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Who Uses You? Why "Customer Focus" is too narrow


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Successful organizations need two types of expertise today: (1) their core business, and (2) the Software Layer through which User audiences engage.

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Who Uses You? Why "Customer Focus" is too narrow

  1. 1. Who Uses You? or, why “customer focus” is too N A R R O w To freely view/share/download, visit fanfoundry Ed Alexander Chief Digital Consultant (781) 492-7638 USA East how customers happen
  2. 2. Today, most business leaders acknowledge the impact digital technology is having on their business.
  3. 3. Unfortunately, many still view the evolving business technology space as just one more chore that can be checked “done” every few hours, days, or years. Coffee, bread Dry cleaning Website
  4. 4. Few see it for what it is:
  5. 5. possibly the single most important issue they face.
  6. 6. Recent innovations, like social media, smart phones, wearables, tablets, cloud computing, broadband internet, and location based services are all driving a big shift in human behavior.
  7. 7. That shift: the Social Economy – mobile, social, and always on. In thie al Ubiquitous web apps and social tools now enhance our Offline, real world experience – shifting and blending it Online. Over half of all business and consumer decisions have either moved online or are digitally driven in some way .
  8. 8. In just one generation, society has evolved from being uncomfortable with technology to now being uncomfortable without technology. Today, everyone under age 30 is "post-digital". Their world has always had the Internet. Ages 30 and up are also engaged. Online is now a preferred place to research, communicate, shop, socialize and be entertained.
  9. 9. Post-digital people have started families, exerting a major influence in the world economy. In the workplace, too, they exert influence over buying decisions.
  10. 10. A handful of organizations are managing the shift from B2C and B2B to “E2E” - Everyone to Everyone. Engaging a post-digital audience requires us to rethink what drives success. In an “E2E” economy, mobile and social channels are improving the efficiency of sales, service, production, hiring, loyalty and other economy-driving decisions.
  11. 11. Success in the E2E economy requires new expertise beyond your own products and services. Whether you make airplanes, air conditioners, or air-puffed popcorn, Users Software Layer Core Business you must now also master the Software Layer, that “membrane” through which the User Experience flows. As User sophistication grows, the business challenge grows.
  12. 12. The Software Layer surrounds your core business. It is the layer through which you interact with User audiences. Software Layer Users Successful organizations today run their core business well, but they also run relationships in the Software Layer.
  13. 13. How do you create and manage a successful Software Layer? It starts with a single focus: Users. They include customers, plus prospects, employees, potential hires, partners, media outlets, investors, stakeholders, influencers and the public. Each group has unique needs.
  14. 14. Thinking about what Users want, need, and value gives you clarity to improve sales, service, loyalty and products. Customers are just one group who uses your Software Layer; that’s why “customer focus” is too narrow. Value is not just about money. It is also credibility, trust, relationships, effectiveness. Your Customer base alone is a diverse set of Users, each with an agenda as unique as a thumbprint.
  15. 15. How is your Software Layer doing? To test it, think like a User. Go to any online resource you like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Disney. Don’t just benchmark your competition. That’s a recipe for retreat. Examine excellence. Now visit your own Software Layer. Do you measure up? If not, a competitor - or maybe a disruptive new alternative you hadn’t yet imagined or cannot easily embrace – could soon be delighting your Users and eating your lunch.
  16. 16. Think of your Software Layer as the main route to delivering on what’s possible by tapping User imaginations and expectations. Example: a Marketing & Sales software layer Execute well on your Software Layer, with the same passion and drive you apply to your core products and services, and you can measurably and profitably increase User engagement.
  17. 17. Example: Engaging Users via the Content Marketing Layer Management Assets Access Dynamic Assembly Campaign Management Reporting & Measurement Production Online Marketing On-demand Print Studio Sales Enablement Tools •Commerce / Storefront •Inventory / Budget Mgt •Multi-Vendor Mgt •Brochure Builder •Presentation Center •Education Center Distribution •Email Marketing •Microsites •Forms/Surveys User - Generated Content (UGC) 17
  18. 18. The good news is: nobody has a lock on this. But… the race is on, and competing is not optional.
  19. 19. Work through the challenges, tune your Software Layer, and propel your organization into a new era of growth.
  20. 20. Thank you! To start transforming your organization, contact: @fanfoundry To freely view/share/download, visit fanfoundry Ed Alexander Chief Digital Consultant (781) 492-7638 USA East how customers happen