Ten Years of Teaching Technology to Teachers


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Slides for an introductory webinar about teaching technology to teachers.

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Ten Years of Teaching Technology to Teachers

  1. 1. Ten Years ofTeaching Technology to Teachers Tom Daccord Justin Reich
  2. 2. Who are our teachers?
  3. 3. Levels of Technology• Adoption Integration – “Look, I can save my personal files to the cloud!”• Adaptation – “Look, I can edit drafts of my students’ assignment in Google Docs!”• Innovation – “Look, I can have my students co-construct a writing assignment, and then evaluate their collaboration with the revision history!”
  4. 4. What’s your mission?
  5. 5. Logic ModelInstructional Learning Skill Performance Learning Goals Support Activities Benchmarks Assessments Design Causality
  6. 6. Providing a Conceptual Framework
  7. 7. Backwards Planning Select learning goals What do you want students to learn by the end of the lesson or unit? Design assessment tasks How will students demonstrate their developing mastery of those goals? Develop lesson activities How will you prepare students to master the goals and succeed on the assessment task?See Wiggins and McTighe, Understanding by Design
  8. 8. Collect-Relate-Create-Donate Students Should…• Collect the information needed for the performance of understanding• Relate to one-another in collaborative learning groups• Create meaningful, authentic performances of understanding• Donate their work to a broader audience
  9. 9. Effective Teaching Frameworks Teaching Understanding Project Universal How 21st For By Based Learning Designs for People CenturyUnderstanding Design Learning Learn Learning Generative Authentic Engage & Learner- Topics Problems Motivate centered LearnersUnderstanding Fundamental Knowledge- Core Subjects Goals Knowledge & centered Life/ Career & Essential Media Skills QuestionsPerformances Authentic Active Multiple, flexible Critical Thinking of Performances Inquiry; modes ComplexUnderstanding Self-directed and Communication, pathways Creativity Ongoing Outcomes Shared Multiple Assessment- Assessment Based Assessment Forms with centered & Feedback Assessment feedbackCollaborative Team Community- Collaborative Reflective Learning centered Learning Community Global Competency Alignment Alignment Alignment Alignment
  10. 10. Focus Technology on a Target of Difficulty Important to Understand Difficult Technology to Teach Provides and Learn Advantage
  11. 11. How do you engage diverse adult learners?
  12. 12. Teaching for the 21 st century programFace Asynchronous Online Asynchronous Online Face to Asynchronous Online Asynchronous Online Face to to Course: Course: Face : Course: Course: Face :Face : Free tools for Free tools for Reflection Idea Garden: Idea Garden: LeadershipSkills collaboration and media collaboration and media Focus Exemplars of 21stst Exemplars of 21 FocusFocus production production Century Learning Century Learning T-21 T-21 T-21 T-21 Webinar Webinar Webinar Webinar EdTechTeacher Webinar Series EdTechTeacher Webinar SeriesSept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. April. May.
  13. 13. June-August, 2012Harvard University Cambridge, MA June 2012 Davis Academy Atlanta, GA
  14. 14. jiVisit us at EdTechTeacher.org! justin@edtechteacher.org