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5 Sure-fire ways to make your Black Friday Sale a great success


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Having the best ecommerce web development is the key to make your special sales a grand success. Here are a few more tips to go through so that you don’t have any loophole left.

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5 Sure-fire ways to make your Black Friday Sale a great success

  1. 1. 5 Guaranteed ways to maximize your Black Friday Sales
  2. 2. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two biggest days for any ecommerce business worldwide. So for that, you need the best ecommerce web development.
  3. 3. • Accordingtoaresearch,everyyear,around35%ofcustomers starttosearchfortheshoppingoffersintheOctoberendand earlyNovember. • Sobetteryoustartyoursalepreparationsasearlyasyoucan andinformyourcustomersaboutyourupcomingdeals. Don’t wait, start now!
  4. 4. • ZillionsofpeopleuseInstagram,Twitter,Facebookandother socialmediaplatforms. • ThisisthegoldenchannelformarketingyourBlackFriday andCyberMondayexclusiveoffers. • Yourcustomerswon’tonlygetexcitedaboutyourexcellent offersbutthey’llalsodofreeadvertisingforyou! • IfyouhaveagoodfanbaseonTwitter,thentweetanexciting dealandseehowmanypeopleretweetit! Build a buzz about your sale
  5. 5. • Alongwithincreasedtraffic,evencartabandonmentrate increasesduringBlackFridayandCyberMondaysales. • Oneofthemosteffectivewaystokeepthisnumberaslowas possible,setuptosendacompellinge-mailtothosewhoadd productstocartbutleavethecartinhalf-way. • Bysendinganexcellente-mail,youcanconvincethemto comebackandfinishtheirpurchase. Create abandoned cart e-mails
  6. 6. • Ensurethatyourecommercesitedevelopmentiscapableof handlingasurgeintraffic. • Onholidays,alotofsimultaneousrequeststoyoursitecan bogitdownandcrashitpotentially. • WithsometoolslikeLoadImpactorBlitz,youcancheckyour store’sserverloadcapacity. • It’sgoodtoensurethatthehostcanhandleasuddenspikein traffic. Test your website
  7. 7. • Whatiftheshippingcompanyyouworkwith,getsbusywith somethingelse?Whatifyourwebsitesuddenlygoesdown? Whatifabigbugisfoundonthedayofsale? • Wouldyoubeabletowakeupyourwebdeveloperatmid nightandfixitup?Whatifthereisanykindofemergency? • Youshouldalwaysbepreparedfortheworstcase.Beready foranythingandeverythingthatcomesallofasudden! Make contingency plans
  8. 8. Ready to make your Black Friday sale a huge success?
  9. 9. Then visit and partner with us Thank you