Neuro Cognitive Platform


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Neuro Cognitive Platform

  1. 1. Neurocognitive IT platform 04/09/2012
  2. 2. About the projectInstitute of applied science of RASState Medical Academy of NizhegorodskParticipation in ISTC project "Commercializationreactor" in the city of Tomsk, 2010
  3. 3. MissionBefore our eyes the splicing of human andmachine takes place"Internet is the combination of human andcomputer" (Vint Cerf, one of the forefathers ofthe Internet)Today this connection functions on the levelof intellect and logic. We want to go further byteaching the computer to feel the human
  4. 4. Problem Communication through computer deprives us of an important part of information about the person we are communicating with
  5. 5. Problem We could make better decisions in training, work, relationships, etc., if we knew more about the person For example, stress level or drug influence
  6. 6. Problem This additional information is hidden in the brain There are difficulties in acquiring this information since it is hidden even from its "owner" in the sub-conscious level
  7. 7. Problem It is common to acquire information through substances A more direct way: to gather information through devices directly from the brain
  8. 8. ProblemToday such methods of informationacquisition are either expensive or notinformative enough
  9. 9. Solution Transfer from the analysis of substances to analysis of information through internet without use of additional equipment
  10. 10. Solution 3Reaction Analysis 2 4 Answer Yes/No 1 "Smart" signal
  11. 11. SolutionRemote testing for: – presence and level of stress – depressive state – amount of free resources of the organism – use of drugs/tranquillizers – cognitive abilities – ...
  12. 12. BusinessMission: Broaden the exchange of informationbetween computer and human, leaving the boundariesof verbal conscious information exchangeGoal: to create a cloud platform, which would beavailable for use to other developers (crowdsourcing)Scale: globalSphere: Information technologies
  13. 13. Potential markets Human resources management, recruiters Operative management Consulting Parents Healthcare and rehabilitation Army, sports, security business Transport companies Research institutes Schools Individual users IT-industry - games, tests, social networks, "smart" interactive applications, etc. ...
  14. 14. BusinessNeuro-cognitive platform to create different internet applications We develop it ourselves and/or 1 2 3 4 … n Others (particular applications) Health Business Education Entertain ment We develop it ourselves Computer Mobile solutions and/or others (general solutions solutions) Neuro-cognitive platform (algorithms) We develop those ourselves
  15. 15. Examples Inspecting operators, drivers, teachers, brokers, etc., for stress, drugs, depression Testing applicants ability to manage stress Spreading the work load in the collective according to personal qualities and resources Early diagnostics of the stroke risk Preparing athletes for competitions Computer games read the gamers state and change the difficulty, colours, sounds accordingly Appearance of new "smart" applications, for example, personal organizer, which advises what is best to do at particular moment, etc.
  16. 16. Team Science: 2 Doctors of Science and 1 Candidate of Science of biology Doctor of Science of psychology Doctor of Science of medicine Doctor of Science of physics-mathematics Business: An entrepreneur with international experience Consultants: Mentors, venture entrepreneurs in IT
  17. 17. Current status The technology has been scientifically proved in Russia Local, manual prototypes exist The technology was presented in the Finnish Laurea institute and positive feedback was received American National Institute of drug abuse (NIDA) has shown interest in the the studies The project entered semi-final of Masschallenge competition 2012 (Boston, USA) Negotiations about participation in accelerators in Skolkovo (Moscow), Startup Access (Boston, USA), are taking place
  18. 18. Next Steps Deciding the first markets to enter Creating web page and promotion materials Creating commercial prototypes Signing letters of intent / contracts with prospect customers Creating the end product and sales
  19. 19. Thank you! See video at 29 180 580