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Social Business Planning

Edelman's approach and methodology for doing business in a connected age.

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Social Business Planning

  1. SOCIAL  BUSINESS  PLANNING   ©BUILDING  AN  INTELLIGENT  BUSINESS  &  CONNECTED  BRAND    David  Armano  &  Mike  Kuczkowski    Edelman  Digital  |  Edelman  ConsulGng  
  3. IN  A  MULTI-­‐STAKEHOLDER  WORLD,  PARTICIPATION  TRUMPS  BROADCASTING   Today,  70%  OF  ALL  INFORMATION  is  created  by  individuals  and   the  size  of  the  digital    universe  DOUBLES  EVERY  TWO  YEARS   Source: IDC, “Digital Universe Study”, 2011 3  
  4. CUSTOMERS  CAN  BE  ADVOCATES  “For brands today in this fragmented world getting us, as multifacetedpeople, to take action and engage is one of the biggest challengesmarketers face”~Christina Smedley, Edelman Global Chair Consumer Marketing   4  
  5. OR  “BADVOCATES”  “The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it”~Abbie Hoffman   5  
  6. EMPLOYEES  ARE  AMBASSADORS   “To  succeed  with  empowered  customers,  you  must  empower   your  employees  to  solve  customer  problems”   ~Josh  Bernoff,  Forrester  Analyst  &  Author  of  Empowered  6  
  7. INFORMATION  HAS  BEEN  UNLEASHED   “For  the  first  Gme,  this  year’s  Trust  Barometer  shows  that  trust  and   transparency  are  as  important  to  corporate  reputaGon  as  the  quality  of   products  and  services”     ~Edelman  Trust  Barometer  7  
  8. MEDIA  HAS  CHANGED  “It‘s  esGmated  that  the  combined  installed  base  of  smartphones  and  browser-­‐equipped  enhanced  phones  will  surpass  1.82  billion  units  by  2013,  eclipsing  the  total  of  1.78  billion  PCs  by  then.”  ~eMarketer,  Gehng  To  Know  The  Mobile  PopulaGon        8  
  9. BUT  YOUR  BUSINESS  HASN’T  marketing public customer product sales relations service development“To stand out in a commoditized market, companies mustunderstand what customers truly value. The only way to do that isto break down the traditional, often entrenched, silos and uniteresources to focus directly on customer needs."~Ranjay Gulati, Harvard Business Review  9  
  10.    SOCIAL is not a “silver bullet” for business. It just CHANGES THE GAME…again.
  13. CHALLENGES:  UNDERPERFORMING  DIGITAL/SOCIAL  INITIATIVES   Benefits of Social Media have been fully demonstrated by a select few Organizations have unrealistic expectations organizations of social media effectiveness and therefore are unable to harness benefits WE ARE HERE Experienced organizations have realized the difficulties with social media objectives and ROI and have taken new, practical approaches to implementation Based upon the Gartner Hype Cycle13  
  15. CHALLENGES:  LACK  OF  COORDINATION  &  INTEGRATION   marketing“Your marketing department has set up a Facebook page. Your human resources department is thinkingabout using social media as a recruiting tool. Your sales department isn’t quite sure how social media candeliver qualified sales leads. Your employees are tweeting away about what they’re doing all day at work.Your IT department is worried about the threat of viruses and malware. Your customer service department isoverwhelmed by the amount of content out there that needs monitoring. Sounds like chaos."~ Veronica Fielding   15  
  16. CHALLENGES:  CLOSED  BUSINESS  CULTURE  “A new organizational structure is required to accommodate and benefitfrom the culture of sharing that social media has fueled over the last fouryears. The information flow we all experience daily can no longer beorganized into neat org-chart silos."~Charlene Li, Author of Open Leadership   *For an evolved version of this visual concept (in collaboration with Brian Solis), see The End of Business As Usual CLOSED COLLABORATIVE CONNECTED Silos, rigidity & information hoarding vs. Freely sharing information and Connecting internal and external ecosystems/ collaboration knowledge internally while acting more social externally communities for mutual gain16  
  18. Social  Enterprise  +  Social  Brand  =  Social  Business   Initiatives Community  Management   Customer  Service   CommunicaJons   Crowdsourcing   Marketing   Campaigns   Advocacy   Crisis     SOCIAL  BRAND   SOCIAL  BUSINESS   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE   (External)   (Internal)   Training   Process   CollaboraJon   Organization Models   Source: David Armano, Research  &  Development   Edelman 2011, Policies  &  Guidelines   Knowledge  Sharing   Culture   Infrastructure18  
  19. SOCIAL  BUSINESS  EXTENDS  THE  ENTERPRISE  *Source: McKinsey Quarterly, How social technologies are extending the organization
  20. SOCIAL  BUSINESS  PLANNING  DRIVES  STRATEGY  &  EXECUTION   INTERNAL + EXTERNAL INITIATIVES SOCIAL  BUSINESS  PLANNING   (people,  process,  plarorms)   SOCIAL/DIGITAL  STRATEGY  &  PROGRAMS   (engagement,  content,  communicaGon,  collaboraGon,  programs)   Source: David Armano, Edelman 2011,   IMPLEMENTATION  &  EXECUTION   (deployment,  maintenance,  measurement,  refinement,  integraGon)    20  
  22. CUSTOMERS  HAVE  EVOLVED  AND  SO  MUST  BUSINESS  Move past being a linear process-driven organizationand create a new, dynamic, networked businesses
  23. EVERYONE  IS  AN  ACTIVIST    23  
  25. MARKETING  IS  SOCIAL   Energizer is an Edelman Client25  
  26. IDEAS  CAN  COME  FROM  ANYWHERE   Starbucks is an Edelman Client26  
  27. BUSINESS  EMBRACES  RESPONSIBILITY   "Were  calling  for  a  business  model  that     decouples  growth  from  environmental    impact,  and  that  frankly  isnt  out  there  yet,”  Unilever is an Edelman Client ~Paul  Polman,  Unilever  CEO  27  
  28. PUBLICS  SEEK  PURPOSE  “86 percent of global consumers believe that business needs toplace at least equal weight on society’s interests as on abusiness’ interests.”~Edelman 2010 Good Purpose Study   Starbucks is an Edelman Client28  
  29. BEING  SOCIAL  WITHIN  LEARN  ABOUT  CO-­‐WORKERS  personally and professionallyMINE  NETWORKS  OF  CONTACTS  and acquaintances for advice, references and referralsFORM  TEAMS, communities or informal groupsCOLLABORATE,  DISCUSS  AND  COMMENT  on work productsORGANIZE  AND  IDENTIFY  relevant work within the organizationALERT  USERS  to relevant information*Source: Gartner, “Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace”, 2011 August; Edelman Consulting analysis
  31. SOCIAL  BUSINESS  PLANNING     Social business planning is the blueprint for the transformation of an organization—bridging the external with internal, resulting in a more connected way of doing business which creates shared value for all stakeholders  31  
  32. EXTEND  SOCIAL  MEDIA  BEYOND  MARKETING  CORPORATE USAGE %* SOCIAL MEDIA USE DEPARTMENT NOT  JUST  A  MARKETING   96% Advertising/Promotions MARKETING   FUNCTION.     88% Public Relations SALES   Social  media  impacts  the   75% Customer Service FINANCE   enGre  organizaGon.     56% Market Research COMMUNICATIONS   Embrace  social  media   internally  and  externally   48% Sales/Commerce HUMAN  RESOURCES   and  watch  your   40% Product Development INFORMATION  TECHNOLOGY   organizaGon  grow  from  UNREALIZED  POTENTIAL   24% Internal Communications OPERATIONS   the  inside  out  and  outside   in.     <10% Recruiting PRODUCT  DEVELOPMENT   *Source: Booz & Co. and Buddy Media, “Campaigns to Capabilities: Social Media & Marketing”, 2011
  33. SOCIAL  BUSINESS  BECOMES  THE  CONNECTIVE  TISSUE     MARKETING   BEYOND  BUSINESS  SILOS   Social  Business  Planning   SUPPLY   PUBLIC   looks  at  mulGple   CHAIN   RELATIONS   operaGons  across  the   organizaGon  and   idenGfies  opportuniGes   SOCIAL   BUSINESS   for  the  integraGon  of   HUMAN   RESOURCES   CUSTOMER   SERVICE   doing  business  in  a  more   social  way.     A  social  business  is  a   PRODUCT   SALES   connected  business.   DEVELOPMENT  33  
  34. SOCIAL  BUSINESS  SYSTEMS  NEED  TO  INTEGRATE   ExisGng   Legacy     Social   IntegraGon   Planning   Source: David Armano, Edelman 2011, Internal   External  34  
  36. A  CONTINUOUS  EVOLUTION   ASSESSMENT STRATEGY ORGANIZATION ENGAGEMENT EVALUATIONSource: Edelman Consulting 2011Develop an approach to Define a social business Align the Enact the social media Take a continuousundertake your social strategy that outlines core organization to fully strategy and engage each “measure andbusiness endeavor. objectives, roadmap, harness the power major stakeholder group respond” approachDecide where to start, of social permeating through social media. around social media measurement, processwhat the finish line the internal and investments, and technology integration.looks like and what the external enterprise. optimizing the Identify, evaluate and execution modelorganization is willing tocommit to get from point prioritize stakeholder based on continuousA to point B. needs and wants into an stakeholder overall stakeholder feedback. engagement plan. Becoming a social business is NOT A CAMPAIGN—it is a CONTINUOUS EVOLUTION.
  37. STEP  1:  APPROACH   ASSESSMENT STRATEGY ORGANIZATION ENGAGEMENT EVALUATIONSource: Edelman Consulting 2011 Often two approaches: 1. Wait until you’ve mastered current social media implementations (popular) 2. Galvanize leaders around social needs and begin to add layers of social engagement now (recommended)  
  38. STEP  2:  STRATEGY   ASSESSMENT STRATEGY ORGANIZATION ENGAGEMENT EVALUATIONSource: Edelman Consulting 2011 Utilize pre-built frameworks to organize a clear, actionable plan   Source: Forrester. “Social Business Strategy for CIOs” ,February 2011
  39. STEP  3:  ORGANIZATION   ASSESSMENT STRATEGY ORGANIZATION ENGAGEMENT EVALUATIONSource: Edelman Consulting 2011 Break down functional silos around social media with aligned and coordinated organizational structures  
  40. STEP  4:  ENGAGEMENT   ASSESSMENT STRATEGY ORGANIZATION ENGAGEMENT EVALUATIONSource: Edelman Consulting 2011 Activate social business strategy across various stakeholders   CUSTOMERS   BUSINESS  PARTNERS   EMPLOYEES   MEDIA  
  41. STEP  5:  EVALUATION   ASSESSMENT STRATEGY ORGANIZATION ENGAGEMENT EVALUATIONSource: Edelman Consulting 2011 Evaluate data, analyze for meaning and adapt with change   adapt   gather   disseminate   synthesize   evaluate  
  43. 3  P’s:  THE  SOCIAL  BUSINESS  TRIUMVERATE   People   Process   Plarorms  43  
  44. A  FOUR  PRONGED  FRAMEWORK   STRATEGY Vision Business Objectives Roadmap ORG & GOVERNANCE MEASUREMENT Organizational Design PEOPLE Key Performance Indicators Governance & Control PROCESS PLATFORMS Analytics & Methodology Culture & Leadership Source: Edelman Consulting 2011 ECOSYSTEM Audience Engagement Risk44  
  45. ALIGN  SOCIAL  ACTIVITIES  WITH  BUSINESS  STRATEGY   STRATEGY •  Learning  and  listening   Internal   Intelligence   •  Visibility   •  Knowledge  sharing   Business Objectives •  Demand  generaGon   Sales   •  Lead  generaGon   •  Conversion   •  Brand  awareness   Awareness   •  Engagement  data   •  Word  of  mouth   •  Brand  engagement   RetenGon   •  Customer  loyalty   * Edelman Consulting analysis based on Gartner research45  
  46. CONSTRUCT  THE  ROADMAP:  FROM  CRAWLING  TO  FLYING   STRATEGYI   • Steering  Commiwee  IdenGfied   • Social  Enterprise  Architecture   • Partners  Coordinated  &  Connected   • Systems Integrated on BackN   • Governance models in place   Constructed   To  Internal  Lead   EndT   • Internal  network  deployed   • Rules Of Engagement • Social  CMS  Tools  &  Internal  Staffing   • Employees, Partners, & Circulated Formalized  E   •   Listening  tools  &  process  in  place   Customers Connected   • Early Adopter Training Initiated • Regional  AddiGons  to  Steering  R   • KPI/Measurement  Framework   • Culture  of  OrganizaGon  More     Established   • Monitoring/AnalyGcs  inform  policy,   Commiwee   Adaptable  N   process  and  content   • Policy  established   • Training  Rolled  Out  In  Across     • People,  Processes  &  Plarorm  A   • Community  Management  Plan   EnGre  OrganizaGon   • Center  of  Excellence  IdenGfied   Maturity  Well  Established  L   AcGvated     CRAWL   WALK   RUN   FLY   POLICY,  PROCESS,  PROCEDURE   PROPERTY  MANAGEMENT   ECOSYSTEM  ENGAGEMENT   SOCIAL  INNOVATION  &  E    INTEGRATION  X   •  Public  Facing  ModeraGon  Policy   • Social  properGes  enhanced   • Influencer  Partnerships  formed  T   • Community  CoordinaGon   • Voice  and  tone  established   • Plarorm  Partnerships  solidified   • Ambassador  Programs  operaGng  E   globally   • Content  Development   • Influencers  idenGfied   •   Engagement  at  scale  established  R   • Employees  engaged  systemaGcally   • Controlled  Paid  Media  in  Social   • Test  &  learn  pilots  launched   •   CoordinaGon  Exists  Between    N   Social,  Owned,  Mainstream  &   • Systems  integrated  on  front  end     •  Content  Published  Across  A   MulGple  ProperGes   Hybrid  ProperGes   • All  business  funcGon  integrate   • Measurement,  KPI’s  Formalized  &   social  layer  L   Source: Edelman 2011, Standardized  Across  OrganizaGon   • Product  /service  innovaGons  result     AD  HOC  SOCIAL  MEDIA  TACTICS   THE  BUSINESS  ITSELF  IS  SOCIAL   46  
  48. MAP  STAKEHOLDERS  AND  IDENTIFY  CONNECTIVE  TISSUE     ECOSYSTEM •  People  who  do  business  with  the  organizaGon   Customers  or  Prospects   •  Can  be  split  into  high-­‐value  and  new  customers   Employees   •  IdenGfiable  people  on  the  payroll   •  PR  and  corporate  communicaGon  departments  as  well  as   Corporate   company  execuGves   Business  Partners   •  Suppliers,  vendors,  contractors,  alumni   Social  Web   •  AddiGonal  individuals  who  interact  on  the  social  web   * Edelman Consulting analysis based on Gartner research48  
  49. IDENTIFY  LEVELS  OF  ENGAGEMENT     ECOSYSTEM AND  ALIGN  WITH  OBJECTIVES   •  AcGvely  involve  the  audience  (e.g.,  feedback  on  branding,  new   Co-­‐create   product  development)   ParGcipate   •  Listen  and  respond  to  the  audience     Share   •  Share  company  perspecGve  (e.g.,  CEO  blog)   Discover   •  Analyze  conversaGons  to  gain  insight  and  discover  pawerns   Monitor   •  Listen  to  conversaGons  happening  around  the  organizaGon   * Edelman Consulting analysis based on Gartner research49  
  50. DEFINE  ROLES  AND  RESPONSIBILITIES     GOVERNANCE ORG & •  Oversees  all  digital  integraGon  iniGaGves  between  tradiGonal,  digital  and  social.     Leadership   •  Sample  Title:  Chief  Digital  Officer   •  Focuses  on  social  strategy  and  integraGon  across  designated  acGviGes  (markeGng,   Strategy   customer  service,  crisis  etc.)   •  Sample  Title:  Social  Strategist   •  Determines  content  plans,  strategies  and  deployment  of  all  content  through  social   Content   systems   •  Sample  Title:  Content  Strategist   •  Monitors,  and  reports  stakeholder  acGvity  and  engages  in  a  variety  of  social  systems   Community   •  Sample  Title:  Community  Manager   •  Analyze  key  metrics  to  draw  intelligence  from  social  media  efforts  and  report   Measurement   effecGveness  (ROI)   •  Sample  Title:  Measurement  &  Data  Analyst   Source: Edelman Consulting 201150  
  51. REVISE  REPORTING  STRUCTURES   GOVERNANCE ORG & A multi-departmental social business committee accelerates integration and helps bridge organizational silos51  
  53. CONNECT  METRICS  WITH  BUSINESS  OBJECTIVES   MEASURMENT Key  Performance  Indicator   Business  ObjecJve   (KPI)   Engagement  DuraGon   Foster  Dialog   Share  of  Voice   Loyalty  (member  re-­‐share)   Brand  Advocacy   Brand  MenGons   ResoluGon  Rate   Facilitate  Support   ResoluGon  Time   Topic  Trends   Spur  InnovaJon   Idea  Impact   For  example:   Brand  MenGons/     Share  of  Voice   = (Total  MenGons  (brand  +  compeGtors)    *Based on Altimeters "Social Marketing Analytics" research, April 2010. 53  
  54. ANALYZE  SIGNALS  FOR  MEANING   MEASURMENT Source: Edelman 2011, edelmandigital.com54  
  56. ORGANIZATION  MODEL:  CENTRALIZED     CORPORATE   BRAND  /  BU   BRAND  /  BU    BRAND  /  BU    BRAND  /  BU   T   T   T   T   BT   BT   BT   BT   S   D   S   D   S   D   S   D   Source: Edelman 2011, edelmandigital.comKEY  BT:  BRAND  OR  BUSINESS  UNIT  TEAMS  T:  TRADITIONAL  D:  DIGITAL  S:  SOCIAL   56  
  57. ORGANIZATION  MODEL:  DE-­‐CENTRALIZED     T   T   BT   T   BT   S   D   S   D   BRAND  /  BU   BT   S   D   BRAND  /  BU   T   BRAND  /  BU   T   BT   S   D   BT   S   D   BRAND  /  BU   T   BT   Source: Edelman 2011, S   D   BRAND  /  BU   BRAND  /  BU  KEY  BT:  BRAND  OR  BUSINESS  UNIT  TEAMS  T:  TRADITIONAL  D:  DIGITAL  S:  SOCIAL   57  
  58. ORGANIZATION  MODEL:  COORDINATED  (CENTER  OF  EXCELLENCE)   T   T   T   BT   S   D   BT   BT   S   D   BRAND   S   D   BRAND   OR    BU   BRAND   STRATEGY   T   OR  BU   OR  BU   Source: Edelman 2011, T   BT   BRAND   BRAND   S   D   BT   OR  BU   OR  BU   COE   S   D   PLANNING  &  INTEGRATION   BRAND   (CENTER  OF   BRAND   T   T   OR  BU   OR  BU   EXCELLENCE)   BT   BT   S   D   S   D   BRAND   BRAND   OR  BU   OR  BU   T   T   BRAND   BRAND   BT   IMPLEMENTATION  KEY   OR  BU   OR  BU   BT  BT:  BRAND  OR  BUSINESS  UNIT  TEAMS   S   D   T   S   D   T  T:  TRADITIONAL  D:  DIGITAL   BT   BT  S:  SOCIAL   S   D   S   D   58  
  59. ORGANIZATION  MODEL:  ANTHILL  (ORGANIC  COORDINATION)   Source: Edelman Consulting 2011 Each employee is empowered within an organized framework59  
  61. PROCESS  DESIGN   Source: David Armano, Edelman 2011, edelmandigital.com61  
  62. INFLUENCE  MAPPING   Source: Edelman 2011, edelmandigital.com62  
  63. DATA  PLANNING   Source: Edelman 2011, edelmandigital.com63  
  64. SOCIAL  BUSINESS  INTELLIGENCE   Wal-Mart is an Edelman client64  
  66. REAL  WORLD  EXPERTISE  IN  SOCIAL  BUSINESS  AT  SCALE  KAZIM ALI MICHAEL BRITOKazim is a Consultant for Edelman Consulting, Michael is the Senior Vice President of Sociala management consultancy focused on the Business Planning at Edelman Digital, workingintersection of strategy, marketing, and previously with Intel where he was their Socialcommunications. He was the former CTO of Media Strategist. He wrote the book on socialan education-based startup and has led business titled “Smart Business, Socialseveral IT strategy and decision modeling Business: A Playbook for Social Media in Yourprojects for Gartner Consulting. Organization”.ROBIN HAMMAN MARSHALL MANSONRobin is the Director of Edelman’s Digital Marshall Manson is Managing Director ofpractice in London. He has vast experience Digital for Edelman in EMEA, and a leader inin recognizing the crucial role that digital the field of online strategy, communicationsplays in business transformation, both at the and reputation management. Marshall is basedBBC where he was Senior Community in London, and previously was Vice-PresidentProducer and at Headshift where he led the of Digital Public Affairs in Washington, media team for two years.ZENA WEIST CHUCK HEMANNZena is Vice President Social Business Chuck is Vice President measurement andPlanning out of Edelman Digital’s Chicago analytics of Edelman Digital’s central region.practice. She has over 16 years experience in Prior to Edelman, Chuck led measurementdigital media including start-ups and acted as activities at WCG and was a social strategist atsocial media manager for H&R Block prior to Ogilvy Digital Influence. Chuck acts as co-joining Edelman. Zena is also an active writer organizer for the social business track atand industry speaker. Blogworld New Media Summit. 66  
  67. David Armano Mike KuczkowskiEVP, Global Innovation & Integration President, Edelman ConsultingDavid.Armano [at] Michael.Kuczkowski [at]