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Lipo Lasers: Five Important Tech Factors


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Educational material on the lipolaser and lipo LED technology. Presented by (phone no. 1-888-547-8296) for making potential buyers and researchers aware of some of the factors to look at.

Published in: Healthcare
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Lipo Lasers: Five Important Tech Factors

  1. 1. Lipo Lasers: Five Important Tech Factors PRESENTED BY: SUE HTTP://WWW.USALIPOLASERS.COM Copyright: Sue at
  2. 2. Five Important Technical Factors for Lipo Lasers • Starting / running a health clinic / salon / spa? Lipo lasers are great! • 5 technical factors make all the difference when you buy a lipolaser unit • Energy (Wavelength) • Diodes (Machine Generation) • Pads / Paddles • Mobility • Heat Management Copyright: Sue at
  3. 3. 1. Energy & Wavelength • High-energy lipolasers are good, as long as they are within limits • 630 – 700 nm is good – helps the body lose weight but within limits • Smaller wavelength  higher energy (not lower)! • Stronger units  faster sessions – easier for patients, more money for businesses Copyright: Sue at
  4. 4. 2. Diodes & Machine Generation • Diodes generate high-energy laser / LED • Third Generation – 635 nm wavelength diodes: the strongest available today • German and Japanese diodes, such as Mitsubishi and Dilas, do well • Modern diodes last 3,000+ hours, give 100mW per diode. Used in the best units. Copyright: Sue at
  5. 5. 3. Pads / Paddles • Larger pads / smaller paddles are fitted on patient body for sessions • High diode packing density helps • Pads / paddles are flexible: switch on / off (and attach / detach) as you need • Flexible pads / paddles help by wrapping the patient body better & easier Copyright: Sue at
  6. 6. Pads / Paddles in Off and On Conditions Copyright: Sue at
  7. 7. Pads / Paddles in Laser Beds Copyright: Sue at
  8. 8. 4. Mobility • Some units are fitted with wheels – helps in moving the machine easily • Some other units are easy to assemble / disassemble • Some models have none of the two capacities above, making difficult to manage • Buy carefully – being able to move the unit is important Copyright: Sue at
  9. 9. 5. Heat Management • Third generation units manage heat well • Some older units heat up by prolonged use, and stop within a session • That’s embarrassing! And annoying! And gives the business a bad name! • Good units of today can be used hours together without any heat-related failure Copyright: Sue at
  10. 10. Further Information • This slide merely scrapes the Tip of the Iceberg! • Much more details are available on my website Slender Lasers (URL below) • Visit: • Call 1-888-547-5296 – dial ext 1 to speak directly with me or my partner Eddie Copyright: Sue at