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Introduction to Data Warehouse Automation


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These are the slides from the second video in our Data Warehouse Automation series, Introduction to Data Warehouse Automation.

The video and associated notes can be found here:

The video is ideal for people from a business background who are new to data warehouse automation and want to find out more. The following topics are covered:

- Overview of data warehouse development
- Problems with traditional data warehouse development methods
- Evolutionary data warehouse development
- How data warehouse automation delivers business value

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Introduction to Data Warehouse Automation

  1. 1. Introduction to Data Warehouse Automation
  2. 2. Overview of Data Warehouse Development Temporary Location Extract Data Warehous e Data Sources “ELT” / “ETL” Transform Integrate Cleanse Load
  3. 3. Problems with Traditional Data Warehouse Development
  4. 4. Wrong Solution Don’t build a data warehouse because data warehouses are bad
  5. 5. Correct Solution Use Evolutionary Analytics Development and Data Warehouse Automation
  6. 6. Evolutionary Data Warehouse Development Identify priorities and requirements Rapid prototyping Review and receive feedback Problem: Not possible with traditional data warehouse development methodologies Solution: Use DataWarehouseAutomation
  7. 7. Data Warehouse Automation Rapid data warehouse delivery with agile changes Dramatically reduced development costs Consistent high quality code and automated documentation Choice of data warehouse platform Metadata export to analytics tools Significant ROI
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