Asia Pacific Digital Brand Index 10.3


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Asia Pacific Digital Brand Index. Jointly produced by Edelman and Brandtology Q2 2010 (April to June 2010)

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  • Asia Pacific Digital Brand Index 10.3

    1. 1. jointlyproduced by Edelman and BrandtologyQ2 2010 (April to June 2010)<br />
    2. 2. Its is the first research project in Asia Pacific to provide insights on the technology brands being discussed online and the most active channels where discussions are taking place.<br />
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    5. 5. ….ONLINE conversations from EIGHT countries were tracked over a period of THREE months…<br />
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    7. 7. DBI Findings <br />for April – June 2010<br />
    8. 8. Tech brands joining the conversation by creating a presence in Facebook<br />
    9. 9. Twitter became the dominant channel for discussions of technology brands <br />across Asia<br />*except in China where it’s banned<br />
    10. 10. Google continued to be the most discussed brand across the region<br />
    11. 11. Australia<br />Google (25,679 mentions) continues to dominate in terms of online mentions <br />Twitter continues to grow in popularity and significance.<br />Whirlpool and Overclockerscontinues to be the most popular discussion channels for technology brands. <br />154,000 mentions of 60 major technology brands researched across 581 influential online channels<br />
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    14. 14. China<br />Canon made DBI’s Top 10 Buzziest Channels list for the first time.<br />Samsung, Sony and Nokia led in terms of brand mentions<br />Google, which topped previously dropped to No. 6 on the Top 10 Buzziest Channels list. <br />
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    17. 17. Microprocessor giant AMD leaped into second place from its previous 7th position.<br />Hong Kong<br />Twitter surpassed all expectations and establish itself as the “buzziest‟ channel<br />60% increase in conversations about technological brands<br />Samsung entered the DBI‟s top ten “buzziest brand‟ list with a 4th place<br />
    18. 18. Software and Consumer Tech brands lead in the overall online technology conversations<br />India<br />Google, Microsoft and Apple are leading the conversations online<br />Apple clocked a 110% increase <br />in conversations led by mentions of the iPad<br />Twitter continues to be the de facto channel for news sharing<br />
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    21. 21. Indonesia<br />Twitter and KasKusremain the two major channels that generate the most mentions of technology brands. <br />Nokia topped the list of Top 10 „Buzziest Brands with 65.8% of its posts took place on Twitter. <br />Three new brands in the list of the Top 10 „Buzziest Brands‟ – Telkom (6th), Bakrie Telecom (8th) and Sony (9th).<br />
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    24. 24. Malaysia<br />Apple leapfrogged from 8th to the 4th place with 48% increase in brand mentions<br />Google maintained as the top buzziest brand. <br />Twitter continues to topthe list of buzziest channels in the last quarter<br />Google is the most popular online destination<br />
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    27. 27. Singapore<br />Twitter andHardwarezone Forum - Eat, Drink, Man, Woman ranked highest again for technological discussions<br />Google and Starhub topped the rankings withSingtelbeing third.<br />Twitter accounted for more than 24 percent of all online conversations in Singapore with more than 30,000 conversations.<br />