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    1. 1. BeACTIVE Eddie Johnson, Allie Dondanville, Max Burnside, David Gorley
    2. 2. Overview Too often in our everyday life we settle for what we already know and are comfortable with. Rarely, it seems, do people step out of their comfort zone to discover new activities… in turn, neglecting opportunities for them to embrace who they are.
    3. 3. People • • • • Allie – Marketing/Finance Dave — Programming/Technical Advisement Eddie — Business Development/Web Design/Marketing Max — Graphic/Web Design • What’s Missing? — A dedicated software developer
    4. 4. Market • Initial Target Market: College students ages 18-24 in Oxford, OH. • Second Stage Target Market: All ages in Oxford, OH • Final Alpha Stage: All ages Ohio
    5. 5. Wing 1 Focus
    6. 6. Humanistic. • We are focused on people, anyone from anywhere who is willing to make a change in their lives. • Initially, we will be the salesforce behind our product. This means attending to each customer’s need individually. • Our hope is that those individuals who are considered “couch-potatoes” or just those who are looking for a little more excitement in their lives will find our service useful and fun to use. • We want to offer these people a way to discover what they can do in their community that they may not have previously been aware of.
    7. 7. Actionable. • Micro Goal: x number of users by Day 90, with at least 30% engagement (at least checking once per day) • Our initial goal is to monitor the amount of traffic who visits our site and the number of people who create a profile. • We will also monitor the amount of business owners and individual event creators who use our service to advertise.
    8. 8. Testable. Metrics that will inform your actions and help evaluate success • Run low-cost trials to test your assumptions • Set performance metrics to measure progress, and plan how to solicit feedback Low Cost Trials • Email, listserv to interested friends and family • Simple, front-end website to measure traffic of interested parties • Various social media marketing advertisement Initial Deadlines • Day 15: 10 local organizations agree to promote through BeACTIVE; invite users to sign up through email • Day 30: 10 activities with at least 10 attendants • Day 90: 30 activities with at least 10 attendants
    9. 9. Clarity. Single, concrete, measureable goal • 10 activities with at least 10 attendants by Day 30
    10. 10. Happiness. • Each user has their own unique Hobbies & Interests that they will include in their private profile. • Using the Hobbies & Interests listed on the users profile, a calendar will then show what is happening in that users are which correlates to the Hobbies & Interests from their profile. • By way of showing people what they can do that they have expressed interest in will hopefully lighten their day, and fulfill the goal we are seeking which is to get people to BeACTIVE.
    11. 11. Grab Attention
    12. 12. Personal. • Self-Actualization: the realization or fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities, considered as a drive or need present in everyone. • This definition is the motive and inspiration behind BeACTIVE. • Influence what people will do with their free time, rather than sit inside and play video games etc. • Attempt to bring communities together by way of helping businesses and cities advertise events and activities, and for individuals to see what these businesses and cities are hosting.
    13. 13. Unexpected. • BeACTIVE is driven by your own interests and location. • “activities & events recommended for you, based upon what your hobbies and interests are”. • The hope is that you will become aware of what you can do with your days that you weren’t previously associated with.
    14. 14. Visceral. • The content advertised and posted on BeACTIVE will draw in users initially. • By way of the various social media sharing sites, including check-ins, photos, video’s, event sharing will allow users to make a connection in their community, with the activity/event, and with friends who may also be interested in seeking out new activities to take part in. • The use of visuals connected with the advertised activity/event will also give more of an incentive for users to take part in the activity/event being advertised.
    15. 15. Visualize. • Posting photos of local events • Using video to record past and present events that are close to the user
    16. 16. Take Action
    17. 17. • “It’s funny what is happening to us. Our lives have become digital, our friends virtual. Everything we could ever want to know is just a click away. Experiencing the world through endless second-hand information is not enough. If we want authenticity we have to initiate it.” – Travis Rice • “We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” – Pierre Omidyar • “Social media spark a revelation that we, the people, have a voice, and through the democratization of content and ideas we can once again unite around common passions, inspire movements, and ignite change.” ― Brian Solis
    18. 18. Empathize. • Users can post stories of an experience at an activity/event they have attended, to help expand the interest and attendance of the activity/event the next time around. • A blog or forum could also be available on the site for users to post and comment on activities/events to broaden their awareness and possible attendance. • This blog will be a nice way for activity/event creators to have a connection with those on BeACTIVE and to answer any questions about their posting on the site. BeACTIVE site creators can also gain valuable insight to how & how often BeACTIVE is used and visited.
    19. 19. Authenticity. • BeACTIVE is built upon authenticity. • Our focus is to connect individuals with their Hobbies & Interests who were not previously associated with each other or with an event that correlates to the users Hobbies & Interests. • The blog capability is also focused on authenticity because it will consist of those individuals and activity/event creators being able to share real stories and experiences from the various activities/events.
    20. 20. Match the Media. • A study by Dr. Oz on Oprah called ‘The Consequences of America’s “Sitting Epidemic”’ • Americans spend nearly eight hours a day – more than 50 hours a week sitting on their behind • Don’t blame it on technology instead BeACTIVE encourages users to use technology to their advantage to find local activities and events that interest you
    21. 21. Engage
    22. 22. Empower. • Encouraging users to make their own events through BeActive • Allowing them to influence others by joining their event
    23. 23. Easy. • For Business Owners/Event Creators: • Posting an activity/event on BeACTIVE is simple. Create an advertisement and include a link to your company/event page. Users will be able to see your advertisement on the BeACTIVE calendar page, and if interested will click on your ad leading them to your page. • For Users: • Individuals can create a profile outlining their Hobbies & Interests, which will then set up a personal calendar of the activities/events that correlate to what your Hobbies & Interests are on your profile. • It is then up to your discretion how involved with and how often that person will use BeACTIVE.
    24. 24. Fun. • Can we make people feel like a kid again? OF COURSE! • BeACTIVE is where people can go to connect with everything they have an interest in. • Lost and forgotten hobbies can be sparked again by way of being aware of what they can do fulfill that desire. No longer will the working mans weekends consist of the usual days spent doing the same thing over and over again. USE BeACTIVE TO GET OUT THERE AND EXPLORE WHAT YOU CAN DO IN YOUR AREA EACH NEW DAY! • Don’t be satisfied with your normal day, find something new and exciting, and meet fun people!
    25. 25. Tailored. • Activities/events are tailored on your personal BeACTIVE page by users selecting their Hobbies & Interests • BeACTIVE can also recommend activities/events you might be interested in based on previous events the user attended. • FOR EXAMPLE: An individual may have marked down Car Shows as an interest, and have attended previous Car Shows learned about through BeACTIVE. Well there may also be a Motorcycle show coming up, and although that was not marked down as an interest, BeACTIVE will publish this event on the users personal BeACTIVE calendar to help broaden that users interests since it fits into the category of automotive enthusiasts. The hope is that this user could in fact be interested, but would not have known about it since Motorcycles were not part of that users interests on their profile, however now that we helped this user become aware of the event they will potentially attend it. • This user will hopefully be pleased with our ability to inform him on a broader category of his interests, and feel as though we really are concerned with informing him on what he can do to fulfill his desire to take part in activities/events associated with his interests and BeACTIVE.
    26. 26. Open. • All events are open to everyone (after Beta launch) • No restrictions • Any user can create an event, as long as they set up an account
    27. 27. Competitors • Zvent • EventBee • Eventbrite • Nextdoor • Eventful
    28. 28. Sustainable • After developing an alpha prototype, we seek funding at a seed round with approximately $10,000 for 5% ownership for an initial valuation of $200,000 • Investors only want to hear two plans: 1.) Ultimately go public (IPO) 2.) Sell to a larger company (see: Foursquare) As such, we plan on selling to a private company within 5-7 years. From there, said company can utilize our customer base/technology in its future products. Revenue – derived from paid features (more events) and advertisements (larger publicity).
    29. 29. Conclusion