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FUM Africa Ministries - past & future - Feb 2016


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What has the FUM Africa Ministries Office accomplished since it was founded in 2005? Where is it headed next?

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FUM Africa Ministries - past & future - Feb 2016

  1. 1. FUMAfrica Ministries? Where have we been? Whereare we called to go?
  2. 2. Part I Some of the key successes ofthe Africa Ministries Office from its founding to the present
  3. 3. The Africa Ministries Office wascreated in 2005, guided by the FUM Purpose Statement and Four Priorities
  4. 4. FUM’s Purpose Statement: Friends United Meeting commitsitself to energize and equip Friends through the power of the Holy Spirit to gather people into fellowships whereJesus Christ is known,loved and obeyed as Teacher and Lord.
  5. 5. FUM’s Priorities (worldwide): Evangelism Leadership Development Communication Global Partnership
  6. 6. John Muhanji was hired as AMO Director
  7. 7. TheGrace family arrived in Kenya toserve as AMO Field Staff
  8. 8. The AMO wasformallylaunched in March 2005 in Kisumu.
  9. 9. The first task ofthe newAMO staff wasto visit everyYearlyMeeting and hear their hopes for what the AMO could be.
  10. 10. The General Superintendents became united and organized exchange programme for themselves.
  11. 11. A Kenyan mission team built a church and school in Uganda.
  12. 12. FUM took over management of Kaimosi Hospital, put on anew roof.
  13. 13. A team traveled to Burundito represent FUM at the Evangelical Friends pastors conference.
  14. 14. A grant fromASHA/USAid upgraded equipment at Lugulu Hospital.
  15. 15. FUMhelped reconcile the factions of Uganda YearlyMeeting
  16. 16. A borehole wasdug at Katapokori in Turkana
  17. 17. IDPs on Mt Elgon received relief from Friends in April 2007.
  18. 18. FUM helped host the World Gathering of Young Friends in Mombasa.
  19. 19. TheEast African Faith & Practice book was translated to Kiswahili.
  20. 20. Samburu Mission became a fully Samburu-led effort.
  21. 21. The wholeFUM General Board met in Kakamega in February 2007
  22. 22. A Church planting movement has begun on Mt Elgon.
  23. 23. FTC has built stronger partnerships with the Yearly Meetings
  24. 24. Post- election violence led to the creation of FCPT
  25. 25. TheNational Education Secretary worked for twoyears to assist Quaker Schools and YM Education Secretaries
  26. 26. Girls in Turkana and Samburu havebeen sponsored to attend secondary school
  27. 27. A Peace Curriculum was developed for Quaker primary and secondary schools.
  28. 28. FUMstood with Tanzania YMin recon- ciliation and renewal
  29. 29. A new Quakermovement has emerged in Kyela Tanzania
  30. 30. A new workis starting with the Toposa people in South Sudan
  31. 31. TheLeadership Develop-ment Programme trains Friends in servant leadership
  32. 32. Lindi School built a storeywith funds from Western YM (USA)
  33. 33. Biosand water filtersmake safe water available to everyone.
  34. 34. Manyvolun- teers have come for short and longer term service.
  35. 35. ManyAfricans have participated in international conferences
  36. 36. Kaimosi Hospital was handed over to the National Council of Churches of Kenya to be rebranded as a “Jumuia” Hospital
  37. 37. The SEEDS project is investing for long-term financial sustainability.
  38. 38. Part II Whydoes the AMO exist (in 13 points)?
  39. 39. 1. to promote and strengthen Quakerism in Africa, to seegrowth (numerically and spiritually)
  40. 40. 2. to unite African Friends to work together as a team
  41. 41. 3. to support the development of a healthy model of leadership among African Friends
  42. 42. 4. to build fellowship, sharedidentity and mutual accountability among AfricanFriends through effective communication
  43. 43. 5. to mobilize African Friends to “go into all the world”in mission (to see themselves as a sending churchrather than a missionfield)
  44. 44. 6. to facilitate healthy relationships between African Friends and Friends in other parts of theworld
  45. 45. 7. to preserve and promote thedistinctive Quaker faith and spirituality within the African context
  46. 46. 8. to support the project partners in best practices in governance,finance, administration and programme planning
  47. 47. 9. to encourageFriends to channel funds to African projects through strong systems of integrity and accountability
  48. 48. 10. to strengthen the distinctives of Quaker education in the Friends-sponsored schools
  49. 49. 11. to promote aholistic approach to missionpractice, serving the needs of the wholeperson and the whole community, and prioritizing the marginalized in our analysis and action
  50. 50. 12. to collaborate with other Friends and Christian organizations on shared priorities Young Quakers Christian Association Quaker Peace Network – Africa
  51. 51. 13. to develop African funding sources for Friends work
  52. 52. These13 points reflectour sense of God’swill for FUM Africa Ministries. Are you called to join in this work?
  53. 53. Contact for more information: Eden Grace,Global Ministries +1 765-962-7573 John Muhanji, AMO Director +254735601707