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Chapter 3 - Battling 101


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Chapter 3 of my RPG Story on ONM.

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Chapter 3 - Battling 101

  1. 1. Chapter 3: Battling 101 The boy and I stood, glaring at each other, waiting for someone to make the first move. I decided it would be me. “Aipom! Sand Attack now!” I had a vague idea of what I was doing, I had watched plenty of battles on TV at home. Aipom turned and kicked up piles of dust and dirt from the worn path and into Totodile’s face. Totodile tried to protect itself from the worst of it but it wasn’t enough, the dirt got through and irritated it’s eyes. “Totodile, use scratch, now!” The blue crocodile leapt forward with its sharp claws spread wide. It swung as it neared Aipom. “Dodge it Aipom!” But Aipom was too slow; I was too slow to command the dodge. Totodile’s claws met Aipom’s face and he was sent spinning. Aipom steadied himself fairly quickly but I could tell it was hurt. The Totodile was stronger than I thought. “Aipom, are you OK?” I asked anxiously, Aipom nodded, determined to win. “Great, use Scratch!” Now it was Aipom’s turn to lunge and prepare his claws for the attack. “Dodge and use Water Gun” The other trainer seemed completely emotionless as he made the final command. Totodile did just as he was told, it jumped out of the way of Aipom’s attack, sending Aipom flying into the ground. Totodile spun round in mid-air, lifted his head, preparing itself for the attack and then let it go. A powerful jet of water shot out of Totodile’s mouth and struck Aipom in the chest, carrying it back and slamming it into a tree. Aipom slid down it and didn’t get back up. I ran over towards it, “Aipom!” I had to get it to the Pokemon Centre. I looked back over my shoulder as I lifted Aipom in my arms. The trainer was gone. I turned and ran back down the route towards Cherrygrove praying it wasn’t too late for Aipom. It didn’t take me long. I burst through the doors of the Pokemon Centre and ran up to the counter and Nurse Joy stood behind it. “You’ve got to help my Aipom!” “Of course.” She could tell Aipom was in a bad way and took it off me. A Chansey appeared round the corner with a small stretcher which Aipom was placed on. “Wait here, we’ll try our best.” I didn’t argue. I walked over to a group of chairs and flopped down in one. I had lost. My first ever battle and I lost it. My journey hadn’t got off to a great start. I was kept waiting for nearly half an hour and then Nurse Joy finally emerged. I knew everything was OK when I noticed she was smiling. “Aipoms going to be just fine.” I breathed out a huge sigh of relief. Chansey came out of the door Nurse Joy had come from with Aipom sat on its head. When it saw me, it jumped off Chansey, ran up to me and climbed up and sat on my head. I laughed as Aipom’s fuzzy fur ticked my face, Aipom looked happy to see me now. I thanked Nurse Joy and left before she could ask questions of how Aipom had got into such a bad state.
  2. 2. As soon as I stepped outside the door, Aipom jumped off me and ran ahead. I thought it was going to run away from me again. I panicked and stuffed my hand in my pocket to find Aipom’s PokeBall. As I was looking I stepped forward and tripped. I tumbled down the two steps leading up to the Pokemon Centre. My hand was still in my pocket so I couldn’t stop myself and I crashed into the ground on my side. The side which had the pocket my hand was in. When I hit the ground I heard a loud crack. At first I thought I had broken my hand; that really would have ended my journey early. But my hand didn’t hurt. I pushed myself up, pulled my hand out of my pocket revealing the cracked remains of the PokeBall. It was broken. I looked up, angry at myself for my clumsiness. I looked around for Aipom and saw that it was just stood a few metres in front of me titling its head, a confused look on its face. I realised that it wasn’t trying to run away at all. I panicked for no reason which caused Aipom’s PokeBall to break. I tried to get Aipom back in. “Aipom, return!” Nothing happened. I walked over to a nearby bin and was about to throw the cracked PokeBall in it but changed my mind at the last moment. I swung my bag off my back and shoved the ball in a small side pocket. I turned back towards Aipom who was now trying to stifle a laugh. “Thought that was funny did you?” I joked. “Ai-pom, pom!” It used its tail to jump onto my shoulder. I laughed at myself, maybe it wasn’t so bad that Aipom would be out of its PokeBall with me. I could do with some company. Before setting off I stopped off at the PokeMart and bought two PokeBalls, just in case, I also bought a potion in case Aipom got injured again. I didn’t see much point in going to New Bark Town, I now already had my first Pokemon. I would travel up Route 30 to Violet City.