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NASM Certification- A Review of Costs, Programs, Salary, How to Get Your CPT & More


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As an aspiring personal trainer, there is a good chance you’ve considered a NASM certification to add to your list of professional accolades. There’s good reason too, NASM is considered to be a global leader in credentialing fitness professionals, and their wealth of certifications will prepare you for a promising career in personal training or one of their other areas of specializations.

This presentation is a NASM certification review from an actual certified NASM CPT (me), and an overview of the NASM company, the NASM CPT and other certifications, some notes on the ever popular NASM OPT model, and lots of other important information on costs, reviews, salaries, and your next steps should you choose to pursue a career with NASM.

There are also some links for some free and premium NASM study guides to help you on your career path. For more detailed information on the NASM certifications I discuss here, check out:

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NASM Certification- A Review of Costs, Programs, Salary, How to Get Your CPT & More

  1. 1. NASM Certification A Review of Costs, Programs, Salary, How to Get Your CPT, & More
  2. 2. What is NASM? NASM stands for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a 30-year old company best- known for their Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) program. Within the last 10 years, NASM has certified and recertified more personal trainers than any other personal training company, helping nearly 200,000 obtain, or maintain, their CPTs all across the globe. NASM is also NCCA-certified, meaning they have the National Commission for Certifying Agencies credentials, the first standards ever developed to ensure a fitness certification body has the essential elements of a high-quality program. As a personal trainer, the global recognition and the NCCA-certification are important factors in choosing NASM as a potential candidate for your fitness education.
  3. 3. NASM Programs  Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)  Performance Enhancement Specialization (PES)  Behavior Change Specialization (BCS)  Fitness Nutrition Specialization (FNS)  Group Personal Training Specialization (GPTS)  Weight Loss Specialization (WLS)  Women's Fitness Specialization (WFS)  Youth Exercise Specialization (YES)  Senior Fitness Specialization (SFS)  Golf Fitness Specialization (GFS)  MMA Conditioning Specialization (MMA)
  4. 4. NASM OPT Model The program is made of five phases split into three levels - - stabilization, strength, and power:  Phase 1: Stabilization Endurance  Phase 2: Strength Endurance  Phase 3: Hypertrophy  Phase 4: Maximal Strength  Phase 5: Power NASM has pioneered what is called the Optimum Performance Training (OPT™) model, a comprehensive training system that is heavily versed in scientific, evidence- based research. According to NASM, the emphasis on science makes OPT ideal for program design and delivering consistent results.
  5. 5. NASM CPT Certification Cost NASM has multiple study options for aspiring trainers and they really boil down to choosing the one that is right for you. NASM has four study options to choose from*:  Self-Study $699  Premium Self-Study $999  Guided-Study $1,299  All-Inclusive $1,999 *Prices subject to change How the NASM CPT stacks up against other CPTs in terms of cost (cost of test & study materials)
  6. 6. NASM CPT Salary We evaluated the average income of NASM, ACE, ACSM, NSCA, AFAA, and NCSF personal trainers. This data was pulled from reputable websites where registered users self- report their income.
  7. 7. How to Get a NASM Certification To be eligible for a NASM CPT, you need to meet the following criteria:  Be at least 18 years of age  Hold a current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and an automated external defibrillator (AED) certification From there, you simply sign up for one the aforementioned study programs on the NASM website and begin studying, then schedule a time to take the exam once you feel prepared. How do you know if you’ll be prepared? The Fitness Mentors Online Course for the NASM CPT Exam comes with a pass guarantee, so that is a good place to start.
  8. 8. Pass Your NASM CPT the First Time Premium Study Materials with Pass Guarantee’s available at Fitness Mentors:  Audio Lectures  Practice Tests  Premium Study Guide Learn more the NASM Certification