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Edelman Digital Presents Social Media Milestones


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We wanted to celebrate the relaunch of by producing something of value for our readers. The social media milestones poster puts together some key events that have happened in social media over the years. Some are company related and others, purely societal. We couldn’t fit everything we would have liked—but these are some significant ones. The asset is for you—to put on your office wall, share with friends or enhance your presentations. It’s our way of saying thank you—and also our acknowledgment that this thing we all refer to as “social” is here to stay and has fundamentally shifted how we communicate, connect and create. Special thanks to Edelmanite Heather Grice who helped design the milestones artifact as well as every Edelman contributor.

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Edelman Digital Presents Social Media Milestones

  1. 1. social media MILESTONES 3.22 2002 LAUNCHED 3 MILLION USERS in the first few months. May LinkedIn January LinkedIn 2003 launched 2011 90,000,000 registered users August HELLO Myspace I’m your default “friend” launched 2003 Tom YouTube launched & the first video Feb. “Me at the zoo” 2005 has had more than 4 million views. Facebook NETWORK OPENED 13 & up // valid email 09.26 2006 OfficeMax 36 million visits in five weeks ELF YOURSELF Nov. 2006 following launch. MARCH @ComcastCares joined and changed the way businesses provide customer service online. APRIL 2008 MAY first known rickroll 2007 occurred on 4chan. MILLION AMERICANS had been rickrolled. “Oh No They Didn’t!” January became the first LiveJournal community to surpass 16,777,216 comments. 2009 delete 10 Facebook friends = THE BURGER KING WHOPPER SACRIFICE The application was disabled after 233,906 friendships were sacrificed. FREE! winner! CNNvs.ASHTON KUTCHER 04.16 “Million Followers Contest” on Twitter 2009 JUNE Flickr HAD MORE THAN 2009 IMAGES Pepsi began the 01.13 PEPSI REFRESH PROJECT 2010 to help make a positive impact within communities. IN LESS THAN A WEEK, 1,000 IDEAS WERE SUBMITTED TO THE PROJECT. Blendtec 117,105,290 VIEWS JUNE 15 ON YOUTUBE2010 became famous for their “Will It Blend?” video series.Farmville launched 06.19 FASTEST GROWING APP on Facebook 2009 10 million new users in the first month. WHAT’S YOUR January BRA COLOR? Women posted Facebook status updates to 2010 raise breast cancer awareness. FEB. 2010 Kevin Smith was removed from a Southwest flight for being “Too FAT To Fly” He took his frustration to Twitter and received customer support and an apology on the Southwest blog. May // BUMPED Justin BieberTwitter’s Trending Topics from [after Twitter adjusted their algorithm to exclude popular topics, that is] JULY2010 OLD SPICE 180 VIDEOS 40 MILLION views in one week GROUPON 08.19 2010 441,000 puchased first national deal to GAP in 24 hours DEC. Tumblr was down for about 24 hours 2010 due to maintenance errors, FREAKING OUT MILLIONS OF USERS. EGYPT // YEMEN // TUNISIA EGYPT January tweets increased 2011 CRISIS from 122,319 to 1,317,233 in one week. Charlie Sheen (@CharlieSheen) 03.01 2011 25 hours & 17 minutes Digital *Disclosure: Edelman clients