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Levi’s wanted to globally re-introduce the brand with millennial women and create a strong, emotional connection that would build brand relevance and loyalty. Levi’s sought to re-engage with
millennial women through alternative
brand positioning and by carving out a
uniquely ownable space.

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Levi's: Shape What's To Come Portfolio

  1. 1. Digital
  2. 2. The Challenge Our SolutionLevi’s® wanted to globally re-introduce As a part of Levi’s® commitment to understanding young Based on these insights, Edelman created Shape What’s tothe brand with millennial women and women, a global study of 1,000 millennial women was Come by Levi’s®: a global, online community that encouragescreate a strong, emotional connection commissioned to find out what the future means to a millennial women to pursue their passions.that would build brand relevance and generation that has been characterized as “lazy” and Launched on Oct. 18, 2010 in the US, the UK and Japan,loyalty. Levi’s® sought to re-engage with “entitled” by journalists. Shape What’s to Come features collaborative discussionmillennial women through alternative Tasked with gathering insights from the study, Edelman boards, an ambassador program, interactive livecastsbrand positioning and by carving out a discovered that millennial women are actually brilliantly with high-profile female influencers and offline events likeuniquely ownable space. progressive—or creatively rebellious—in the way that they’re TEDWomen. Edelman also maintains Shape What’s to Come transforming the timeframe and definition of adulthood. embassies on Facebook, YouTube, UStream, Twitter, LinkedIn Young women today value life’s journeys more than its and a Japanese mobile site. destinations. Rather than wanting to “have it all,” millennial women want to try it all; they simply need a network of peers and mentors to help them navigate the complex web of choices. 2 Digital
  3. 3. Website (Japanese) jp.shapewhatstocome.comWebsite (English)www.shapewhatstocome.com 3 Digital
  4. 4. Traveling JournalsWebsite Profile Page en.shapewhatstocome.com/journals 4 Digital
  5. 5. In.Spiralsen.shapewhatstocome.com/in-spirals Interest Categories en.shapewhatstocome.com/get-involved/interests Discussion Boards en.shapewhatstocome.com/forums 5 Digital
  6. 6. The Levi’s® Girl on Twitter twitter.com/thelevisgirlThe Levi’s® Girl Tumblr Blogthelevisgirl.tumblr.com 6 Digital
  7. 7. Shape What’s to Come AmbassadorsYouTube Channel UStream Channelyoutube.com/shapewhatstocome ustream.tv/ShapeWhatsToCome 7 Digital
  8. 8. Manifesto Filmyoutu.be/nrEzNliUInI 8 Digital
  9. 9. TEDWomen Conference Evolving Influence Conferenceen.shapewhatstocome.com/tedwomen en.shapewhatstocome.com/evolvinginfluence 9 Digital
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  11. 11. About Edelman DigitalEdelman Digital has been an award winning, full service Digital www.edelmandigital.comdigital engagement agency since 1995. We do this by creatingauthentic content, communications and experiences that earntrust, build community and drive business results. www.twitter.com/edelmandigitalIntegrated digital programs, bridging traditional and socialmedia with online PR and marketing, are our strength. Thisincludes everything from strategy derived from insights and www.facebook.com/edelmanresearch to creative development and execution. Our digitalengagement includes community management, influenceroutreach and social media advertising, and our web visibilityinitiatives include search engine marketing and optimization.Through the years we’ve discovered that if you find thestory from the consumer you can tell it back to them in theirlanguage—let us help you own that story. Digital