Chapter 6 - Falkner


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Chapter 6 of my RPG Story on ONM.

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Chapter 6 - Falkner

  1. 1. Chapter 6 – Falkner It didn’t take us long to find the Violet City Gym using the map I had in my ‘Guide to Gyms’ book. I stood outside the gym, it was bigger than I thought it would be, it was quite a plain building with a large sloping roof, the words ‘Violet City Gym’ were printed across the front of the building. I stepped forward an entered the gym, I could feel Aipom shuddering on my shoulder with what was either nerves or excitement, I couldn’t tell. I didn’t even know what I was feeling, a confusing combination of excitement, nerves and confidence. I had been confidence since I had clasped my first victory against James who entered the gym behind me. We walked down a wide hallway with several statues of different flying type pokemon, some of which I had never even seen before. At the end of the hall was a large pair of double doors, I pushed them both open and found myself on a huge stadium. A man was stood on the opposite side of the field; he can’t have been more than 25 years old. He had long blue hair which fell across his face; he still seemed to be able to see though. He walked across to where we were standing. “Welcome to the Violet City Gym!” He called; the words were repeated as they echoed round the room. “I am Falkner, who wishes to challenge me?” He had now reached our small group. “Me. I’m Edd.” I replied bluntly. I was ready for this battle and I didn’t want to wait any longer for it to start. “Ah, excellent, then let us begin!” Falkner pivoted on the spot and walked over to one end of the field, I went to the other with Aipom. James went into the stands to get a good view of the upcoming battle. He let Pidgey out of his Pokeball to watch the battle and maybe learn something from watching Falkner. A referee appeared through a door to the left and strolled purposely to the middle of the field. “This is a Official Johto League Gym Battle! The battle between gym leader Falkner and challenger Edd is about to begin! The battle will be a 3v3 battle.” “Um-“ I said sheepishly, the referee looked at me. “I only have one pokemon.” I said, blushing. “Hmm” The referee looked over at Falkner who nodded. “Ok, then. This battle will be a 1v1 battle!” He then walked over to the side of the field and pressed a small button on a remote. A loud, resounding clang echoed around the field. Slowly, the roof above out heads opened up and seemed to disappear somewhere in the sides of the building. It left us with a wide view of the morning sky. Me and Aipom were staring up, stunned. “It must give his pokemon more room to move in” I muttered to myself. “Let the battle commence!” The referee cried, waving a flag. “Go! Pidgeotto!” Falkner shouted while throwing a Pokeball high in the air. With the now familiar flash of light, his pokemon appeared. It was a bird like expected but it was very big bird. I could immediately see the similarities between this new pokemon and James’ Pidgey, I pieced two and
  2. 2. two together and realised that this must be the evolved form of Pidgey. “Hmm, this is gonna be tough. Aipom, feeling up for a challenge?” Aipom looked up at me; it looked determined then ran forward onto the field. “Aipom, use Scratch!” As soon as I commanded it, Aipom did it. It jumped as high as it could; swinging its claws furiously. Pidgeotto was too quick though. It swooped to the left and Aipom went flying past it but landing well. “Pidgeotto, use Tackle!” The bird did a loop in the air and flew back towards Aipom with tremendous speed, Aipom didn’t have a chance. It was hit and sent flying across the field, bouncing along the ground when it landed. Pidgeotto was already back in the air, circling my Aipom. “Aipom, use Spring-Scratch attack!” Falkner caught my eye, looking confused as to what I had just said. Aipom knew exactly what to do though. It bent its tail and shot itself up straight for Pidgeotto, its claws glowing. Both Falkner and Pidgeotto were taken off guard and neither thought of what to do fast enough. Aipom crashed into Pidgeotto and scratched it twice sending it spiralling towards the ground. It recovered quickly though and pulled itself out of the fall and back into the sky. I could tell that the attack had done a good amount of damage to it though. Aipom had landed as carefully as it had before. “Go, do it again!” Aipom once again bent its tail and propelled itself upwards. Falkner was ready this time. “Use Gust, now!” Pidgeotto flapped its huge wings viscously; a powerful gust of wind was created by the flapping hitting Aipom in mid-air. The wind counteracted Aipom’s power sending it crashing into the ground, the wind continued beating it when it was sprawled on the ground. I knew it was over even before the referee had announced it. Pidgeotto was just too strong. I ran over to the bundle of purple lying in the middle of the field. Its eyes were closed but they peeked open when I lifted it off the ground and cradled it in my arms. “You did great out there Aipom, thanks.” I looked up when I heard the sound of approaching footsteps. Falkner was stood over me, he was smiling. I stood up. “That was a great tactic you used, really took me by surprise.” “Thanks, your Pidgeotto was just too strong though.” “I hope I’ll be seeing you again for a rematch, but for now, get your Aipom to the Pokemon Centre, you’ve got a good Pokemon there.” I nodded and walked over to the door where James was stood, Pidgey sat upon his shoulder. The confidence I had built up from defeating James the day before was gone, again replaced by the feeling I had after losing to the trainer who I met on Route 29. I was determined to win though, me and Aipom would go and train some more come back and win the Zephyr Badge!