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4leafmobi Pitch Deck

  2. 2. “We built 4leafmobi to legally bring the entertainment of the gaming floor to the palm of your hand. Our Casino partners are opening access to their most popular games so you can enjoy all that the resort has to offer while you play.” David Lee, 4leafmobi FounderHow would you like to play? REAL MONEY JUST FOR FUN
  3. 3. The Mobile Casino Gaming AppThis presentation has been prepared solely for the use by the prospective investors of 4leafmobi, Inc. (the “Company”) and shall be maintainedin strict confidence. Any reproduction or distribution of this presentation, in whole or in part, or the disclosure of its contents, without the priorwritten consent of the Company, is prohibited.The information set forth herein does not purport to be complete and no obligation to update or otherwise revise such information is beingassumed. No person in any jurisdiction may treat this presentation as constituting either an offer of any fund, to sell, or a solicitation of anoffer to buy, any interest in the Company. A prospective subscriber must rely solely on the terms of, and disclosure of information in theCompany’s final Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”); the only basis on which subscriptions may be made. Each prospective investorin the Company will be required to execute a subscription agreement to effect an investment in the Company.The Company is a high-risk investment vehicle which is available only to Accredited Investors that are willing to assume above average riskand limited liquidity with a portion of their net worth. There can be no guarantee that the Company’s investment objectives will be achieved,and the enti loss of principal may occur. Please refer to the Company’s final confidential Private Placement Memorandum and related entiredocuments for additional information regarding risks and conflicts of interests. This document is neither advice nor a recommendation toenter into any transaction with the Company.This presentation contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. The Company believesthat the expectations reflected are reasonable, but it can give no assurance that such expectations will prove correct.© 2013 4leafmobi, Inc.Contact: Dave Lee, dave@4leafmobi.com
  4. 4. YEAR 3YEAR 2 $5.2M $22M David Lee, 4leafmobi Founder $1M YEAR 1
  5. 5. Investment Summary (Projected Key Investment Metrics)The information set forth herein does not purport to be complete and no obligation to update or otherwise revise such information is being assumed. No person in anyjurisdiction may treat this presentation as constituting either an offer of any company, to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any interest in the Company. A prospectivesubscriber must rely solely on the terms of, and disclosure of information in the Company’s final PPM and related documents; the only basis on which subscriptions maybe made. Each prospective investor in the Company will be required to execute a subscription agreement to effect an investment in the company.
  6. 6. MOBILE Las Vegas Tourists leave behind over $10Bn in gambling revenue every year and this revenue is won on only 5% of the casino property. Mobile gaming has the potential toCASINO raise Casino revenues by over 20x in non- gaming zones and create an even greater sense of loyalty between a resort and their guest. The aim of mobile gaming is two fold: inc increase the availability of casino games, and createGAMING strong bonds of loyalty. For tens of millions, mobile has created a new definition to commerce. Casino guests no longer sit by the slots or rest at the tables. They move, play, and experience all that the resort has to offer. Personal devices expand the gaming floor action to the entire resort property. To do this Casinos need experts in mobile securit encryption, security, location, and game development. Some have tried to do this on their own, only one company has succeeded, however, they operate in opposition to the Casinos. Over 38M people come to Vegas every year. In 2012 gaming in the United States was a $40Bn market and over $400Bn worldwide. With the advent of mobile and the futu of online gaming in the United States industry future experts anticipate an exponential revolution in gaming potential.
  7. 7. The 108 IN Big Idea WORDS 4leafmobi is a mobile casino gaming platform.We provide secure access to the world’s favorite casino games.And unlike other online gaming apps we are Vegas locals with deep trusted relationships with our Casino partners. This is not only a serious competitive advantage, it’s a critical step to success in Vegas. Our reputation in the community allows us access to Casino owners and agreements to a 25% share of allmoney played on our systems. That matters. Why? Because our competitors - who can’t get these agreements - can’t get a license, and no license means no operation. With this advantage, 4leafmobi anticipates $20M in p proforma revenues in 2015.
  8. 8. “Why would I use 4leaf?” lse! Or anyone e The answer is simple. We offer secure mobile access to one of the world’s favorite past times. There are over 1BN smartphones worldwide, over $400BN in annual gaming revenues, and Online mobile gambling is one of the newest industries in the United States. Imagine you are one of the 38 million users that travel to Las Vegas every year. The Casino resorts have spent billions on their hotel rooms, pools, restaurants, nightclubs, and gaming floor. And you don’t want to miss out on anything. Take your personal phone with you and you have just begun a completely untethered gaming experience. The 4leaf application puts the gaming floor in the palm of your hand and gives you the ability to play while enjoying everything the resort has to offer. Take this application home with you and play for fun while earning rewards and deals for your next trip to Fabulous Las Vegas!
  9. 9. 4leaf users dont justplay the gaming floor... 122 Vegas Casinos *they carry it with them.4leaf users are out to experience the entire resort withoutmissing the action of the gaming floor. They are found at 200K Games *the pool, restaurants, clubs, malls, lounges, and everywherein between. They look for the energy and atmosphere thatonly Vegas can provide and they find it everywhere. Theyare not limited by location or game selection and often playup to six di different games at one time. With 4leaf, they move, 38M Tourists *play, and enjoy everything Vegas has to offer, in a singleapplication with the most extensive game library available. * Estimated
  10. 10. THE VEGAS INSIDERPROBLEMMany companies have tried to break into the exciting gamblingmarket. But they have quickly found, it’s one thing to have aknown brand, lots of money and a big company behind you.But breaking into a tight knit group of trusted insiders is muchharder. And it’s not just harder. It’s much, much harder. To dothis, you have to BE one of the insiders. NOT JUST PARTNERS ... PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPSLet’s say you are a world renowned hotel mogul. You even own casinos in other parts of the country. You come to Vegas,overpay for land, build your golden monument of a hotel just off the strip, and stake your claim. But for some reason youcan’t get the gaming license you crave most of all. Or, what if you have hundreds of millions of online social gaming users,billion dollar valuations, and huge cash reserves. You come to town, quietly setup an office, and even submit yourpaperwork for a gaming license. Then you wait, and wait, and wait...Unless you have trusted partners in the Las Vegas gaming industry you better pull up a chair because the wait is goingto make the DMV seem like Disneyland.
  11. 11. THESOLUTION LOCAL REPUTATION 20+ YEARSIf you’re in business in Las Vegas you’ll find very quickly that ittakes more than just an exceptional product to make theindustry take notice and welcome you. To get in the front HI buidoor you must have a longstanding reputation in the valley, NT ld : Y sothen you need to establish yourself as a key part of the ou ftwcommunity, and finally develop deep personal relationships. ca are n’ ! t ju stHOW TO COMPETE (AND WIN) INOUR BUSINESS PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPSWith a family reputation that extendsover 20 years, 7 years of developingdeep personal contacts, and a year 7 YEARSof meticulous app development4leafmobi is uniquely positioned tomake a significant impact in LasVegas. APP DEVELOPMENT 1 YEAR
  12. 12. MARKETING VIRAL MARKETING, WHY AND HOW Viral marketing and viral advertising are buzzwords referring to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks likeMOST PEOPLE ARE SOCIAL And social scientists believe that each Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and hundreds ofperson has a network of 8 to 12 people in their close network of friends, others to increase a product’s brand awareness or to achieve product sales through self-family, and associates. A person’s broader network may consist of scores, replicating viral messages (analogous to thehundreds, or thousands of people, depending upon his position in society. spread of viruses or computer viruses.) TheseA waitress, for example, may communicate regularly with hundreds of messages can be delivered by word of mouth or enhanced by the network effects of thecustomers in a given week. Network marketers have long understood Internet.Viral marketing may take the form ofthe power of these human networks. People on the Inte Internet develop video clips, interactive games, advergames, free products, images, or even text messages.networks of relationships, too.They collect friends on Facebook, andfavorite website URLs and groups of followers on Twitter.When we are The goal of viral marketing p programs is toable to place a message about 4leafmobi partners into these networks create messages that have a high probability of being repeated and spread within socialand existing communications between people, we are able to rapidly groups within a short period of time.multiply its dispersion. Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing BUT THAT’S NOT ALL ... message to others, creating the potential for exponential ggrowth in the message’s exposureOur casino partners have a vested interest in promoting their 4leaf and influence. Like viruses, such strategies take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode thepowered platform. The application is promoted on billboards, posters, message to thousands and even hundreds ofreceipts, emails, and every other contact a guest makes with the hotel. thousands of individuals.Our partners promote us and our users invite their friends. Elements of a Viral Marketing Strategy A viral marketing strategy need not contain ALLESTIMATED RESULTS Our current estimates show around 2% of the these elements, but the mo tactics a strategy more includes, the more powerful the results are likely tofree to play users who log in to 4leaf will convert to real money gamers. be. An effective viral marketing strategy ...Is 2% good or bad? We asked this ourselves, and found, throughSkype’s S1 filing, that 1.2% of their users are paying customers, and 1. Gives away products or services 2. Provides for effortless transfer of ideas to otherseach of their paying customers generates $98 per year in revenue. 3. Scales easily from small to very large 4. Takes advantage of the human urge to communicate 5. Utilizes existing communication networksWith our projected user growth rate, and this level of conversion rate, 6. Takes advantage of the users resources at no costwe anticipate reaching $22M of annual revenues in approximately 3 years.
  13. 13. CUSTOMER ACQUISITION AND CONVERSION1 ACQUISITION FREE TO PLAY - REAL MONEY 2 RETENTION LIFECYCLE EMAILS; ALERTS 3 REFERRAL FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ETC.Our marketing campaign consists of A series of email campaigns, designed The refer-a-friend process rewardstwo parts. Our guests reach out to our to educate, inform and reengage users, the user for inviting their friends onpartners to schedule rooms, reservations, are dripped over the course of time to the major social networks. Sharing,and touring the property.. This is followed accounts. We regularly inform users of retweet campaigns and statusby invitations to join the platform and earn new deals,rewards, and benefits of our message updates are many of thedeals. Second, using popluar electronic members. Online support and social tools used to build a communitymethods, including SEO, SEM, Email, media give users a chance to be fans the user ca cares about and rewardBlogs, PPD, Affiliates, and Social and engage in a sense of community them for their involvement.Networks, along with traditional methods with our resort properties. This keepssuch as PR campaigns, the 4leaf the users engaged with their favoritemarketing team has a predictable properties and engenders a sense offormula for growing new user loyalty to the Casino.registrations. CONVERSION REVENUE $$ BUILD LOYALTY TO THE BRAND, REWARD FREE PLAY, AND ENCOURAGE ONSITE GAMING.
  14. 14. BUSINESS PLANThe Company has B2B revenues via both Offsite-Free-to-Play and Onsite-Real-Money apps.Here’s how we make money: first, we charge our casino partners a monthly fee to offer ouroffsite users a customized game library complete with deals and rewards from the hostcasino. Second, we participate in revenue share for all Onsite-Real-Money revenues. The4leaf app is our scalable business and a $100M revenue opportunity.The business operates a mobile gaming platformthat is fully branded to the host Casino partner. Wepartner with third party game developers to offer their GAME PROVIDERS PLATFORM CASINOalready licensed and approved games in a unified andenjoyable system. In plain terms, 4leafmobi is abranded mobile casino that legally offers real moneygaming.As we have discussed in this document, our platformis the combination of three elements: front-endapplication, back-end system management, andbusiness relationships with the very best Las Vegas REV SHARE REV SHAREgroups. Each installation can be $500k-tens ofmillions in annual revenue.The benefits to our partners include: Increased gaming revenues By providing these services to our customers, the company Higher $ / SF annual ROI is projected to have approximately $22M in business revenues Increased guest loyalty in year 3. Offsite interaction with former guests
  15. 15. PROFORMA You’ll notice that YEAR 1 revenues and burn rate are atypical in comparison to the following years. The increased burn rate is a function of the Nevada Gaming Commission licensing and review process. The anticipated duration for this step in our process is 9 months. Revenues are decreased during this period as well. Once the licensing process is complete we are open to receive revenue sharing for all gaming revenues in the final quarter of YEAR 1.INCOME STATEMENT (OFFSITE & ONSITE) YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 Total Sales 1,043 5,202 21,880 Cost of Goods Sold 556 1,672 4,980 Gross Profit 486 3,529 16,900 Operating Expenses 977 907 1,238 EBITDA -491 2,622 15,662
  16. 16. OFFSITE PROMOTIONAL PLAY ASSUMPTIONS User Growth Rate (MoM) 15.0% AND KEY Monthly Retention Customer Per User Acquisition Cost 2% $1.00 METRICS COGS per Active User / Mo $0.05 The assumptions shown below Monthly Number of Impressions per User 10.00 are based upon the founding Advertisers / Casino Pay per Impression $0.25 team’s past experience with social gaming applications and the 4leaf Pay per Imp Impression $0.10 Las Vegas gaming industry. Casino System Leasing Revenue $25,000 COGS per Casino Partner - ~200 hours / Casino $20,000 20K 106K 566K Casino Site Maintenance - 80 hours / Month $8,000 ONSITE REAL MONEY PLAY 4LEAFMOBI TOTAL ACTIVE USERS Monthly Conversions from Offsite to Onsite 2% YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 COGS per Active User / Month $1.00Monthly $ Played per User - Ave 4 Days Play / Month $800 Advertisers / Casinos Pay per Impression $0.25 4leaf Revenue Share 25% Casino Site Maintenance - 80 Hours / Month $8,000
  17. 17. ABOUT US DAVE LEE JEFF LEE RUSS TANNERhas two decades of leadership experience has spent the past decade successfully overseeing is an award-winning designer and entrepreneur. Overand over $400M of successfully completed the project management and sales training efforts the past 12 years,Tanner has used his design, brandprojects to his credit. Lee has worked with of companies like Overstock, Brickyard Games and consulting and marketing skills to help numerousnumerous gaming companies, including Cerebra. As the founder of Brickyard games, Lee companies achieve new levels of success and publicThe Palms, Foxwoods Gaming, Pauma created a successful line of unique gaming products awareness.Tanner has worked with industry-leadingCasino and Hooters LasVegas.Lee has and negotiated deals with companies nationwide. companies like Fairmont Private Schools, Niner Bikesearned a rock-solid reputation in the Lasea Lee has extensive experience in supply schedules, and Farm House Paper Compan Company.Tanner’s productVegas business community for his ethical quality control, team building and facility vision and attention to detail punctuate his desire toand timely work. Lee’s successful track negotiations. innovate and create a more beautiful, technologicallyrecord was built on his entrepreneurial ubiquitous world.drive, strategic planning skills and theability to assemble expert and efficientteams. KEITH GARCIA JEFF HOFFERhas worked as a senior developer and team leader does stuff for 4leafmobi.for the past decade. Garcia’s technical expertisespans numerous languages, libraries and frameworks,including TDD, IoC, C#,Web MVC, MongoDB,JavaScript and jQuery.As the senior developer andproject lead for wellness.com, Garcia increased pageviews ffrom 200/month to over 4.5 million/month.Garcia excels at planning, execution and analysisof large-scale development projects.
  18. 18. ADVISORS & MENTORSJAY SAMIT STRATEGYis the president of Oovoo. ooVoo provides a high-quality, free, multi-party video-chat service and integrated instant messaging to more than 54 million registered usersworldwide. Prior to ooVoo, Samit was CEO of SocialVibe, which provided the most effective way for brands to reach, engage, and spread messages through a targetedaudience of over 600 million hyper-connected consumers in social media.At Sony, Samit was responsible for the development of new business models for the company.As GM of Sonys digital businesses, Samit liaised with other divisions in the development of joint initiatives that fully capitalize on the depth and strength of Sonyshardware and content. Samit originally joined Sony as head of strategy for Sony Music. Prior to joining Sony, Samit was Global President of Digital Distribution &haDevelopment for EMI Recorded Music. Under Samit’s guidance, the company broke new ground with its forays into wireless OTA, ringtones, streaming radio, secureP2P and subscription business models. Samit championed digital download initiatives, and created company-wide policies that combated piracy and enabled artiststo make significant gains in the online music space. Samit’s aggressive move into mobile and the digital distribution of music made New Media into the leading profitcenter for the company—generating over $100 million in p profit.Active in the developer community, Samit nurtured start-up companies and helped take them public inmarkets around the globe.Working with artist and managers to develop new sustainable revenue streams, along with his role as one of the leading authorities on newmedia, garnered Samit the Gavin Label Executive of theYear in 2000.Active Board member on both public company boards and private advisory boards.KEITH COPHER GAMING COMPLIANCEis currently president of KMC, Inc a highly regarded Gaming Compliance Consulting firm. Prior to this position Keith was the Senior Vice President of Compliance atTableMax Gaming, President of GGS-US, and served for over 24 years as Chief of Enforcement with the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Keith is an active part of thecasino gaming word and specializes in gaming compliance. With his help companies have dramatically sped up the time required to gain the necessary governmentalapprovals for operation.TOM PATTERSON SECURITYworks hard to combine the ART and SCIENCE of cyber security for Governments, Industries, and Consumers around the world. Tom learned that some of the hardestsecurity problems require more than art and science, but also real muscle. He has joined CSCs global security leadership team to run their American security consultingoperations. Tom is a long time security guy, with hardware, software, product, service, enterprise, R&D, global, Federal, and CSO experience. He also helped start aCarlyle-venture backed company, and buy/sell 7 more. He has served on three public boards, provided governance to several early stage companies, and written awell- published book on global securit He was a key member of the MCC teams that developed the first secure web browsers and servers, first directory and search security.engine, and first commercial certificate authority, and have leveraged identity management and authentication in the payments world.Tom also built industry-leadinghardware and software in the infosec space while at Centel andTradewave. Tom helped secure projects as diverse as a space shuttle launch (STS-37) and the largestUnited Way telethon (9/11) in history. He built products (HW & SW), led one of the largest Infosec consultancies in the world (Deloitte- EMEA), and currently advisescomponents of Federal law enfo enforcement and the intelligence community. Tom served as IBMs chief strategist for eCommerce, and conducted regular briefings withthe White House on the NII and Information Superhighway.
  19. 19. WHY NOW? MANAGEMENT Seasoned builders with an eye for quality and execution. This team has worked together for several years and is a well oiled machine.AS THE LAWS FOR MOBILE AND ONLINE GAMBLING HAVE LOCAL KNOWLEDGEBEEN APPROVED, a window of opportunity and has opened With the combination of local reputation and gaming advisors from the NGC we are uniquely qualified to bein the gaming industry. We are at the beginning of an industry at the forefront of this movement without missing achanging revolution. beat in compliance.Let’s say you’ve decided to join the excitement and build an online SECURITY & STRATEGYgambling app. It would cost you a few weeks and as little as a $30,000 Our advisory team brings expertise in competing withif you could find the right engineer. Not bad, right? And you could call it large industries and staying ahead of the curve in secure technology.something cool like plynga, plegas, or igamble... and it would be free toattract users. And imagine your excitement when users come todownload and use your app. You are experiencing the high of being a PARTNERSmobile gaming supersta Get Ready for the hangover. Now you’re ready superstar. With local Las Vegas partners with real property casinoto go the distance and offer this as a real money gaming app. First, you and licensed game developers we bring a complete platform to the user.complete your application and pay the initial costs for review, then youfind out your game has to be reviewed by a 3rd party first, so you headout and get that done, during that process you find out you forgot toregister your RNG, so the process starts again, soon you’re done with3rd party! Now time to go back to the control board and start thecompany review and you find out your developer had a shady past,boom. Start over. New developer, new app, new review, and now yourback on. The control board approves you but will not give you a licensebecause you don’t have a real property partner. Welcome to Las VegasGaming. Don’t worry there are lots of apps to keep you company.