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Chapter 5 - Recovering


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Chapter 5 of my RPG Story on ONM.

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Chapter 5 - Recovering

  1. 1. Chapter 5 – Recovering Me and James arrived in Violet City, it was now starting to get dark, too late to challenge the gym today. We headed straight for the Pokemon Centre which was just near the entrance to the City. I handed Aipom over to Nurse Joy and James did the same with his Pidgey. We walked over to the chairs in the corner; this Centre looked a lot like the one I was in back in Cherrygrove. Nurse Joy came back about 5 minutes later with my Aipom, he was fine and cheery as normal. Pidgey needed more time to heal however. I started to feel slightly guilty, knowing that it was my fault that Pidgey was in this condition. “So how did you end up here then so far away from home?” I asked James to take my mind off Pidgey. “Well, I ran away from home.” James replied. “This was a long way to run to don’t you think?” “That’s the thing. I didn’t run here. I only got up to Union Cave then turned back. It was dark and as I was walking I heard this noise in the trees. It kind of echoed so I didn’t really know where it was coming from. Then I saw this white blur, I started to run, it was getting creepy out there. I just got Azalea Town in my sights and this green powder floated down on top of me. That’s the last thing I saw, the next thing I knew, I was waking up in Cherrygrove. I’m just glad that I had my Pidgey with me as the time. I was on my way back when I bumped into you, or should I say, you bumped into me.” “Weird, did someone carry you here?” “I don’t know and I doubt I ever will.” “Mayb-“ “James, you can come through now.” Nurse Joy had come into the room. James stood up and hurried past her and through the door. I was sure everything was fine. I walked across the room and came to a small phone. I thought about calling my Mum like I said I would. I changed my mind. I would call her tomorrow evening after I’ve won my first badge. James came back into the room, “Pidgey will need to spend the night here but he’ll be fine, you two really wiped him out.” He said to me and Aipom. “Ooh” Aipom scratched his head guiltily. That night, me, James and Aipom spent the night in the Pokemon Centre with the permission of Nurse Joy, before we slept, I went to a local takeaway to get some food. Neither me nor James really felt like cooking anything.
  2. 2. The next morning, I woke up without the annoying noise of my alarm clock at home; oddly it made me feel slightly home sick. James was already up with Pidgey who was flying around the room happily. It was clear that he had made a full recovery. I woke Aipom up and we had some breakfast, while me and James were finishing, Aipom and Pidgey started playing a game of Tag. Aipom using his new found tactic of using his tail as a spring coming in handy. James was watching them, “That tactic may be pretty useful in your gym battle, Falkner uses flying Pokemon like Pidgey.” “Yeah, hopefully.” Me and James cleared up, thanked Nurse Joy and then headed out of the Centre in search of the Violet City Gym.