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Promize Zones - What is it About?


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Learn more to see if your local government should apply!

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Promize Zones - What is it About?

  1. 1. What is the Promise Zones Initiative? Learn more to see if your local government should apply!
  2. 2. The Promise Zones Initiative seeks to revitalize high-poverty communities across the country by: • Creating jobs • Increasing economic activity • Improving education opportunities • Reducing violent crimes • Leveraging private capital • Assisting local leaders in navigating 5 federal programs
  3. 3. Designation as Promise Zone provides: • Opportunity to engage 5 AmeriCorps VISTA members in the Promise Zone • A federal liaison assigned to assist with navigating federal programs • Preferences for certain competitive federal programs and technical assistance from participating agencies • Promise Zone incentives if enacted by Congress Benefits of becoming a Promise Zone
  4. 4. The Final Round of designations (expected by Spring 2016) will designate: • 5 urban communities designated by HUD • 1 rural community and 1 tribal community designated by USDA • Communities will be designated a Promise Zone for at least 10 years
  5. 5. Who Is Eligible? Eligible Applicants Include: • Units of local government (UGLG) or any of the following applying with support of the UGLG: • Non-profit organizations • Public Housing Agencies • Community colleges • Local Education Agencies (LEAs) • Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs)
  6. 6. Who is Eligible?, Part 2 The applicant is the organization that will, if selected, act as the lead organization for a designated Promise Zone. Promise Zone activities are likely to be carried out by a variety of organizations and organization types.
  7. 7. Role of the Lead Organization • Execute the Promise Zone designation agreement and fulfill the mandated responsibilities • Organize and/or coordinate activities pursuant to the plan proposed in the designated community’s application • Administer any funding or other benefits that a Promise Zone designation confers to participating entities. • Track outcomes, submit periodic report to federal agencies and participate in evaluation activities as requested by federal agencies.
  8. 8. Separate guidelines and applications for: • Urban communities • Rural/tribal communities Did you know? Also, the applications are submitted to the Department of Housing and Urban Development
  9. 9. Application Requirements Beyond the narrative application sections, Promise Zone applicants must include: • Demonstrated support of the unit of local government • Partnerships with non-profit organizations, public housing agencies, regional planning organizations end educational entities • GIS Mapping and supporting documentation • Letters of Support from community stakeholders