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Cv tips for developers


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A quick presentation on useful tips for writing a relevant CV as a developer.

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Cv tips for developers

  1. 1. CV Tips for Developers Devcongress V9
  2. 2. IS IT THAT DEEP? - I’m a developer, I don’t need a CV, I can showcase what I can do. (TRUE) - CVs are old school, show me your github profile. (TRUE) - I learnt how to code at a much later stage in my career, my CV is not relevant to any developer job I want to apply for (TRUE)
  4. 4. Why you should care about writing a good CV - Think of your CV as career git repo. This is how you track what you’ve been doing. It is easy to forget about some things you’ve done if you don’t write them down, especially with regards to volunteering, mentoring & coaching. - Majority of companies still do all their hiring through an HR department. Even if the hiring manager doesn’t care about what’s on your CV, HR is going to shortlist you based on what they read on it. - The person reading your CV is going to be reading many other CVs and will spend less than 10 seconds on average on your CV. Give them a reason to keep reading yours or come back to it later.
  5. 5. What recruiters look for - In one word: Good Reputation. - Good reputation could mean different things to different recruiters. - Some companies value excellent grades from top-tier schools. - Other companies might value professional track record from well known companies that you’ve worked at. - Others may consider your contributions to the community, whether open source work or speaking engagements, organizing meetups, writing blog posts or just sharing knowledge generally. They look for all these things in less than 10 seconds!!!
  6. 6. READY? LET’S GO
  7. 7. Your CV must fit on 1 page - Whether you are just starting your career, or your have 20 years of experience, write your CV in such a way that it fits on one page. - What this means then is that you need to consider carefully what you put on your CV as you progress in your career.
  8. 8. Hyperlink everything! - Always assume that whatever job you are applying for may go through a screening system. Many of these systems look for keywords, links, company names, etc … to grade an applicant before a human being sees your application. - Whoever is going to read your application will most likely do it from a computer. Think of hyperlinking as providing a nice user experience to the recruiter to get to know you. - Things to hyperlink: Schools you attended should link to the main website, Companies you’ve worked at, Projects you’ve done (if publicly available), your email address, your website, organizations you’ve volunteered for, etc ...
  9. 9. Highlight achievements - not job descriptions - As developers, what we do is not very different from one company to the other. A web developer at company A is not going to be doing anything very different from a web developer at company B. So you are essentially wasting space by describing your day to day activities. Focus more on talking about your achievements at every job.
  10. 10. Summarize your tech stacks - Don’t let recruiters second guess what programming language or frameworks you have experience with. Clearly highlight them. - Group your technical expertises by topic. (e.g. don’t mix programming languages with database systems) - If you are not proficient with a particular technology, state it clearly (or don’t put it on your CV at all)
  11. 11. Bonus: Have a website for your name - Since you are keeping your CV to be 1 page long max, you can put everything else that you feel is relevant but not necessary on your CV on your website. This can include blog posts you’ve written, portfolio of projects you’ve worked on and links to any other social networks (if relevant). - The advantage of doing this is that Google will always rank your website higher than anything else. You don’t want a recruiter to find you on facebook before finding you somewhere else in case they google your name.
  12. 12. Things you should remove from your CV - The high school you went to - References - Hobbies
  13. 13. Practicals My old CV: %20Long.pdf?dl=0 My current CV:
  14. 14. Questions?
  15. 15. Medaase! @edemkumodzi