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HR Tech Can Transform Your Recruitment Process


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We present to you 6 simple ways by which HR Tech can transform the recruitment process in your organization

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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HR Tech Can Transform Your Recruitment Process

  1. 1. HR Tech Can Transform Your Recruitment Process
  2. 2. We present to you 6 simple ways by which HR Tech can transform the recruitment process in your organization
  3. 3. � 2019 EdGE Networks 3 #1. Workforce Planning Using technologies like artificial intelligence, modern-day Workforce Planning tools can help you forecast the workforce demand and even predict attrition. Moreover, the tools also help with Skill Gap analysis to help the organization manage their internal talent by upskilling.
  4. 4. � 2019 EdGE Networks 4 #2. Search and Match: You can now search the entire internet for the right candidate in just a click of a button. This has been taken even further where the prospective candidates can be ranked based on the profile match, thereby reducing the time and effort to skim through thousands of profiles to find the right match.
  5. 5. � 2019 EdGE Networks 5 Recruiters are now growing and maintaining the candidate pipeline using content,social media and other mediums. This not only enables an organization to assess where they are losing prospective candidates but also helps source top talent even before the need arises, thereby reducing the waiting time when the need does arise #3. Talent Relationship Management
  6. 6. � 2019 EdGE Networks 6 #4. Candidate Screening Screening the already shortlisted candidates has become so much easier and effortless. Chatbots based on HR Tech can entirely handle the preliminary screening. Moreover, the interview can now be conducted digitally using video interviews and other means without compromising on the skills and personality assessments.
  7. 7. � 2019 EdGE Networks 7 #5. Interviewing Setting up interviews, right from the scheduling to the communications can be automated, requiring no or very little intervention from the HR. Both the interviewer and the interviewee have plenty of resources available including the interview prep, automated score sheets which reduces the dependency on the HR.
  8. 8. � 2019 EdGE Networks 8 #6. Selection and Onboarding HR Tech can simplify the entire selection process for you. Adding a layer of data, it is even easier to select candidates that are the right fit for the profile. Services like background verification and reference checks can be done instantly thereby providing a seamless experience as well as saving a lot of time.
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