Elinor Shevin ’63 Liebesman Alfred and Isabel Walker ’61 ’75 Lies David and MaryRobin Wade ’88 Lightner Alfred H. ’86 and Ellen Linden Sandra J. Lindsay ’87 Charles and Lois Sturgis ’50 Lingsch Howard and Benay Epstein ’66 Lipstein Gustavo Najera and Gina M. Lisa- Fernandez ’05 Simon List Bruce H. Litinger ’72 Cindy Liu ’09 Robin M. Lockery ’82 Donna Svymanski Lombardi ’77 Stacy L. Lombardi ’99 Bruce and Paula Infantino ’98 Long Joan A. Longarzo ’63 Allen J. Lopez ’98 Hugh Baron and Carla Lord Joseph Lorintz ’76 Alonso and Susana Losada Yolanda M. Lott ’99 Alex ’90 ’94 and Felecia Louis * Deceased40 2014ANNUALREPORT DONORS
  43. 43. Gregory C. ’88 and Carolyn Lowack Andrew Lozowski ’97 Denise Lubrano Lavadera ’06 Barbara Ruggerio Luby ’91 ’93 Elba M. Luciano ’74 ’80 Michael J. Lunga ’69 John J. ’63 and Anita Lupo Diane Lurski ’90 George and Mary Ann Rejrat ’67 Lutz Christopher Lynch John ’71 ’76 and Constance Lysko Robert H. Lyszczasz ’88 Roberta Edell Maas ’77 Sara Maass Linda Redmer Mabee ’67 Rudolph and Sina Sallitt ’55 Macak Nilda Martinez Maccarelli ’73 Bruce G. MacConchie ’74 Terrence P. ’83 ’92 and Kim MacConnell Joan Melillo MacDaniels ’56 Leonard and Jane Atchison ’77 Mackesy Robert and Rowena Hermann ’41 MacPhail Kenneth MacRitchie Ronald and Karen Jacobus ’66 Madaras Haresh and Linda M. ’96 Madeka Fred and Lynn Schroeder ’75 Madison Edward and Elizabeth Smith ’46 Madonna Donna Ryder Madrigal ’88 ’91 Richard and Carol Birnie ’67 Magno Lillian Bretz Maier ’58 Raymond and Clelia Mannarino ’80 Major Lester and Shirley Herer-Feldman ’63 ’72 Malamut A.F. Maldonado Antoinette Laferrera Malloy ’91 Kerry A. Maloney ’97 ’99 Patricia Keating Mannina ’61 Steven and Barbara Mitchell ’80 Manos Murray and Eleanor Pierce ’75 Mantell Rita Silber Marcus ’72 Jeffrey M. ’87 and Seal Margolies Lillian Moss Margolis ’56 Sasha Mariano Theodore S. Markewich ’64 Frederick J. ’76 and Violet Markmann Estelle Weiner Markowitz ’60 Ira and Judith Gherman ’73 Marks William S. ’67 and Helen Marsh Deneen Marshall-Mike Paul Marsico ’88 Christina M. Martelo ’06 Jacqueline Martin ’84 Lawrence Martin ’85 and Angela Martin-Fehr Scott and Donna Martin Jessica Martinex Luis and Kumiko Martinez Oscar G. Martinez ’87 ’92 Ronald ’79 and Catherine Martino Charles Martins Stuart Martinsen George Maslow ’80 Mark and Barbara ’91 Mason Emma Massey John P. ’64 and Pamela Masterson John Mastromonico ’88 Joseph L. Matthews ’83 Ryan M. Matthews ’07 Anthony and Jean Bodnar ’66 Maurella Donald A. Maxton ’73 Katherine A. Mayer ’80 Joseph W. ’54 and Elaine Mayron Theodore J. Maziarski ’70 and Deirdre Banks Harry and Ruth P. ’98 Mazujian Pellegrino and Liliana Villarreal ’81 Mazza Janet F. Mazzarella ’75 Michael and Nicolina DiDonato ’73 Mazzeo Richard and Andrea Warner ’82 Mazzocchi Frank and Jacquelyn J. ’91 McAneny Jean L. McBlain ’63 Maureen E. McCallion ’73 ’78 Marsha J. McCarthy Retoneya A. McCleese ’01 Karen Gallagher McCloud ’72 Ellen Garshgo McConnell ’72 James and Dawnmarie Roche ’96 McDermid Kathleen McDermott ’83 Margaret Mulraney McDermott ’67 Jerome and Martha Wilderotter ’94 McDevitt Colleen McElhearn John McEwen Michael McGauley Elizabeth McGovern James and Mary Ann Joannes ’66 McKenna Richard and Rose Ann McKenney Susan M. McKeown ’98 ’00 James and Carol Sinkinson ’82 McLain Thomas and Marguerite Blake ’70 McLean Kevin and Barbara McNally Michelle McSweeney ’87 James P. ’68 ’78 and Helen McTernan Mary E. McTigue ’84 Norm and Patricia Stevenson ’92 Medeiros Paul Medeiros Alejandro ’01 and Veronica Medina Claudette Yaeger Meehan ’83 ’93 Mark and Beth M. ’85 Mehler C. Richard ’65 and Catherine Melvin James A. ’01 and Maria Mento Nancy Mercurio Joan Merlo ’89 Leonard J. ’70 ’77 and Joanne Mesonas Teresa A. Messineo ’87 * Deceased 41
  44. 44. Robert and Carolyn H. ’90 Metz David A. ’80 and Ellen Meyers Robert and Pearl Zahm ’72 Meyers Stephen Olson and Barbara Nevar Mezzatesta ’84 David and Phyllis Michaud Michael Mierzejwski Barry E. ’73 and Katherine Mika ’75 Migliore Dennis Mignone ’92 Melissa Mikel Elena M. Militari ’82 Ashley Miller Mr. Edward Turbak and Ms. Barbara Miller Bruce Miller Kyle Miller Robert S. Miller ’82 Sylvia Rathmann Miller ’05 Sharon T. Mills ’04 Gregory Milton Peter A. ’77 and Janet Topchik ’79 Milwicz Arthur S. Mindlin ’80 George and Michaelene Hrabar ’71 Mirkovich Brooks and Kristine Mirrer Cheryl Mitchell Denyse Mitterhofer Ingvald and Dorothy Banta ’45 Moe Christine A. Moller ’10 Joseph D. ’92 and Paige Mone Antonio Monteiro ’84 Brian M. ’05 and Melissa Monteleone Abigail Garrison Montgomery ’87 John R. ’78 and Amy Weinstein ’79 ’83 Montuori Alan R. ’79 and Janet Moon Patricia G. Moore ’71 ’80 William A. Moore ’13 William and Carol Seaman ’87 Moorhead Kevin and Ellen Vicari ’94 Moran John Moran Joseph M. ’02 and Carrie Moran Chris and Melissa Morgan Eugene J. ’77 and Sandra Morgenthaler Arthur and Gloria Livelli ’57 ’63 Moscatello Robert ’82 and Teresa Sawers ’84 Moser Adrian and Elaine Ackerman ’77 Moshe Eric and Joy Moskovitz Ellen Motoviloff Miller ’59 Michael A. ’76 and Roberta Mottola Heather Moulton Francis Barber and Susan M. Moura ’78 Warren D. ’93 and Ellen Moxley George W. Mueller ’61 ’68 Peter Mueller Jonathan Mui Ronald Desmett and Kathleen Ann Mulcahy ’72 Judith K. Muldoon ’76 Lorraine Lovi Mullen ’67 ’80 Jeffrey Muller ’90 Kenneth and Ellen Muller Richard S. ’89 and Noreen Muller Claire Mulry Kenneth C. ’82 and Lydia Mundy Donna T. Muniz ’96 Steven Muniz ’07 George J. ’81 and Elena Murdock John and Cecilia Alvarez ’83 ’87 Murphy David G. Murphy ’79 Mary E. Murphy ’55 Kathleen B. Murphy-Butler ’94 Charles and Imelda ’96 Murray Terri Muuss ’91 Sylvester and Benedicta Belasco ’42 ’59 Naas Alexander and Joan Savoca ’71 Nagy Alex and Julia ’86 Nagy William and Sandra Treat ’61 Naiva Joseph A. ’80 and Ann Nalepa Raymond G. ’75 and Antoinette Nardo Patricia A. Nash ’75 Michael A. Natale ’73 Christopher J. Navetta ’07 Lovella L. Naylor ’71 Flora Needidass Eugene Negrin Brunilda Soto Negron ’98 Emil and Patricia Boyle ’55 ’61 Neu Julia Nevarez DeJesus Daniel Caporaso and Kathleen Neville Caporaso Hatha Nguyen Ann Sloan Nitche ’77 Ronald and Katherine Eccles ’94 Nitto Corona A. Noceda ’86 John and Deanna Sweeney ’68 ’76 Nolan Brian R. Noodt ’05 Robert and Ellen Merkel ’65 Norton Nicholas J. Norton ’11 Allan C. Novick ’74 Murray Sternberg and Phyllis Novick ’68 ’79 Leona Grossman Nowikas-Landau ’60 Daniel A. ’77 and Gloria Nozza Roy ’64 and Lynne Nunes Roy E. Nunes ’91 Lawrence and Angela ’83 Nusser Melvyn and Dorothy Nutkis NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development Brian Oakes Maureen J. Oakley ’72 Melissa R. O’Brien ’12 Robert S. Obrzut ’93 John and Jacqueline Wiggins ’64 O’Callaghan Emanuele and Diane Occhiogrosso John and Marilyn Milazzo ’64 O’Donnell * Deceased42 2014ANNUALREPORT DONORS
  45. 45. Thomas J. O’Donnell ’72 ’76 Thomas J. O’Donnell ’71 ’76 Carol J. O’Hara ’69 Patricia Ohleth Kingsley I. ’89 and Ethel Okoronkwo John J. ’97 ’00 and Diane Olock Len and Marilyn Mohr ’75 ’89 Olsen Olatokunboh M. Olusoga ’11 Thomas and Carol Rittenhouse ’62 Oriel Charles and Charlotte Stachowicz ’70 Orren Steven Orrin ’95 Angela Ortiz Ronald and Patricia Zboyan ’64 ’82 Osborne Myma G. Osei-Bonsu ’99 Maria Oses Dan Shultz and Eileen Ogrodnik ’68 O’Shea Raymond A. ’72 ’80 and JeanMarie Ostroski Wayne J. ’72 ’78 and Joanne DAlessio ’78 Otlowski Abdullah A. Oudeh ’95 Ofelia T. Oviedo ’78 ’80 Phillip F. Oweifie ’05 Joann Dexle Oxley ’69 Mark J. Paczkowski ’09 Robert and Lillian Alexander ’01 Padavano Geraldine Pagaoa Crystal Ward Page ’86 Chris Pagoota Brooke E. Paige ’08 Arthur S. ’76 and Janet Pajak Frank and Karen Esposito ’95 Paluzzi Alexa A. Panarella ’12 Robert ’77 and Theresa Panasik Chung Gin Pao Allison Paolini Patricia Pappas Hector L. ’84 and Ana Pardo Orley Parientee Elisa Paris ’05 Milton and Gwendolyn Sellers ’78 Parker Charles H. Parrillo ’90 Lois Parson Virginia M. Pasternak ’67 ’92 Manali Patel ’12 Mukesh K. ’99 and Bhavna Patel Anthony J. ’98 and Patricia Heffner ’94 Patricco Kendall and Virginia Horvath ’62 Patrick Rosa A. Paulino ’10 Wendy Shultz Pavlicek ’05 William L. ’78 and Christine Pavlu Jennifer Pax Douglas A. ’62 ’69 and Marcia Davies ’64 Pecina Kenneth Kraus and Francesca A. Peckman ’77 Rachel Alford Peele ’76 Eilene Littig Peeling ’60 ’69 Rebekah Pender Raymond C. Peoples ’00 Belkis P. Peralta ’05 Cristina Perez John and Kathleen Dunn ’86 Perez Giannella Perfetti Marilyn Honey Perkins ’55 Thomas and Jeanne Ammann ’68 Perry Mitchell J. Perry ’05 George Persson ’69 ’80 Carol Brostosky Pester ’65 ’79 Evan and Elizabeth Peters John V. ’81 and Kathryn Peterson Robert and Judith Schmidt ’62 Peterson Constance Briante Petosa ’52 Thomas C. ’63 and Ellen Petren Leo and Joanne Wilverding ’71 Petuchovas Leo and Donna Tango ’77 Pflug Micheline L. Phareau ’94 Stella T. Phillips ’93 Michael F. Piazza ’86 Arnaldo Pica-Mendez ’05 Charles and Dorothy Neressa ’96 Pierce Trina Guardi Pietz ’61 Linda Stott Pilkington ’83 Terence and Helen Marshall ’84 ’87 Pires Elaine L. Pisano ’70 ’78 Stephen R. ’70 ’71 and Janet ’78 Piszar Joel and Wilma Bernhaut ’61 Pitman Anthony Pittman Aubrey Pitula William A. ’75 and Karen Plank William and Nancy Halsey ’90 Plant Raymond and Joan Matta ’77 Podesfinski Joseph and Mary Hehl ’83 Policastro Donna Duimstra Policelli ’85 Peter N. ’60 ’64 and Dorothy Wolf ’60 Polidoro Nicholas J. ’84 and Mariann Pontrantolfi Christopher Porter Christian M. Portera ’13 John and Judith Grenger ’60 Poulos Travis Poulsen ’12 Patricia Powell Steven ’73 and Karen Powell Laura M. Prendergast ’89 Joy Arlene Prescott ’80 ’89 Robyn M. Prezioso ’98 Laureen Price ’11 Eugene and Renee Palkowitz ’83 Price Kathleen Wolfe Prisbell ’72 Jose F. Privado ’04 Orlando Proenza Kurt and Colleen Donnelly ’87 ’93 Propsner David and Elizabeth Ditmars ’61 Prosser William Pruitt Lorraine Lacefield Purdy ’60 * Deceased 43