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  1. 1. Edayn Ruiz Springfield, MA - 413-309-9403 Hello my name is Edayn Ruiz I would like to say in a few words. That I am a dedicate hard working person that is always on time to work and always dependable.Always get work done on time and can always count on me to be a helping hand. Authorized to work in the US for any employer WORK EXPERIENCE Machine Operator Soca USA - Springfield, MA - March 2015 to February 2016 Responsibilities My duty as a Machine Operator was to fill the mixer with the product then make sure that the screen get changed every hour an half to make sure the product is clean before it is send to the customers. Accomplishments Made lots of friend feel welcome also help train new employees when then are new to the warehouse environment. Skills Used Hard working , determine finish all the product during my shift and more and also learn more position when able to learn. Pallet washer/ Forkliftoprator United Personnel - Springfield, MA - January 2014 to January 2016 My job title was pallet washer/ forktruck driver. My responsibility was to clean dirty pallet that are ship to the company then to reship them back to are customer. Accomplishments Forklift Certification. Security Officer Boulder station - Las Vegas, NV - February 2012 to August 2012 My job title was to roam the casino floor and help quest with any need or question they had and also protect are quest and are team members from any trouble. And also certified AED and certified CPR. Security Officer D.T.A - Las Vegas, NV - January 2012 to January 2012 My title for D.T.A. Security was a Security Officer . My responsibilty was to watch merchandize that was on display during the events and make sure everyone is safe. Unemployed Kelly services - I was unployedEnfield ct - August 2010 to July 2011
  2. 2. I was unemplyed for a year cause i got hurt at work and had to get operated and wasnt able to work unitl i was ok by the doctor . /Loader/Unloade/ pallet jack driver Kellyservice - Enfield, CT - March 2008 to July 2010 My job title at Hallmark was that i was working thru kelly title was to load and unload there trailers with boxs that the keep coming from halmark employed side. Machine operator and hi/LOW DRIVEE COLEMAN CABLE - EASTLONGMEADOW MASS - March 2006 to February 2008 Coleman cable Ind. My position at Coleman cable spooler for six months than after I became a machine operator and also a hi/low operator . Mechanic Self employee - Springfield, MA Responsibilities I am a hard working self employed mechanic I have work on cars vans all my life able to do brakes, stuts alligments on cars as well as all the other simple thing that are done to a motor vehicle as well as electrical parts. EDUCATION HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA / GED in COMPUTER DATA / COMPUTER DESIGN Commerce high school - Springfield, MA 2002 to 2005 NONE in COMPUTER DESIGN COMMERCE HIGH SCHOOL - Springfield, MA 2001 to 2005 SKILLS Forklift truck operator certified.CPR CERTIFIED, Fire arm license , balton certification, self defense certification. as well as class DM license (5 years) CERTIFICATIONS Forklift Operator Certification June 2015 to June 2018 Certified Forklift operator