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Online Branding

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Online Branding

  1. 1. Online Branding 2/28/2013
  2. 2. What is Branding?• Branding is psychology.• A brand is a recognizable set of experiences that creates an emotional connection between an individual and an entity.• Create a “personality” for your company.
  3. 3. Internet Branding• Your website should integrate recognizable elements of your brand that reflect the connection people share with your organization.• Your website should create a mood that supports the story your organization is communicating.• Discussion: What elements of a website are involved in branding?
  4. 4. Color
  5. 5. Typography
  6. 6. Typography - size
  7. 7. Typography - size
  8. 8. Typography - kerning
  9. 9. Typography - leading
  10. 10. Typography - caps
  11. 11. Typography - artistic
  12. 12. Typography - artistic
  13. 13. Anticipate Your Audience• Think like your model user.• Scan your page. – Subheadings tell the story.• Answer questions.• Think about accessibility. – handicaps – bots – mobile devices
  14. 14. Establish Credibility• Eliminate “marketese”.• Cite references.• Pay attention to detail.• Be conversational.• Use a “bio” page. – Be brief but creative. – Pictures should match your tone.
  15. 15. 10 Tips for Web Writing1. Content first.2. Eliminate.3. Strive for simplicity.4. Use juicy verbs.5. Use the active voice.6. Use personal pronouns.7. Use fragments.8. Create patterns.9. Edit again.10. Read good online prose.
  16. 16. Whitepapers• Usually a fairly lengthydocument.• Technical resource.• Establishes your credibility asan expert in the field.
  17. 17. E-books• Great promotional tool.• Give away in exchange for e-mail list.• Add a creative commons license.• Engage your audience and harness viral marketing.
  18. 18. Blogging Hints1. Stick to a specific topic or set of topics.2. Write for a target audience.3. Use the writing hints.4. Make it personal.5. Write your title carefully.6. Build a brand.7. Prompt discussion and allow commenting.8. Keep it short.9. Link to other content.10. Use feedburner.
  19. 19. Image Types• GIF –Graphics Interchange Format – Small size –Animations• JPEG – Joint Photographic Expert Group – Best for photos• PNG – Portable Network Graphic – Transparency
  20. 20. Resolution• Measured in pixels per inch.• 72 to 96 PPI• 16.8 million colors (32 bit)