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The storie

  1. 1. Chapter 1 I was once walking in the woods when I saw a box. It had kittens in it!I got my friends Taylor and Leah. There were four kittens so I gave one toDameona. So Taylor, Leah and I picked one. I wanted the one with 24 toes. Iwanted to name her Dexter and I did! Taylor named hers princess. And Leahnamed hers Justin. Dameona named hers Binny. Mine was a white one with black and brownspots. Taylorswas an all-white one. Leah’s was a brown one with light brown stripes. AndDameona’s was a black and white one. My kitten was really smart but couldn’t use tools.Taylor’s kitten sleeps a lot. Leah’s kitten Meows a lot. Dameona’s kittenLoves a lot. The kittens love to play yarn soccer. They also love catnip.One night I was reading my book and I heard a loud meow. It sounded so scary.I got the kitten and fell asleep. The next day I saw the momma cat that looked likeA calico with spots. She was sad looking for her babies so I went to her and brought her in.Shewas at least happy to see one of her kittens. So every weekend the other kittens came over tosee their mommy. One day the other kittens called my kitten an alien my kitten did not likethat. So Dexter tried different places to sleepfirst behind the stove it was too hotthere.Next she went behind boxes too cold. Then she went behind the hot-water heater and it wasjust right there. One day I took Dexter to my Grandpa’s my grandpa played the violin. Dexteradored it when he played the violin. Soon Dexter found out how to pull a lever at my house andall the other kittens were jealous. One day a bugler came into my house but Dexter and theother kittens knocked him out by jumping and throwing stuff. When we came home there werecops and we worried but thanks to the cats we learned to lock are doors. One day Dexteraccidently fell asleep in in the trash when she smelt fish.But her brother and sisters woke herup.Then Dexter ran into the living room and got cleaned up. Dexter walked out into my yardmad dogs started barking and a Doberman came out and barked and tried to hurt Dexter butDexter made it to the cat door in time. (1)
  2. 2. Dexter was scared of what just happened so she ran under the chair and hid foran hour. Elisabeth came over after that and brought her dog. The dog scared thecats and the dog had to go outside. Then Elisabeth played with princess and I triedto find Dexter but I couldn’t. Elisabeth said what you are looking for. I said it is mykitten a calico kitten. I looked under the chair Dexter wasn’t there. Dexter was inthe basement but I did not know. Dexter found a large enough mouse hole tosqueeze through. Then she ran fast through my yard and jumped over the fence.Cause Elisabeth’s dog was in my yard. Dexter didn’t run away. Dexter just ran tothe front yard and then went under my porch. Soon after Elisabeth left Dextercame in. Dexter went straight to her sleeping spot behind the hot water heater.My brother the next day got a puppy witch Dexter hated because it was aDoberman. My brother named his Doberman piggy everybody didn’t want piggyin the house. Because piggy ate everybody’s food. So one day while Dexter waseating her food she taught piggy a lesson when he tried to eat it. She scratchedpiggy on the noise, ear and neck. And piggy didn’t eat Dexter’s food again. Soonpiggy got put in the yard only to be a guard dog. Very strange Dexter thought this.One day it was super quiet because Dexter’s mommy was upstairs so Dexter wentto see her but all the doors were shut! Dexter was scared her mommy wastrapped. So she meowed so loud that a person came and tried to help her. Butthat person was someone else so Dexter ran under the couch. It was just myfriend but Dexter didn’t know what to do when she grabbed her. But then shescratched my friend hard. It tookan hour for Dexter to recover. Then I took Dexterfor a walk she loved it. After that when she got home her sisters and brother saidhaving a fun time with your human friends. But Dexter just said yes and you canbe their friends to. That night Dexter went to behind the hot water heater. Butbefore she could lay down she herd her name called. It was my mom calling her toher new bed. It was a cat bed with a fluffy soft blanket in it. Dexter got it andpulled it behind the hot water heater. It was so warm there Dexter loved it. SoonDexter got her own food fish! I could tell she loved it because sheate it fast andmeowed for more. Her sisters and brother liked chicken delight more becausethey were younger than Dexter.(2)
  3. 3. I saw the other kittens playing but Dexter wasn’t. So I said if Isee you not playing with Dexter you are going on the street to live your own lives.And they asked Dexter to play and I heard Dexter meow but she didn’t play withthem. Dexter asked her mom what kind of cat her dad is. And her mom said awhite Bombay with black and brown spots just like you dear. Dexter couldn’tsleep that night behind the hot water heater so she went to the back yard. Dextermet an ally cat he was a black and pretty. They had fun together all night soon thealley cat had to go home. Why do you half to go home asked Dexter. Because it’sgetting late and my mom gets worried said the alley cat. The next night theyplayed again.5 years later Dexter married the alley cat. Their house was in a treebecause her sisters and brothers would tease her.They had 2pretty kittens. One is a gray one with spots. The last one is orange withstripes their names areginger andTiger. Dexter made her kittens learn lots ofthings like what berry is good to eat and witch one is not. One day she got sick toosick to move. The alley cat Jack gave her fish with an herb that might heal her. Aweek later Dexter was better and she taught the kittens more lessons. Like how tocatch a mouse and how to catch a birds. (3)