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EdCamp Independent Schools took place at Wharton on Saturday March 2, 2013. Over 150 educators from across the country attended.

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Edcamp independent-schools

  1. 1. #edcampisEdcamp Independent Schools Trending WordsMary Beth Hertz: What if independent great, &, session, rt, -, teachers,schools were labs of innovation that schools, design, school, share, need,purposefully shared best practices for learning, #edcampis., out, thanksall?Event Participants
  2. 2. RT @SNewco 50 Mobile Learning Resources http://t.co/LFWf3lpv1C #edcampis #edcampsemo #edchat 02-Mar-13 23:43 | bhuddGreat day for PD #edcampIS Cant wait to share with my colleagues! 02-Mar-13 23:43 | love2runnteach@DoremiGirl Yes! Come visit with @ksivick! At least I got to hug you at #edcampis :) 02-Mar-13 23:43 | SpecialKRB@MikeGwaltney @JonathanEMartin Thanks for the inspiration and clarification about PBL today at #edcampISNow its time to process. 02-Mar-13 23:42 | historyfriend@MikeGwaltney Awesome to have you there--hope good things will come of it all. Think it was a roomful ofgurus, my friend! #EdCampIS 02-Mar-13 23:39 | pgow@SpecialKRB Hey, didnt get to talk to you much, but glad you made it out to #edcampIS! Maybe Ill join @ksivickin a trip. April? Hugs! 02-Mar-13 23:37 | DoremiGirl@pgow Great to meet you! Thanks for participating in #edcampIS! Glad you got home safely! 02-Mar-13 23:37 | DoremiGirl@love2runnteach Thank you for attending #edcampIS! Share @SymbalooEDU w/ others! 02-Mar-13 23:35 | DoremiGirlThanks to @ksivick @montysays @doremigirl @lizbdavis & all for an amazing #EdCampIS (home in Red SoxNation after easy drive, too) 02-Mar-13 23:32 | pgowFinally heading home: @michaelnachbar and @mikegwaltney are on the plane with me. Lets GO! #edCampIS#NAISAC13 02-Mar-13 23:30 | gregbamfordMikeGwaltney: RT @teach2connect: http://t.co/8ZpfErLJHy @MikeGwaltney @JonathanEMartin #edcampis 02-Mar-13 23:27 | MikeGwaltneyMikeGwaltney: RT @teach2connect: Join #pblchat on Tuesdays 8pm ET to continue the conversation.@MikeGwaltney @JonathanEMartin #edcampis 02-Mar-13 23:27 | MikeGwaltneyMikeGwaltney: RT @edcampIS: #edcampIS Lots of blogging platforms: blogspot, kidblog, edublog, andwordpress. According to @MikeGwaltney, ... 02-Mar-13 23:27 | MikeGwaltneyMikeGwaltney: RT @ksivick: listening to @JonathanEMartin @MikeGwaltney , sure to be great session#edcampIS 02-Mar-13 23:27 | MikeGwaltneyMikeGwaltney: RT @mpowers3: New #PBL resource via @MikeGwaltney http://t.co/9MIrjOWIt3 #edcampis 02-Mar-13 23:27 | MikeGwaltney
  3. 3. Thanks to everyone who saw @gregbamford on #empathy and #collaboration at #edcampis. Follow up in June at#fuse13: http://t.co/4z8lrzZXsV 02-Mar-13 23:24 | leadlearnlabJust got back from #edcampIS. So great to see everyone, share ideas. You truly are an amazing bunch! 02-Mar-13 23:21 | birv2Great day at the unconference. Thanks to everyone. Lots of fun with my colleagues. #unconference #edcampis 02-Mar-13 23:20 | BohannonJohnGot to have #edcampIS Smackdown for my page http://t.co/FkANMwLeNa: @ksivick: @lizbdavis @DoremiGirl@hadleyjf 02-Mar-13 23:18 | cybraryman1@MsMaloySCH thanks so much for joining us today, was wonderful to see you at #edcampIS ! 02-Mar-13 23:06 | ksivick@lizbdavis @DoremiGirl @hadleyjf @montysays @mpowers3 @cmpayne87 @lee_bruner @birv@jill_lebiedzins the "fab team" of #edcampIS THX 02-Mar-13 22:59 | ksivick@teach2connect @DrThomasHo is in Orlando might be able to assist with finding location for #edcampis 2014,also @LRNeverywhere. 02-Mar-13 22:55 | s_beardenThank you all at #edcampis. My brain floweth over with ideas, connections & more stuff to do! But Ill be doing it ina design thinking way. 02-Mar-13 22:45 | BenedictChantGreat day with the folks at #edcampIS. So much to process. Let the thinking, rethinking and planning begin!Thanks to everyone! 02-Mar-13 22:45 | historyfriendGreat distinction RT @teach2connect: how many of our classrooms are project oriented learning rather thanproject based learning? #edcampis 02-Mar-13 22:38 | BenedictChant@DoremiGirl Thank YOU for all of your work on #edcampis 02-Mar-13 22:32 | lizbdavis#edcampis great appreciation for an excellent @edcampIS day today to all organizers including @lizbdavis,@lee_bruner, @ksivick & others. 02-Mar-13 22:18 | JonathanEMartinRT “@mpowers3: Can we define Digital Literacy? http://t.co/0fvoNTa4An New #etmooc post! #edcampis#medialabcourse” #diglits 02-Mar-13 22:13 | christybrenn#edcampis Thank you! What an incredible day! 02-Mar-13 21:55 | kolkkartistAwesome, inspiring day at #edcampIS I have so many things I want to try and ideas I want to explore in myteaching! 02-Mar-13 21:55 | KPabarue
  4. 4. I won a document camera at #EdCampIS thanks!! 02-Mar-13 21:25 | Cpohle22Were trying to get a school with running water to children in Nepal. Can we get a RT? #PBLChat #EdChat#Edcampis http://t.co/p5rnuYfYQu 02-Mar-13 21:18 | OpenWorldCauseHad a very inspiring day! My head is full of ideas #edcampis 02-Mar-13 21:09 | MsMaloySCH@nobleknits2 Sure! @lee_bruner was the person talking about it at #edcampis today 02-Mar-13 21:09 | mpowers3RT @edcampis: Thanks to all of our participants #edcampis! Congrats to our raffle winners! We hope to see younext year in Orlando! 02-Mar-13 21:05 | mpowers3@ccshriver @donbuckley Thank you for being there! #edcampis 02-Mar-13 20:49 | SpecialKRBNow onto @edcampmetrodc! 4/13! #edcampis #edcampmetrodc #edcamp 02-Mar-13 20:38 | teach2connectThanks to the awesome organizers of #edcampis You Rock! 02-Mar-13 20:37 | teach2connectGreat post! RT @mpowers3: Can we define Digital Literacy? http://t.co/2EineEanBg New #etmooc post!#edcampis #medialabcourse #digilit 02-Mar-13 20:32 | AlisonSeaman@asriparkinson @Scott1Robyn “@Primary_Ed: Very helpful!! Ipad apps under each subject heading.http://t.co/7nrrGfFmsS #ukedchat #EdCampIS” 02-Mar-13 20:19 | MNatuschThanks to all of our participants #edcampis! Congrats to our raffle winners! We hope to see you next year inOrlando! 02-Mar-13 20:10 | edcampISAnyone know anyone in Orlando for #edcampis 2013?!?! 02-Mar-13 20:09 | teach2connectStapler choices. #edcampis http://t.co/qfukJCdGHm 02-Mar-13 20:07 | SpecialKRBTeacher Dashboard app allows you to see Google Apps files shared with you by your students. #edcampIS#techcoach #edtech 02-Mar-13 20:03 | cmpayne87#edcampIS smackdown - use hapara for better google apps organization/distribution. Love the user friendlyinterface 02-Mar-13 20:03 | lee_bruner
  5. 5. Nearpod is a great app to interact w students. @lee_bruner makes his app share presentation interactive.#edcampis http://t.co/zUhDn1GxEK 02-Mar-13 19:51 | edcampISUp next, @nearpod and ways it can be used in language learning classes #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:50 | mpowers3Love our #edcampis Smackdown! 02-Mar-13 19:50 | DoremiGirlThe anticipation is building! Who is going to win todays #edcampIS raffle? 02-Mar-13 19:50 | cmpayne87@SymbalooEDU Just shared how awesome the app is! Thanks for supporting #edcampIS! 02-Mar-13 19:49 | DoremiGirl@mpowers3 we just used videolicious to make a school tour for a skype call wth school in Australia. So easy touse! #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:49 | KatyGartsideNow hearing about videolicious as creation tool for students to share ideas, knowledge, and tools #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:48 | mpowers3@MissRalston symbaloo also good for links page on class website- color code subject/proj/topic #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:48 | KatyGartside@geekyteach @SymbalooEDU whats the diff between reg symbaloo & the edu version? #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:47 | KatyGartsideCreate a symbaloo to share links to kids work. Then share the symbaloo w parents. #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 19:46 | MissRalstonMy @SymbalooEDU profile http://t.co/0OcNQ6nCaS #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:45 | geekyteachTalking about @SymbalooEDU at our app smackdown #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:43 | mpowers3“@JonathanEMartin: #edcampis @finddonorth pleased with success of using @ebackpack at Hillbrook with hisMS students n iPad program” 02-Mar-13 19:43 | finddonorth#edcampis "Innovation is finding an area of opportunity when you have a problem." 02-Mar-13 19:42 | MissRalston@ksivick saves the day and helps me find my phone! #edcampis #sillyme 02-Mar-13 19:40 | teach2connect
  6. 6. The #edcampis app share is about to start! See you all in the auditorium. Add your shares here:http://t.co/PTMoLu3hdK 02-Mar-13 19:34 | mpowers3App Share and raffle to close out #edcampis. http://t.co/DIjQ8Q0OoF 02-Mar-13 19:33 | edcampISExciting #edcampis 2day,connections&conversations: flexible classroom design, TEDxYouth,1-1(whatworks&doesnt)&more! http://t.co/AJd1VavYnk 02-Mar-13 19:31 | drjillbrownWe dont learn empathy by talking about empathy, or leadership in the abstract. Embed soft skills in content.@gregbamford #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:31 | KPlowsJust keep asking why. Like a little kid - ok, but why? To find something meaningful. But why? To learn somethingnew. But why? #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 19:31 | rchallowell"You dont learn ethics or empathy or leadership in the abstract." - @gregbamford #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:28 | montysaysIt has to start from the learning goal. WHY do you teach what you teach? #backwardsdesign #pblchat #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:27 | teach2connect"Innovation is finding an area of opportunity when you have a problem." @donbuckley #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:26 | ccshriverHave students become "people detectives" to make connections to others #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:26 | KPabarueThey are back! Its important to get to the what and why. "Five Whys"- keep digging. (Via @gregbamford)#edcampis http://t.co/jYgwK1dFex 02-Mar-13 19:26 | edcampISEnjoyed great conversations today on professional growth, learning, and collaboration, and public purpose.Thank you #edcampis! 02-Mar-13 19:26 | SusanMBoothUse the "5 why" method (keep asking "why?") to get to the heart of the problem/what the real need is #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 19:24 | KPabarueWhere did they go in Room 60? #fieldtrips courtesy of @gregbamford Experiential Learning for teachers.#edcampis http://t.co/mTcbxUeNYZ 02-Mar-13 19:22 | edcampIS"Its not about tech, its about using my time efficiently." @Doremigirl #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 19:20 | rchallowellJoin #pblchat on Tuesdays 8pm ET to continue the conversation. @MikeGwaltney @JonathanEMartin#edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:19 | teach2connect
  7. 7. Students answering Meaningful essential questions will transfer to real world knowledge #pbl #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:17 | jill_lebiedzinsSome skills (literacy/numeracy) need to be acquired in elem kids to successfully implement. #pbl #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:17 | teach2connectKey part of #PBL is design process before projects begin - need time for teachers to plan & prep collaborations#edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:15 | mpowers3T-minus 15 minutes til @edcampis smackdown begins! http://t.co/ihyhgI0gDq #edcampis @DoremiGirl@montysays 02-Mar-13 19:15 | lee_brunerHow to conduct an interview for design thinking #edcampIS http://t.co/6ypv4WFC1C 02-Mar-13 19:13 | KPabarue#edcampIS Smackdown is happening at 2:30 in the auditorium. Add your favorite apps here!http://t.co/3Mp4wnsRxi 02-Mar-13 19:13 | DoremiGirl"Blue sky ideas" is the notion that no idea is too crazy. #design #innovation #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:12 | ccshriverIn design thinking, what are your "blue sky" ideas? #edcampIS #isedchat #techcoach 02-Mar-13 19:12 | cmpayne87“@KPabarue: Disagreements that come during problem solving are due to seeing the problems differently#edcampis” #kellerisdchat 02-Mar-13 19:11 | THEJamesRowlandIn PBL, you dont know what you want, but you know what your experiences are #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:11 | KPabarueSession on project-based learning. Now, discussing PBL in math. "Its all about intentional design." #edcampishttp://t.co/fzs0FRXQN7 02-Mar-13 19:11 | edcampISFirst observe then interview for PBL- know what questions to ask then and helps build empathy/gain perspective#edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:10 | KPabarueHaving a fantastic discussion about utilizing the EdCamp model in classrooms. Ideas flying fast and furious.#edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:07 | geekyteach“Leadership role modeling is essential in building a culture of innovation. #edcampIS #isedchat #indyschool...”http://t.co/CRKxOnRMmV 02-Mar-13 19:07 | mpowers3Leadership role modeling is essential in building a culture of innovation. #edcampIS #isedchat #indyschool#naischat #TABSchat #techcoach 02-Mar-13 19:07 | cmpayne87
  8. 8. Dont focus on creating detailed job descriptions. Find out what talented candidates have and design the jobaround them. #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 19:04 | MissRalstonIn "How to Build a Culture of Innovation" session at #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 19:04 | cmpayne87how many of our classrooms are project oriented learning rather than project based learning? #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:03 | teach2connectOverheard at #EdCampIS: convos about outdoor edu. Exploring outdoor habitats. "We take the kids out withclipboards and they reflect." 02-Mar-13 19:02 | edcampISProject based learning ISNT project oriented learning #edcampis #PBL 02-Mar-13 19:02 | jill_lebiedzinsWatching video: What #PBL isnt https://t.co/Z0m674gS72 at #edcampis 02-Mar-13 19:01 | mpowers3Project-oriented learning is the opposite of PBL ... which one are you doing? #edcampis 02-Mar-13 18:58 | mpowers3http://t.co/uR8Wh2FSYy @MikeGwaltney @JonathanEMartin #edcampis 02-Mar-13 18:58 | teach2connectNew #PBL resource via @MikeGwaltney http://t.co/JxfXGjeoS8 #edcampis 02-Mar-13 18:58 | mpowers3The Common Core is the What-PBL is the How. http://t.co/FXcxOVGThC #edcampis #pbl @biepbl #ccss 02-Mar-13 18:57 | teach2connect#commoncore is the what #pbl is the how #EdCampIS 02-Mar-13 18:55 | Cpohle22“#Empathy workshop participants are visiting other #EdCampIS sessions as ethnographers, observingbehaviors,...” http://t.co/rkuvEwhZqp 02-Mar-13 18:54 | mpowers3Bring in speakers from outside the education world to inspire design thinking and innovation #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 18:54 | MissRalston@finddonorth It was great meeting you! Safe travels! #edcampis 02-Mar-13 18:53 | edcampIS#Empathy workshop participants are visiting other #EdCampIS sessions as ethnographers, observing behaviors,inferring needs. What? How? Why? 02-Mar-13 18:53 | leadlearnlab
  9. 9. Session 3 is just getting started at #edcampIS. Including, PBL, Empathy as Problem-Solving, Building a Cultureof Innovation, and more! 02-Mar-13 18:48 | edcampISChemistry #PBL Example: Ss pick drug they think is overused or prescribed, analyze risks, talk about next steps#edcampis 02-Mar-13 18:47 | mpowers3Thanks to all at #edcampis Sorry I had to leave before the afternoon session. 02-Mar-13 18:46 | JosieHolfordDoing "what/how/why" observation activity for empathy in design thinking #edcampis 02-Mar-13 18:46 | KPabarueTo define the problem: what are the people who are experiencing this first hand going through? #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 18:45 | rchallowellDisagreements that come during problem solving are due to seeing the problems differently #edcampis 02-Mar-13 18:44 | KPabaruelistening to @JonathanEMartin @MikeGwaltney , sure to be great session #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 18:44 | ksivickWe need to make sure that when were solving a problem, we define it first and are actually working on the sameissue! #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 18:44 | rchallowellhttp://t.co/HQ7kkp7UvP work that matters high tech high #edcampis 02-Mar-13 18:43 | ksivickTalking about free #PBL resources: http://t.co/2d71dUZa6y & http://t.co/ZjobXN3ljc recommended. What otherscan you add? #edcampis 02-Mar-13 18:43 | mpowers3Empathy is essential to design thinking-have to understand what people are going through in order to solveproblems #edcampis 02-Mar-13 18:43 | KPabarueThe year of innovation and design thinking in schools http://t.co/h9V8d6k8oJ #edcampIS @donbuckley 02-Mar-13 18:42 | MissRalston"PBL is the entree, not the desert" #edcampis PBL session How do you make it happen in your school? 02-Mar-13 18:41 | mpowers3Great conversations and new friends at #EdCampIS. Love the input from the charter school contingent!!! 02-Mar-13 18:40 | KelseyVroomunnHave to think of empathy as a thinking tool for successful leaders. #edcampis 02-Mar-13 18:40 | KPabarue
  10. 10. #edcampis About to begin PBL discussion-- what needs to happen to advance PBL in our schools in Room 38Join us. 02-Mar-13 18:32 | JonathanEMartinTrying to follow #edcampis? Check out the stream http://t.co/Dyw3On1hvJ #edcamp #edchat #advis 02-Mar-13 18:28 | mpowers3“Hey #edcampis ppl - looking for google apps using teachers to join us at http://t.co/Uvh7FPU3L7 in 2 weeks!Come...” http://t.co/xILaHZUFY2 02-Mar-13 18:25 | mpowers3Want one of these? Find Shannon or Yoon in the lobby. #edcampIS http://t.co/9g7wws72X2 02-Mar-13 18:25 | edcampIS10 minutes until our workshop on Teaching #Empathy as a Problem-Solving Skill in room 60. Ready for the "fieldtrip!" #edcampis 02-Mar-13 18:22 | leadlearnlabRT @mrmcgrann: @JonathanEMartin - love the pic via @gregbamford #EdCampIS http://t.co/tM3YUTnKiG” 02-Mar-13 18:22 | ksivick@JonathanEMartin - love the pic! via @gregbamford #EdCampIS http://t.co/W980zcUG7B” 02-Mar-13 18:11 | mrmcgrannHey #edcampis ppl - looking for google apps using teachers to join us at http://t.co/wK47LJD5Pr in 2 weeks!Come join us! 02-Mar-13 18:11 | geekyteachMy What Students Want page: http://t.co/uSsCaEEfln A good place to start! #edcampsemo #edcampIS #nassp13#wetech13 02-Mar-13 18:10 | cybraryman1Getting the scoop on local yarn stores from fellow knitters! The things you learn at #edcampis 02-Mar-13 18:07 | geekyteach@geekyteach @DoremiGirl @karleary thanks for hanging out at lunch, love the in-between sessions #edcampis 02-Mar-13 18:07 | ksivick@teach2connect awesome lungs! thanks for coming to my session on teaching frameworks for collaboration!#EdCampIS http://t.co/JSrMfhcuuh 02-Mar-13 18:06 | gregbamford@eaglecoveschool Added! Thank you! Pls say hi to me. #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 18:05 | DoremiGirl@JonathanEMartin: the Louis Armstrong of the edu world. Blowing up balloons in my #collaboration workshop#EdCampIS http://t.co/f0CaKFdjDh 02-Mar-13 18:04 | gregbamfordSwag time! Get your @edutopia water bottles! #edcampIS (1 per attendee) 02-Mar-13 18:03 | DoremiGirl
  11. 11. Great experience at #edcampis @wharton today. Talked about #ipad and @hillbrookilab. Excellentconversations. Thanks @ksivick et al. 02-Mar-13 17:44 | finddonorthRT @mbteach: What if independent schools were labs of innovation that purposefully shared best practices forall? #EdCampIS 02-Mar-13 17:33 | claire_rk“What if independent schools were labs of innovation that purposefully shared best practices for all? #EdCampIS”our collectivepublicpurpose 02-Mar-13 17:32 | jpwatson4843Grabbing lunch with some #EdCampIS folks then off to #ladyhacks. 02-Mar-13 17:27 | mbteachEnjoyed #naisac13 regret missing the unconference during and wish I would have been able to stay for#EdCampIS #toomuchgoingonatonce 02-Mar-13 17:25 | jasonmkernLooking forward to seeing u at CSW soon! @ParkDayTom Visiting progressive schools http://t.co/gAZdbt1NIp#isedchat #edcampis” 02-Mar-13 17:13 | CSWjaneMikeGwaltney: Blogging, Commenting, Writing Guidelines from my class: http://t.co/3sJuUSMvXL #EdCampIS#isedchat 02-Mar-13 17:12 | MikeGwaltneyMikeGwaltney: Im really excited to attend Public Purpose of Private Schools session at #edcampis. Gurus@pgow and @CurtisCFEE - leading ... 02-Mar-13 17:12 | MikeGwaltneyMikeGwaltney: RT @JonathanEMartin: Delighted to be at #edcampis today in Philly & eager to support advanceof #edcamp everywhere. Great e... 02-Mar-13 17:12 | MikeGwaltneyMikeGwaltney: Join @JonathanEMartin and @MikeGwaltney to talk about supporting High-Quality #PBL, at 1:30at #edcampis. A teacher-adminis... 02-Mar-13 17:12 | MikeGwaltneyMikeGwaltney: The Full Slate at #EdCampIS. http://t.co/ra6Gv9BvWD 02-Mar-13 17:12 | MikeGwaltneyNice "@HarrietLappas: #edcampIS how can we teach the students to discuss task and maintenance whencollaborating? http://t.co/dzlOhhk95E" 02-Mar-13 17:12 | T_C_PDont forget you can use the #edcampIS to find like souls for lunch! 02-Mar-13 17:12 | edcampISFree resources, LessonPlans http://t.co/6xxeK7c4wE #edcampIS #satchatwc #wetech13 #nassp13#edcampsemo http://t.co/4oDv5aiu9M 02-Mar-13 17:10 | mjgraham0Great morning at #edcampis! Getting ready to lead session on teaching #empathy as a problem-solving tool inRoom 60 at 1:30. #DTK12 02-Mar-13 17:07 | gregbamford
  12. 12. Thanks, @MikeGwaltney for a great discussion on writing in the digital age. Good ideas and sharing by everyone.#edcampis 02-Mar-13 17:00 | ccshriverDoing a #nearpod demo at #edcampIS for WL teachers in room 60. anyone else using nearpod? Lets chat! 02-Mar-13 17:00 | lee_brunerYou have to gather information for the profile of the type of teachers you want before you evaluate them, but whodecides? #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:57 | KPabarue#edcampIS Resource for writing the web “Seven Habits of Highly Connected People” http://t.co/7kUs3g1ob6 02-Mar-13 16:57 | steelemaleyWhen asking young kids about teachers, ask them "what is the best part of your day?" to glean concrete results#edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:57 | teach2connectHaving students grade teachers. Article from @theatlantic http://t.co/8SFcVYtmku #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:56 | teach2connect#edcampIS Clustermaps suggested by @ccshriver. Allow students to see the connections they are making whenwriting on a blog. 02-Mar-13 16:55 | edcampIS#edcampis @finddonorth hilarious speaking about work with his student "iPad Doctors" & their opinions aboutappropriate use & regulation 02-Mar-13 16:54 | JonathanEMartin#edcampIS Lots of blogging platforms: blogspot, kidblog, edublog, and wordpress. According to @MikeGwaltney,its about connection. 02-Mar-13 16:53 | edcampISManage expectations around PD - dont expect to change the world, start w/ taking 1 meaningful thing back toyour school #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:53 | mpowers3Alternatives to artificial PD. At Leadership+Design Studio, teachers get hands-on practice with kids.http://t.co/GiS67Y8deE #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:52 | leadlearnlabKids know what good teaching looks like. Do we let them decide? #evaluation #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:50 | KPabarueIdea: 1 faculty meeting a month for teachers to present what theyve learned at outside PD or discussw/colleagues. Tchrs pick #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:50 | mpowers3Using iPad apps as tools, not as activities #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:49 | MsMaloySCHProfessional development should be authentic learning. For teachers, that means working w/ kids. Bring kids in topractice with. #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:48 | gregbamford
  13. 13. LOVING! "@DoremiGirl: Loving our convo on the arts in our schools! <3 #edcampIS" 02-Mar-13 16:46 | T_C_P“Overheard at #edcampis: "We should be friends!"” http://t.co/ktQCLsmo98 02-Mar-13 16:46 | mpowers3Idea: embed #PD in student teaching! Help teachers learn how to design PD, reflect & apply. Authentic hands-onlearning! #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:45 | mpowers3Provide tchrs with funding for quiet, reflective pd, too. Travel, reading, self-care. Dedicated tchrs are at risk ofburning out. #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:45 | MissRalstonRT @ParkDayTom Visiting progressive schools around the country: These are schools for the ages!http://t.co/RlM7LQZMwd #isedchat #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:44 | JonathanEMartinOverheard at #edcampis: "We should be friends!" 02-Mar-13 16:44 | edcampISLoving our convo on the arts in our schools! <3 #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:44 | DoremiGirl@teach2connect Sure! Although the room is a bit small #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:43 | mpowers3Anyone have school-wide approaches to supporting teachers in mental health & reflection? PD support to attendor travel to events? #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:43 | mpowers3@mpowers3 the reflection piece is a key point that is often neglected #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:41 | philgriffinsExploring a new app #edcampis http://t.co/HaiiqsID42 02-Mar-13 16:41 | edcampIS“"Alternatives to professional development: #edcamp, 20% time, etc. #edcampis http://t.co/ME0YDBE4mE"”http://t.co/jyS1z9tKDI 02-Mar-13 16:40 | mpowers3After attending pd, make debriefing time a priority for teachers. 50% learning, 50% reflecting, creating and doing#edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:40 | MissRalston#edcampis ready for a great Google experience stepbystep tutorials full lesson plans? #GoogleAppsMeets#CommonCore http://t.co/qaUkiMMM8y 02-Mar-13 16:39 | mjgraham0Schl leaders need to give % of time to join PD - local and global & make time for tchrs to reflect on their PD andparticipate #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:39 | mpowers3
  14. 14. And of course, how do we work it into the schedule? And how do we get teachers excited so theyll continue toseek it out? #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:35 | rchallowell"blog as vehicle to share process" MT @kolkkartist: One blog for all arts in school; each class has a page.http://t.co/kPlzPpDuG2 #EdcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:34 | T_C_PCan we curate PD methods so that people can figure out what works well for them - once ppl are inspired, wecan make change #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:34 | mpowers3If teacher risks that result in failure are penalized in the evaluation system, innovation will end. #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:33 | KelseyVroomunnWhat is my professional learning goal? What are the tools to help me achieve it? Who are the people to help meget there? #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:33 | leadlearnlabIf taking risks doesnt fit into the system, then faculty will avoid risks. Via @drtimony #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:32 | montysaysHow are we as leaders setting up systems so teachers can take risks? Rather than leading pioneers to slaughter.@DrTimony #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:32 | teach2connect"Risk taking" is risky! Pioneers get slaughtered #evaluation #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:31 | KPabarue"Chances put teachers on the radar, because taking chances can lead to attention." #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:30 | edcampIS.@WesttownSchools own @TheAnneQuake presenting "Teaching with the iPad" at #edcampIS #isedchat#engchat http://t.co/eEyzAHt6Ad 02-Mar-13 16:30 | cmpayne87How many teachers fly under the radar because they are worried about evaluation asks @DrTimony #EdCampIS 02-Mar-13 16:30 | mbteach“"Sharing artistic work that students do through web tools at #edcampis http://t.co/5GK3xDn0Di"”http://t.co/huAU097ebY 02-Mar-13 16:29 | mpowers3Wait a minute...what is the function of PD? Are we trying to inspire teachers or assess them? #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:28 | rchallowellLove it! RT @sjunkins Instead of tchrs evaluating tchrs we use a method called Idea Bandit. Visit a classrm &"steal" a great idea #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:28 | mpowers3Thermostat versus thermometer - are you setting the temperature in the room or subject to it. (@drtimony)#edcampis http://t.co/P4eVc4MwTT 02-Mar-13 16:27 | edcampIS
  15. 15. Teachers as Learners (TaL) Tuesdays - end school early & let tchrs learn together in small groups for semesteron 1 topic #edcampis #PD 02-Mar-13 16:26 | mpowers3Me too! “@MartiWeston: Have fun at #edcampis. Am missing it this year and wish I were there! #naisac23” 02-Mar-13 16:25 | s_beardenTeachers need longer and deeper connections with their mentors. (@mbteach) Whats the role of a mentor?#edcampis http://t.co/mXbjVj7hJd 02-Mar-13 16:25 | edcampISWe need more organic mentors to help us process our work and its emotional element. #evaluation #edcampis@mbteach 02-Mar-13 16:24 | teach2connectAnyone intentionally connecting teacher PD to evaluations? #edcampis If so, how? Ways to make it organic,drive motivation? 02-Mar-13 16:24 | mpowers3Your assigned teacher "mentor" isnt always the person who is the best fit for you- need to connect with them#edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:24 | KPabarue@mpowers3 Can connect w/a school in another country. (Find K12 partners in 200 countries for free athttp://t.co/bU5fyAOplC) #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:24 | RitaOatesIt must be authentic & organic in order to be engaging & meaningful! Sounds easy but its not. Also counter tostandard thinking #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:24 | rchallowellEnjoying first #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:23 | love2runnteachHave fun at #edcampis. Am missing it this year and wish I were there! #naisac23 02-Mar-13 16:23 | MartiWestonWe had our teachers present to each other for our Feb PD day. Great way to share with each other.http://t.co/alsDGSbcfJ @tszym44 #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:22 | capohankaWe need to get out of running in circles and having the same people lead the same conversations around thesame issues... #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:21 | rchallowell“@mbteach: What if independent schools were labs of innovation that purposefully shared best practices for all?#EdCampIS” #isedchat 02-Mar-13 16:21 | s_bearden"displaying artwork for others (via blog) is a form of advocacy" RT @DoremiGirl: Lets talk about the ARTS in ourschools! #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:21 | T_C_PListening to British actors performing Shakespeare Sonnets in "Teaching with the iPad" at @TheAnneQuake at#edcampIS #engchat 02-Mar-13 16:21 | cmpayne87
  16. 16. @mpowers3 admin need to really get how edcamp works-& nt hav predetermined ideas for sessions they want. &def not decide them! #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:19 | KatyGartsideHow might we bring whats best about #edcamp - as a way of learning/connecting/growing - back to our schools?#edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:19 | leadlearnlabTime to revive this list via @SNewco: Great "Bring Your Own Device" Resources http://t.co/3YvzHHZByd#edcampis #edcampsemo #edchat 02-Mar-13 16:19 | krainsGreat "QR Code" Resources http://t.co/Di4a26HuS4 #edcampis #edcampsemo #edchat 02-Mar-13 16:19 | SNewco“"#edcampis @finddonorth leading a conversation about integrating iPads into MS programs @HillbrookHOS...”http://t.co/U0xPzMj09o 02-Mar-13 16:18 | mpowers3Discussing Critical Friends & creating small grps 2 work together on PD & learning. Need space, training 2 start.Have u tried it? #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:18 | mpowers3“Session two is underway at #edcampis! Teacher evals, Nearpod, Shakespeare and iPads are just some of thetopics!...” http://t.co/ixVFsd5TDp 02-Mar-13 16:17 | mpowers3The key flexible and develop leaders willing to do PD around whatever the school needs, be school-specific#edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:16 | rchallowell#edcampis @finddonorth leading a conversation about integrating iPads into MS programs @HillbrookHOShttp://t.co/OPr0Hbl8Mb 02-Mar-13 16:16 | JonathanEMartinRT @kelseyvroomunn: #edcampis surprising how many independent schools lack a defined and growth-focusedevaluation program 02-Mar-13 16:16 | mpowers3RT @kkidsinvt: @mpowers3 @MissRalston Yes!! So important. We all have things to share that will inspireothers! #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:16 | mpowers3Develop internal leadership - improves health of culture, infuses growth and passion in divisions. Display internalexpertise #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:16 | mpowers3#edcampis @efjcomposer At Montgomery School art and music unite and the Arts are celebrated. 02-Mar-13 16:15 | kolkkartistLet faculty create their PD - find out what their interests, bring someone in or send ppl out to present/share &leadchange @ schl #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:15 | mpowers3Can we define Digital Literacy? http://t.co/DOguDiImIo New #etmooc post! #edcampis #medialabcourse 02-Mar-13 16:15 | mpowers3
  17. 17. Writing for an audience means more than just for a teacher in a digital age, its not just about publishing it is aboutfollow up #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:13 | KarlynAdlerHow can teachers get evaluated if theyre never observed? #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:13 | KPabarueGreat "Bring Your Own Device" Resources http://t.co/80nNYeSVD5 #edcampis #edcampsemo #edchat 02-Mar-13 16:12 | SNewcoPush teachers to get out there & present, to share! Huge part is starting convos & getting teachers confidentabout being expert #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:12 | mpowers3Kids write and read more than ever before. We just dont like their type of writing! How to use this to ouradvantage... #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:12 | KPlowsMike thx for your great Qs--lets pursue! RT "@MikeGwaltney: Im really excited to attend Pub Purpose of PriSchools session at #edcampis." 02-Mar-13 16:12 | CurtisCFEEYep. Do an EdCamp. #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:12 | rchallowell“In "Teaching Shakespeare with the iPad" with my terrific colleague @TheAnneQuake at #edcampIS!”http://t.co/D9AaNrVeQk 02-Mar-13 16:11 | mpowers3@mbteach I love this idea. It would require a culture change for many, but it sounds great. @CurtisCFEE worksfor this. #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:11 | Matt_ArguelloIdea: if youre at a small school, consider partnering with upper grades or with another local school. Great way toconnect #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:10 | mpowers350 Mobile Learning Resources http://t.co/NbskkmX6F7 #edcampis #edcampsemo #edchat 02-Mar-13 16:10 | SNewcoTalking faculty eval in Rm. 38. What do we do? What should we do? #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:09 | teach2connectWhere does administration fit in when planning school #edcamp for alternative PD? #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:09 | mpowers3Talking teacher evaluation #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:09 | KPabarue@MrsSchmidtB4 RT @brueckj23: #ece #elemchat #kinderchat RT @MissRalston: Free Flat Stanley app! Socool! #edcampIShttp://t.co/zwnOw8CjO4” 02-Mar-13 16:09 | Cpohle22
  18. 18. Anyone feel like lunching with this public school teacher? :) #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:04 | geekyteachNext, a conversation about alternative forms of PD...like #edcampIS ? 02-Mar-13 16:04 | rchallowellHad a wonderful time talking #globalclassroom and #globaled at #edcampis http://t.co/vp9XcA2Hw0 Thanks forcoming everyone! 02-Mar-13 16:03 | mpowers3Is it too early to talk lunch? Anyone wanna go to SweetGreen http://t.co/vN6TbdgNzF Short walk-yummy greens#edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:03 | teach2connect@ncingiser Yes, lets do lunch! Im thinking of the maker session for the afternoon. What about you? #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:02 | mpowers3I want these in schools RT @KelseyVroomunn: Innovative learning spaces at Wharton business school#edcampis http://t.co/zQpvkMapDi 02-Mar-13 16:02 | KatyGartside@MathMinds @lizbdavis @montysays yup -& add a bio too, so potential followers can see a little about you#edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:01 | KatyGartsideFab convo about public-independent school dialogue. #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 16:00 | christybrennRoom 38 is hard to find. It’s in the corner…keep walking. #edcampis 02-Mar-13 16:00 | DrTimony#edcampIS how can we teach the students to discuss task and maintenance when collaborating?http://t.co/oZFRkK7W7Y 02-Mar-13 16:00 | HarrietLappas.@mbteach please do share any ideas you come up with for encouraging openness amongst teachers of the eliteprivates. #EdCampIS 02-Mar-13 15:59 | mjmontagnetip for those in @lizbdavis & @montysays intro to twitter session at #edcampIS -change egg image to photo oravatar- more people will follow 02-Mar-13 15:56 | KatyGartsideInnovative learning spaces at Wharton business school #edcampis http://t.co/62J57oomIP 02-Mar-13 15:55 | KelseyVroomunnOkay. That’s 11am in room 38. Not 10am. Talking about teacher evaluation. Can if be done? #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:55 | DrTimonyLets talk about the ARTS in our schools! ROOM CHANGE: come to the refreshment room! #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 15:55 | DoremiGirl
  19. 19. Any convo around public/private school dialogue should center around what school choice really means#EdCampIS 02-Mar-13 15:53 | mbteach#edcampIS If you get lost, check out the map @lee_bruner made for our day :-) http://t.co/C5Yd4JUWp0 02-Mar-13 15:51 | DoremiGirl@geekyteach sometimes change of furn cn create flexibility in space-hokki stools, standing desk w swing bar#edcampIS http://t.co/Hs9AHVzoOC 02-Mar-13 15:50 | KatyGartsideFree Flat Stanley app! So cool! #edcampIShttps://t.co/i7S4HuNyBk 02-Mar-13 15:49 | MissRalston#edcampIS twitter list: http://t.co/oJ8xLFJNhG Pls tweet me to be added if you dont see your handle @edcampIS 02-Mar-13 15:48 | DoremiGirlTools at Schools website http://t.co/VzR9Xi4P4l @donbuckley #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:48 | ccshriverThought of you @hadleyjf http://t.co/huQkmdGrBF #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:47 | pete_didonatoLots of teachers from @The_School in Philly for #edcampis today: @donbuckley @SpecialKRB @KPabarue@karlynadler @vdegidio @mudamiano 02-Mar-13 15:46 | The_SchoolLots of learning today at #edcampsemo #edcampIS #wetech13 #nassp13 Wish I were to there to connect witheveryone. 02-Mar-13 15:45 | cybraryman1At the end of the day, there are assumptions that we have about each other that we need to break down beforereal collab begins #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 15:44 | rchallowellWhat if independent schools were labs of innovation that purposefully shared best practices for all? #EdCampIS 02-Mar-13 15:43 | mbteachhttp://t.co/E5hcjwCgtD and http://t.co/07PATSua8n some good resources when thinking about space #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:43 | pete_didonatoTeam work and collaboration at #edcampis http://t.co/zPfeIoZaL2 02-Mar-13 15:43 | ellenpward#edcampIS is trending right now! #isedchat #indyschool 02-Mar-13 15:42 | cmpayne87Learning has been passive for years w/ lecture style teaching. Kids today have more interactive learning styles.#edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:41 | geekyteach
  20. 20. Getting ideas...now I want a tv studio room for kids to do filming projects! #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:35 | geekyteach@karlynadler @vdegidio "Gender & Sexuality in K-4" now on the session board at 1:30pm:http://t.co/8oUdtAfgSm #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:35 | SpecialKRB#edcampis @TeamSCHift Kids know how to do this space arranging already! They build forts! 02-Mar-13 15:34 | kolkkartistYoure off to GREAT Places! Today is your Day! Your mountain is waiting, so... Get on your way! #DrSeuss#edcamp #edcampsemo #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:32 | teach1tech@donbuckley Great to meet you today at #edcampis Looking forward to a great day! 02-Mar-13 15:32 | MissRalstonTools for Schools - Design thinking for Education videos http://t.co/vfN1QT8vI6 @donbuckley #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:31 | ccshriverRoom change for ARTs in Our Schools session at 10:50 - meet in the refreshment room! All are welcome!#edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:31 | DoremiGirlAnother Twitter beginner resource- http://t.co/k8o4RenARH or http://t.co/M2qaApc4My (hi, @cybraryman1 !)#edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:30 | montysays#edcampis Hi Twitter newbies. Welcome. Wish I could be there. Have a great day of learning. @montysays 02-Mar-13 15:28 | mrmcgrannTwitter Resource: http://t.co/trzq8Q1OsP #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:28 | montysaysTeachers need to let go of some control when using flexible spaces chaos is not necessarily bad #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:28 | geekyteachDesign thinking session w/ @donbuckley. Getting kids to design intentionally. AWESOME #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:27 | DoremiGirl#edcampis @TeamSCHift Arrange the space. Just try it. Use intention and accomplish in no time. 02-Mar-13 15:27 | kolkkartist@ncingiser @mpowers3 hi there!! Glad to see you are here! #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 15:27 | MissRalston@mpowers3 I can do lunch or we can create a session for the afternoon. Maybe other #ece or #earlyelemteachers will join us. #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 15:26 | ncingiser
  21. 21. using a doc cam & notebook instead of morning meeting message? goooodbye, chart paper! #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:23 | veronikaannpthe soft skills of team dynamics need to be taught intentionally, even at an early age. #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:23 | teach2connectJudy, I hope youre learning a lot about Twitter at #edcampis :) 02-Mar-13 15:23 | sharon_casadeiPartnerships and conversations cannot just be about resource-sharing and differences in resources. Theres somuch more! #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 15:23 | rchallowellHoning Twitter skills. #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:23 | MarkDaviesGroup life is cyclical rather than linear - provide students with the task/maintenance language for group process.@gregbamford #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:23 | KPlowsCool presentation on @GradeCam by @jill_lebiedzins at #edcampis http://t.co/fWM4HrTdZN 02-Mar-13 15:22 | sharon_casadeihi twitter room! #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:22 | geekyteachLooking at history is so important for design thinking- could come up with something thats already been tried#edcampIS 02-Mar-13 15:22 | KPabarueThe history of something is very important in design thinking. @donbuckley #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:22 | ccshriver#edcampis student learning styles are changing, teaching styles need to change as well 02-Mar-13 15:21 | geekyteachGreat group of educators at #edcampIS learning about Twitter from @lizbdavis @montysays! #edcamp #isedchat#indyschool #naischat #techcoach 02-Mar-13 15:21 | cmpayne87Say hello to the Twitter Intro Room 36! #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:21 | montysayshttp://t.co/90AsASo2Bz Great guide for connecting globally #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 15:21 | MissRalston#edcampIS - what can we learn from public ed, and how can we defend it against "reforms" our own schoolswould never allow? 02-Mar-13 15:20 | rchallowell
  22. 22. The first session has begun at #edcampIS! #edcamp #isedchat #naischat #indyschool #TABSchat #techcoach 02-Mar-13 15:17 | cmpayne87Design Thinking is based on empathy and immersion. @donbuckley #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 15:17 | KPabarueDo you have questions for #edcampis? Tweet @edcampis or one of the organizers! via @lizbdavis #naischat#isedchat 02-Mar-13 15:15 | cmpayne87"paradox of group life: tensions between group process/individual process" @gregbamford #edcampis(Group process often more linear) 02-Mar-13 15:14 | T_C_PInnovators innately always observe. @donbuckley #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:14 | ccshriver#edcampis let kids create their own learning spaces. More engaged when they own their environment. 02-Mar-13 15:14 | geekyteachLeadership is fundamentally about ability to learn, unlearn, relearn. Parents like empathy, but pay for leadership.@gregbamford #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:13 | KPlowsDevils advocate is not productive in the early stages of design thinking. Kick them out of the room. @donbuckley#edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:13 | ccshriverAgenda & links for "Teaching Shakespeare with the iPad": http://t.co/dha68pu8cY via @TheAnneQuake#edcampIS #isedchat #naischat #TABSchat 02-Mar-13 15:13 | cmpayne87Trying to remember that "innovation" is different than "invention" #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 15:12 | KPabarue#edcampis @TeamSCHift create your space to suit your needs. As you go. 02-Mar-13 15:12 | kolkkartist"Give students language to collaborate better. Kids need the language." @gregbamford session on design think@edcampIS #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:11 | T_C_P#edcampis trad. classroom layout not conducive to mobile learning. Need to look at how to change environment. 02-Mar-13 15:11 | geekyteach@MissRalston @mpowers3 yay! looking forward to tweets from this session at #edcampIS wish i was there! 02-Mar-13 15:10 | KatyGartsideLearning about team literacy to teach how to work in groups! #edcampis http://t.co/FXTityuEhN 02-Mar-13 15:10 | ellenpward
  23. 23. In @donbuckleys session on "tools at schools" at #edcampIS. He asked "havent you had enough?" 02-Mar-13 15:06 | KPabarueFirst up, classroom design for the mobile world. #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:06 | geekyteach@JonathanEMartin were glad youre here! looking forward to your session #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:05 | lee_brunerThanks! RT @jennzia: @gregbamford @leadlearnlab @edcampis ooo yall are in for a treat #Collaboration#edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:05 | gregbamfordIn a session on Creative Collab with @gregbamford #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:05 | teach2connectIf youre at #edcampis and wondering, they do sell them http://t.co/uERN6JG9WA @TeamSCHift 02-Mar-13 15:04 | pete_didonato@KPabarue Put up a session about iPads in 1st grade or "music and tech" or whatever! #edcampis 02-Mar-13 15:01 | SpecialKRB@gregbamford @leadlearnlab @edcampis ooo yall are in for a treat #Collaboration #edcampis 02-Mar-13 14:59 | jennzia@SpecialKRB @katygartside 1st sessions are full, 2nd and 3rd are filling up #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 14:59 | KPabarueMeet and great is happening - who did you connect with? #EdCampIS http://t.co/wLbEAAtLvN 02-Mar-13 14:59 | mpowers3Need ONE place to find TONS of Web 2.0 tools? Check out http://t.co/27z7Rlens8 #unbeatable #edcampIS#edcampSEMO 02-Mar-13 14:59 | TechNinjaTodd#edcampis Philly kicking off! (at @wharton w/ 3 others) http://t.co/GRb1hfDnX9 02-Mar-13 14:57 | MissRalstonRT “@ipadSammy: Here are some @scoopit pages to help you with #edtech and teaching ideas #edcampis” 02-Mar-13 14:57 | TechNinjaToddMake sure to click project laptop on the screen and audio cables are available. #edcampis 02-Mar-13 14:57 | edcampISIm really excited to attend Public Purpose of Private Schools session at #edcampis. Gurus @pgow and@CurtisCFEE - leading thinkers. 02-Mar-13 14:56 | MikeGwaltney
  24. 24. Tech troubles? Tweet our awesome Wharton rep @karleary! #edcampis 02-Mar-13 14:55 | edcampISDelighted to be at #edcampis today in Philly & eager to support advance of #edcamp everywhere. Great energy& spirit here this morning. 02-Mar-13 14:53 | JonathanEMartin@ncingiser Id live to meet up and chat #earlyed #EdCampIS 02-Mar-13 14:52 | mpowers3Vote with your feet at #edcampis if the session isnt a good fit find another one. 02-Mar-13 14:51 | mpowers3"@mbteach: @ksivick welcomes public school edus to #EdCampIS and participants share where they are from.http://t.co/ctQVVAtuvk #EdCampIS 02-Mar-13 14:50 | CurtisCFEEInterested in a discussion about teaching writing? across the disciplines? in a Digital Age? Join @MikeGwaltneyat 11:00 at #edcampis. 02-Mar-13 14:50 | MikeGwaltney#EdCampAtl follow #EdCampIS today! via @JaimeVanderG 02-Mar-13 14:50 | EdCampAtlanta#EdCampAtl follow #EdCampIS today! 02-Mar-13 14:50 | JaimeVanderG@KPabarue watch out for @SpecialKRB she might just add you to the board! #edcampis 02-Mar-13 14:50 | KatyGartsideMany #edcamp newbies at #edcampis today! Im excited to learn from and with everyone 02-Mar-13 14:50 | mpowers3@lizbdavis gives us the run down on the schedule #EdCampIS http://t.co/T9xZirX6XA 02-Mar-13 14:50 | mbteachDelaware, New Mexico, New Jersey, Maine, Oregon, PA, Maryland, Arizona, Connecticut and more are allrepresented here! #edcampis #edcamp 02-Mar-13 14:49 | edcampIS@ksivick welcomes public school educators to #EdCampIS and participants share where they are from.http://t.co/eLHRimAPCp 02-Mar-13 14:49 | mbteachGreat group at #EdCampIS today from all across the US! 02-Mar-13 14:49 | mpowers3#EdcampIS opening. Lots of choices for learning/connecting today. http://t.co/OhTSpCWYXN 02-Mar-13 14:49 | ncingiser
  25. 25. @KPabarue awesome thanks! looks like some great sessions today - are you thining about leading one? like yrTWT13 one? #edcampIS 02-Mar-13 14:45 | KatyGartsideGreat to be here #edcampis. Already some great conversations and learning, before the official start. 02-Mar-13 14:45 | finddonorth#edcampis welcome from @lizbdavis and the team. Excited to be here! http://t.co/6jNg54I7xo 02-Mar-13 14:44 | ccshriver@KatyGartside well miss you today at #edcampIS but well keep you posted! 02-Mar-13 14:44 | KPabarue@KarlynAdler yay - keep those #edcampIS tweets coming :) 02-Mar-13 14:43 | KatyGartsidehope someone in @mpowers3 session on global learning at #edcampIS will tweet out the congo :) 02-Mar-13 14:43 | KatyGartside#EdCampIS is starting up! @DoremiGirl welcoming us! http://t.co/qU6cq74gI8 02-Mar-13 14:43 | mbteachToo much to see at #edcampis today. Amazing example of low-friction, self-organized PD w/ flat hierarchies.What a change from #NAISAC13! 02-Mar-13 14:42 | leadlearnlabdisappointed not to be able to be at #edcampIS but hoping attendees will tweet away & share what they arelearning! 02-Mar-13 14:42 | KatyGartside#edcampis @lizbdavis Gets us kicked off! WOO HOO! http://t.co/Q0MxgvDs8Q 02-Mar-13 14:42 | teach2connectWe like taking pictures at #edcampis as@lizbdavis gets us started! #edcamp http://t.co/pIE4WUJUBA 02-Mar-13 14:42 | edcampISIn Philly for #edcampIS !! 02-Mar-13 14:41 | KarlynAdlerAlright who’s got a wifi code at #Edcampis? I’m in the back of the auditorium. #help 02-Mar-13 14:41 | DrTimonyIn Philly for #edcampIS! 02-Mar-13 14:40 | KPabarue@MalvernPrep at #edcampis. Were not doing the cheers, though! @HarrietLappas http://t.co/7MJ85ZstZD 02-Mar-13 14:40 | KPlows
  26. 26. The Full Slate at #EdCampIS. http://t.co/axXLQwpa9p 02-Mar-13 14:36 | MikeGwaltneyAlmost kickoff time! #edcampis http://t.co/GtUIRdv5Ym 02-Mar-13 14:35 | geekyteachAt #edcampis organizer @lee_bruner models in front of the schedule board. Were off and running!http://t.co/pGwu0peb1B 02-Mar-13 14:34 | edcampIS#edcampis Thanks for documenting your day for those of us who cant make it. Great job, organizers! (cc@montysays) 02-Mar-13 14:29 | emilymccarren@edcampis Session 1 in Room 60: Ill be leading a workshop on Teaching Creative #Collaboration. I broughtballoons. (Youll see.) #edcampis 02-Mar-13 14:28 | gregbamfordMiss any Tech Ninja trainings? Heres our handout :) or "like" us on FB http://t.co/aZrFAMjPWQ #edcampis#edcampsemo 02-Mar-13 14:23 | TechNinjaToddRT @fredbartels: Hey #EdCampIS folks. Feel free to use the Indep Schl Educators Google+ to share links,images, posts http://t.co/kcE8TUWsxI 02-Mar-13 14:23 | mpowers3Interested in #flipclass? Should def check out @sophia and their FREE #flipclass cert program #edcampis#edcampsemo 02-Mar-13 14:22 | TechNinjaTodd.@pgow and I will collect resources from the #EdCampIS public purpose session here: http://t.co/t2O8XBSmxI 02-Mar-13 14:20 | CurtisCFEEFollow #edcampis and #edcampsemo today for some great learning! 02-Mar-13 14:19 | EdCampWallerHey #EdCampIS folks. Feel free to use the Independent School Educators Google+ group to share links, images,posts. https://t.co/arTGtIEku5 02-Mar-13 14:19 | fredbartelsOpening session for #edcampis will be in the auditorium at 9:30! Hopefully well be able to share wifi code there!#edcamp 02-Mar-13 14:16 | edcampISShout out to #EdCampIS and #EdCampSEMO happy camping everyone! 02-Mar-13 14:15 | EdCampWPGHeres todays schedule! http://t.co/BqstVrsbFP #edcampis 02-Mar-13 14:15 | edcampISAny food at #EdCampIS? 02-Mar-13 14:11 | mbteach