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Oil sensors for wind turbines

The scope of work of Atten2, Advanced Monitoring Technologies is the development, manufacturing and commercialization of online optical sensors for measuring specific characteristics of several fluids, and performing related services.

Our mission is to contribute significantly to improve the operation of equipment and processes by providing real time information.

Our vision is to become an internationally renowned company which provides an excellent product and service quality.

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Oil sensors for wind turbines

  1. 1. Emerging Technology Day - 2016 1 Oil Sensors for Wind Industry ATTEN2 Advanced Monitoring Technologies
  2. 2. Emerging Technology Day - 2016 2 ABOUT USPRESENTED BY: EDGAR MARTINEZ
  3. 3. ATTEN2 Atten2 is a start-up that develops and trades advanced On-line technology for fluid monitoring, Year of Foundation 2012 Products 2 Patents 4 Our solutions allow to reach a new dimension in the prediction of machine failures, using state-of-the-art optical technology Measuring the quality and condition of lubricants, we have established a new insight in the machines condition based monitoring, Implementing Advanced algorithms we transform digital data into accurate and effective information to assess the operational risk in critical machines, adding value to our customers’ business. About Us About Our Company
  4. 4. Emerging Technology Day - 2016 4 Start of Sensorik project 2002 About Us Company Timeline 2009 2st OilHealth Patent 2006 1st OilHealth Prototype and Patent 2011 OilWear Patent Company Foundation 2012 2015 Capital Increase 2016 NIR Sensor Patent
  5. 5. Emerging Technology Day - 2016 5 Our technology allows to measure fluids, specially lube oil, beyond counting particles from ferric materials as the standard market does by measuring all types of pollutants, allowing us to: • Perform root cause analysis • Measure the lube degradation • Apply advanced diagnostic algorithms Product Atten2 counts with a team of 7 (2+5) engineers and scientists to work in R&D: • Optical technology • Electronic and Communication • Surface and Material Techology • Mechatronics • Tribology • Data Scentist R&D Atten2 adds value to its technological solution through a solid service offer based on: • Remote monitoring and advanced diagnosis • Lab sample analysis • Training • Technical service assistance Service Other Partners: About Us Inside our Company
  6. 6. Emerging Technology Day - 2016 6 1. Standard purchasing process 2. Renting the device and establishing a business based on the service Provide Technology 1. Advanced diagnosis 2. Monthly report and alarm control. Remote Monitoring 1. Provide data management globally 2. Provide oil sample analysis in lab globally, supported by our Wear Check association 3. Guarantee the update of every device with the latest firmware version 4. Based on a partnership agreement, Atten2 guarantee the quick replacement of any sensor that has suffered any damage or failure. Global support Our Technology Our Services
  7. 7. Emerging Technology Day - 2016 7 OUR TECHNOLOGY PRESENTED BY: ENEKO GORRITXATEGI
  8. 8. Emerging Technology Day - 2016 8 With this technology Atten2 has gone one step forward, developing a smart sensor that allows a reduction in the operational risk, cost out and productivity. Linking the machine condition to operational modes through a direct measurement of machine wear. Our Technology Technological Solutions Optical Technology Our sensors monitor the condition and quality of fluids, through the measurement Electromagnetic spectrum bands and involving digital image processing Advanced Algorithms The correlational algorithms, the advanced image processing and the shape recognition together with the auto-diagnosis capabilities make the difference Integration & Connectivity Our technology is highly flexible. May be used as a Stand-alone device or integrated within broader control system. Connectivity: SCADA/PLC/PC,
  9. 9. • Bubble discrimination • Particles size classification ISO, NAS Classification • Root Cause through digital images analysis • Oil Degradation and Varnish diagnosis 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 Marzo Abril Mayo Junio Julio Agosto Septiembre Octubre Noviembre Diciembre Enero Febrero Marzo Abril Mayo Junio Julio Agosto Septiembre ISO4406 4 µ 6 µ 14 µ Warning Alarm
  10. 10. LUBRICANT FAILURE MACHINE FAILURE  Micropitting. (Hard to identify with vibration)  Bearing micropitting. (Hard to identify with vibration)  Fatigue (Hard to identify with other PdM technologies)  Cutting wear (Hard to identify with other PdM technologies)  Sliding Wear (Hard to identify with other PdM technologies)  Corrosion (Impossible to identify with vibration) E.ON: Thanks to the early failure detection of a Gearbox the customer did a minor reparation with a cost of $17.500 instead of a fatal failure of $522.000 OilWear allows to diagnose failures in very early stages
  11. 11. 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 Marzo Abril Mayo Junio Julio Agosto Septiembre Octubre Noviembre Diciembre Enero Febrero Marzo Abril Mayo Junio Julio Agosto Septiembre CódigoISO4406 4 µ 6 µ 14 µ Warning Alarm Failure start ISO: 20/18/15 Cleanliness ISO Code evolution and Limit Values
  12. 12. Original Size: 40 R:230, G:215, B:180 Original Size: 27 R:208, G:195, B:160 Original Size: 35 R:175, G:204, B:156 Original Size: 60 R:230, G:215, B:240 Original Size: 29 R:184, G:125, B:124 Original Size: 55 R:210, G:201, B:191 Original Size: 74 R:128, G:234 B:190 Original Size: 26 R:187, G:198, B:165 Original Size: 36 R:130, G:125, B:140 Original Size: 54 R:212, G:214, B:174 Original Size: 48 R:187, G:135, B:147 Original Size: 65 R:158, G:196, B:124 Original Size: 56 R:204, G:175, B:139 Original Size: 39 R:180, G:195, B:164 Original Size: 45 R:224, G:217, B:187 Original Size: 52 R:165, G:174, B:112 SLIDING WEAR FATIGUE CUTTING WEAR SLIDING WEAR SLIDING WEAR FATIGUE FATIGUIE SLIDING WEARSLIDING WEAR SLIDING WEAR FATIGUE FATIGUE FATIGUIEFATIGUIE FATIGUIE FATIGUIE CUTTING WEAR Original Size: 26 R:187, G:198, B:165 CUTTING WEAR Original Size: 26 R:187, G:198, B:165 Root Cause analysis: Automatic Particles shapes recognition and classification
  13. 13. Acceptance report for a repaired wind turbine gearbox
  14. 14. OilWear Real case video
  15. 15. Emerging Technology Day - 2016 15 Using Oil Degradation capabilities allows Get Spectrum analysis with an adapted algorithm for every oil type Provide the oil life (%OD: Oil Degradation index) Provide trending about the oil evolution along time
  16. 16. There are different chemical processes in the lubricant oil degradation. RULER VISCOSITY OXI (FTIR) AN • Additives consumption • Oxidation • Polymerization
  17. 17. Lubricant Oil Change optimization:
  18. 18. • FUCHS RENOLIN UNISYN CLP 320 • TEXACO MEROPA 320 WM • CEPSA AEROGEAR SINT 320 • SHELL OMALA OIL 220 • SHELL OMALA OIL HD 320 • CASTROL TRIBOL 1510/320 • CASTROL OPTIGEAR BM 320 • CASTROL OPTIMOL SYNTHETIC X 320 The sensor algorithm has a list of characterized lubricants (*) This is a short list of chraracterized oils Castrol Optimol Synthetic X320 Castrol Tribol 1510/320 MobilGear SHC XMP 320 • Klüberoil GEM 1-320N • Klübersynth GEM 4-320N • Klübersynth GH 6- 320 • BESLUX GEAR XP-320 • BESLUX SINCART 320 W RED • BESLUX GEARSYNT XP-320 • MOBILGEAR SHC XMP 320 • GEARMASTER ECO 320 Fuchs Renolyn Unisyn CLP320 Texaco Meropa 320 WM
  19. 19. Oil Degradation Particle Counting >4µ Particle Counting >10µ ISO Code 4406 Shape Recognition >20µ Wear S120Features Wear C120 Wear P120 Image Recovery (advanced analysis) Particle classification for type >20µ Our Technology Product Portfolio
  20. 20. Our Technology Connectivity and Integration
  22. 22. Emerging Technology Day - 2016 22 Cases
  23. 23. HYDRAULIC SYSTEM GEARBOX LUBRICATION SYSTEM SCADA - WIND TURBINE CONTROL SYSTEM CMS - CONDITION MONITORING SYSTEM On-line oil sensors provides valuable and reliable information for the wind turbine control system and CMS in order to plan O&M activities
  24. 24. In the Wind energy industry the average practice is to change the synthetic oil every 3-5 years. Using OilHealth is feasible to harness the lubricant life safely, doing a narrow control of oil parameters in real time. In synthetic oil the total life cycle is estimated about 7-10 years
  25. 25. • A wind turbine manufacturer started to use the OilWear Sensor in 2015 at their repair shop located in Spain • Using OilWear, they identified particles in a repaired 1,5 MW gearbox. • The sensor allowed them to identify different kind of problems in the gearbox: • Fatigue • Sliding wear • External contamination with fiber. • This early diagnosis avoided a fatal failure in the gearbox, a major repair and a warranty claim. Root Cause analysis Success Case The Customer estimated the cost saving about ≈100.000 €. As reference, the renting for two cranes required during the installation maneuver is about 20.000 €.
  26. 26. Emerging Technology Day - 2016 26 Current Operation: Total Cost Oil Change per WTG: 5,500 €/WTG Total Cost wind farm Oil Change: 220,000 € Oil changes along the wind farm lifecycle: 6 Total cost of oil changes 1,320,000 € OilHealth Cost Oil OilHealth: 2,200 €/WTG Total Cost farm Oil Change: 220,000 € Oil changes along the wind farm lifecycle: 2 Total cost of oil changes using OilHealth : 440,000 € PAYBACK: 3 years or first oil change SAVINGS: 880,000 € along the wind farm lifecycle Wind farm with 40 WTG Power Installed: 80 MW
  27. 27. Emerging Technology Day - 2016 27 HAPPENS WHAT ATTEN2 ADDING VALUE
  28. 28. Emerging Technology Day - 2016 28 Atten2 provides a solution oriented to reduce the operational risk, through the On-line monitoring of the level of wear that takes place in the machine, Risk Reduction Certain kind of inspections such as the bearing, gearbox and shaft, may be accomplished when the machine condition needs it, instead a calendar base strategy. As added value, the customer will receive an on-line report about his machine condition and how the operation affects its reliability. Productivity Implementing this Technology may have an impact in cost reduction by: • Reducing oil changes, • Reducing important failures in gearboxes and bearings • Reducing costs in down tower maintenance • Optimizing maintenance planning and resources Cost Out This technology together with operational data, may provide an in-depth information of the machine condition and may add a new perspective about maintenance policies A new perspective Our Technology Our Value Proposition
  29. 29. Emerging Technology Day - 2016 29 Market Analysis Our Clients
  30. 30. Emerging Technology Day - 2016 30 ATTEN2 Advanced Monitoring Technologies C/ Iñaki Goenaga, 5, 20600 Eibar Gipuzkoa, Spain CEO: emartinez@atten2,com TCO: egorritxategi@atten2,com Sales: plopez@atten2,com Office Phone: +34 943 206 744 CEO Mobile: +34 638 711 972 CTO Mobile: +34 676 069 720 Address Contact Info Telephone Keep in touch with us THANKS