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EdCamp Santiago 2012


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The Edcamp Santiago Story

We used a dynamic web site for posting updates to conference planning. It resulted in over 5000 site visits. Take a look at the latest posts in the Edcamp Santiago Story...

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EdCamp Santiago 2012

  1. 1. January 25th, 2012 Published by: profesorbakerEdCamp Santiago 2012 Secondary School in British Colombia, Canada. The attendees This eBook was created using the Zinepal Online eBook were mainly English teachers, but also students and a variety Creator. Use Zinepal to create your own eBooks in PDF, of other teachers. ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket formats. After everyone arrived, the first part of the day was a “getting to know you” exercise, with each person being given a card, Upgrade to a Zinepal Pro Account to unlock more in both English and Spanish giving them a target to find. features and hide this message. For example, someone from outside Santiago, someone who speaks French. These icebreakers allowed people to get talking and begin the day.Chile hosts #Edcamp There two sessions during each allocated time, on a wideSantiago – An Education variety of subjects. Dr Kyria Firnadi, a teacher trainer from Brazil presented the first session, which focused on current“Unconference” trends in education worldwide.By profesorbaker on January 25th, 2012 Later in the day there were talks from Thomas Baker about Professional Learning Networks and their place in the classroom, while another organizer, Damian Rivlin gave a presentation on technology in the classroom in the 21st century.Chile hosts #Edcamp Santiago – An Education“Unconference”SANTIAGO -by Daniel BoyleI Love Chile NewsJanuary 17, 2012 Edcamp began with an exercise aimed at getting everybodyWhile education has been a hot topic on the streets of Santiago talking. Photo by Daniel Brewingtonfor the past year, including the long running student protests, The I Love Chile team were on hand to give away some ofon Saturday January 14th, Santiago was home to the first the old editions of the newspaper. Myself and Matt Niner, theEdcamp in South America, held at the Manuel Montt campus new editing team gave a presentation about using media in theof Universidad Mayor. classroom. Matt used his previous experience teaching EnglishThe Edcamp movement began in the US, using the idea of both in Chile and in Japan to describe some methods that canholding conferences “by teachers, for teachers”. Rather than be used to teach English to a variety of students.having specified speakers, anyone can elect to hold a session. As the sports reporter here at I Love Chile, my section of the talk was focused on using sports to develop language learning. During our talk I mentioned some basic ideas of the concept of learning through sport, saying that people really identify with certain players, for example someone like Alexis Sánchez is an easy image to recognize. Following my introduction, I talked about my own sport, freestyle footbag (often known as hacky sack), and how it can be used in the classroom. Some of the examples I gave wereThomas Baker gets Edcamp Santiago underway. Photo by Dan learning how to count, and also identifying different parts ofBrewington the body and various actions. To finish we played some gamesOne of the organizers, Thomas Baker told me “you have to take to get everyone involved.a Zen like approach to these events. They say whoever comes After breaking for lunch, the final part of the conference wasare the people that were meant to come, and the sessions that a link with Edcamp Delta in Canada. While there were someare held are the ones that are meant to be held”. slight technical difficulties, it is amazing to think that it wasThere were a total of 8 sessions held, as well as an afternoon easy to hook up a link with somewhere so far link to Edcamp Delta, which was being held at DeltaCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 1
  2. 2. January 25th, 2012 Published by: profesorbakerEach camp had a Round Table panel, with the audienceable to ask questions. Questions were very varied in their #Edcamp Santiago: The Daytopics, though the strongest focus was on teacher input to After (January 15, 2012)the curriculum. The Canadians were surprised that in Chile By profesorbaker on January 25th, 2012teachers had no input into what goes into the curriculum.Each camp had a number of questions from their counterpartsas each country sought suggestions for how their systems ofeducation could improve. Many of the attendees received a giftfor coming along, a free drink bottle from the George LucasEducation Foundation.Edcamp Santiago was just the second Edcamp to be heldoutside of North America, and the first ever in South America.Attendees were from all around Chile, coming to Santiago justfor the Edcamp event.It is hoped the attendees will go back to their homes andschools and begin a positive change for education in Chile.** (Screen Image Seen in Santiago: Edcamp Delta Panel Participant (Photo Credit: Damian Rivlin)Daniel Boyle is an Australian who arrived in Santiago inOctober 2011. Holding a Bachelor of Sports Management from Above, to begin, we share the awesome image of whatthe University of Canberra and working towards a Master international collaboration and cooperation looks like.of Arts (Writing) from Swinburne University of Technology, And now, first and foremost, we say, Thanks.Daniel will be looking after the sports news as well ascontributing in other areas of I Love Chile. ¡Muchas gracias amigos de Edcamp Delta!While Daniel is interested in a wide variety of sports, his most Thank you.loved team is the Canberra Raiders Rugby League side. As As a matter of fact, Thank You to everyone, who in any way,a sportsmen himself, Daniel plays freestyle footbag and has shape, or form was a part of the EdCamp Santiago Story.competed at National and World Championships. We owe you one and all, individually and collectively, anWebsite eternal debt of gratitude for your faith in this transformativeTwitter professional development initiative that history now records as, EdCamp Santiago 2012.Daniel Boyle At the risk of committing an injustice by singling out any one contributor from among the multiple contributors to the success of Edcamp Santiago, we nonetheless are compelled to salute the entire team of organizers from Edcamp Delta. We thank Edcamp Delta for their exemplary and superb support and collaborative efforts with the Edcamp Santiago team. Again, thank you, colleagues of Edcamp Delta Organizing Team, for your collaboration and cooperation.Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 2
  3. 3. January 25th, 2012 Published by: profesorbakerWe of Edcamp Santiago have but one way to express ourgratitude. We are aware that it is insufficient, yet agian, wethank you, most kindly and most humbly.You are deeply appreciated, the entire team of organizers,the wonderful student participation, the excellent insightsprovided by the teachers, and the entire education communityof Delta Secondary School, and of course, all those who cameout under less-than-ideal weather conditions to support yourefforts…At both ends of the American continent, Edcamp Delta inNorth America and Edcamp Santiago at the tip of SouthAmerica, we have truly demonstrated that passionate anddedicated educators, can indeed come together to share bestpractice, to learn from and with one another, to network,and to offer a genuine insight into the realities of the other’seducation system. #EdcampSTGO: !Faltan 2 Diás Para el #Edcamp Santiago! By profesorbaker on January 25th, 2012If we have been able to achieve such a feat, bridgingthe tremendous gaps of time, distance and non-existentresources, solving problems of technological complexity,cultural diversity, and linguistic differences, to provide high-quality professional development for the other, then we leaveno doubt in anyone’s mind of the bright future of the EdCampMovement.It will only grow larger, as a chorus of previously unheard Edcamp Santiago 2012 is a free professional developmentvoices will begin to be heard, to ultimately share with other event for teachers. 14 de enero Univ. Mayor http://educators what the people at Edutopia (the George Lucas FREE GRATIS Inscribirse Ahora!Educational Foundation) call quite simply: “What Works in ¡Que emoción! What a feeling!Education“. !Nos faltan solo 2 días para el primer Edcamp de Chile!It is with this thought that we close this first chapter forEdcamp Santiago: ¡Viva EdCamp Delta! ¡Viva! ¡Si esto fuera poco, Edcamp Santiago es el primer Edcamp de América Latina!Long live collaboration and cooperation among educators!¡Viva Edcamp Santiago! ¡Viva!Thomas Bakeron behalf of theEdcamp Santiago 2012 Organizing Teamsigned ¡ESTE SÁBADO SE VIENE EDCAMP SANTIAGO! Este sábado, 14 de enero, se viene Edcamp Santiago, en la sede Manuel Montt de la Universidad Mayor, ubicada enCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 3
  4. 4. January 25th, 2012 Published by: profesorbakerAv. Manuel Montt 367, Providencia (Estación Metro Manuel La Universidad Mayor se abrió su corazón y sus puertas paraMontt) de 9:00 de la mañana hasta 6:00 de la tarde. recibirnos, gratuitamente, a costo nulo. Nadie tiene que pagar entrada, el evento es gratis.El evento del desarrollo profesional entre pares “EdcampSantiago”, es una instancia de capacitación que reúne a Queremos compartir con los participantes que la Universidadtodas las disciplinas educativas, incluso de los estudiantes de Mayor es la primera universidad chilena en acreditar sula Pedagogía (nunca es temprano para capacitarse) que se calidad en Estados Unidos. Sin lugar a dudas, esta acreditaciónentregan de forma gratuita a los participantes. internacional es “Un Logro Mayor Para el País”.Este evento tiene como finalidad fomentar la práctica de “La acreditación otorgada a la Universidad por la Middlecompartir las experiencias de las prácticas éxitosas (Best States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) de losPractice) entre pares. Estados Unidos, es una garantía pública de la calidad de la gestión institucional y efectividad educativa deEl evento cuenta con la participación de más de 200 la corporación.” (Leer más aquí: El lugar de ejecución de la primera “Edcamp acreditacion/).Santiago” (Primero en Chile y Primero en Latina América) serealizará este sábado, 14 de Enero, en la Universidad Mayor,Sede Manuel Montt, a contar de las 9:00 hrs hasta las 18:00hrs.Información Para Los ParticipantesPrimero, el vídeo del evento, lo cual es un agradecimiento Edutopia: The George Lucas Educational Foundationpor parte del Equipo de los Organizadores, a todos los MisiónAuspiciadores que nos apoyan, y a la vez, a todos los The George Lucas Educational Foundation se dedicaparticipantes por el sacrificio y esfuerzo hecho de estar aquí, a la mejora del proceso de aprendizaje mediante laen un día libre (un sábado), en pleno verano. ¡Muchas gracias documentación, difusión y defensa de replicable innovaciones,por la confianza que han puesto en nosotros! y estrategias basadas en verificable evidencia que preparan a estudiantes para prosperar en su educación, futura carreras y vida adulta.Las PromesasAhora, las promesas del Edcamp Santiago es de 3 cosas:Nosotros garantizamos el aprendizaje de algo nuevo, un Bueno, hay mucho más. Para ver a todos los auspiciadores,amiga/o nueva/o, y una sonrisa ancha. visitan ellos, uno por uno, en nuestro sitio web, Edcamp¿Qué más? ¿Hay algo más? Santiago. Haz click en los links arriba (ubicados en el campo negro), y se pueda informarse de quienes son. Son muySí, hay más. Hay regalos para cada participante por parte de comprometidos, cada uno, con la educación y por supuesto,nuestros auspiciadores, quienes han sido muy generosa con ¡con las educadores!nosotros. Estamos muy agradecidos por el ayuda, y el apoyo, yel compromiso con nosotros. Les cuentan: Información Importante Para el Edcamp 1. Traer su “Ticket” (ya recibido por todos que están inscritos). En el caso que no está inscrita, lamento mucho, pero estamos agotados. Todos los cupos ya se fue, no nos queda ni uno. No hay más espacio disponible. Por lo tanto, sin boleta de entrada, no se pueda asistir el evento. 2. El Edcamp empieza a las 9:00 en punto. Para los participantes que llegan temprano, antes de la 9:30, se participarán en un sorteo especial, llamado “Early BirdCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 4
  5. 5. January 25th, 2012 Published by: profesorbakerSorteo”. En este sorteo hay un total de 20 premios. 10 de los Las charlas duran una hora. No más que 30 minutos (máximo)premios son membresías, de un año, gratis, a la organizacion, se pueda dedicar a exponer frente de los participantes, con los“The Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association“. participantes sentados pasivamente escuchando a un orador.Esta prestigiosa organización cuenta con más de once mil Tenemos 8 salas para 4 sesiones, un total de 32 charlas. Si(11000) miembros en más de ciento y treinta (130) países. hay más charlas propuestas, vamos a ver quienes puedanMisión compartir, de acuerdo a la viabilidad, similitud de las temas y la compatibilidad de los contenidos propuestas. En todo caso, una charla activa es preferida encima de una charla pasiva. Hay Data Show en todos las salas. Se necesito traer su laptop / notebook si vas a mostrar un Power Point. Hay“ conexión internet disponible con Wifi. De todo caso, es muy recomendable que se baja del internet un vídeo o programa“Our mission is to develop a global community of higher que quiera mostrar. Se gana tiempo y la seguridad de evitar uneducation professionals who come together to share their problema si el internet no esta funcionando.knowledge and expertise in teaching and learning.” Hay política de “Puertas Abiertas”. Los participantes puedanTradución: “Nuestra misión es desarrollar una comunidad ir y venir libremente. No tienen que quedarse por motivosglobal de profesionales de educación, quienes comparten sus de cortesía. Entonces, para ellos que van a dar una charla,conocimientos y destrezas en el enseñanza y aprendizaje.” piensan en como involucrar los participantes, compartiendo sus experiencias, enriqueciendo la charla, en vez de dejarlos sentados pasivamente.Otro 10 premios, también de membresías de un año, gratis,fueron donados por la organización SimpleK12. Colegas recibiendo sus merecidos reconocimientos (Fuente: Thomas Baker)“SimpleK12 has helped more than 500,000 teachers and 2million students learn and use technology. Our innovative, La Certificación de la Asistencia al Edcamp Santiago 2012online learning programs empower individuals with the Para los participantes que son expositores o que da una charla,knowledge and skills needed to build 21st century classroom el certificado va a señalar su participación como expositor, conexperiences.” el titulo de su charla.Traducción: “SimpleK12 ha ayudado más que 500,000 Para todos los participantes, que asisten todo el día, hayprofesores y 2 millón estudiantes aprender y usar tecnología. un certificado de asistencia al evento por su documentación.Nuestra innovativa on-line programas de aprendizaje El certificado correspondiente será enviado por correo,empoderar personas con los conocimientos y capacidades solamente a ellos que inscribieron al evento anticipadamente,necesarios para construir experiencias del Siglo 21.” dando su email de contacto. Pedimos una semana de gracia por la recepción. Si el certificado no haya llegado en una semana, por favor, contactar nos de inmediato para remediar la situación. Almuerzo Traer dinero para su almuerzo, o alternativamente, traer su propio almuerzo. Nadie pueda satisfacer sus gustos mejor que ustedes mismos. Por la tanto, la opción del almuerzo es su3. Las Charlas propio elección, de su propio responsabilidad.Cada persona pueda dar una charla / presentación. La Mesa RedondaLa propuesta y principio fundamental del Edcamp es La Mesa Redonda tiene lugar en la tarde. Hay un cambio en lacompartir experiencias éxitosas, aprender del uno al conducción, debido a que la profesora y Co-Fundadora, Leslieotro, colaborar, cooperar, comunicar, participar, apoyar. Lara, está dando su defensa de título en la Universidad Playa(Aprendizaje significativo) Ancha. Leslie estará con nosotros en espiritú. Nos deseo lo mejor en su defensa.Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 5
  6. 6. January 25th, 2012 Published by: profesorbakerEntonces, la conducción será a cargo de un equipo de dos Por los 15 minutos restantes, los panelistas responderán a laspersonas, el Sr. Damian Rivlin, y la Sra. Javiera Palma, preguntas de los participantes en Canadá.ambos de la Universidad Mayor. Damian es Director del 30 segundosDepartamento de la Tecnología Educativa, y Javiera esprofesional del Departamento de Inglés. Ambos hablan Palabras de cierre por los moderadores, Damian y Javieracastellano y inglés, por lo tanto, si salgas panelista por el ** 15 minutos recreosorteo, se pueda hablar en castellano o inglés. Ahora, toca los educadores del El Edcamp Delta. Ellos recibirá,A cargo de la conexión, en vivo, entre los educadores de y responderá, en los ultimos 15 minutos, las preguntasEdcamp Delta, de Canadá, y nosotros aquí en Santiago, será nuestras.Microsoft Canadá y Microsoft Chile, usando una tecnologíanovedosa y de vanguardia, llamado “Lynx”. **La Mesa Redonda tiene el tema, “Éxitos y Desafíos de El gran día se concluye con el sorteo de los premios. Debida ala Educación”. El propósito es que los panelistas tienen la generosidad de los auspiciadores, y la cantidad de premiosla oportunidad de compartir su propio experiencias y que tenemos, la gran mayoría seguramente se van a ganarsepensamientos acerca del tema. un premio de recuerdo.La idea es compartir una visión personal, personalizar el tema, Para ganar un premio, tienes que estar presente.en cuanto a lo que uno haya vivido, la experiencia personal con Para recibir el certificado, tienes que quedarse hasta el final dela educación. Contar su historia, humanizar la educación. la Mesa Redonda. Si no tiene interese en ganarse un premio, se pueda ir tranquilamente, sin perderse el certificado. La capacitación se termina con la Mesa Redonda. Como se dice en buen chileno, “Eso no más”. ¡Nos vemos el sábado! Thomas Baker Co-Fundador y Co-Organizador en nombre delBarcamp Santiago: Mesa Redonda - Smartphones y Tablets: Equipo de Organizadores del Edcamp Santiago 2012Guerra de Titanes (Conducción: Andrea Obaid)¿Como hacemos la Mesa?Los integrantes del panel serán elegidos en un sorteo. Serán 6personas, más la moderación de 2 personas.La duración es de una hora. La mesa es participativa. Para losprimeros 10 minutos, los miembros de la audiencia (el publico)van a discutir entre ellos en grupos pequeños de 4 – 6 personasel tema.Las dos preguntas a considerar:Timing: 10 minutos1. A su juicio, ¿que han sidos los éxitos de la educación, parausted personalmente? ¿Para sus pares, su generación? ¿Parael país?2. A su juicio, ¿qué son los desafíos de la educación, para ustedpersonalmente? ¿Para sus pares, su generación? ¿Para el país?Timing: 5 minutos3. Para 5 minutos, voluntarios en el público, uno tras otro,puedan dar el resumen (corto, de 15 – 30 segundos) de lasconversaciones de sus respectivos grupos.Timing: 30 minutos4. Ahora, toca los panelistas. Bajo la conducción de Damian yJaviera, los integrantes del panel conversará el tema con losmiembros del panel.Timing: 15 minutosPreguntas desde CanadáCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 6
  7. 7. January 25th, 2012 Published by: profesorbaker#Edcamp_Delta & #EdcampSantiago & Sponsors WelcomeMessage (Video) Last, but not least, our deepest expression of appreciationBy profesorbaker on January 25th, 2012 and heartfelt gratitude goes to our host, Universidad Mayor, including the entire institution from top to bottom, for opening its heart and its doors to us. Words simply can not, and do not, serve their purpose in expressing how honoured we are to have your embrace of our guiding ideal, namely, that given the opportunity, teachers can provide high-quality professional development for one another, simply by sharing our best practices, tried and tested under the actual conditions of the classroom itself. Universidad Mayor, by sharing your resources with us, andEdcamp Santiago 2012 & Sponsors Welcome Message to believing in us, you have made this become more than aParticipants: dream: it is a reality. Your support was indispensable inThe music is Chile Lindo (Beautiful Chile) and ¡Viva Chile! accomplishing this extraordinary feat of cooperation and(Long Live Chile!), sung by Mr. Luis Jara. collaboration with a diverse group of educators who made up the Organizing Committe for Edcamp Santiago 2012.We thank all participants, here and in Canada, for comingout to share a day of learning, networking and fun with the The Organising Committee & Global SponsorsOrganizing Team of Edcamp Santiago. These great individuals came together, across incredibleFurther, we thank Mr. Aaron Akune, Vice-Principal of Delta distances, to make this happen. We are a team made up notSecondary School (DSS) and his entire Team of Organisers at only of educators from Santiago, but from the South of ChileEdcamp Delta, located in Ladner, British Columbia, (about 30 as well. Further, the team includes a member from Brazil, Dr.minutes south of Vancouver) Canada, for their international Kyria Finardi.collaboration with us. As previously noted, we reached out even further across theTheir genuine spirit of global cooperation, communication and American continent, to partner with Canadian educators fromsharing of ideas helped us to extend the boundaries of edcamp Vancouver, Canada, representing the Delta Secondary Schoolbeyond our local and national concerns to contemplate the District.Successes and Challenges of Education that make up our past We stretched even further, receiving support from the Georgeand current realities. Lucas Foundation, Edutopia from California on the WestBy no means, however, does the knowledge thusly gained serve Coast. Then we reached across the USA to the East Coast, allto mark the limits of our future aspirations. On the contrary, the way to North Carolina, receiving support from the VIFwe feel the promise of the future of education in Canada and International Faculty Program.Chile is unlimited. We didn’t stop there. We kept going, all the way across theThrough our global sharing, we have come to terms with the Atlantic, all the way to Oxford, England. There we receivedpast, identified our current vantage point, and embarked on support from the Oxford University Press organization, whothe journey that will undoubtedly lead us forward to a better made a generous donation through their Chilean-basedday for all of the children that our education systems serve. representatives.Aaron, to you and the entire education community of the Through the use of technology, we also received support fromDelta Secondary School System: parents, students, educators London, where Mr. Jason West has based his organization,and administrators, we salute you, collectively. ¡Viva Edcamp Languages Out There.Delta! To cover the rest of the globe, we rounded out our effortsThe Sponsors by being embraced by the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association. The organization recentlyOur sincere gratitude goes to all of our wonderful sponsors. achieved the astounding feat of having over ten thousandEach one gave generously to the proposition of Edcamp members in over 100 countries.Santiago 2012, in full measure, within the limits of reason, andwithout thought of self. Thanks to their generosity, ten lucky Chilean educators are now members of this prestigious organization, which is headedThey are all true friends of educators and indeed, education by Mr. Patrick Blessinger. As noted in the BC Education Plan: “The world haschanged. The Way WE educate our children Should too.” What is the mission of HETL? “Our mission is to develop a global community of higher education professionals who come together to share their knowledge and expertise in teaching and learning.”Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 7
  8. 8. January 25th, 2012 Published by: profesorbakerConclusion Many people are willing to pay lots of money to study with you if you can guarantee fluency. Wait a minute. Why fluency?To conclude, the benefits of Edcamp Santiago and its impactupon our practice will endure, not only as a memory, but as “Adults”, is the answer. Adults measure language learninga shining example for other educators around the world to success by their ability to speak the language, fluently.follow. We pass on the Edcamp torch to be carried forward In general, all they want to do is to be able to use the languagethroughout Chile and the rest of the world! in a general context, for a job interview, to answer the phoneThomas Baker at work, and for pleasure in their free time, for travel and onCo-Founder & Co-Organiser vacation. That’s about it. Success will bring profit, so, let’s turn our attention to theEdcamp Santiago 2012 “How”? How would you do it? The traditional language learning classroom comes to mind. Blended learning, with both on-line learning and traditional classes, is another. Or why not totally on line? Each approach has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s leave that analysis for another day. We want to look at one case study#Edcamp Santiago: The “Open of actual practice, the “Open English” phenomenon. I call it a phenomenon because they (Open English) actually advertiseEnglish” Phenomenon (Fluency to potential students that “fluency is guaranteed”. Let’s take aGuaranteed) look:By profesorbaker on January 25th, 2012 Nicolette Moreno shares the Open English vision with us: Open English - Teacher Welcome from on Vimeo. Andres Moreno on CNN espanol with English subtitles talking about why Open English has been successful in Latin America. Open English on CNN with English Subtitles from on Vimeo.Apple and books on teachers desk - not with Open English!(Credit: Google images)It is perhaps the most well-known fact about teaching Englishas a Foreign Language (EFL) that many students oftengraduate from high school without the ability to speak Englishfluently, despite having studied the language from 8 to 12years.For example, in Chile, a national test of English (reading andlistening) was applied to all students in the 11th grade, fromOctober 25 to November 5th, 2010.Only 11% reached the level considered as “Basic”.Clearly, fluency in spoken English is out of the question, takinginto consideration these results.Fluency GuaranteedHow many teachers of English as a Foreign Language wouldeven consider something like that? A guarantee of fluency to anadult learner of English as a foreign language, in Chile? Few,very few.However, we need to look at this from a business perspective.There are many competitors in the ELT market, so you needa Unique Selling Point (USP). If you can deliver on a promiseof fluency (for every learner), you will have many people whowant to learn English with you. That’s a powerful incentive.So, it’s intriguing. Can you do it? Guarantee fluency?Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 8