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Learning by gaming


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Use Serious games to teach testing

Published in: Technology
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Learning by gaming

  1. 1. @eddybruin #agileTDEddy Bruin How to grow your people without pushing them to hard Experience the & in a safe environmentGood Bad
  2. 2. @EddyBruin Learning by gaming How to make work more fun & be more serious about play
  3. 3. @eddybruin #agileTD Why play games?
  4. 4. @eddybruin #agileTD Gameception
  5. 5. @eddybruin #agileTD What did you notice playing?
  6. 6. @eddybruin #agileTD What is a game? Game space Boundaries Rules Artifacts Goal
  7. 7. @eddybruin #agileTD Knowledge test games
  8. 8. @eddybruin #agileTD Teambuilding & Energizers
  9. 9. @eddybruin #agileTD Agile & test games
  10. 10. @eddybruin #agileTD Where to find games? .org/games
  11. 11. @eddybruin #agileTD Many thanks for watching! Hey, I just met you And this was crazy So here’s my twitter So tweet me maybe?! @eddybruin