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Spectrum of Digital Engagement in Health


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The Edelman Health Barometer 2011 examined the technology and digital platforms that people use to make health decisions and manage/track their health. According to early findings, these differences cause the global population to cluster into five segmentations along a spectrum of digital engagement in health -- actionists, followers, participants, traditionalists and offliners.

Spectrum of Digital Engagement in Health

  1. 1. Health Barometer 2011 Spectrum of Digital Engagement in Health DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT IN HEALTH METHODOLOGY EDELMAN HEALTH BAROMETER 2011 READ ONLINE READ WATCH USE TECH* SHARE LINKS PUBLISH/ POST POST STATUS COMMENT ON CREATE/ • 15,000+ general population respondents interviewed FORUMS, PRODUCT VIDEOS FOR HEALTH MAINTAIN PRODUCTS UPDATES ONLINE PUBLISH MESSAGE CUSTOMER FORUMS, VIDEOS across 12 markets BLOGS RATINGS/ BOARDS, RATINGS/ REVIEWS COMMUNITIES, DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT IN HEALTH BLOGS REVIEWS BLOGS • Actionists and Followers segmented using a principal SOURCES USED TO MAKE HEALTH DECISIONS components factor analysis 00101 • Participants, Traditionalists, and Offliners 0 1 segmented using a cross-tabulation analysis 0 10010 • Icon placement & gradation determined by significance; significance defined at the 95% confidence level TRADITIONAL CONVERSATIONS CONVERSATIONS HEALTH- ONLINE HEALTH DIGITAL SOURCES WITH WITH FRIENDS RELATED SEARCH TRACKING SOURCES HEALTHCARE AND FAMILY WEBSITES ENGINES DEVICES PROFESSIONALS OFFLINERS TRADITIONALISTS PARTICIPANTS FOLLOWERS ACTIONISTS NEVER USE THE INTERNET FOR USE INTERNET FOR HEALTH USE INTERNET FOR HEALTH USE INTERNET FOR HEALTH USE INTERNET FOR HEALTH HEALTH INFORMATION INFORMATION BUT NOT INFORMATION LESS THAN WEEKLY INFORMATION AT LEAST WEEKLY INFORMATION AT LEAST WEEKLY DIGITIALLY ENGAGED most likely to be 18-30 yrs 00101 00101 0 0 1 1 0 0 10010 10010 00101 0 1 7% 0 10010 of the global population 14% 23% of the global population 21% 35% of the global population of the global population of the global populationLEAST MOSTDIGITALLY DIGITALLYENGAGED ENGAGED*Tech includes software applications, online services or mobile ‘app’ | #EHB2011